One Can’t Judge by Appearance #24

Chapter 24 – Heart and brain.

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Chapter 24 – Heart and brain

“Boss?” The assistant saw Yuan Yi suddenly staring at the phone out of his mind. There was no displeasure on his face, so he whispered, “This is an invitation letter from the crew you invested in the shooting. They hope you can attend tomorrow’s press conference.”

This invitation is delicately done, and the cover is still stamped with gilded words. Yuan Yi is not interested in the entertainment industry, “I am a businessman and have no interest in art.”

Businessmen make valuable profits and are not interested in other people and things.

The assistant immediately understood what he meant and took the invitation back. Seeing the boss staring at the phone again, he retreated in silence.

Yuan Yi didn’t understand why Yan Xi suddenly sent him a “thank you.” He thought about it and finally asked if the other party had sent it wrong. If this is not a mistake, it is that the other party has a problem with her brain.

Yan Xi didn’t expect that she just wanted to express her gratitude, which could make him misunderstand.

She leaned back in the chair, sat comfortably, and dialed Yuan Yi’s phone.

Yuan Yi stared at the screen for five seconds before answering the call: “Do you still have time to call when you are at work?”

“We are a small TV channel, and the host has a low workload.” Today, Yan Xi was in a good mood and didn’t care about Yuan Yi’s unpleasant way of speaking. “This episode was very successful and attracted a lot of attention from many people.”

Listening to Yan Xi’s obviously excited voice, Yuan Yi maintained the high-level style of a wealthy family: “Well, what show?”

“The one that you accepted the interview with. The episode about firefighters received an excellent response,” Yan Xi also knew that people like Yuan Yi rarely even watch TV, let alone the small program she hosted. “Before, the station thought it was thankless for me to insist on doing this episode. Later, they saw that I interviewed Changfeng executives, you, before agreeing to my idea.”

For an unpopular small program, Yuan Yi can find a planning team to do a show at any cost, invite celebrities to be guests, and broadcast it on satellite TV. He never knew that there were so many rules for this kind of small TV channel.

You already thanked me last time,” Yuan Yi said, getting up from his chair and walking to the window to look at the scenery outside the building. He was suddenly in a very good mood. “Those firefighters are amazing, and they deserve to be praised. As for your show… I will take the time to take a look.”

He occasionally takes a look or two, but that’s not a look. He just happened to see it.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t watch it,” Yan Xi laughed aloud. “Anyway, everyone on the station said that the show I hosted is the old man and grandmother killer. Only the old man and the old lady like it.”

Yuan Yi:……

“It’s okay. I turned on the TV, which can be regarded as creating ratings for you.”

“Thank you,” Yan Xi jokes, “If you have a lot of TVs at home, you can turn on a few more.”

Yuan Yi frowned in embarrassment. No one in their family has a hobby of watching TV, so there is nothing else except the TV set in the living room. He paused, “Okay.”

Since the old man likes this show, he can introduce it to other elders in the family, and those friends’ TVs are also not used. It is not impossible to help Yan Xi create ratings.

He didn’t mean anything to this woman, Yan Xi. He just didn’t want good shows to be buried.

After the firefighter’s episode went viral on the Internet, other bloggers took the opportunity to grab the heat. They found the previous program videos of “Those Things Around Us.” Only then did netizens discover that it turned out that the case of kids abuse, which had been in a lot of highlights before, was also caused by this show.

Netizen 1: The content of this program is excellent, and the previous programs are also inspiring. Why is such a good program not on fire now?

Netizen 2: Because this is a small local station program, it is not on the satellite, and there is no online platform to purchase the right to broadcast. Besides, there are no celebrities or artists in this kind of show. Everyone is interested in joining in the fun for a while. When the heat is over, who cares about this kind of program?

Netizen 3: Although the above netizens have some truth, I think this show can be popular on the Internet. In the final analysis, it is its content that is wonderful. Although the content is full of positive energy, there is no old-fashioned dogma. The host’s line skills are too good. If this kind of person does MLM, she will definitely become at the top of the pyramid.

Netizen 4: What kind of metaphor does MLM marketing upstair say? Can’t you think of a better way to say it? However, the female host does have a set. If someone with delicate emotions is fooled by her, that person can be fooled into crying every minute.

Netizen 5: Probably only I remember the scene where this female host chased that child’s father barefoot and hit him with her high heels.…….

Netizen 6: I also remember the weak little white flower face but the style of the martial arts heroine. This heroine is adorable.

As a popular video host, Yan Xi was praised by all netizens. She knows that netizens are forgetful. As long as she continues to work in a small TV station, they will forget her in a few days and start watching another popular event. Therefore, she was very open to this kind of short-term popularity. Still, the station was praised by the leader of the main station for this incident. Even she, the host, showed her face in front of the big leader. Although she felt that the big leader would forget what she looked like within two days, this experience was still enviable.

The host of Channel Nine, who had a good relationship with her previously, also looked at her in the wrong way. Yan Xi knew that if she achieved such a result as a newcomer, she would make the old-timers feel unhappy, so she didn’t lean toward each other very interestingly these days. After the popularity of the Internet gradually subsided, she brought fruit snacks to share with everyone to eat.

Food is always one of the best ways to get closer. Yan Xi has a good personality and speaks in a measured manner. In addition to her background, everyone was a little jealous of her initially. But she has a charming personality, and this kind of thinking has faded. Only the host of Channel 9 was no longer close to Yan Xi.

“Xiaoyan,” Director Jin came in with a notice, “Xiao Chen, the female host of the noon news on our station, is pregnant. The station decided to temporarily replace her first. After discussions with several other leaders, I plan to ask you to replace Xiao Chen’s position. Do you have any questions?”

The noon news is broadcast in the form of a live broadcast, so it is necessary to find someone with experience as the host, even if it is only a small TV station. Yan Xi only heard the news of Sister Chen’s pregnancy last week. Sister Chen has been looking forward to the arrival of this child for a long time, so she, who is over 35 years old, applied for the suspension this week to protect her pregnancy. Yan Xi thought they would transfer experienced hosts from other stations when the news came out. She didn’t expect this excellent opportunity to fall on her.

“Thank you, Director. I will cherish this opportunity and learn from Brother Zhang’s hosting experience.” Zhang Hao is the male host of the noon news, and he and Sister Chen are old partners.

Director Jin laughed aloud and said with satisfaction: “I believe in your ability.”

Xiao Chen didn’t discuss it with the station and said she would be suspended from work. Although everyone didn’t say anything, they were still a little unhappy in their hearts. He was not an unreasonable person. If Xiao Chen told him she wanted to raise a baby and cooperate with the station to arrange follow-up work, the matter would pass. Then, she suddenly made a statement first and then left. The other party is an elderly pregnant woman, and he can’t even say his objections. If there is something wrong with the fetus, he will never be at peace in his life.

However, although Director Jintai has a good temper, he is not a mud man. Yan Xi was brought into the station by him. He arranged this opportunity for Yan Xi because of his own selfishness.

As long as Yan Xi performs well this year, the female host of the noon news will be hers. Even if Xiao Chen came back, this position would not be able to move.

Zhang Hao was hosting the noon news for these two days alone. When Director Jintai saw that Yan Xi had agreed, he said, “Then you are ready to prepare. You will enter the studio with Xiao Zhang tomorrow.”

Yan Xi: …

Is this too fast? Don’t let her familiarize herself with the process first?

Director Jin had too much confidence in her, but she did not have such strong self-confidence.

When she got home from work, Yan Xi told Song Hai the news, and Song Hai was so happy that he had cooked a large table of dishes. Song Hai called a few more friends after the father and daughter finished their meal. He told them that his daughter had become a news host, the kind of live broadcast, with an attitude of “accidentally talking.”

Yan Xi was lying on the railing on the second floor, listening to his Dad cheerfully bragging about how good she was, and felt that her cheeks were a little hot. Do parents in the world love to add a beautiful aura to their children?

Back in the room, she sent the photos of the full table of dishes taken tonight to her circle of friends.

Yan Single Dog: Dad heard that I would be the host of ‘Noon News’ tomorrow and happily cooked a table full of dishes for me. I love my Dad. [with nine pictures]

Looking at this information from the circle of friends, Yuan Yi clicked on the nine pictures. To be sure, these dishes can only be regarded as ordinary home-cooked dishes, but he could see from this message that Yan Xi was happy.

He typed the words congratulations and slowly deleted them.

Since he met Yan Xi, he has felt that something is wrong with him more and more.

Could it be that this is the black of the near ink?

Click on the WeChat of his friend Zhang Wang, and he sent a sentence over.

[Wangzi, tomorrow I will go to your hospital for a checkup.]

Zhang Wang quickly replied to the message: [What happened to you?]

Yuan Yi: [There seems to be something wrong with the heart and brain; I have to recheck it to be sure]

Zhang Wang: [Tell me what the symptoms are, and I will accompany you tomorrow.]

Yuan Yi: [The heart occasionally has difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, soreness and numbness, the brain…]

Yuan Yi stopped, feeling that this feeling was not easy to describe in words. The body does not listen to the brain. Is there a problem with the brain, a problem with the body, or both?

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