Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #16

Shuangwen Female Main Character
Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation - Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – I Don’t Want to Be Popular on the day sixteenth

Shi Zhi lowered her head and stroked the fish. The wind blew the broken hair on her cheeks. There was a gentle smile on her delicate face. If people did not know that the next thing she would say is something with a red rate, if it weren’t for hearing what Shi Zhi is saying now, it would be a warm picture.

(red rate = harmful)

Shi Zhi said, “Meeting is fate, and it’s up to you to fill my stomach.”

It’s up to you!

Xiong Baojie said that meeting is fate, and when the fish is released, the encounter at the time is fate, and it is up to you to fill your stomach.

The audience in the live broadcast room fell silent.

On one side, Xiong Baojie cried and said, “Fish is cute, don’t eat it.” In fact, Xiong Baojie is eating happier than anyone else.

On one side, the fish is praised for its beautiful appearance. Since it is beautiful, leave it with a complete body, and it is time to make the “devil” of braised fish.

Of course, the audience chose the latter without hesitation.

Everyone is really right. Shi Zhi is really interesting!

-Fish: I thank you.-

-Fish: It’s my fault to be beautiful. It turns out that beauty is really a burden.-

-I laughed so much that everyone within a ten-mile radius would live on soundproofing for the rest of their lives.-

-Hey, did you choose fish like this? Then I learned it, and my useful knowledge has grown again. Thank you. Today, I will go to the seafood market to find the most beautiful fish to be braised and eaten!-

It was the first time to know that being ugly was not bad.-

Ning Jiachi didn’t expect this kind of progress, and he was secretly thankful that he hadn’t yet said his request to let Shi Zhi say something about him.

But braise fish, he loves it.


In this period, it was really funny. Some netizens also specially made a ghost rap video and uploaded it to a certain website. Unexpectedly, it got out of control as soon as it was released and even rushed to the home page list.

I saw Xiong Baojie sobbing at the beginning of the video, “Fish is so cute, so miserable.” Turning the scene is Xiong Baojie quickly pulling the fish into her mouth on the dining table.

In the next shot, Shi Zhi dubbed the eaten fish on the dining table, “I am a fish, I died so miserably, I am so cute.”

Turning to the next day, Shi Zhi looked at the fish she had just caught, “It’s so beautiful, round, and festive.” Ning Jiachi picked it up, “Sister Shi Zhi, shall we raise it alone?” Shi Zhi smiled softly, “Braise.”

The video ends here.

Braised in brown sauce, it can be called the finishing touch, the essence of the entire video.

The whole video is not that long, but there are too many funny scenes. The audience craves more and calls it an awesome video.

Xiong Baojie’s grilled fish was also accelerated, and the contrast could no longer be not obvious. It made people feel excited to watch it.

Shi Zhi’s Devil’s Human Set also left the first impression with this ghost and animal video. She is also known as an expert in the treatment of hypocrisy.

Specializes in the lotus flower and the hypocrites.

Xiong Baojie was ridiculed in the show and quit the show the next day. The reason given by the director was that Xiong Baojie did not have enough schedule, and there was still other work to be done. Still, in fact, both the guests and the audience knew in their hearts. This is an excuse for leaving.

After all, to this extent, Xiong Baojie is still interested in eating the meal made by Shi Zhi?

Staying here is just to be scolded.

None of the group of guests missed Xiong Baojie’s departure. She didn’t contribute much to everyone. It was an ordinary peer relationship.

Of course, after the fish release incident, this relationship was added with a prefix——

Ordinary mentally handicapped counterparts.

Shi Zhi has become a group favorite and soul figure in “Our Village.” Her daily job is fishing, and she is in charge of two meals. Breakfast is rotated by several people.

They can’t cook a big meal, but they can still cook things like fried eggs and noodles. As for room cleaning, and various other tasks, the rest of the people have silently contracted, which is bound to make Shi Zhi’s daily life easier.

After lunch, Wu Luo greeted Shi Zhi, who was resting on the sofa, “Sister Shi Zhi, can you play chess? Do you want to play chess?”

Wu Luo is a professional Go player, and even if he is on the show, he takes chess pieces and chess boards.

Facing Wu Luo’s invitation, Shi Zi behaved very relaxed and got up, “Yes.”

Tian Hong gave Shi Zhi a thumbs up, “Not bad Shi Zhi, you can also play chess.”

Ning Jiachi walked to Wu Luo with a water glass, patted him on the shoulder, and left him a word.

-What Ning Jiachi said is: Let Sister Shi Zhi win from you-

Netizens with great supernatural powers have already guessed it through Ning Jiachi’s lip shape.

After Wu Luo mentioned this, the audience thought that Shi Zhi had once given an interview and said that her hobbies were fishing, playing chess, and growing flowers.

At that time, there were still people who thought that Shi Zhi made it up, but fishing and other things had been verified, and there was no doubt about the level of a master. Then follow the logic, she shouldn’t be bad at chess, right?

The curiosity of the audience has been mobilized.

-My heart beats so fast, Sister Shi won’t even be able to beat Wu Luo, right?-

Following Wu Luo’s call her elder Sister (Jiejie), Ning Jiachi also called Sister Shi Zhi (Meimei) for eating her food. Many viewers also began to call her that, simplified it, and called Sister Shi directly.

-No… Wu Luo is a professional player and has won the international championship. It is too exaggerated to beat a professional player, but little angel Wu Luo will definitely play soft. Maybe it will be a draw or deliberately lose?-

-Anyway, her skill must be at a big boss level. I found that Shi Zhi is kinda a treasure. I had never noticed that she had so many skills before.-

Shi Zhi, who was already known as a treasure, and was believed to be good at chess, sat opposite Wu Luo.

She looked at Wu Luo and smiled at him, “Does Xiao Luo play Backgammon?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t, sister Zhi will teach you, it’s very simple.”

Wu Luo: Hey?

Guests: Hey?

The audience also followed in a daze.


Shi Zhi’s chess skills are indeed superb, and she even beat Wu Luo to the ground, but it was not Go but backgammon.

The audience in the live broadcast room came back to their senses. After thinking about it carefully, Shi Zhi really didn’t say exactly what her hobby of chess was. Go, backgammon, and chess are all chess. There is nothing wrong with it.

-Sister Shi can’t set it down. This chess game is absolutely amazing. (I’m really complimenting, there is no yin and yang weirdness)-

-Hahaha, Sister Shi deserves to be Sister Shi. Sister Shi is awesome. This chess skill is invincible-

-I have already thought about new media copywriting- Shocked! Celebrity Shi Zhi’s superb chess skills actually defeated go champion Wu Luo!’ We can’t say that there is a mistake, right?-

Wu Luo had a great time playing backgammon. Later, he reluctantly took Tian Hong to play a few games when she was tired from playing more than a dozen games with him.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I liked you a long time ago…” Wu Luo seemed to have thought of something, blushing and embarrassed, and opened his mouth to Shi Zhi.

While sitting and drinking tea from an enamel cup, Shi Zhi responded, “Huh? ”

The expressions of the other guests were also a bit subtle, not to mention the audience watching the live broadcast.

What’s the matter, brother! You actually liked Shi Zhi. You still liked it very early!

Wu Luo also realized that what he said might have been misunderstood. His face flushed even more, and she quickly waved her hand.

“It doesn’t mean that.”

“I like sister Shi Zhi’s role.”

Ning Jiachi rubbed Wu Luo’s hair and complained, “You have a long breath.”

The audience felt that it was okay to let others say this, but it wasn’t convincing for Ning Jiachi to say it. When he recognized Shi Zhi as his sister, didn’t Ning Jiachi make the situation even more terrifying?

Shi Zhi was in a low mood. After all, she didn’t want this attention, but she still thanked him.

“Thank you, Xiao Luo.”

However, the audience in the live broadcast room was a little touched.

-Quietly speaking, in fact, I really liked the role Shi Zhi played before-

-I also.. –

-I don’t know why Shi Zhi suddenly became confused. The movies she picked up were getting worse and worse, and the reviews were getting worse too. It was quite emotional.-

-Anyway, I only believe in what I see with my eyes. I really like Uncle Shi Zhi in “Our Village”.-

Shi Zhi is proficient in fishing and playing backgammon at chess and is also a master at practical matters. But no one has seen her technique of planting flowers.

The only thing that might be a bit involved with flowers is that Shi Zhi dug up crumpled and malnourished grass from the side of the road while fishing and planted it casually in an empty flower pot in the yard.

At that time, several guests squatted and watched the grass.

Wu Luo, “This… is the flower dying?”

Bai Wu, “I think so too.”

Tian Hong, “Can this be called a flower? This shape is really ugly.” To be precise, it is very ugly.

Ning Jiachi, as a qualified chief-in-charge, has already gone to show his hospitality quickly, “Sister Shi Zhi, tell me what flowers you like, and I will ask my agent to find them for you. ”

Shi Zhi didn’t throw away the grass, nor did she bask in the sun much. Sometimes she watered it, but she didn’t care about it. Gradually, everyone got used to the grass, and sometimes when she thought of it, she would pour some rice water on it.

The program team did not confiscate the guests’ mobile phones. Still, cameras were everywhere, and everyone didn’t contact people much. The program team will still take time out to give the guests independent time to contact friends and family to be more humane.

Shi Zhi first contacted the butler.

The butler learned that Shi Zhi would participate in the show and wanted to follow Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi refused.

Not to mention anything else, the show does not allow guests to bring anyone, even the people from the Shi Zhi team who stayed in the hotel.

Shi Zhi asked the housekeeper, “The village where I am shooting now feels that the environment is very good, and the people are simple. I really like it here. Can I buy a base and build a small house.”

Build a small house, and she will have a place to live if she wants to come here to play in the future.

The butler told Shi Zhi, “Since you like it so much, we can build a manor, or a resort villa, for the young lady to play.”

Shi Zhi: ???

She just wanted to build a small house, but the butler told her that she could build a resort.

This is probably the simple life of the rich.

The housekeeper acted firmly and went to do it when she said it. Shi Zhi imagined her own resort and contacted her agent, Brother Quan.

Brother Quan sent her various messages on time every day. This time, when she got a call and learned that there was no camera equipment, Brother Quan couldn’t wait to release “Good Day.”


Accompanied by bgm, Brother Quan excitedly told Shi Zhi how great her performance was this time and how good her reputation was.

Brother Quan stared at the live broadcast of the show. Several times, Brother Quan was horrified when he saw Shi Zhi’s behavior. For example, when Shi Zhi was fishing, she belonged to a beautiful female artist!

Shi Zhi couldn’t be blacked out anymore, so she should be showing off her face. But she wasn’t able to perform well. Brother Quan was really anxious and couldn’t wait to rush across the screen to apply makeup to Shi Zhi.

Unexpectedly, the audience liked it very much, which was completely unexpected by Brother Quan.

After listening to a few words, Shi Zhi was a little tired. After perfunctorily planning to end the call, Brother Quan brought another message.

“I don’t know if it’s true, but an insider did reveal that Chen Baichuan is also going to “Our Village.”

“Your reputation has just improved, he is shameless and can’t wait to suck your blood?”

“I specially bought the talisman online, petitioning Chen Baichuan not to go, his management team is poisonous, and his fans don’t have many brains…”

Shi Zhi still remembers the name Chen Baichuan. It was the pink underpants man.

When she first came here, his fans blocked her and smashed two raw eggs at her. The eggs were boiled and eaten by Shi Zhi, with a strong egg smell.

Shi Zhi had heard the original grievances with Chen Baichuan from her team’s cursing and swearing before. In the words of Brother Quan, he was “a smelly and shameless person.”

This blog has a plausible interpretation theory when both of them are in the same frame.  Someone creates fake news that the original body is interesting to Chen Baichuan.

Chen Baichuan’s fans and some members of the public are convinced.

Brother Quan’s worry is correct. If Chen Baichuan is on the show, it will indeed bring a big blow to the current situation when the commentary about Shi Zhi has just reversed. That afternoon, the director of the program team announced the news.

Chen Baichuan is really coming. He is outside now. He is a flying guest. When the time comes, he will interact through some games. If the challenge is successful, he and others will get precious ingredients.

Speaking of Chen Baichuan, no matter the guests, the camera, or the audience in the live broadcast room can not help but glance at Shi Zhi.


-What did I hear? Chen Baichuan? Doesn’t that mean he will be in the same frame as Shi Zhi again? My God!!!-

-Damn, this is too much trouble!-

-The program group is awesome. These two are perfect together. I actually don’t want to watch Chen Baichuan. I just want to watch Uncle Shi Zhi fishing.-

-What is this uncle Shi Zhi? She is obviously Shi Bitch, and Shi Bitch is troublesome, so stay away from my brother, okay?-

-Distressed for my brother to endure nausea because in the same frame with the Shi bitch, the feeling of being harassed by a person he doesn’t like makes it uncomfortable to think about.-

Fans of Chen Baichuan have heard the wind and rushed to the live broadcast room that has slowly become harmonious these days. The words “Shi bitch” appeared again in the live broadcast room. The old audience looked a little uncomfortable, but they did not speak for the time being.-

Shi Zhi, one of the protagonists of the incident, was the subject of verbal abuse, but her mood was not disturbed.

She has two thoughts.

First, Brother Quan was deceived when he bought the talisman and paid the IQ tax.

Second, is Chen Baichuan’s setting in the show similar to “I’m your brother, come and kill me?”

The difference is probably that the game drops props, and he drops ingredients.

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