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Chapter 20 – I Don’t want to be popular on the day twentieth

Part 1

After the cameraman saw the words written by Duoqi clearly, he laughed so hard that he didn’t even hold the camera right, and his hands trembled with laughter.

They are professionally trained and generally don’t laugh unless they can’t help it.

What kind of existence is Shi Zhi in the hearts of children?

When Duoqi asked whether Shi Zhi went to heaven or hell, after learning that Shi Zhi went to heaven, he actually made a wish to go to hell!

Shi Zhi was flipping through the pages of the mythology book. She glanced at Duoqi, who was writing and drawing there. Duoqi, who was quiet, really looked very likable.

He was wearing a painter’s hat to cover up the hollow piece of hair. The revealing curly hair, bulging cheeks on both sides looked well pinched, and long eyelashes, like two small fans.

Shi Zhi was a little satisfied: This is a qualified roommate.

She doesn’t think that children don’t understand anything. They know far more than adults think. They can keenly perceive the emotions of the people around them. The child will be evil if they learn that the other party is helpless and indulgent to them. After all, you will tolerate it, right?

Shi Zhi wanted to tell Duoqi that she didn’t care what he did to others. Anyway, she was not the one who would condone him.

It’s working now.

The program director asked the cameramen privately, “Do you think Shi Zhi is intimidating children?”

“Director, Do you have any evidence?”

Where is the evidence that letting Duoqi eat apples is considered intimidation or that making sandwiches for Duoqi is considered intimidation?

People can’t pick out any of Shi Zhi’s faults. From the text description, the director feels she is a regular and responsible guest with a baby. She will cook on time and follow the normal process, but if you watch the video clip, you can see how weird it is.

The director, an adult, was completely stunned by Shi Zhi’s three punches in making sandwiches.

“Shi Zhi is really interesting. Who suggested that I invite her to the show? Come out and get a kiss!”

The director looked at the existing material and patted his legs. He could already predict the effect of the show after it was broadcast.

It must be perfect!

What’s the use of taking the gentle persuasion route? Can the gentle path convince the little devil to be obedient? No way! There are no highlights scenes, but now it’s okay. The highlights of the complete works of Shi Zhi with the baby!

The program staff glanced at the director’s unshaven face, silently pretending to be addicted to work, and didn’t want to claim the kiss.

In just two days of getting along, Duoqi has undergone earth-shaking changes.

From a “problem child” who doesn’t want to eat diligently. He makes trouble before going to bed, and pranks from time to time, depending on whether he is in a good mood or not.

He has become a “problem child” who puts on a children’s bib for himself every day at mealtime. He sits obediently in a chair, waits for dinner, and sings a lullaby to himself when he sleeps, an angel who smiles sweetly when he sees everyone.

Fully automatic baby self-service has been realized, and even the clothes do not need the help of the cameramen to wear them.

But this was a misunderstanding. Shi Zhi didn’t plan to take care of it. It was just that when he passed Duoqi’s room that day and saw the cameramen putting on clothes for Duoqi, she took a look. This look was like a thunderbolt to the young Duoqi.

Duoqi: !!!

Is she dissatisfied that he is still asking others to help him get dressed when he is so old?

Duoqi hurriedly waved his hand on the spot to indicate that he didn’t need the help of the cameramen to get dressed. To get dressed better, he performed several exercises on the small bed in the dead of night to be more serious with the clothes.

Fortunately, the result was still good. Shi Zhi also complimented him perfunctorily under the other party’s gaze, eagerly asking for the compliment.

“Wow, Duoqi is so good, Duoqi is awesome, he can wear his own clothes when he is six years old.”

Duoqi blushed and drew circles on the ground with his feet: In fact, he was just average.

After Duoqi changed, he got along very well with Shi Zhi. The director couldn’t tell the relationship between the two people. He always felt that Shi Zhi didn’t seem to be here to participate in variety shows. She was more like she was in her own home. She dressed simply and casually, how comfortable she was, and she didn’t interact with the baby specifically to brush the camera’s sense of presence.

The sofa has become a place where two people usually stay. Two big and one small people sit neatly on the sofa. Shi Zhi also wears a painter’s hat. She packed her bags and found that there was actually the same style as Duoqi.

There was a thermos cup in front of Shi Zhi, which contained brewed green tea, and a drink in front of Duoqi, milk tea.

Really. Milk tea.

He’s still drinking his milk. *The milk powder is named after the brand’s father. Duoqi saw Shi Zhi drinking tea, and it was infrequent for him to stare, so Shi Zhi gave him a few tea leaves, which he put into the milk bottle.

(*The milk powder is named after the brand’s father = which probably means the milk brand that Duoqi usually drinks. I’m kinda confused too)

Shi Zhi picked up the tea, took a sip, and released a satisfied sigh, “Life.” This is life, leisurely and at ease.

Duoqi also learned from Shi Zhi’s appearance, picked up his baby bottle, took a sip, deep breath, and sighed, “Life.”

Program Director: ???

Why did he feel that there was something wrong with these two attitudes?

After all, Duoqi is still a child. He still has to have some interaction. His favorite activity is storytelling. When nighttime came, he took the book, handed it to Shi Zhi, and made a designation.

“Sister Shi Zhi, can you tell me about Tutu today?”

He requested politely. This was also corrected under Shi Zhi’s education. Before he didn’t care if others wanted it or not, it just satisfied him anyway.

Shi Zhi knew which one Duoqi was referring to, but, “Didn’t we talk about Tutu yesterday?”

She stared at Dodge.

“I still want to hear it.” I still want to hear it after talking about it.

Shi Zhi thought for a while and patted the position of the sofa next to her. So that the child could sit closer to her.

“Does Duoqi like bunnies very much?”

This was discovered by Shi Zhi in the past two days because Duoqi is very interested in rabbit-themed stories and occasionally imitates rabbit jumping and draws rabbit ears.

Duoqi shook his head quickly and nodded hesitantly after a while.

“I can’t say.”

“Why is it hard to say?”

“Actually, I like rabbits… But everyone says that boys shouldn’t like rabbits. They like big tigers. If I like rabbits, I will be laughed at… I don’t want to be laughed at, so I don’t know if I like it or not…”

The six-year-old child is probably a little emotional now, and his speech is a little upside down. From time to time, he stretched out his hand and gestured to assist him in completing this large section of his heart analysis, but Shi Zhi still understood it.

Everyone is probably a classmate of Duoqi Kindergarten or the friends around.

Because the animals he likes are not as powerful as tigers, and he is worried about being ridiculed, Duoqi carefully hides his love for rabbits.

Duoqi’s whole face was full of distress, which was already a big problem at his age.

Shi Zhi opened his mouth, “What’s there to laugh at.”

Duoqi, “Huh?”

He blinked his round eyes and stared at the beautiful female star in front of him.

Shi Zhi told him, “Who says boys shouldn’t like rabbits? Is there such a law?”

Not at all.

“Liking is a very personal thing. Others think the tiger is majestic, but the rabbit is still soft and waxy, and the hair feels very smooth to the touch.

Duoqi couldn’t agree more. He really likes the soft and fluffy bunny so much. With red eyes, long ears, eating carrots, and three mouths that keep moving, he has no interest in tigers.

Shi Zhi smiled, “It’s good to like bunnies, and it’s not embarrassing. This shows that Duoqi’s heart is also very soft.”

“Really?” Dodge’s ears were flushed red.

Shy and excited.

Even his parents didn’t know that he liked rabbits. Because of this preference, he had been thinking about it for a long time. He didn’t expect someone to tell him one day.――

His preferences are normal, not embarrassing, and he is a soft-hearted child.

Shi Zhi suggested, “Do you want to make a rabbit doll together?”

Duoqi shouted crisply this time, without any hesitation, “Yes!”

The golden sunlight filled the entire room through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the room was warm. The big and the small people wore the same painter’s hats, making rabbit dolls there.

The program team has extraordinary powers and can do anything. They have all the fabrics of excellent quality, as well as needlework and the like.

Of course, Shi Zhi is still doing this dangerous thing, and Duoqi is watching.

The director of the program actually didn’t expect such a development. Shi Zhi actually noticed something they didn’t even know. After all, who would have guessed that the little devil would like rabbits?

The director also felt a little moved by the few words Shi Zhi said. Obviously, Shi Zhi was not making it sensational. She said it is a relatively smooth tone. Still, it might be matched by the fact that she took the initiative to invite Duoqi to make a rabbit doll. The picture of big and small heads touching each other is a teary scene.

It seemed that there was some kind of healing moment in an instant, strange but cute and loving.

“Sister Shi Zhi, what you did is so beautiful.”

This was said to Shi Zhi by Duoqi in the picture.

He’s not lying. Shi Zhi’s rabbit doll looks very good even in the camera. It’s pink and fluffy. This is the color that Duoqi chooses by himself, and two big ears are hanging down.

Shi Zhi gets another skill point. This craft is excellent.

“I declare that rabbits are my favorite animals!”

Duoqi seemed to have made a major decision, and this sentence was as solemn as the CEO investing several hundred million.

Shi Zhi said she knew.

The child is energetic, especially after he finally decides on an idea. He can’t rest, and his little mouth keeps talking beside Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi zhi, why are you so skilled at making rabbit dolls? Do you also like rabbits, white or gray, standing ears or drooping ears?” He wanted to see if he and the other party liked the same breed.

Shi Zhi blurted out, “Spicy…”

Duoqi: ???

Cameraman: ? ? ?

The director was still immersed in this healing picture at the time and was very moved. He almost burst into tears, but suddenly he was dragged back by a spicy word, and the tears in his eyes couldn’t fall anymore.

Don’t think he doesn’t know what Shi Zhi is going to say.

Spicy rabbit head?

The director shouted, “Stop Shi Zhi, don’t let her talk!”

Please, shut up!

Shi Zhi also noticed that it seemed cruel to say spicy rabbit head in front of Duoqi, who liked rabbits, so she stopped immediately.

In fact, she also likes rabbits. It’s not only spicy, but the stir-frying five-spice dry pot is a perfect method, but it is obviously not the same as Duoqi’s liking.

Duoqi didn’t know if he didn’t understand or if he had already chosen to filter himself. Still, it didn’t cause him any psychological burden. He was delighted with the pink and tender long-eared rabbit made by Shi Zhi. He even took it with him to eat and sleep…

The program team feels that Duoqi has performed very well now, so there is no reason for Shi Zhi to separate from the rest of the guests. She should also get along with the rest of the children. At that time, Duoqi was isolated from the rest of the children because he had too many problems.

Shi Zhi was finally in the same frame with the rest of the guests a few days after coming to the show.

The other two guests are all men. One is an athlete. Because of his handsome appearance and funny speech, he also has many fans on Weibo. The other is a singer who has sung the theme songs of several popular film and television dramas. Before becoming a singer, he was a kindergarten major.

Shi Zhi met the athlete first, and the athlete took advantage of Duoqi’s absence and asked Shi Zhi.

“Is it difficult to take care?”

He looked at Shi Zhi with sympathy in his eyes.

They all looked at how the last female star left. The athletes were fortunate that they didn’t draw Duoqi when they drew the lottery. Who would have thought such a cute-looking little boy would be so destructive?

Not to mention that the last female star was made to cry. She might have to have a breakdown in her mentality.

Shi Zhi said, “It’s not difficult to take care of, it’s easy.”

The athlete nodded, “It’s normal, Duoqi’s personality is indeed different from the rest of the children…”

As he spoke, he felt she had answered incorrectly and looked at Shi Zhi with puzzled eyes.

It just so happened that the singer also arrived, and the athlete seemed to have found reinforcements. He greeted him in a tone of sharing new and strange things, “Shi Zhi said that Duoqi is very good!”

Isn’t this a joke to tease them?

Part 2

Don’t think they don’t know what Duoqi is like. They know Duoqi.

“Brother Tang Li, Brother Guo Xuekai, good morning.”

What interrupted the conversation between the two was a milky voice. The shout melted the two male guests, and they looked down and saw the little boy with his white face.

Isn’t it Duoqi or who?!

Tang Li: !!!

Guo Xuekai: !!!

Both of them looked frightened. At the same time, they looked down to see if there was a “hidden weapon” on the ground.

Duoqi seldom greets people on the initiative and occasionally calls out that there are monsters when things go wrong. This little ancestor is going to prank them again!

The “hidden weapon” was not found. Duoqi pointed to Guo Xuekai’s pants and sighed, “Brother Xuekai, don’t wear ripped pants because you are still young, you will get cold legs when you are old.”

“”Wear a pair of *long johns. If you don’t have one, you can ask Sister Shi Zhi to sew your pants.”

(*long johns = long trousers)

This time they changed from an exclamation mark to a question mark.

Old cold legs, long trousers, sewing pants, is this from the mouth of a six-year-old child?

The eyes of the audience invariably fell on Guo Xuekai’s pants. He wore a pair of ripped jeans, revealing large knees, a very trendy outfit.

Duoqi, who was a trendy baby before, also had ripped jeans, but in the past two days, when he was taken care of by Shi Zhi, he packed them up. He was virtually affected by Shi Zhi. Thinking that he will pay a healthy price for his momentary beauty. It’s really not necessary.

Moreover, Sister Shi Zhi also said that she looks good in everything she wears. Duoqi stared at her face and took this sentence as Duoqi’s truth for the time being.

It’s because Duoqi said it very seriously. In addition, these words can’t help make people want to ask if he has changed to someone else under the skin. This is something that people of a certain age can say, right?

Duoqi felt that he had said everything he could, and it was up to Guo Xuekai whether he did it or not.

Under the surprised eyes of the two guests, he said to Shi Zhi, “Sister Shi Zhi, I’m ready. I brought a small water bottle and a sun hat… The weather is nice today. Do you want to go out for a walk?”

While speaking, he also patted the small school bag behind him, indicating that those things were all in the schoolbag.


The baby you are taking care of sent a request to go for a walk with you.

Shi Zhi glanced out the window. The sun was good outside, and it was already very good in winter.


But she corrected Duoqi, “I’m taking you for a walk.” Although nature is the same, it doesn’t taste right when you say it.

Tang Li, Guo Xuekai: !!

They have become robots that can only send symbols all the way.

The program team will ask them to go out and take the children for a walk, but even the more obedient children often don’t bother to go out and walk around. They prefer to be in an indoor room full of toys. Every time they go out, they must prepare equipment for the children.

This time it’s Duoqi’s turn… will he prepare neatly and take the initiative to ask for a walk?

Does it look like a puppy taking the initiative to hold his own leash?

This is too cute!

Is this still Duoqi?!

The program team staff had long guessed that the two people would show such expressions. Still, they didn’t expect their shocked expressions to be more obviously funny than they thought. They couldn’t help laughing out loud. The cameraman also took pictures of their faces and tried to record a complete reaction.

Shi Zhi had already taken Duoqi out for a walk.

Take a walk after a meal and live to ninety-nine.

The two guests looked at Shi Zhi’s figure, and one asked, “What happened?”

The other scratched his head and replied, “I’ve seen the hot search and said that Shi Zhi’s cooking is delicious. Could it be that Duoqi was conquered by her cooking skill and thought this sister was gentle and beautiful?”

“Guess so.”

The director and staff all laughed.

You think so.

The beauty is directly presented, and the gentleness is unknown from where they can see it.


Duoqi completely refreshed the impression of the two male guests on him before. Not only did he behave politely in the morning, but he also behaved politely later.

He was the first to arrive at the dinner table and sat down. He didn’t fight or laugh at the dinner table. He focused on eating. He also lay down on time when he went to bed. The two guests didn’t know that when he was afraid, Shi Zhi didn’t need to coax him to sleep again, even the clothes he wore all by himself.

Just shocked!

The two guests were utterly unfamiliar with Shi Zhi and had no other opinions about her. At most, they had heard of Shi Zhi’s black material before. If there was no change in Duoqi, they might still be able to gossip and think about it in their hearts. Now they are all occupied by Duoqi’s differences, and there is only one impression of Shi Zhi.――

A woman who can conquer little devils.


The two male guests were not picky and took care of their own arranged babies. There was no conflict of interest themselves. They got along well, but the recording did not continue smoothly.

The flashpoint also came from Duoqi.

On this day, as usual, everyone returned to their rooms to rest after recording the morning’s work. Shi Zhi also lay on the bed and closed her eyes. She seemed to perceive something, suddenly opened her eyes, turned over, got out of bed, and ran outside. Two male guests followed her when they heard the movement.

“What happened?” The male singer looked at Shi Zhi seriously and didn’t know the situation.

Shi Zhi didn’t care to answer. Before running to the first floor, she saw the program director rush up, panting and saying to Shi Zhi, “Duoqi is bullying other children again!”

When Shi Zhi and the two male guests rushed to the play area on the first floor, they saw a little boy in an orange hat sobbing. Several staff members were comforting him, and Duoqi stood against the wall.

“Duoqi, why are you bullying your friends again, why you not change?”

“Don’t you feel guilty for making him like this.”

“Quickly apologize.”

Duoqi didn’t intend to be obedient and apologize, and there was no smile on his face. He just looked at the staff who scolded him like this, and with a posture, I didn’t bother to pay attention to you.

The more he acted like this, the angrier the staff became, so after seeing that Shi Zhi was coming, they seemed to have seen a savior.

“Sister Shi Zhi…” It means you can take care of this ancestor.

This ancestor is only obedient when Shi Zhi is here.


Shi Zhi called out Duoqi’s name.

He shrank his neck. Initially, he was not afraid of the sky or the earth. When the emperor came, Duoqi, who was also very arrogant, instantly shrank his neck and lowered his head to avoid Shi Zhi’s eyes.


But he still didn’t say a word.

Shi Zhi walked up to Duoqi and squatted down in front of Duoqi. Initially, the director thought that Shi Zhi might have to severely criticize and educate Duoqi. After all, when he didn’t eat and yelled for an early meal, Shi Zhi had educated him, but he didn’t expect Shi Zhi to ask.

“Can you tell me what’s going on now?”

The director added, “Yes…”

Shi Zhi interrupted, “I want to hear from Duoqi.”

She was a little tired from squatting, and Duoqi was not tall, so she simply sat sideways against the wall beside Duoqi and asked him again in a steady tone.

What people didn’t expect was that Duoqi acted differently than they thought. He actually stretched out his hand and asked for a hug. When he hugged Shi Zhi, he cried. His snot and tears flowed together, and his little body was also crying.

“I didn’t bully him…”

“…He took my rabbit, I just took it back, and he complained…”

“I don’t want to apologize, I’m not wrong, woo woo woo.”

Duoqi cried very badly, but the message was obvious.

He didn’t bully his friend. His friend took the doll rabbit that Shi Zhi made for him. He took it back, and the other party complained that Duoqi had bullied him.

There was a moment of silence around. Shi Zhi patted the child holding her, extremely aggrieved and glanced at the child who was crying before.

He stopped crying after Duoqi spoke, with tension and fear clearly written on his face.

Shi Zhi knew in her heart, but she still motioned to the director, “Let’s ask the director to adjust the monitoring.” The monitoring is the most direct, who is lying.

In fact, you can see at a glance what’s going on without looking for the monitoring record. However, the director still called up the video.

Duoqi did not bully the little boy. The little boy took the Duoqi doll, and when Duoqi found it, he cried to the staff when he went out, saying that Duoqi bullied him.

Everyone has preconceived ideas and has always been used to Duoqi’s little devil behavior. He is not obedient, and they don’t even bother to watch the videos that can be tuned out like this.

The panicked little boy also took the initiative to explain that Duoqi hadn’t bullied his friends before. He made it up.

One problem that Duoqi sorted out by the director at the time was bullying his friend. He was isolated because of this problem. Still, now he found out that it was actually fake.

The director apologized to Duoqi, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you, and I shouldn’t criticize you. Now I deeply sorry and apologize to you.”

Duoqi was still shedding tears, but he was extremely generous.

“I’m not angry with you… Everyone makes mistakes, just don’t do it again next time, and you cover Duoqi with a quilt so forgive you.”

Shi Zhi coaxed, “Yo, it’s quite generous.”

Duoqi told Shi Zhi, “I don’t bother to bully them.”

“Mom said, fists are used to protect people, not to bully people.”

Shi Zhi wiped away tears for Duoqi, “Your mother is very right, you are a good boy, and you also have a good mother.”

Duoqi was embarrassed, and the people around were thoughtful.

Shi Zhi waited for Duoqi to calm down, then lowered her head and asked him, “Why don’t you justify it?”

If you are framed by others for something that has never happened, and you are wronged, why don’t you justify it?

The program team determined that Duoqi had done it without careful verification. In this regard, Shi Zhi agreed this was wrong, but she could also think why Duoqi would not refute it, which was indeed easy to misunderstand.

“I think it’s a bit cooler, is it like a tough boy?”

Shi Zhi smiled at him, “You are stupid.”

Duoqi, who was still waiting for praise, widened his eyes: ???

Shi Zhi: “Don’t you have a long mouth, and you usually talk a lot. If you don’t say it when you encounter this situation, I think you are stupid.”

Duoqi carefully thought of it and sadly found that it seemed really stupid.

It turned out that he was a stupid boy, woo woo woo…

Duoqi doubts life over there, and the cameraman is also questioning life. At this moment, when everyone’s emotions are overflowing, if he is not mistaken…

Shi Zhi wiped his hand on Duoqi a few times.

She wiped away his tears just now, and she wiped them back on Douqi’s clothes.


The cameraman felt that this female star seemed to be a bit of a dog.

(I don’t understand about the dog means, let’s think of it with meaning, Shi Zhi had questionable morality)

——I hope there is a door between heaven and hell (prison), and when I miss her, I open the door to see her.

At the end of the program recording. The cameraman found that Duoqi had added another sentence to his diary.

Of course, he was referring to Shi Zhi.

When Shi Zhi first came to “Super North Nose,” Duoqi heard that Shi Zhi would go to heaven after she died. He wrote in his diary, “I hope I can go to hell yu (Prison) after I die,” and he added this sentence.

Everyone can see that while Duoqi has become obedient, he has also developed a sense of dependence on Shi Zhi.

On the day when Shi Zhi left. Duoqi was determined to go out and send her away. His eyes were full of reluctance, and he was about to cry when he looked at her, but Shi Zhi suddenly returned and hugged him.

“Don’t cry, little man.”

Duoqi pursed his mouth, “I can’t help it…”

Shi Zhi, “A brief farewell is not called farewell.”

“Sister already knows your home address from the program team. In the future, I will often go to visit Duoqi. Aren’t you excited?”

Facing Shi Zhi’s question, Duoqi’s tears that were shaky in his eyes were instantly withdrawn, and his eyes changed from reluctance to panic.

Shi Zhi pinched Duoqi’s cheek and said to the camera, “Look at the child who is happy, he can’t even say anything.”

Cameraman: Are you sure this is not a fright?

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