Chapter 19 – unrestrained showing off his daughter

“Came back?”

Yan Xi walked in and saw Song Hai sitting on the sofa and threw the bag on the other sofa, “Dad, you didn’t go out? ”

“There is a private banquet tonight. There are many friends from the business field. Dad comes back and changes clothes first,” Song Hai thought for a while. “How about you also go with me in the evening? See Dad’s friends.”

At Mrs. Yuan’s birthday party last time, many of his friends did not receive invitations, so he did not have the opportunity to introduce Yan Xi to more friends. Now that there is finally an opportunity to show off his daughter in front of his friends, Song Hai is unwilling to let it go.

“Okay”, Yan Xi guessed her father’s little thoughts and was willing to satisfy his wishes, so she agreed. After she nodded, Song Hai showed a happy smile on his face.

“By the way,“ Song Hai stopped Yan Xi, who was about to go upstairs, “Sometimes I am too busy with business to be at home. We need someone to cook and clean up the room at home. Would you like to find a reliable aunt to come home, cook and clean for us?”

No matter how careful he is, he is also a man. It is much more convenient to ask an aunt to take care of Yan Yan.

Yan Xi was taken aback. His father had lived alone for nine years and hadn’t invited an aunt. Now, he was looking for one. She was afraid it was for her.

“It doesn’t matter, there are part-time workers to do the hygiene at home,” Yan Xi said with a smile, “It’s not convenient for outsiders to live at home, so the part-timer is good.”

Seeing that Yan Xi didn’t mean to invite an auntie, Song Hai had no choice but to say, “Then it’s up to you. If you want to invite someone in the future, just tell Dad.” He is usually too busy and always worried that he can’t take good care of her.

Back in the room, wash off the makeup on her face and let her face skin breathe. Sitting at the table and drawing cute comics for a while, she checked the time and got up to change her clothes.

If the clothes were too casual for this kind of business party, it became inappropriate, but if the clothes were too solemn, they would not be atmospheric enough. She picked a waist-length one-shoulder dress and put it on, then put makeup on her face. She walked to the full-length mirror and took a picture. After confirming that she looked like a well-behaved and delicate daughter, Yan Xi put on her earrings.

“Uncle Zhou is in the pharmaceutical business. This year, he has developed a new special-effect drug and has been praised by relevant departments.” Sitting in the car, Song Hai introduced the protagonist of the banquet. “Tonight’s party is also equivalent to his celebration banquet.”

Yan Xi found that Song Hai didn’t mention the character of this Uncle Zhou much, which was a bit different from introducing his other friends, “Do you have a good relationship with this Uncle Zhou?”

“Friends in the business field, if there is no conflict of interest, it won’t be too bad,” Song Hai said ambiguously. “I heard that he has taken the path of the Song family. Recently, it is the time of spring breeze.”

(The time of spring breeze: Happy moment)

“Who is the Song family?” Yan Xi, who is not in the business circle, doesn’t know anything about this, “It’s more powerful than the Yuan family?”

“In terms of background, the Song family is not as good as the Yuan family, in terms of financial resources…” Song Hai thought for a moment, “Anyway, it is also a big family that will affect the economic circle of the imperial capital.”

“So, in fact, you are not so clear,” Yan Xi said with a clear face, “Our family can’t even hold the thighs of the Yuan family, and we don’t seem to know how powerful the Song family is.” She didn’t dare to say that she had dinner with the second son of the Yuan family today, and she offended him. She always felt that her father might think that her brain had a fever if she said this.

“Anyway, we can’t hold the thighs of the Song family. I don’t know how much money his family has.” Song Hai is a very single-minded person. He just went to show off his daughter today.

Like a man, mad with any dazzling female. Song Hai didn’t want to miss any opportunity to show off her daughter.

The Zhou family villa was full of people, and luxury cars were parked in front of and behind the house. Boss Zhou’s son and daughter-in-law were too busy to meet the guests. Boss Zhou smiled with satisfaction when he listened to the guests’ compliments.

“Dad,” Boss Zhou’s son walked up to him and asked in a low voice, “Will the Song family come?”

“The young people really couldn’t hold their breath,” Boss Zhou said with an indulgent smile, but the pride and ostentation in his eyes still exposed his heart, “Don’t worry.”

The Song family wants to come. The better point is that it’s the future heirs of the Song family. The Song Chao. He has only seen this son of the Song family two times, and he can see that this person is personable and has extraordinary abilities. There are not many young people who can match him at the moment. Compared with him, his son, who is quite excellent, is nothing in an instant.

“Brother Zhou, I’m overjoyed,” a fat man leaned over and stretched out his hand to him, pleasing to his face. “Everyone is in a good mood when a happy event occurs. Brother Zhou’s company has developed this kind of good medicine for the benefit of the people. It is not only a happy event for you but also a happy event for patients. I am thick-skinned, I will congratulate you first, and I will also be filled with joy.”

“Brother Song is polite. You and I have known each other for many years. How can you use these polite words? If you need anything, just tell me.” Boss Zhou hurriedly held the opponent’s hand and patted the opponent on the shoulder, looking like good brothers.

This Song Hai is an old fox who only slips but never goes down. He first came to the capital more than 20 years ago and was still poor and white. Now, he has not only gained a foothold in the Imperial capital but also has many contacts. Boss Zhou has never wanted to offend this kind of character. His gaze fell on the woman who came in with Song Hai. Although this woman was not glamorous, her weak and pure appearance was also interesting. Song Hai has never had a woman around him all these years. Is it a good catch?

“This is my daughter, Xiao Yan,” Song Hai noticed Boss Zhou’s eyes and turned to introduce Yan Xi, “Yan Yan came to say hello to Uncle Zhou.”

“Hello, Uncle Zhou.” Yan Xi’s voice is very nice. If she deliberately lowered her voice, it would sound sweet and soft, well-behaved, and easy to make people feel good.

Boss Zhou didn’t expect that an ugly fat man like Song Hai could also raise such a slender and beautiful girl. He was stunned for a second before he praised Yan Xi, who didn’t change her complexion. Song Hai smiled and was satisfied. Someone praised his daughter.

After listening to Boss Zhou’s compliments, Song Hai took Yan Xi to the crowd without hesitation. In the most senior circle, Song Hai knew only a few people, but in the ordinary business class, he could be regarded as a friend worldwide. After walking down the circle, Yan Xi called so many people Uncle and Aunt repeatedly.

While chatting, Yan Xi saw several juniors of the Zhou family hurry out. She looked at the door with some curiosity. Just now, Uncle Zhou, who had a bright face, was walking in with a young man carefully and diligently.

The young man wore a silver-gray suit, white skin and red lips, and gold-rimmed glasses. He looked gentle and handsome. Yan Xi couldn’t help but glance at him a few more times. Fortunately, she still remembered what the occasion was. These few glances were very restrained and diplomatic, and no one could see that she was peeping into the beauty of a strange man.

Song Chao had a gentle smile and a personable manner of treating others, but his appearance was like a phoenix falling into a flock of peacocks. With such a reserved and unattainable taste, the old people in the business circle had the intention to come forward to please him, but they did not dare to rush forward. In the end, Boss Zhou, the host, with a warm and courteous attitude, began to introduce everyone present to Song Chao.

No wonder the guests tonight were holding Boss Zhou, who was waiting here.

Seeing all the attitudes of the businessman, Yan Xi felt a little distressed for her father. She felt sour and uncomfortable thinking that he often dealt with such occasions, had to lower his posture when he met big people and looked like he was an obedient person. Turning her face away, Yan Xi grabbed Song Hai’s arm.

At this time, she wants to be with her dad.

“Mr. Song, this is my friend Song Hai for many years. He is a self-made entrepreneur. Even the government has praised him.” When Boss Zhou introduced Song Hai here, he specifically pointed out the words “self-made.”

“It’s a coincidence that Boss Song has the same surname as me. Maybe we are the same family thousands of years ago.” Song Chao stretched out his hand and shook hands with the self-made entrepreneur in front of him.

“Dare not, Mr. Song is a young talent. This kind of good thing about being a family for thousands of years ago. I only dared to do it in my dream,” Song Hai bowed slightly and held Song Chao’s hand with both hands.

“Boss Song is polite,” Song Chao raised the corners of his lips slightly, but his eyes did not change. Even the corners of his eyes were motionless. He retracted his hand, and the corners of his eyes glanced at Song Hai’s female companion. He took off the glasses he was wearing on his face, met the female companion’s eyes, and smiled a little mildly, “This is Boss Songs…”

“This is Boss Song’s daughter, a top student from Hai City University,“ Boss Zhou didn’t plan to introduce Yan Xi, a junior. But when Song Chao asked, he said again, “Xiao Yan, this is Mr. Song, the young master of the Song family.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Song Chao bowed slightly and held Yan Xi’s hand with a gentle smile on his face, “Miss Song is shining tonight.”

“Thank you, Mr. Song, for your compliment.” Yan Xi glanced at the hand she was holding. She was not sure whether this Mr Song’s eyes were good or bad, but his mouth must be very good at coaxing women. Unexpectedly, after living for more than 20 years, she finally got in touch with Ming Yan.

(Ming Yan: she is probably talking about a figure of a flirty man.)

As for her surname Yan and not Song, there is no need to explain it to him.

“Miss Song, don’t belittle yourself,” Song Chao let go and put on his glasses. “With Miss Song’s beauty, there must have been a lot of people pursuing her when she was in school.”

She has graduated. If someone pursued her while she was in school, can’t it be said that many people are pursuing her now?

Although she was praised, this kind of praise didn’t seem to make people so happy, “No, no, Mr. Song is joking.”

“How could it not be? If I were an alumnus with Miss Song, I would pursue you,” Song Chao chuckled softly when he said this as if what he said was just a joke, “Miss Song, please feel free. Excuse me.”

Yan Xi: …

Mother in heaven, your daughter has been molested!

The news of Song Chao’s efforts to win over the bosses of small and medium-sized enterprises quickly spread to the Yuan family, and even the list of entrepreneurs and their families who participated in the gathering was passed over.

Yuan Yi glanced at the list casually, and when he saw the name Yan Xi, he remembered that when both of them had dinner together, she told him that she liked gentle and delicate men.

Song Chao looks…it seems to be quite gentle and delicate.

The internal relationship of the Song family was chaotic, and Song Chao was a deep-minded person who valued interests. If this woman had a crush on Song Chao, with her brain and status, she didn’t know how many grievances she would suffer.

He couldn’t help but take out his cell phone, but he stopped all actions after taking out his cell phone.

Yan Xi is not his daughter. Why would he worry about this, like a parent’s behavior?

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