One Can’t Judge by Appearance #25

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Chapter 25

In the end, Yuan Yi didn’t tell Zhang Wang what symptoms were in his brain. He interrupted the conversation immediately and said he was going to sleep.

Zhang Wang felt that if he wasn’t his good brother for many years, Yuan Yi should have been dragged into the blacklist by himself a long time ago.

The early morning in the late summer and early autumn of the imperial capital is the time when it is not cold or hot. Yuan Yi didn’t drink water or eat in the morning and was rushed to the hospital on an empty stomach. The hospital had long known that friends of the hospital owner would come for a physical examination. As soon as Yuan Yi arrived at the hospital door, he was received by someone.

Cooperating with the doctor to complete the collection of samples for various physical examinations, Yuan Yi was about to go for an ECG examination, and Zhang Wang came in full swing.

As a result, the various heart examinations were completed, and there was no problem with the data indicators. Facing the puzzled eyes of both of them, the doctor explained: “If you want to get the exact data, we must wait until Mr. Yuan’s heart is not feeling well before doing the examination. Mr. Yuan seems to have no problem with his heart, from what I know. Usually, remember to go to bed early, get up early, and don’t stay up late.”

“He is a veteran cadre. When will he stay up overnight? “Zhang Wang breathed a sigh of relief, as long as his heart was fine, “Let’s go and have a brain examination.”

The brain is more mysterious than the heart. Until now, medicine has not completely overcome this problem. After Yuan Yi’s examination, no problems were found. A doctor even came to give him an adult intelligence test. His IQ was higher than that of most ordinary people.

“Yuan Xiaoer, I think nothing wrong with your brain,” Zhang Wang stuffed a stack of examination reports into Yuan Yi’s hand, “There is nothing wrong with your whole body.” If he knew this was the result, he wouldn’t accompany him on this trip, wasting his time, “Let’s go. Where are you going to invite me to dinner today.”

Yuan Yi looked at the examination reports one by one with a solemn expression. His body is fine, but why does he feel all these uncomfortable things?

“Let’s go, young master,” Zhang Wang retorted when he saw him standing still, “Are you doubting the medical level of my hospital?”

Yuan Yi pondered: “Is there really no problem?”

“I’ll go,” Zhang Wang patted Yuan Yi on the shoulder fiercely, “I’ve never seen such a weirdo as you. Why do you have to look forward to something wrong if you have nothing wrong with your body?”

Yuan Yi shredded the examination report, threw it into the trash can, turned his head, and looked at his friend: “What do you want to eat? Let’s go.”

“Okay, I’ll take my Lulu with me, by the way.”

“Isn’t she called Ning Ning?”

“She’s boring. I got a new girlfriend,” Zhang Wang smiled casually. “There are too many rules I almost didn’t get time for myself.”

He remembered the one named Ning Ning not long ago and said that he was macho. How long did it take to change a girlfriend? Yuan Yi was not interested in other people’s private lives, so he stopped asking, “Okay, I’ll call a few other buddies and have a lively chat.”

Friends for many years, although everyone is not as leisurely now as when they were young, their affection has not faded.

A few old friends gathered together. Xu Qiaosheng took off his hat and sunglasses, slumped on the chair, and gasped.

“Qiaosheng, are you a big star or a thief?” Zhang Wang couldn’t help but tease, “Dressed like this, how did the waiter let you in?”

“Just laugh,” Xu Qiaosheng sat upright, “you didn’t bring your little girlfriend?”

“I originally planned to bring her, but today is a gathering of a few buddies, so she won’t be allowed to join in the fun,” Zhang Wang waved his hand and didn’t let the waiter pour him tea. He took the teapot and poured a cup. “It seems that Yuan Yi still has a face. Called you all together.”

Yuan Yi heard him talk about himself, but he didn’t raise his head when he said: “I just need one person if I drive you out.”

Zhang Wang:…

After the brothers ordered the food, Zhang Wang asked casually: “By the way, the Sichuan restaurant I introduced to you last time, have you eaten it? How does it taste?”

“I haven’t gone yet,” Yuan Yi thought for a while when he had made an appointment with Yan Xi, “The guests don’t have time yet.”

Several friends were faintly surprised. Yuan Yi was considered a prominent figure in the Imperial capital. It has been almost two weeks since the last time he asked the restaurant. Who put such a big score and asked him to wait so long? With the personality of Yuan Xiaoer, he doesn’t seem to be so tolerable.

Seeing that Yuan Yi didn’t mean to explain, several people were embarrassed to ask. They could only be secretly curious in their hearts. Yuan Yi knew they were curious but inexplicably felt that this must not be said. He turned to look at the waiter and pointed to the TV embedded in the wall, “Can the TV be turned on?”

“Yes,” the waiter hurriedly took the remote control, “May I ask which show you want to watch? I will find it for you right away.”

“No, I can do it myself.” Yuan Yi took the remote control and began rummaging through the Eight-channel of imperial capitals.

It’s not easy for a newcomer to do a good job. Today is the first time Yan Xi has hosted a news program. He will watch the news as a support for her work.

“Brother Yi, what’s so nice about the advertisement?” Xu Qiaosheng glanced at the TV station logo. The logo looked familiar, but there was a horizontal bar plus eight behind it. He knew this was the Imperial Capital local station. A person on TV is talking in a pompous tone about how good a product is and it is available on the first floor of a specific shopping mall.

The entire advertisement has no artistic level at all. It is simple and crude, and it deliberately emphasizes the place of sale. There is quite a feeling of shaking people’s brains to force sales.

“It’s okay. It’s lively with the TV on.” Yuan Yi put the remote control in front of him with a posture of ‘I’m not going to change the station.’

“Okay… as long as you are happy,” Xu Qiaosheng forced himself to take his eyes off the TV. He is a famous male artist and must not be brainwashed by such a vulgar TV station, but these ads still made him remember the first floor of a specific shopping mall. In his mind.

At twelve o’clock sharp, the sound of advertisements disappeared, and classical symphonic background music played.

“Good noon, audience friends. Welcome to watch today’s “Noon News.” I am the host, Zhang Hao.”

“I’m the host, Yan Xi.”

“Hey, I’ve seen this little beauty host,” Xu Qiaosheng pointed to the female host on TV. “Two months ago, I went to the Imperial Capital Station to do an interview. When I went downstairs, I met her at the elevator door.”

Generally speaking, after such a long time, he should have forgotten what the other party looked like. Still, this female host was a bit special. The way she stood at the elevator entrance without speaking gave him the illusion that he was bullying her. That day, he took the initiative to invite the other party into the elevator, but unfortunately, the other party refused.

Perhaps it was precisely because the other party looked too pitiful, so he still had an impression of her.

Could it be that Brother Yi is interested in this female host? He turned his head to look at Yuan Yi. He was drinking tea with his head down, and he didn’t seem interested in the TV news program.

“Brother Yi, don’t you watch it?”

“Watching TV while eating is not good for your eyes.” Yuan Yi didn’t raise his head. His slender fingers pinched the ceramic teacup, looking dignified and calm.

A few friends: So why do you insist on playing the TV if you don’t want to watch it?!

“Please take a look at the next news,” Yan Xi glanced at the information on the table and looked up to see that there was no special request on the director’s prompt board. Hence, she skillfully read out the news content. I’m afraid no one except herself knows that she is a little nervous now.

In just a few tens of minutes of a live news broadcast, she felt more tired than she had been running recording program material for a day. After the news was over, she immediately turned off the microphone on her collar. She thanked Zhang Hao: “Thank you, Teacher Zhang, for taking care of me now. I was so nervous that I was sweating out.”

Zhang Hao put away all the information and smiled softly at Yan Xi: “This is your first time hosting a live news broadcast. It’s already very good to be able to perform so well.” Before, he heard the station leader say that he wanted to arrange a newcomer for him as a partner. He was still a little bit uncomfortable, but because the other party had a backstage, he still put his attitude very upright.

However, after hosting today’s episode together, he has changed his mind about this newcomer. No matter what line of work you do, talent is essential. This newcomer has a good sense of the stage and good hosting skills, and her appearance is also pleasing to the audience. It can be regarded as a perfect combo.

If their acting skills are not good, people in the entertainment industry can still rely on their faces to eat. As the host of this industry, the ability to host is insufficient. Even if she is as beautiful as a fairy, the audience will not buy it.

“It’s Teacher Zhang who has a good rhythm,” Yan Xi said with a gesture of a younger generation. “Before entering the studio, I was so nervous that I couldn’t drink water. Later, I broke the jar and thought, It doesn’t matter if I don’t host well. Anyway, there is still Teacher Zhang. You are here, and the live broadcast will definitely not be able to fail. Thinking about it like this, I am a lot more stable.”

Zhang Hao laughed when he heard the words, and he said, “It’s not good for young people to have this kind of dependence.” That being said, he was set to be such a prominent figure by Yan Xi. In addition, Yan Xi had a teacher on the left and right, which made him more and more pleasing to the newcomer Yan Xi.

This world has always been like this. It is not enough to do things beautifully at your job. It is also necessary to have good communication skills. Coupled with the connection she got in her family, it is even more icing on the cake. As soon as she left the station, her colleagues praised her for hosting well, and she had a bright future later.

Yan Xi humbly thanked them one by one. In the evening, to thank everyone for taking care of her, she invited her colleagues to have a meal together. She took down the news host position, and she should have invited them.

In fact, the old viewers who are used to watching “Noon News” with Chen and Zhang, then suddenly change to a young and beautiful female host, are still not very adapted. So the next day, someone called the hotline and said that they shouldn’t just focus on the beautiful appearance of a host. They think it is the reason why host Chen is being replaced. Although the little girl was good, they were more accustomed to Host Chen’s style.

The station had long expected this to happen, so after the end of the next episode of “Noon News,” an announcement was made stating that Host Chen was pregnant and unable to continue hosting the program. This kind of complaint call gradually disappeared.

People have habits, and if they suddenly change their habits, they will feel more or less awkward. But when they get used to new things, they will feel that this is also good. Yan Xi was a new existence to them, and when they cast aside their stereotypes, they slowly discovered her advantages.

First of all, her Mandarin is more standard than Host Chen’s. Her voice is better; secondly, she cooperates well with Zhang Hao. There is no situation where she can’t catch her words or her lines are incoherent. 

The most crucial point is that most of the audiences of the Imperial Capital Eight stations are the older generation. This kind of audience always has a bit of tolerance for young and good-looking little girls. Looking at the white and clean appearance, the audience is reluctant to speak harshly.

So, within a few days, the audience who had called in to protest before specifically calling to praise Yan Xi said that the TV station should give young people more opportunities. The female host did a good job.

Because of this incident, Yan Xi’s name as the “Master Killer” in the station was confirmed.

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