One Can’t Judge by Appearance #26

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Chapter 26

“Others are young male killers, otaku killers, and it’s rare to see beautiful women in a hundred years, but how come you’re here, becoming the master’s killer?” Yan Xi hugged the fruit box in front of her, “I’ll keep these fruits for myself. Eat, I won’t give you any more.”

“What is a young male killer? If the old lady and the old man like me, then it means I’m a real woman.”

Chen Pei snatched the fruit box from Yan Xi’s hand and split the fruit with a group of colleagues. “Didn’t you find that our advertising department colleagues smiled so big when they saw you?” We recently received several advertising lists, all of which are aimed at you.”

“What advertisement?”

“It’s like a mop, pumping machine, washing powder, etc.” Chen Pei returned the two remaining sour strawberries to Yan Xi, “Who made the old lady and the old grandpa like you? They can be regarded as a high consumer group for this product.”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to add toilet cleaners and dishcloths next time.” Yan Xi looked at the thin and small sour strawberries in her hand, her face full of love. 

“I think my generation of beautiful girls has fallen to the point where they attract the attention of toilet cleaners and washing clothes. Is this the extinction of human nature or the decline of morality?”

“Sister Yan,” Xiao Yang took the last two sour strawberries in her hand later. “No matter what advertising investors are attracted to, there is income only if there is advertising, and we have benefits if we have income. Don’t dislike it. It’s not bad to be a beautiful housekeeping girl. It is also good.”

Who has the title of beautiful housekeeping girl?

“You don’t understand. My goal is to be a noble literary and artistic girl who doesn’t touch the sun and spring water.” Yan Xi’s face was full of melancholy, “Xiao Yang, you don’t understand me.”

Xiao Yang was so disgusting that she spat out the strawberries in her mouth, “Sister Yan, since the video of you taking off your high heels and chasing the abuser’s father was seen by countless netizens, you have no relationship with Nobel literature and art image.”

When she first saw the video material, she was a little suspicious of her eyes. How could the fragile beauty in her heart make such an explosive move? At that time, she didn’t know what kind of thoughts she was holding. During the post-editing, she left the video for a few seconds.

Probably it’s this kind of secret that I can’t know by myself.

Yan Xi and Yang Qian are close in age, and the two have a good relationship in public, and they make jokes more casually. Chen Pei saw that the two young girls were very harmonious when talking and laughing, so she returned to her office.

When she was finally in her office chair, she saw a text message from Host Chen on her mobile phone. They have surnamed Chen, and they have some friendships in private. Now she knows very well why Host Chen texted her.

It was nothing more than worrying that Yan Xi had taken her place, and when she came back, Yan Xi, the radish who occupied the pit, would not leave.

After reading the content, Chen Pei chuckled lightly. Host Chen has a bit of friendship with her. Could she think Yan Xi did not? 

She pretended not to see the meaning of Host Chen’s words and replied politely but did not reveal anything else. They are all people who make money and eat. Yan Xi is one of her people brought in by the director Jin. She is friendly to people around her, and she is indeed capable. Who in the station will make trouble with her.

Host Chen wanted to provoke her dissatisfaction with Yan Xi and make her uncomfortable with Yan Xi. This little thought was meaningless. She, the director, can’t get along with the Host. What’s the benefit to her?

“Sister Chen, do you go to the cafeteria or order takeaway at noon? Yan Xi knocked on the door, opened the door, and stood at the door without coming in, “Xiao Yang and I are going to order takeaway. Do you want us to order one for you?”

“Okay,” Chen Pei deleted the text message from Host Chen, “Thank You.”

She got up early in the morning, so she would help bring breakfast to the young people in the station who couldn’t bring it. After a long time, everyone didn’t think it was a big deal. Only Yan Xi will order her afternoon tea or lunch when busy. Although both sides are hardworking, this friendship that has come and gone is enough to make her look up to this young woman a few times.

After a meeting, Yuan Yi ate lunch at home and opened his circle of friends, then clicked her name as if his fingers just did it unconsciously.

It’s rare that this woman, Yan Xi, has posted on her WeChat Moments again.

Yan Single Dog: I never expected my dignified, pure, beautiful girl to be the master killer.

The picture is a comic villain with a distorted face holding a super long knife that does not conform to the perspective of human anatomy.

He couldn’t bear it and finally left the first comment in Yan Xi’s circle of friends moment: From a scientific point of view, one over eighteen cannot be called a girl.

“It’s not a girl. What’s wrong? I’ll never be eighteen years old?” Yan Xi saw Yuan Yi’s comments in many likes and ridicule comments and silently complained in her heart. Still, her knees were weak, and she didn’t dare to roast back.

Dahe, I’m Xiaoxi. Reply to the Mr. Yuan Second: It’s good to have a young mind [Selling cute smile]

Mr. Yuan Second replied to Dahe, I am Xiaoxi: Well, you are indeed very young.

Hmm, why is this so inappropriate? Yan Xi felt that she had received a malicious message from Yuan Yi.

Yuan Yi almost couldn’t hold back his laughter. Thinking of that woman’s speechless appearance, he felt an indescribable sense of joy, and his whole body relaxed. After waiting long enough, he didn’t see the other party replying to him. The sense of pleasure in his body gradually disappeared. Could it be that she was angry?

He waited another ten minutes, disconnected the mobile phone network, and linked it again. However, Yan Xi still didn’t reply to him. Putting the phone aside, he thought a little bit uncomfortably. Women are troublesome, and when they say they are angry, they are in full force.

Yan Xi swiped her circle of friends for a while and then worked with Xiao Yang to organize the materials for the latest issue of “Those Things Around Us.” After she was free, she found a few messages on WeChat.

Yuan Yi: Are you angry?

Yuan Yi: I didn’t have a bad intention. Are you really angry?

Yuan Yi: You are an unbeatable beautiful girl, okay?!

Yan Xi looked confused. What is she angry about? She flipped through the comments from the circle of friends just now. Her friend joked a lot farther than Yuan Yi. How could she be mad with his two jokes?

An hour and a half later, Yuan Yi finally received another reply from Yan Xi.

Yan Single Dog: Don’t worry, the unbeatable beautiful girl is very generous. Sorry, I was sorting out the program information and didn’t see your notification.

Yuan Yi, who had been worried for most of the day, saw this reply and felt uneasy in his heart, making him feel uncomfortable. It turned out that he had been worrying for half a day for nothing.

Women, women are trouble!

“Sister Yan, what are you laughing at?” Xiao Yang saw Yan Xi laughing at her mobile phone, “Watching a joke on the Internet again?”

“What?” Yan Xi smiled and nodded, “This paragraph is quite interesting.” She got up, picked up a glass of water for herself, and began reading the previous news of “Noon News.”

She can catch Zhang Hao’s rhythm, not because she is good, but because she has recently studied Zhang Hao’s hosting habits. As a newcomer, she couldn’t let her senior hold her, only she had to adapt to her senior.

“Yan Xi,” a colleague from the advertising and investment Department hurriedly walked over, “There is an advertising investor who wants to meet you. This is a big customer. You can sell us a face and say a few good words for us. Is it possible?”

“Big client, who?” Yan Xi has a good relationship with her advertising and investment promotion colleagues. 

Sometimes she helps them receive guests in the station, but she never participates in dinners. Now her colleagues called her. She didn’t get up right away but asked the visitor’s identity.

Considering that the receptionist was using the name of a host, somewhat well-known on the Internet to solicit business. This time it was someone else who wanted to see it, so it was hard for her to not doubt it.

“It’s a client who has big cooperation with the main station. After seeing the program you hosted, he said that he intends to invest in advertising on our station.” The colleague in the advertising department knew her rules and emphasized, “Don’t think too much, just talk in the station office.”

Already cooperating with the head office but still trying to invest in advertisements in their small station, is there something wrong with that person’s brain?

She didn’t say this in front of her colleagues in the advertising department. She just followed her colleagues to the advertising department office.

As soon as she entered the door, several colleagues warmly received her in the advertising department. It was not until she sat down on the sofa with an extra cup of tea in her hand and an extra pillow on her back that she calmed down.

“Miss Yan, we meet again.”

Yan Xi raised her head to meet Song Dynasty’s smiling face and his outstretched hand. Looking at this clean palm, Yan Xi shook hands with the other person, “Good afternoon, Mr. Song.”

“I didn’t know that Miss Yan had changed her name before, so I kept calling you Miss Song, don’t you mind?” The Song Dynasty looked very good when he smiled, like a flower in its first bloom, with a hazy and attractive vibe.

“Mr. Song doesn’t know, don’t mind it,” Yan Xi noticed that Song Dynasty said she had changed her name, and the corners of his lips rose. “I heard that Mr. Song is planning to invest in advertising on our station?”

“Yes, the program hosted by Miss Yan is inspiring. I think investing in advertising in your station will help improve the favorability of our products in the hearts of local consumers.” Song Dynasty picked up the unsigned contract on the table. “Everything may be outdated. Only the feelings hidden deep in the heart will not change color.”

Yan Xi smiled politely: “Mr. Song is a businessman. Since you said that investing in our station has an effect, it must have an effect. It’s a pity that I don’t know anything about business. Otherwise, I can give Mr. Song an introduction to the effect of advertising on this station. “

She just came to be a vase for the advertising department. Don’t ask her anything else. You can’t blame me if the advertising doesn’t work.

Seeing this, colleagues in the advertising department hurriedly stepped forward. He introduced to the Song Dynasty what advertisements they had done and how much benefit they had brought to advertising investors. The more they said, the less confident they were. They are afraid that Mr. Song would not be able to see this benefit.

“I believe in the TV station where Miss Yan works,” Song Dynasty bowed his head and signed his name on the contract. His signature was beautiful and obviously a well-designed font. 

Only then did the people from the advertising department figure out that this young director of the big group and Yan Xi were old acquaintances? Otherwise, why should people with such a net worth cooperate with them? Obviously, it is because of Yan Xi’s face.

Yan Xi is not a fool either. Of course, she can see that the Song Dynasty intends to give her a face, but she has no friendship with the Song Dynasty. Why did he do this and still come to the TV station in person?

Could it be… this one wants to make the unspoken rules for her?

At this moment, countless news headlines flashed through Yan Xi’s mind, such as “The rich and powerful boy fell in love with the twenty-eighth-tier host and spent a lot of money.” “Shocked, the heir of the rich and powerful did all this for her.” “The unbeatable beautiful girl actually made the rich and powerful family.” What is the reason for falling in love?” and many more.

No, what happened to the unbeatable beautiful girl?

It’s all because of the WeChat sent by Yuan Yi. Now her mind is full of unbeatable beautiful girls.

“Miss Yan?” Seeing Yan Xi’s absent-minded appearance, Song Dynasty put away the special signature pen, “What are you thinking?”

“No, I’m just in a daze.”

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