Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #63

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Chapter 63

The secretary left by Mr. Xu worked very efficiently, and he quickly called the rest of the people. The room was big enough, and everyone stood in several rows.

There are both men and women, all of them are young, and their looks and temperament are also good. They are fat and thin. After all, if they can’t show off, they won’t embark on this path.

Secretary: Don’t tell me, now it feels more like choosing a concubine.

So what is she, the emperor’s father-in-law?

The secretary was poisoned by her own brain supplement.

“Mr. Shi.” The secretary looked at Shi Zhi, how did this come about?

There are a lot of people, so I shouldn’t be too direct. That would be too arrogant!

Although the secretary did some research at the end, he felt that if Shi Zhi really wanted to seduce someone, Shi Zhi would definitely suffer a loss based on his looks and figure.

Shi Zhi was observing the artist in front of him.

She specifically eliminated those who were already famous and asked her secretary to bring up all the ones who were not famous. She couldn’t even remember many popular stars, so there was no need to mention them.

I don’t even know them.

Shi Zhi gave up and got to the point, “Do you really want to develop in this circle?”

Do you really like it and want to achieve something?

While Shi Zhi was observing their work, these artists were actually observing Shi Zhi. They had also caught wind of it, and they didn’t know what happened. Their contract was with Shi Zhi, and they became members of Shi Zhi’s studio. .

Those people who have not even made waves in the entertainment industry are worried about the future, but vaguely, some people are aware that… this may be an opportunity.

They have been buried for too long. When they were first signed by the company, they thought it was the beginning of glory, but they did not expect that it was the starting point and the end.


The answers came in unison.

I really long for a platform. No one wants to remain invisible.

Shi Zhi said he understood, “Okay, what talents and specialties do you have, can you show them?”

Anyway, let her evaluate it.

Shi Zhi felt that she had entered the mentor mode of “My Type of Youth”, and she still had money to earn as a mentor at the time, but there was no money for this.

But in the eyes of the secretary: The emperor’s talent show must include singing and dancing.

This process is complete.


Shi Zhi looked at it very carefully.

It is still different from recording “My Type of Youth”. At least the quality of the artists signed is above the average level. After someone started, the other young artist trainees also plucked up the courage to start showing themselves, and there are still a few of them who are He performs very well in rap or hip-hop.

As for Gao Fan, Shi Zhi remembered Gao Fan’s KTV singing skills and it might be an accident that he joined the company.

Everyone is roughly divided into singers and dancers, pure singers, and actors.

Shi Zhi took notes while watching, recording the highlights of each person’s specialties.

After all the performances were over, Shi Zhi clapped her hands and said, “Okay, everyone, thank you for your hard work. Let’s go back…” and went back to wait for the announcement.

She still needs to study it carefully.

Someone boldly called out to Shi Zhi, “Sister Shi Zhi.”

Shi Zhi was somewhat impressed by the handsome young man. He rapped well just now and seemed to have met him a few times in the company before.

“What’s the matter?” She looked at the other person with a smile, showing a good temper. Inexplicably, the other person had a sense of being cared for by an elder, and it also made the other person dare to continue talking.

“That’s right… I heard that Mr. Xu took many people away. Are we the ones who were abandoned?”

He scratched his head, with confusion written on his face, and his companion next to him gave him a tug.

What to say!

Shi Zhi used to be their senior even when he was the most confused, but now he has been upgraded to the boss. Talking to the boss like this?

In fact, the rap boy didn’t expect to get an answer when he opened his mouth. He bowed to Shi Zhi, “Sorry, Sister Shi Zhi…” for disturbing me.

Shi Zhi said, “Yes.”

The rap boy, his companion, and the young artist who has not finished walking in the room:? ? ?


Are they the group of people abandoned by Mr. Xu? Shi Zhi told them the answer, yes.

Brother Quan: What nonsense are you talking about?

With such a big change in the company, it is impossible for everyone to guess, and it is true that Mr. Xu did not take them away because they were not optimistic about them. Shi Zhi did not intend to say it clearly, but since they had already asked, she would seek truth from facts.


The light in the rap boy’s eyes dimmed. He had only been in the company for a short time, and he felt a little uncomfortable thinking that he was the abandoned one.

Then an artist who was slightly older than him not far away shouted at him.

“Brother, don’t be sad. I have been working in the company for three years and haven’t debuted yet. It doesn’t make any difference!”

The rap boy, “…” is also comforted by the alternative.

Shi Zhi spoke again.

“Although Mr. Xu didn’t take you with him, now you have another identity…”

She looked around at all the young artists who had not yet left the room.

What status?

Brother Quan said he didn’t even know.

At that time, Zhizhi shouted to the ground, “Zhixuan’s son.”

She raised the corners of her mouth and said in a positive tone, “You are all the sons of Gardenia. I think you will be popular.”

[Your new boss Shi Zhi gives you the title of Son of Zhixuan and gives you a “fire” buff. 】


Shi Zhi first suppressed and then expressed his optimism for them. Everyone also had smiles on their faces and left the office one after another.

Brother Quan frowned and asked, “Son of Zhixuan?”

Shi Zhi said confidently, “I just thought about it.”

Brother Quan thinks it should be made up now.

“Someone has been working in the company for three years?” Shi Zhi noticed what the male artist said.

Brother Quan has seen a lot.

“There are also those who squat longer. This is the way this circle is.” It’s cruel.

Some people are shining brightly on the stage and on the screen, while others are constantly looking forward to a chance to get ahead in the dark. They may wait, but they may never wait in this life. There are many reasons. It cannot be said that they are not good enough. Maybe the boss does not like you. , that’s it.

Until I couldn’t stand it any longer and left dejectedly.

Therefore, Shi Zhi thought about it and realized that she should be considered the envy of many people. Although some people scolded her and criticized her at the time, at least she promoted herself in front of the public.

Brother Quan looked at their figures and asked, “Do they look like Xiao Miaomiao?”

“I just don’t have much energy.”

Shi Zhi held a thermos cup and said it didn’t matter, “I will help the seedlings grow.” He was gearing up.

Brother Quan:? Logically speaking, it’s a good thing to be noticed by your boss, but for some reason, I suddenly started to feel a little sympathy for these little Miao Miao.

Later, the secretary found Shi Zhi and said, “Mr. Shi.”

“What do you think of me?”

The secretary feels that his conditions are not bad, so why can’t he enter the draft army?

She doesn’t want to be a father-in-law anymore, and Mr. Xu won’t consider it at all, but if it’s Shi Zhi… she can.

This time the one with the question mark became Shi Zhi.

“What are you thinking about?” There was something in her little mind.

Why are young people’s thoughts so dangerous now? Shi Zhi decided to carry out ideological education again.

The secretary who had received Shi Zhi’s ideological education was in the same state as the repaying boy Lu Zeming. Master, she was wrong. Stop reading it. Stop reading it.


The secretary soon discovered that she seemed to have really misunderstood Shi Zhi. She was not choosing a concubine, but was seriously considering the future of the artist.

According to Brother Quan’s prediction, Shi Zhi would not be very good at arranging these artists, but unexpectedly, Shi Zhi actually made a complete set of plans.

In Shi Zhi’s view, since they can’t leave and have come, everyone is in the same boat. Shi Zhi still has to take responsibility for them.

First, Shi Zhizhi took a set of promotional photos for them.

You must have promotional photos. It is the first time for many people to show their faces in front of the audience. If you have a good promotional photo, if it appeals to the audience, it may directly create popularity.

When Shi Zhi arranged for the trainees to take photos with the young artists, they were simply not an ordinary surprise.

With a new boss, are they really getting a chance?

Time after time, hope was given, but hope was shattered. In fact, many people comforted themselves after returning, saying that there should be no follow-up. Mr. Xu was so focused on being the boss that he didn’t pay attention to low-level artists like them, not to mention that Shi Zhi was still a star and was busy himself. Yes.

But after watching their performance, Shi Zhi immediately put promotional photos on the schedule.

Could it be that…they are really the children of Gardenia?

The son of Zhixuan finally had a sense of reality, and suddenly felt that he was endowed with the public’s expectations.

Now Shi Zhi is negotiating with the cameraman.

Cameraman, “What does Teacher Shi Zhi want to shoot like?” What are your thoughts on the final film?

Shi Zhi thought for a moment and said concisely, “It looks good.”

As long as it looks good.

On the road to good looks, Shi Zhi has never deviated, and her aesthetics has always been online.

Cameraman: …

He also knows what looks good.

In the end, after the cameraman understood that this was a promotional photo for the studio artists, he decided to position it a little taller and make everyone look as expensive as possible.

Shi Zhi actually didn’t agree very much: What kind of trend is this?

But she’s not a stingy boss either. She always has to show off her skills and respect the photographer’s creativity and ideas!

So Shi Zhi bought a luxury penthouse that was particularly suitable for taking pictures, and also prepared big-name accessories…

The young artists just want to shout, “Mr. Shi, you are so cool!”

Shi Zhi stopped them and listened to her first.

“You have to fight.”

“Don’t touch the dinner and snacks on the table. They are all props and must be photographed.”

“The accessories are also shared.”

Shi Zhi is indeed not short of money, but money needs to be spent wisely. Since the problem can be solved by placing orders, why should we spend more money? Isn’t that taking advantage of someone else?

Shi Zhi: Refuse to be taken advantage of.

The cameraman thinks it is reasonable. This is also a new idea. If the next male trainee to be photographed is still holding his pants and waiting for another trainee to give him a big-name belt, this method can be promoted.

Shi Zhi was very satisfied with the process. The photographer took really good photos. She watched for a while and commented, “Sure enough, only those who love to work hard will win.”

People from Shi Zhi’s team: There’s nothing wrong with just…?

It’s actually a standard feature here. Can you find anything wrong with it? No.

The artists in the studio behind have also become accustomed to this order-making model.

“Want to piece together the rolls of paper? Half for each person.”

The other party said, “Fight, fight, fight!”


The promotional photos were almost taken, and they were released very quickly. Shi Zhi said, “The last hot search will increase the exposure.”

The first step is to take promotional photos, and the second step is to take them to hot searches.

Brother Quan feels that Shi Zhi is still very good at spending money and is very good to the artists. You must know that they themselves don’t want to buy hot searches.

Brother Quan, “Then I’ll contact you there.”

Shi Zhi was surprised, “Why should we contact you?”

Brother Quan:?

How can you buy hot searches without contacting me?

Shi Zhi held up her mobile phone and showed it, “Am I still on the hot search list?”

Shi Zhi herself is still listed on hot searches, which is false information that is inconsistent with Bai Wu.

Brother Quan’s eyelids twitched. Don’t tell him that Shi Zhi intends to rub off on his popularity. It’s still a piece of black material, even though it has been clarified.

Shi Zhi used her actual actions to show that not only did she think so, she also wanted to do it.

The ready-made ones are all here. If you don’t use them, they will be wasted.

Shi Zhi Studio already has an official Weibo account, and Gardenia is still immersed in the surprise and joy of Shi Zhi becoming the boss.

My uncle Shi Zhi is so awesome!

That’s how it should be.

Generally, well-developed artists will have personal studios. When Shi Zhi’s previous company arranged micro-business endorsements for Shi Zhi, they had already felt the unreliability of the company, and they also dug deep into the unfounded rumors about Shi Zhi. When she was haunted, the company did nothing and was in a state of semi-giving up on her.

Gardenia was originally worried about whether the future development of a company like Shi Gardenia would be restricted.

Unexpectedly, they didn’t need to worry about it. Shi Zhi had already set up his own studio.

Before they had time to blow the rainbow fart, they saw that Shi Zhi, who was not online except for giving Bai Wu likes, came online.

“What do you want Zhizhi to do?”

“Maybe I can make a bold guess, it’s a selfie?”

“Then I can be more bold and promote the new drama?”

“I don’t know how to promote new dramas. It seems that “Yin Yang Snack Shop” hasn’t been finished filming yet.”

Shi Zhi posted a Weibo post, revealing everyone’s doubts.


Shi Zhi asked, “Can I advertise?”

Real and simple.

She is here to advertise, and she has to ask everyone for their opinions before advertising. If everyone is not willing, forget it, and she still has to spend money honestly.

Gardenia seemed to have returned to the scene where Shi Zhi told them “You can prostitute me for free” in the live broadcast room.

Zhizhi wants to advertise?


Why can’t you fight? Don’t worry and fight boldly.

“Is it endorsement or not? My wallet is already ready to go.”

After Shi Zhi finished the research, she breathed a sigh of relief. She saved money. She took advantage of the situation and sent out everyone’s promotional photos, all from her studio, so everyone could see if there was anyone they wanted to pick.

I bring my artists to rub off on my popularity.

In the past, it didn’t matter when someone advertised with her, as long as they weren’t selling weight-loss drugs that would cause harm to people’s bodies, but now that’s no longer possible, she’s still advertising.

After Shi Zhi posted the photos of the studio’s artists, she specifically told the advertisement in the comments, “Come back next time.” Don’t compete with her this time.

Everyone, don’t look at him, look at her!

Netizens naturally noticed this and couldn’t help laughing for a while. Shi Zhi is indeed Shi Zhi, it’s so funny.

Okay, this time I will listen to Uncle Shi Zhi and only read the small advertisements she posted.

The online store that previously posted small advertisements was sensible enough to delete it itself. For the sake of long-term sustainable development, it occupied the next position of Shi Zhi and established a good relationship with Shi Zhi.

The more tangled point for Gardenia is: they can see at a glance that Shi Gardenia is rubbing off on her popularity, and is still on the hot search, but the question is, should we continue to clarify the black material, or should we ignore it and let it go Shi Zhi takes her artists to stay on the hot search for a little longer?

The young artists at Shi Zhi Studio had mixed feelings when they saw this. The company still thought it was quite difficult, but they still have to thank Mr. Shi for leading them!

After all, it’s a hot search.

However, Shi Zhi’s artists soon became very promising and had their own exclusive topics on hot searches.

It’s not because of the appearance, but because it’s so cumbersome and requires a belt.


This group of young artists who have not had much opportunity to show off their talents actually have their own unique looks. The photographers Shi Zhi hired were all online in terms of aesthetics and technology, and the photos they took were in line with Shi Zhi’s requirements for good-looking photos.

Everyone is dressed in gorgeous clothes and paired with beautiful scenery. Everyone looks like a flower of wealth that cannot be eaten by the world.

The idea behind using a videographer is that it looks expensive, and they did.

Netizens saw these photos along Shi Zhi’s side and had a dazzling sense of déjà vu.

They are so happy! It’s like being in a field of flowers, searching for the type you like, and you’re as happy as if you’re choosing a concubine. (no)

Looking at the photo, they already had several posts on their walls. Shi Zhi was very considerate. Not only did she attach photos and everyone’s initial information, but she also left their Weibo portals.

He has no reservations about his own artists.

This also makes it convenient for netizens to directly follow the portal to their Weibo.

During this time, none of the company artists who were displayed could concentrate on doing anything else. They were all staring at their own Weibo, almost shedding tears as they looked at the gratifying increase in fans.

It has increased by ten, it has increased by a hundred, it has increased by thousands!

In just ten minutes, their volume has increased by several years, and the increase of the more charming trainees is even more exaggerated.

However, netizens who were happy to choose the wall had a vague idea that something was wrong.

For example, in the photo, this necklace is from a big brand, very expensive, and very trendy. The artist wearing it makes people want to shop, but why does it appear on the neck of brother No. 1, and later on the neck of brother No. 5? ?

Oh, it also appeared on Miss No. 3’s ears.

Shi Zhi felt that it shouldn’t go too far, so she discussed it with the stylist, and then took off the pendant of the necklace and made it into an earring, which made it look more presentable.

“Also, this belt looks familiar. Although Brother No. 7 has half-hidden the belt, it does not prevent me from discovering that the brother in front of him also used this belt.”

“Look, isn’t this background very beautiful? If I read it correctly, you can see the scene next to it through the reflection of the window. Others have also used it.”

Netizens started to play a game of finding fault, and they actually discovered countless hidden Easter eggs.

Taken individually, they all look very noble and full of RMB flavor, but when put together, you will find that they are working hard to put together various fashionable items.

It’s starting to look like a picture.

The poor boss took her little artists who were also poor.

It’s so sad, but also so… funny, hahahaha!

Shi Zhi was inexplicably labeled as poor before. Even if she wore a set of expensive clothes, she was still deemed to have borrowed them.

Knowing that netizens had discovered that they were engaging in a fight, Zhi Zhi said, “…”

How to explain that she is really not poor, but just does it to save money and not waste?

However, Shi Zhi considered that her previous efforts to prove it were even more misinterpreted, so she gave up the treatment.

“It’s actually a good thing.”

The team’s publicity told Shi Zhi, “This has become a hot search.”

They saved a lot of money. If they didn’t know that Sister Shi was buying single items just to save money, they would have thought that there was some marketing genius behind them to guide them.

The other people in the entertainment company really thought so when they looked at this hot search.

Mr. Xu was full of swear words.

When Shi Zhi bought the company’s shares, he was very angry.

Lu Yingying was glad that she withdrew from the company early.

He told his agent, “Shi Zhi can’t bring any good resources to artists if she’s like this, right?”

Shi Zhi has not shown any capital in her own development, and now she is digging around with her trainees. If she really follows such a boss, who knows what she will become like.

“It’s better to follow Mr. Xu to have meat to eat.”


Shi Zhi said that money should be spent wisely, and she was indeed not bluffing everyone.

Now that the promotional photos are out and trending, Shi Zhi now needs to take some practical action.

Shi Zhi arranges corresponding resources for them according to their attributes. They are all newcomers, so don’t expect to play the leading role, but like that kind of team that is good at producing well-produced popular dramas with lovable supporting roles, they can still be arranged; as for singing The better ones are those who should go to singing competitions to brush their faces, and those who should produce singles to produce singles.

All the work was carried out smoothly and in full swing.

The company already has resources. Although Mr. Xu took away some of them, some of them can still be used; Shi Zhi’s own family business also includes film and television, so it is easy to arrange people; and the money left by Shi Zhi, It can also solve a lot of things. At most, direct investment can be considered as artists bringing capital into the group.

“You have to be strong in blacksmithing, and your professional qualities must pass the test.”

This is what Shi Zhi has always believed in. If they want to develop better, they have to show their ability. It is basically impossible to fool around for a long time.

Shi Zhi took everyone to the practice room.

There are professional teachers waiting for them there, including teachers from film schools and vocal music teachers.

The artist trainees did not expect to have such an excellent teacher teaching, it felt like a dream.

In the past, the company would occasionally arrange classes for them, but the teachers’ qualifications were average, and even some of the trainees were not as strong as themselves, so their level could not be improved.

Now we have such professional teachers.

“Mr. Shi, is there no dance teacher?”

Someone noticed that the dance teacher seemed to be missing inside.

Dance teacher Shi Zhi hasn’t found the right one yet, but she thought of something and asked Brother Quan next to her.

“You said Lu Zeming wants to sign my studio?”

Lu Zeming was the overall champion of the show “My Type of Youth” that Shi Zhi served as a judge. He was very good at classical dance and hip-hop. He almost died midway due to the shady scenes of the show, but was pushed back to the stage by Shi Zhi and netizens.

He had chatted with Shi Zhi the last time they met at the party, and they hadn’t signed a company contract yet.

Later, when Brother Quan was chatting with Shi Zhi, he said that although Lu Zeming had no problem with his ability, he still offended people to some extent because of that competition, and his development was actually mediocre.

After discovering that Zhizhi had actually set up a personal studio with signed artists, Lu Zeming contacted Brother Quan.

He also wanted to sign with Shi Zhi.

Brother Quan told Shi Zhi, “Yes.”

Shi Zhi, “I’ll give Lu Zeming a call.”

Lu Zeming also didn’t expect that Shi Zhi would actually call him in person and ask him when he would come over to sign the contract. Lu Zeming happened to be busy with a program and had no other work on hand. He was not very far from Shi Zhi’s company, so he could just take a car. Came over.

“Teacher Shi Zhi.”

Lu Zeming met Shi Zhi at the entrance of the company, and he was a little surprised.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, are you waiting for me specifically?” How could he be so virtuous!

Lu Zeming was so moved that tears filled his eyes.

Shi Zhi said, “Yes.”

Shi Zhi sounded very enthusiastic and wanted to take Lu Zeming to visit the company.

Lu Zeming, “How about signing a contract first?”

Shi Zhi thought for a moment and said, “Okay.”

Once the contract is signed, there will be no variables.

Shi Zhi Studio’s treatment is very good, humane enough, and it is also very conscientious in terms of liquidated damages. This is something Shi Zhi specially asked the lawyer team to re-draw later.

In fact, even if her treatment was harsher, Lu Zeming would still sign the contract, not to mention that it would be considered very conscientious in the industry to release this contract.

Soon they completed the signing steps.

Shi Zhi, “I’ll show you around the company!”

She took Lu Zeming straight to the practice room, “Is it good here?”

Ask Lu Zeming.

The practice room was large, with bright lights and clean overall. The young artists inside were still studying independently and were full of energy. It reminded Lu Zeming of how he used to practice dancing in school.

“Exceptionally good.”

Shi Zhi, “As long as you are satisfied.”

Lu Zeming:?

I don’t understand why I want him to be satisfied and what it has to do with him.

Shi Zhi, “You have to stay here for a while.”

She had already walked into the practice room and clapped her hands.

“It’s always good times.”

The young artist inside greeted Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi said there was no need to be so official, “Look, who I brought to you, your dance teacher!”

Pointed at Lu Zeming.

Lu Zeming:? ? ?

Why didn’t he know that he had suddenly become a dance teacher?

A chill fell on his back. Before this, Lu Zeming had never thought about whether it was a wrong decision for him to sign in Shi Zhi Studio. Shi Zhi meant to him like a reborn parent and a beacon of direction in life.

Now he felt like he was on a pirate ship.

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