Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 23 (1/2)

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Chapter 23 (1/2)

Lu Qiming started a single-player game marathon.

After playing minesweeper and solitaire, he didn’t go out all afternoon.

Jiang Miaomiao didn’t come in either, probably holding the silly dog downstairs.

Thinking of this, he pressed the keyboard harder with his fingers as if he wanted to pierce the keyboard.

He was not in a hurry. She would always come to sleep at night, and she could no longer ignore him.

It’s a pity that reality is always unexpected.

After eating dinner, taking a shower, and completing today’s exercise task, he returned to the room holding the computer, seemingly playing a game. Still waiting for the rabbit, Jiang Miaomiao opened the door, walked in lightly, picked up the pillow and a quilt, and then prepared to leave.

Lu Qiming could no longer pretend to be calm.

“Where are you going?”

“Go to sleep next door.”

“Why do you want to sleep next door?”

The two have been sleeping in this small room since they moved in. There is no mattress next door. Would she rather sleep on the floor?

Jiang Miaomiao explained:

“The puppy refuses to leave me, and keeps screaming if I leave it alone. If I bring it to sleep, you don’t like it. So I sleep with it for two days first, and then move it back when it gets used to it. “

Lu Qiming’s face was as black as charcoal.

“Why do you move back? Just live there, anyway, you only have a dog in your heart now.”

She asked cautiously, “Are you angry?”


“I’m not going anymore, how about getting a carton to make a nest for it and putting it behind the door?”

“If you want to go, go quickly, don’t be long-winded. ”

Lu Qiming gave the eviction order, put on his headphones, and knocked on the keyboard angrily, looking like he would hit someone.

Jiang Miaomiao didn’t dare to provoke him, so she silently withdrew, holding the pillow and quilt, closing the door for him.

Where does Lu Qiming have the mind to put on the game? As soon as she left, he turned off the computer and lay down on the quilt, trying to relieve his unhappiness with sleep.

However, the soundproofing of the villa was not good, and the howls of zombies kept coming from outside the window, making him unable to sleep peacefully.

It didn’t take long for him to hear the laughter from next door.

“Hee hee, it’s so itchy, don’t lick my hands… oops, the floor is dirty…”

So happy, she has never been like this with him before.

Lu Qiming’s heart was so sour as if he had overturned a vinegar jar. He covered his head with a quilt, pretending that he couldn’t hear anything.

A tough night is over.

He went downstairs to cook at 6:30 in the morning with two huge dark circles under his eyes.

When passing by the next room door, he stopped and listened.

It was quiet inside. There was no sound. She shouldn’t be awake yet.

Lu Qiming walked to the kitchen, looked at the pots and pans on the shelf, and lit a cigarette.

In the curling smoke, he was thinking.

What did they eat this morning?

There are bacon, ham sausage, salted duck eggs, and dehydrated vegetables at home.

The staple food also includes rice, flour, vermicelli, and instant noodles, which can make a hearty meal.

But because of the other party’s performance yesterday, he just wanted to give her boiled water.

Lu Qiming finished smoking a cigarette, shrugged his shoulders, and began to wash the rice in the pot. He decided to eat ordinary white porridge with mustard greens.

He knew she was tired of eating this kind of food, but… who made her only have dogs in her eyes?

Dog can’t cook for her.

The more he washed, the more relieved he became. After washing, he put the pot on the induction cooker, turned on the switch, and left it alone. He started push-ups on the living room floor.

There is no fitness equipment in the villa, which is not a problem for him.

As long as he is willing, buckets, induction cookers, and everything with weight is his props.

Lu Qiming was sweating profusely, and his mood was very relaxed.

Just as he was about to put on a protective suit and go outside for two laps, a white shadow descended the stairs and quickly got into the kitchen.

He was stunned for a moment, thinking it was his dazzling eyes, and went in to check.

He saw the stupid dog they picked up yesterday laying on the trash can and turning it over with its nose.


Lu Qiming said slowly.

Jiang Meimu froze, turned its head cautiously, and immediately retreated into the corner when it saw it was him.

Lu Qiming picked up the trash it got out of the trash can, squatted in front of the dog, pointed to its nose, and said viciously.:

“This is not your home. If you don’t want to be kicked out, just be conscious. Do you understand?”

Jiang Meimu stretched out its pink tongue and gently licked his fingertips.

He thought it was a sign of weakness and was ready to let it go.

Who knew that the other party grinned at his fingers with fangs in the next second, and when he was surprised, he got out from under him and ran wildly.

Lu Qiming: “…”

The puppy’s bite force is limited, the fingers are not broken, and the pain is not unbearable.

But how can people tolerate such a cunning thing?

He picked up a frying pan and chased it out. Jiang Meimu was already struggling to run up the stairs on its four short legs.

Lu Qiming was fast, and he chased after it in a blink of an eye, grabbed it by the back of its neck, picked it up, and tapped its round head with a pan.

“Run, you still run!”

Jiang Meimu twisted its body desperately, trying to bite him.

Lu Qiming was even angrier, “Don’t think about playing a role for the tiger, believe it or not, I’ll throw you out now?”

Jiang Meimu grinned at him, obviously unconvinced.

“What are you doing?”

There was a sound from above the stairs, and Jiang Miaomiao stood there in her pajamas with a surprised expression.

Jiang Meimu reacted exceptionally quickly, and the first second it heard the voice, it closed its mouth and the head lowered, making a pitiful appearance.

Lu Qiming was so angry.

“This stupid dog is rummaging through the trash can, and there’s rubbish all over the place.”

Jiang Miaomiao came over to pick it up distressed, stroked its head, and said:

“Really? Oh, it’s all my fault for getting up too late and not preparing it for breakfast. It must be starving.”

“…It also bit me.”

“Where did you bite?”

Lu Qiming handed over his fingers, and she looked left and right but no trace.


He looked intently and found that he couldn’t find it either, so he simply retracted his fingers and said coldly:

“The dog can’t stay here.”

Jiang Miaomiao’s expression changed immediately.

“Why? Didn’t everything go well last night? ”

Lu Qiming has a bunch of reasons.

“The situation is special now. Our survival resources are very limited and we can’t raise another mouth.”

“Really? How many duck necks did you eat last night?”

“…It has nothing to do with this.”

Jiang Meimu couldn’t understand their words, but it could sense the atmosphere.

It tried to shrink into Jiang Miaomiao’s arms and cupped her arms with its nose. Its round black eyes were wet, and it kept whining like a child about to be abandoned.

Seeing it like this, Jiang Miaomiao was even more reluctant to drive it out.

There are zombies all over the outside, not only eating people but also dogs.

How long can it live if it runs out so weakly? She is afraid it won’t take a day to be swallowed by the zombies.

Even if the puppy is lucky not to be eaten, it will not last long.

No one, no food. It’s too small to catch a mouse.

“Let it stay, okay?”

Jiang Miaomiao hugged it tightly, her voice soft.

“I promise to teach it well, not to rummage through the garbage, not to bite people indiscriminately. It doesn’t eat much and won’t affect anything.”

Lu Qiming was silent for a while before saying and retorting:

“Whatever you want. ”

When he was about to leave, she grabbed his arm.

“Then promise me not to bully it in the future.”

Who is bullying who?

Lu Qiming stared hard at Jiang Meimu, hummed in a dull voice, and left with a twitch of his hand.

After the porridge was cooked, he drank two bowls casually and went back to his room.

Neither of them had the mind to go out to work, one stayed upstairs, and the other stayed downstairs.

Jiang Miaomiao knew that he must be sulking, so she picked out some things from the snack pile that she was not willing to eat at ordinary times, put them on a plate, and sent them to him.

He stared at the computer and ignored her.

She had to leave in a daze and went downstairs to accompany the puppy.

Lu Qiming didn’t give up altogether. While playing the game, he thought about ways to deal with the dog.

Isn’t it just more cunning? He can’t compare to a dog.

In the afternoon, Jiang Miaomiao was on her lunch break. Jiang Meimu was lying next to her, curled up into a small ball, like a white velvet ball.

Lu Qiming walked in on tiptoe, put his mobile phone on the window sill, took apart a pack of pork jerky, put it on the mobile phone, opened the window, exited the room, and looked through the door.

The scent awakened the dog. It looked up at the window sill and ran over excitedly.

The window sill was too high, and the dog couldn’t reach it when it stood up and jumped up and down.

Finally, it jumped hard and hit his nose. The mobile phone flew out of the window together with the pork jerky and landed in the yard, and the screen was shattered by stones.

Jiang Miaomiao woke up in shock, sat up, and looked at the sound source.

Jiang Meimu realized that something was wrong and immediately lay on the ground, wagging its tail pitifully at her.

Lu Qiming returned to his room contentedly and played poker leisurely.

Half an hour later, he went downstairs to pour water and drank and saw Jiang Miaomiao sitting on the living room floor, holding a mobile phone with a screen cracked into a spider web, sighing in pain.

“What’s wrong?” he asked knowingly.

Jiang Miaomiao was embarrassed to say that it was caused by a dog and only said, “I won’t have a mobile phone to play within the future.”

“It’s okay, go to the digital city to get a few more.”

Even if she gets a new phone back, how can she get to play the game?

Alas, the dog brought back by herself, and the bitter fruit can only be swallowed in her stomach.

Jiang Miaomiao decided to turn grief into appetite and went to the room where the food was placed to get something to eat.

It’s okay not to go in. It’s even more painful when she go in.

“Who, who did this?”

All the packaging bags were disassembled, and the potato chips and biscuits were broken all over the floor.

Her favorite fruit candy packaging was also missing, and the candy was covered with dust and debris.

Lu Qiming walked in, looked around, picked up a biscuit, and said:


She leaned over and saw a few clear tooth marks.

That unique mark cannot be bitten by a human mouth, so the culprit must be…

“Jiang Meimu!”

The silly sleeping dog shook it body and slipped over with its tail between its legs.

Jiang Miaomiao grabbed the back of its neck and locked it in a room.

“You are not allowed to come out these days!”


It scratched the door hard, but unfortunately, she was so angry that she couldn’t hear anything. She went back to the room angrily and plunged into the bed.

Lu Qiming got what he wanted, relaxed and in a good mood. He cooked a bowl of noodles and served it upstairs to soothe her injured little heart.

The quilt bulged into a small bag, and she huddled in it and didn’t move.

He patted the small bag.

“Don’t be angry, why bother to have a dog in general? Get up, I cooked noodles for you.”

After waiting for a few minutes without a response, he sighed, softened his voice, and continued to comfort.

“If the mobile phone is broken, we will get a new one. We will bring a computer with good performance back, full of stand-alone games, and we can also use the TV to play discs to watch a movie, it will not be boring. The food is simpler, and everything is available in the supermarket. This supermarket is finished, we will switch to another supermarket.”

“The only thing to do now is to throw that dog out so that we can resume our previous lives, right?”

She still didn’t speak. He picked up the noodle bowl and blew it, letting the fragrance spread in the room.

“Eat quickly, or the noodles will get cold. You patronized and fed the white-eyed wolf at noon, but you didn’t eat much. ”

Jiang Miaomiao finally stuck out her head, her eyes were red, and her state was deficient.

“I don’t want to eat, you go out and leave me alone.”

Seeing her appearance, Lu Qiming frowned.

“You like that dog so much? What’s so good about it?”

“I don’t like it.”

“What is that?”

She hesitated, hiding under the covers and refusing to speak.

Lu Qiming put down the bowl, lifted the quilt, and asked her to speak.

Jiang Miaomiao had nothing to hide, so she could only say truthfully:

“You have friends, you will have to find your friends sooner or later. Dogs are different. There is nothing else in this world, as long as I raise it, it will never leave me.”

That time the zombie tide passed, and when he left her to find his friend, she was lying alone in the dark and dirty basement, feeling like she was going to die.

Loneliness is not scary. The scary thing is to get used to companionship and then usher in loneliness.

Silence is no longer enjoyable but torture. It is overwhelming, overwhelming her, and she can’t breathe. In pain, she becomes more and more aware of her own smallness and helplessness.

If Lu Qiming leaves, she will be the dog hiding in the corner.

Unable to fight and resist this world, she became thin and weak day after day until she was annihilated.

It is painful to live, and it is also uncomfortable to commit suicide.

She probably won’t be desperate if she has a companion who sympathizes with the same illness.

She thought for a while, tears dripping on the quilt, biting her lips hard, not wanting to show weakness in front of him.

Lu Qiming looked at her in a daze, never realizing that she was so fragile.

The indifferent attitude towards being alive is just a mask, and what is hidden behind the mask is her deep fear of the world.

He was in a complicated mood, didn’t know what to say, and silently grabbed her hand.

“I will not leave you.”

Jiang Miaomiao threw herself on his shoulder, her body kept shaking, and her sobs came out intermittently.

He hugged her thin body and patted her back gently.

“I won’t leave you, I swear. Even if I really have to leave one day, I will definitely take you with me.”

“What about the dog…”

She asked, sobbing.

“Stay. ” Lu Qiming said, “Isn’t that what you said? It doesn’t eat much. We can feed it by saving two bites each.”

“But it’s disobedient, rummaging through things, and breaking my phone.”

“…Actually, I disassembled those things, and I put the phone on the window on purpose. Your phone didn’t break, but the same model that was brought back from the Digital City was broken. It turned out to be under my pillow. As for the dog, it’s just turned over the trash can.”

Jiang Miaomiao stopped crying and said suspiciously, “But the tooth mark is not yours.”

“I pulled it out with a fork.”

Seeing that she finally stopped crying, Lu Qiming breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s a good dog, very well behaved, we continue to keep it, don’t be sad.”

Of course, she’s not sad. She’s just…

“Lu Qiming! You are so shameless!”

A man of nearly 1.9 meters went to frame a little milk dog! Do you want a face?

Jiang Miaomiao grabbed the broom on the side and chased him.

Lu Qiming hugged his head and fled, embarrassed.

Given his despicable behavior, Jiang Miaomiao unilaterally announced that night that he had contracted three meals a day this month.

Lu Qiming complained bitterly, but there was no room for resistance, so he could only accept the punishment resignedly.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Two people and one dog have to take a bath every day, and the water consumption is gradually increasing.

Lu Qiming spends an hour almost every day fetching water from the lake. Although he has enough physical strength, it is still too troublesome for a long time.

When they collected supplies, they stumbled upon an electric water pump.

The electric water pump is powerful. Just plug in the electricity, connect one end to the water source, the other end to the bucket, and the water is pumped for ten minutes, enough for them to use for three days.

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