The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 66. (2/2)

Bai Qing Qing was silent for half a second, looked at him with clear and innocent eyes, and said, “Why do you think so?”

“That kid is grinning almost to his ears, everyone can tell that he has been enjoying himself recently.” Liang Zhiyu stated lightly.

After thinking about it, Bai Qing Qing pulled him into the room and locked the door.

“Doctor Liang.” Her tone was innocent and pitiful, and she looked at him eagerly, “You know I don’t have amnesia, do you?”

Liang Zhiyu laughed with a sweet voice, looked at the girl disguised as a little lamb in front of him, and walked over.

Bai Qing Qing took a few steps back, leaning her thin back against the cold wall, and looked up at him.

Liang Zhiyu stretched out his hand to support her head, looked down at her charming white and tender cheeks, and said slowly: “Yes, have you figured out how to bribe me so that I won’t tell it?”

Bai Qing Qing knew in her heart that she hadn’t deceived the old fox. He was so unpredictable that he saw everything in his eyes. Still, he didn’t expose it because he had the pleasure of watching a play.

Instead of pretending to have amnesia to attack him, it is better to admit to revealing her true colors. Maybe he will be more interested.

Bai Qing Qing pretended to be timid; her eyes were wet, and she said in a panic, “What do you want?”

Liang Zhiyu pinched her chin with his hand, slowly lowered his head, and approached her, a short distance away from her face, with a gentle voice: “Little girl, don’t be afraid. I won’t do anything to you.”

“Doctor Liang…” Bai Qing Qing looked at him nervously.

Liang Zhiyu rubbed her chin with his cold fingers and said gently: “I won’t say anything. You can continue to be Captain Fu’s good sister.”

Bai Qing Qing’s black and white eyes flickered, and she said timidly: “Really?”

“I won’t lie to you.” Liang Zhiyu’s gentle voice coaxed and whispered: “Close your eyes.”

Bai Qing Qing couldn’t help closing her eyes. Her heart beat faster, and her eyelids felt moist. It was his gentle kiss.

Others kissed her forehead, cheeks, and lips, but he actually kissed her eyes with an irresistible tenderness.

Bai Qing Qing opened her eyes, looked at him with clear eyes, suddenly had a bold idea, stretched out her hands to grab his gold-rimmed glasses, and said softly: “Doctor Liang, you look really good without glasses.”

She took off his glasses, revealing a pair of cold and charming fox eyes, coupled with his handsome face, captivating.

Liang Zhiyu didn’t move but looked down at her.

Bai Qing Qing tiptoed slightly, tugged at his collar, and said delicately, “You lower your head.”

Liang Zhiyu lowered her head, following his example, and kissed next to his eyes. Her soft lips brought a soft touch.

His heart moved slightly, and his eyes were filled with emotions. It turned out that this was not a rabbit or a lamb but a little fox.

The old fox and the little fox are a good match.

A smile flashed across Bai Qingqing’s eyes. She let go of her hand to keep a distance from him and returned the glasses to him: “Can you see without glasses?”

Liang Zhiyu put on the gold-rimmed glasses again and said, “No, the degree is high.”

Footsteps came from the corridor outside, and Shen Mingxuan’s voice sounded: “Liang Zhiyu, are you done?”

Bai Qing Qing raised her eyes to look at him. With a faint sense of excitement in her eyes, she whispered: “What should I do? He is looking for you.”

With a calm expression on Liang Zhiyu’s face, he hooked her chin with his finger: “It’s not you who pulled me in.”

Shen Mingxuan turned around two rooms but didn’t see Liang Zhiyu, so he frowned. Didn’t Xiao Yang say he saw Liang Zhiyu on the second floor?

“Liang Zhiyu, aren’t you upstairs?” He shouted again.

In the narrow room, Bai Qing Qing and Liang Zhiyu stood together. They both silently agreed with each other. Only the sound of shallow breathing could be heard.

Shen Mingxuan didn’t find anyone ready to go down past Bai Qing Qing’s room. His movements were faster than his mind. He raised his hand and knocked on the door, “Bai Qing Qing.”

The knock on the door made people nervous. Bai Qing Qing cleared her throat and said, “What are you doing?”

Hearing her impatient tone, Shen Mingxuan’s voice was also cold: “You’ve been dawdling for almost half an hour, and you still haven’t come down.”

“You don’t need to urge me, I’ll go down right away.” Bai Qing Qing’s voice was cold.

Shen Mingxuan clenched his fingers into fists, feeling a little irritable, and left with heavy steps.

Bai Qing Qing exhaled lightly. She almost thought Shen Mingxuan had discovered Liang Zhiyu hiding in the room. It was really scary.

Liang Zhiyu looked at her small appearance, thought it was cute, and said softly: “We didn’t do anything, why did you act like an affair, afraid of being caught.”

Bai Qing Qing glared at him and said, “You are a man, I am a woman, and you are in my room, others will misunderstand me.”

“My fault.” Helplessness flashed across Liang Zhiyu’s eyes. Obviously, she was the one who forcibly pulled him in, but it made him look like a different person.

Bai Qing Qing opened the door, poked her head out to look left and right, then pushed him out and slammed the door shut.

Liang Zhiyu touched his nose, pursed his lips lightly, went back to his room, took something casually, and went downstairs.

Bai Qing Qing stayed in the room for a while, then went downstairs with a small bag on her back. Only Fu Chen was left in the living room, and the others were nowhere to be seen.

She felt a little guilty. Although her brother has psychic powers, he shouldn’t be so possessive that he uses his powers to monitor her.

Fu Chen took her small bag, saw that there was sweat on her forehead, and took a tissue from the table for her, “What’s the rush, you are sweating.”

Bai Qingqing wiped her sweat with a tissue and said embarrassedly: “Brother, I kept you waiting for too long.”

“Let’s go.” Fu Chen went to hold her hand.

Bai Qing Qing avoided it subconsciously.

The surrounding air suddenly dropped to a freezing point, and the man’s deep black eyes stared at her with frightening scrutiny.

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