One Can’t Judge by Appearance #27

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Chapter 27

“It seems that my sense of existence is still too low,” Song Chao chuckled, “Miss Yan is sitting in front of me and can’t even notice me.”

This is a bit ambiguous. Yan Xi glanced at his colleagues in the advertising department out of the corner of his eyes and got up and said, “Mr. Song is really good at joking, it’s really unfortunate today, my show is not ready yet, and now I have to go back to step up for the shooting.”

Song Chao then stood up from the sofa and sent Yan Xi to the door very gracefully: “Miss Yan, do I have the honor to invite you to a light meal tonight?”

Yan Xi was about to refuse when the phone rang. She smiled apologetically at him and walked to the side to answer the phone.

Song Chao vaguely heard Yan Xi call the person on the other side of the phone, Mr. Yuan. For some reason, he actually remembered Yuan Yi. Before college, he had always been better than Yuan Yi, and whoever would sigh when mentioning Yuan Yi in the circle. 

He doesn’t know when Yuan Yi started returning to the right path. Not only did Yuan Yi create some fame in the business community, but he also became the object of comparison for many of his peers.

He, the child who is always used as an object of comparison to someone else’s family, watched an old classmate who was not as good as himself take his position. When he returned to China, he often heard some people say how the second son of the Yuan family was. The content is that they respected Yuan Yi quite a lot.

“Mr. Song, I’m sorry, I have an appointment with a friend tonight,” Yan Xi hung up the phone and walked to Song Chao, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Since Miss Yan doesn’t have time, I will arrange the next appointment,” Song Chao took out his mobile phone, “Can Miss Yan leave a contact information?”

Yan Xi read a string of numbers, and she nodded to him: “Goodbye, excuse me.”

“See you next time,” Song Chao watched Yan Xi leave, looked at the string of phone numbers, and sent a message to the other party’s mobile phone.

“Sister Yan,” seeing Yan Xi coming back, “Has the contract of the big customer been signed?”

“Signed,” Yan Xi found that her water was cold and took another cup. “Not only is he a big customer, but also a handsome guy.”

“I don’t believe it,” Xiao Yang said suspiciously, “If it was a handsome guy, would you be willing to come back so early?”

Yan Xi: What misunderstandings do colleagues have about her?

Since the call, Yuan Yi has not been working for half an hour. The planning book is in his hand, but he does not read it. When he clicked on WeChat, it was full of messy messages. He deliberately clicked on Yan Xi’s WeChat, and sure enough, no new moments were sent to her circle of friends.

He clicked on Weibo, which he hadn’t used for a long time, and searched for the word “Yan Xi” casually, and he actually found a Weibo account called host Yan Xi. Click in and take a look. The Weibo authentication is the host of “Those Things Around Us,” and it seems that it is really Yan Xi’s own account.

Looking at the content of Weibo, there are only three in total, two of which are related to work. The first one was posted when Weibo was opened. There were a lot of comments, but there were only 20,000 or 30,000 Weibo fans. Click on the comment area, full of programs about firefighters’ episodes.

Only twenty or thirty messages were left when the third Weibo post was sent out.

He stared at these three Weibo posts for a long time and clicked Follow. There are still two hours before he and Yan Xi have an appointment for dinner, but he doesn’t want to work now. Maybe he is a little tired.

Leaning on the chair and closing his eyes to refresh his mind, he thought about what to say to Yan Xi later. What food to order, and whether she would be satisfied with the food. 

The innocent look of her staring at him.

Opening his eyes irritably, he picked up the suit jacket on the back of his chair and strode out of the office.

[Mr. Yuan: I just passed by your TV station while doing business. You don’t need to drive later, just take my car.]

When Yan Xi saw this text message, she didn’t think much about it and directly replied with a good word.

Yuan Yi drove the car into the parking lot of the Imperial TV Building. As soon as he reached the passage’s entrance, several men came out from inside.

“Yuan Yi?” Song Chao looked at the man in a suit and leather shoes, who didn’t look very approachable, and stopped. He certainly wouldn’t have recognized him if he hadn’t seen Yuan Yi’s current photos after returning to China.

They have been high school classmates for three years, and they don’t have much friendship. Now they are rivals in the shopping mall business. It was complicated for the Song Chao to have a good impression of Yuan Yi.

After a lapse of nine years, Yuan Yi didn’t remember what the Song Chao looked like. Now he saw a strange man stop him. He tilted his head slightly, and his face was full of alienation.

“Classmate for three years. I haven’t seen you for many years,” Song Chao said with a smile, as if he didn’t mind Yuan Yi’s indifferent attitude, “I’m Song Chao.”

“It turned out to be you,” Yuan Yi put his hand in his pocket, his voice lazy and low, “I heard that you started a business abroad. How is your development now?”

“How can abroad be better than the motherland,” Song Chao smiled. “No matter how well I develop abroad, I still want to come back and serve the motherland in my heart.”

“Oh,” Yuan Yi glanced at him, “I thought you couldn’t get along abroad, so you had to return home and seek family protection…” He changed the subject, “But with Mr. Song’s ability, there will definitely be no such thing.”

The advertising department staff didn’t know Yuan Yi’s identity, but seeing his aura, no one dared to talk nonsense. They heard that Song Chao and Mr. Yuan did not seem to be on good terms, and they were shocked and worried that the two would pinch each other at the elevator entrance.

“Mr. Yuan came to the TV station to talk about cooperation, and he didn’t even bring his assistant?” Song Chao knew he couldn’t continue talking with Yuan Yi on this topic. This person has a bad temper, and it would be unsightly for both of them to be unable to get off,.

“I picked up my friends for dinner,” Yuan Yi turned his face and looked arrogant. “These small collaborations can be handed over to the people below. There’s no need for me to do them myself.”

Song Chao pushed his glasses, his voice colder: “There are some things. It’s better to do it yourself.”

Before Yuan Yi could say anything, the phone rang.

“Mr. Yuan, have you arrived at the parking lot? I’m sorry, I’ll come down immediately.”

“Well, good.” Yuan Yi hung up the phone, walked to the side with the phone, and stood still.

Seeing that Yuan Yi looked half-dead and unwilling to continue their talk. Song Chao tried so hard to not stop the smile on his face, turned around, and walked out. After so many years, this person just seemed to be well-behaved, but the things he did still made him uncomfortable.

“You don’t need to send me more than this, please go back.” Song Chao turned to the people in the advertising department, “Your station’s programs are very exciting, especially Miss Yan’s programs, which are very interesting.”

Standing in the corner, Yuan Yi suddenly looked up at Song Chao. His eyes were clearly black and white and amazingly bright. But soon, he lowered his head again, leaning lazily against the wall, still without the slightest expression on his face.

After sitting in the car, the smile on Song Chao’s face disappeared without a trace. He took off his glasses, opened the car window, and looked at the elevator entrance passage, “Wait.” He wanted to know who Yuan Yi had a crush on.

If he can…

Yan Xi walked out of the elevator and saw Yuan Yi leaning lazily against the wall, “Mr.Yuan, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Yuan Yi opened his eyes, glanced at Yan Xi’s straight and slender legs, and said slowly, “Your legs are short, I forgive you.”

Short? She has long legs that countless people envy. Where is she short?

“I think…” Yan Xi patted her knees, “The length of my legs is still pretty good.”

Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows: “Are you sure?”

Yan Xi held her face and smiled, “Of course, I can’t compare with you.” For Yuan Yi’s sexy long legs, she can ignore him, saying her legs are short.

“Let’s go,” Yuan Yi felt that he shouldn’t care about long and short legs with a woman. He will be like other men. “I originally planned to invite you to dinner on the weekend, but tomorrow I’m going on a business trip abroad, so I had to make an appointment for the meal in advance.”

“In fact, if you don’t have time, it doesn’t matter if you don’t invite me.” Yan Xi coughed dryly, “Among friends, don’t worry about such trivial things.”

“Friend?” Yuan Yi took a step forward and was half a head taller than Yan Xi, which made Yan Xi suddenly feel oppressed.

Could it be that her little thought of wanting to hug his things was seen through?

“I have never made friends of the opposite sex,” Yuan Yi turned around and walked forward. Yan Xi couldn’t see his expression.

“But for the sake of you wanting to be my friend, I can reluctantly admit that you are my friend.”

Then should she thank the Lord?

Yan Xi trotted two steps to keep up: “Mr. Yuan, I know your legs are long, but can you walk slower?”

Yuan Yi stopped suddenly, and Yan Xi almost hit his back. Fortunately, she was strong and covered her nose in time, so there was no accidental physical contact.

“Called sir among friends?”

“It’s not sir, it’s Mr.Yuan,” She is a young single dog with gold and diamonds. She doesn’t want to call other men, sir, casually. At that time, she doesn’t know who will suffer. “Then…I call you Yuan Yi?”

Yuan Yi hadn’t said anything yet. She muttered in a low voice: “It sounds like he is willing.”

“Whatever your want,” Yuan Yi put his hand in his trouser pocket, showing a cold posture, “Let’s go, get in the car.”

“Can I call you Yuan Xiaoer?”

“Then I’ll call you Yan Dahe, would you like to?”

“Then why don’t you want to? That’s what my friends call me, and the big rivers and streams are whatever you call them.”

(I kinda forget she actually has a different kind of name, but with the same meaning, her father and senior in station call her Xiao Yan, her college friend call her Yan Dahe, and her WeChat name big stream call me… Her pen name for her comic strip project Xiao Xi (From Yan Xi), has the same meaning as big rivers/big streams too)


He knew that this woman was abnormal. A woman was called Dahe all day long. Is it very nice?

Why isn’t her name Pacific?

Song Chao watched Yan Xi and Yuan Yi get into the car noisily. Although he couldn’t hear what the two said, they should be very familiar with how they spoke. Thinking of Yan Xi’s politeness when facing him, the expression on his face became colder.


The glasses’ lenses were pinched out of the frame. The glasses were thrown out of the car window in disgust. Song Chao felt a little happy when he heard something hitting the ground. He rubbed his temples to hide the coldness in his eyes, “Go home.”

“Yes.” In the quiet car, there was an assistant’s response.

After a meal, Yan Xi found that Yuan Yi had drunk at least a large bottle of drink: “Yuan Xiaoer, can’t you eat spicy?”

“Can you change my name?” Yuan Yi wiped his mouth clean. Second brother Yuan (Yuan Er), Brother Yi, and Yuan Yi are acceptable. Why should she choose Yuan Xiao Er?

“I think the name Yuan Xiaoer is very cute,” Yan Xi lowered her eyelids slightly, “If you… don’t like it, forget it.”

Seeing her look so wronged and sad, Yuan Yi knew very well in his heart that this woman was acting. But after holding it for a long time, he only gritted his teeth and said. “You can call me whatever you like. Don’t use messy adjectives like cute. Can I, a big master, use this kind of word to describe?”

Looking at his red ears, Yan Xi nodded: “Oh.”

He agreed quickly, but his attitude was superficial, and his expression was disapproving.

Yuan Yi looked at her, unable to say a word for a long time, and finally turned around to settle the bill and walked out of the restaurant with Yan Xi.

There is a movie theater opposite the restaurant. Yuan Yi was blinded by the vast display screen constantly flashing outside the movie city.

“No, uncle, we don’t have an appointment.”

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