Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #57

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Chapter 57

The choking stopped suddenly, and the heartbreak caused by broken love was instantly cured by the five million.

Five million, five million! What kind of boyfriend do you want for five million? Is your boyfriend rich?

It is better to spend a huge sum of money than to ask for help.

Not only was Bai Wu no longer sad, she even asked Shi Zhi, “Shi Zhi, can I be broken in love again?”

She wants to do it again.

Shi Zhi knew better, “Now it seems that you are really well.”

Bai Wu, “Yeah!” It couldn’t be more thorough.

Shi Zhi, “Since you’re better, just transfer the money back.”

Bai Wu, “?” Are you a devil today? A devil.


Shi Zhi was also joking with Bai Wu. If she transferred the money, there would be no reason to get it back. If it were someone else, Shi Zhi wouldn’t be willing to part with it, but aren’t they good sisters?

Good sisters, if you have money, spend it together.

Bai Wu chatted with Shi Zhi for a while, and she became happy. Initially, she wanted to chat with Shi Zhi for a longer time, but crying also requires energy. Afterward, she kept cheering, and Shi Zhi asked Bai Wu to rest quickly.

Bai Wu thought about the newly arrived five million, and the corners of her mouth were raised in dreams.

It was already late at night when Shi Zhi returned to the hotel after filming. After comforting Bai Wu, she went to wash up. It was early in the morning, and she got up early for filming. The whole person was in a daze.

It became her who yawned heavily.

Brother Quan was confused, “What did you do last night?”

Shi Zhi doesn’t like to join in the fun. The only thing she likes to join in the fun is watching chess and mahjong games. Many actors and actresses like to go to nightclubs, but Shi Zhi is not among them.

Brother Quan: “Let me tell you something to cheer you up.”

“What?” She pricked up her ears.

Brother Quan told Shi Zhi in an excited tone, “The company will focus on planning your stardom recently, and the boss has already chatted with me…”

Before, Shi Zhi was blacklisted by the entire Internet, and her reputation was at its lowest point. The company had already given up on Shi Zhi. Now, Shi Zhi has become popular again. She is still filming “Yin Yang Snack Bar,” and it seems that the results will not be bad. The company also gradually started to pay more attention to Shi Zhi.

The previous variety show, which included a secret room and Shi Zhi making other staff members cry, was also arranged by the company.

Brother Quan talked a lot, but he always felt that Shi Zhi had no reaction.

“Shi Xiaozhi, aren’t you excited?” He looked at Shi Zhi with expectant eyes.

Shi Zhi with drooped ears: If she ignores Brother Quan, Brother Quan will probably be embarrassed, and it won’t be easy for her either.

So Shi Zhi quickly managed her expression.

“Wow, this is great, I’m so excited!”

Brother Quan: “…” Do you think I will believe it?

One second, Zhi was expressionless, and the next second, she was happy.

Change your face!

Is face-changing Shi Zhi’s new skill?!

The team members who were also in the van car burst into laughter. If they wanted to cheer Sister Shi up, they might as well give her a spray of oil essence perfume.

The female assistant was more considerate and handed Shi Zhi a blanket. If she had the time, she might as well let Sister Shi sleep a little longer.

When the car arrived at the set, Shi Zhi was still in a dazed state, but she was forced to wake up as soon as she got out of the car.


A total of eight young men stood not far away. Anyone who saw anything had to praise them——

Energetic boys!

If she had just seen the energetic guy, Shi Zhi wouldn’t be sober. The main reason is that the energetic guys quickly gathered around her, with their backs to Shi Zhi, holding hands to form a circle, surrounding Shi Zhi inside, and then Turning in circles, shouting to the outside.

“Give in, give in!”

“You hear me, don’t block the road!”

The momentum is powerful.

Being surrounded by people, Shi Zhi was calm and asked, “Who are you?”

One of the spirited guys turned around, smiled, and replied to Shi Zhi, “Sister Shi Zhi, we are bodyguards sent by the company to protect you and prevent fans, enthusiastic people, or strange people from bumping into you.”

Shi Zhi’s bodyguard has seen her. Shi Zhi is surrounded by bodyguards wearing black clothes and sunglasses. They are all capable of fighting, and their arms are as thick as his two arms.

Of course, this is not the point.

Shi Zhi also understood the truth. When she went to a party, she had seen situations where she was surrounded by bodyguards, but Shi Zhi still couldn’t help but complain.

“No one is blocking the way.”

Looking at the past, the road was very wide, and there were only crew members and people from her team.

So, what are they talking about? They are all acting talents without scenes.

Eight spirited young men, “…”

They were indeed a little embarrassed when Shi Zhi exposed them.

Someone explain.

“Sister Shi Zhi, let’s prepare first. In this world, there are many strange people. If you don’t fear ten thousand, just be afraid of the worst. If one of them really shows up, we will be in trouble.”

Shi Zhi nodded, confirming that she had seen a strange person.

They became more energetic, “Where?” They looked around and held hands tighter.

Shi Zhi pointed at them, “Here, there are still eight.”

The strangest thing at the scene was them.


Stop crowding around her and spread out.


The team members were confused by the eight bodyguards at first. Later, Brother Quan came over and asked a few questions. It was the company that arranged it for Shi Zhi.

The company felt that as a famous artist, Shi Zhi had to do a good job. Brother Quan quietly told Shi Zhi from the side, “Lu Yingying has twelve.” Six were allocated to her by the company, and the other six were invited by herself.

Shi Zhi: I don’t know.


Brother Quan: “…not popular.” When Shi Zhi was relatively in decline, Lu Yingying was praised well. Still, she lacked stamina, and her popularity could not keep up.

Shi Zhi: “That’s it.” Just like how well a drink sells, it doesn’t depend on how good it is at marketing. Marketing is also temporary. What’s the point of hiring so many bodyguards to do this so-called show?

Shi Zhi didn’t want this kind of holding hands to arrange noodles anyway. She didn’t feel that the noodles were arranged, only a strong sense of embarrassment.

Although Brother Quan originally thought it was a bit exaggerated, at least it was arranged by the company, which showed that Shi Zhi was valued. The more people he had, the more powerful she was, and he had the taste of a superstar. But after Shi Zhi said this, Brother Quan also came to his senses.

It’s really unnecessary, and it makes people look uncomfortable.

Shi Zhi persuaded Brother Quan, and she told the eight new bodyguards, “Go back.”

The eight bodyguards hesitated.

“Sister Shi Zhi, we also use money to do things. The company spends money to hire us. Even if we are asked to leave, we can’t leave.”

If they can’t be driven away, they will stay here. You can let them do other things, but they can’t leave.

Shi Zhi was not difficult to deal with, but she did not need to be surrounded. Soon, Shi Zhi had a new idea, and she entered the set with eight bodyguards.

“Director Wang.”

She called Director Wang Mingchun, “Didn’t you say before that you wanted to find someone to build a shed for the crew and build a wall? See if these eight people can do it. I’ll give you the price.”

Anyway, idle time is idle. Why not make some contribution to the society and the crew, or eight people standing aside and talking. Compared to the bodyguards at home, they are not strong enough, but they are still young and spirited guys.

Director Wang Mingchun was worried about finding someone. Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi brought the helper and offered him a low price. This was like handing him a pillow when he was sleepy.

“That’s a good feeling!”

So, the bodyguards that the company found for Shi Zhi, who could hold hands and spin in circles, went to move bricks and build walls.

Shi Zhi: It’s clean.


“Really not taking them with you?”

Shi Zhi also had activities for the brand platform, which were also arranged by the company for Shi Zhi. Before Brother Quan took Shi Zhi from the set, he asked about the bodyguards.

Shi Zhi was originally very leisurely, but she sped up her pace when Brother Quan mentioned, “Let’s go, don’t be seen by them.”

Brother Quan: “What can we do if they see us?”

Shi Zhi: “I go out without them, Wouldn’t it be so bad if they were in isolation?”

She also thinks about the bodyguards very much.

Assistant: “Then if you are seen, what’s the worst case?”

Shi Zhi shook her head decisively, “If they are not, I will be the one who is isolated.” If they are really discovered, then they should be the ones isolated.

Shi Zhi remembered something and asked Brother Quan, “How did the fan meeting go?”

Many artists hold fan meetings to interact with fans offline and build closer relationships. Shi Zhi’s birthday was coming soon. Brother Quan thought that this year was different from previous years. Shi Zhi’s fan Gardenia is growing day by day, so she can also hold one.

At that time, Brother Quan proposed to Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi refused directly.

As a person who directly calls fans to idolize her for nothing, Shi Zhi doesn’t want to cause trouble to her fans. There is no need to travel all the way to see her until Zhang Mingxia…

Shi Zhi took the initiative to propose the fan meeting to Brother Quan. Of course, it was still a request, and fans were not allowed to spend money.

Pay out of pocket.

The lottery must be conducted directly and must be fair, just, and absolutely transparent.

Although Brother Quan was helpless, he still told Shi Zhi, “Don’t worry.”

Shi Zhi also believed in Brother Quan. Brother Quan was reliable in big matters, and his character was also good.

“Shi Zhi!”

“Shi Zhi!”

When Zhi arrived at the event, there was a burst of shouting around her.

Some are fans of Shi Zhi, some may just be passers-by who shout after seeing the celebrity, and Shi Zhi chats with everyone.

“Have you eaten yet?”

A group of people didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be so down-to-earth when she opened her mouth. They were stunned momentarily and then started chatting with Shi Zhi in all directions.


Shi Zhi was not the only celebrity who came to the event. There were also actors from the same company and different agents, such as Shi Zhi.

“Gao fan.”

The other party’s agent brought Gao Fan over to say hello to Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi Zhi, this is the new artist signed by our company… Come on, call her Sister Shi Zhi, and Brother Quan.”

Gao Fan had a cheerful personality. He grinned and showed his teeth. Shouted sister and brother happily. Shi Zhi said sorry to him. She was playing games, so she couldn’t take care of him for the time being. After all, it wasn’t time yet. When it was time to go on stage, Shi Zhi couldn’t predict that someone would come over to say hello while she was playing games.

Typically, the newcomer would say it was okay and leave, but Gao Fan walked towards Shi Zhi and took out his cell phone.

“Is my sister playing the King? In which district, I will take you.”

Shi Zhi said it was unnecessary, “I am playing Landlords.”

Gao Fan: “…” What?

It’s really the Landlord. He has already seen the interface.

Gao Fan did not have the Landlords app on his phone. He looked at that beautiful face and was suddenly at a loss. He only remembered that his father loved to play Landlords and finally walked away with his agent.

After the two of them left, Brother Quan told Shi Zhi, “newcomer, the company should have asked him to come here to accumulate some popularity. By the way, I want you to take care of him.”

This situation is normal. The company launches new talents and wants them to quickly open up the market in front of the public. To increase their presence, the company will attract more popular artists to the new talents.

Methods include but are not limited to taking them to film dramas together, sending group photos, and liking each other on social media.

Of course, Brother Quan will not let Shi Zhi be teased constantly. He sends photos with each other and likes each other’s photos. The tie-up is still unnecessary. 

However, it is not a difficult thing if he just participates in activities with Shi Zhi to present the brand platform and lets Shi Zhi introduce him.

Shi Zhi made it clear, and Brother Quan specifically told Shi Zhi, “That’s almost enough.”

It doesn’t take too many rainbow farts.

But Brother Quan is worried.

Shi Zhi Rainbow Fart did not come here casually. She had praised Bai Wu and the others before because she really admired them.

She almost memorized the keywords to introduce Gao Fan, which was given to her by Gao Fan.

The two of them came on stage together and began to introduce products as usual. Gao Fan acted very affectionately towards Shi Zhi, cueing Shi Zhi from time to time and moving towards Shi Zhi.

Gao Fan looks pretty good. After all, he can’t be signed by an entertainment company if he doesn’t look good. Today, in order to promote himself well, he even had a special look.

The passers-by and Gardenia in the audience began to wonder.

Does he have a good relationship with Shi Zhi?

Gardenia is even thinking about it. I heard that they are from the same company. If the relationship is good, they can also follow him on Weibo. After all, it is just a matter of clicking fingers.


Gao Fan called Shi Zhi softly, which was a reminder that Shi Zhi could introduce him to the people in the audience.

Shi Zhi understood it attentively and first introduced Gao Fan as a member of the company, then introduced Gao Fan’s personal skills, “He is good at singing and dancing, and his acting skills are also good…”

Gardenia: So powerful? You can really pay attention to it. Of course, they will definitely not climb the wall.

(climb the wall = changing the idol)

Shi Zhi’s tone changed, “I don’t know what it’s really like, I’ve never seen it.”

Very sincere.

What she told was the truth, and she said it according to the label given by Gao Fan. Can’t she express her position?

Gardenia understood it turned out that the relationship was not good, and this was forced to open a business.

Manager Gao Fan’s face was a little ugly, but Gao Fan managed his expression well, and he could still play Haha with Shi Zhi, “How about I sing a song live?”

He actually sang a love song on the spot and often glanced at Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi, who has been a mentor, understands that this is because the contestants want to be evaluated. When she was a mentor for “Youth My Type”, everyone would stare at their mentor’s seat while singing.

But I can’t compliment Gao Fan’s singing skills.

He proved himself with his strength. What he said were all lies, and his singing was amateurish. If this was a competition, Shi Zhi would probably say a few words of comfort and then invite the next person. Gao Fan still has to practice more at this level.


After temporarily stepping down from the stage, Shi Zhi slowly took out her mobile phone to play a game. Gao Fan stood next to her.

“Sister, I also played Landlords, and now I can play with you…” After thinking about it, he added, “Use data.”

Shi Zhi raised her head, “Oh.”

“But there is wifi, don’t you know?”

The huge wifi and password are written on the side.

Shi Zhi thinks Gao Fan doesn’t look very smart, or is this a new way to show off his wealth?

Shi Zhi was a little unhappy. She was rich, and her data was still unlimited.

Gao Fan was choked up, but his smile remained the same, “Sister, come, let’s play games.”

Shi Zhi: “My level is too high, we can’t match a district.”

Gao Fan looked at Shi Zhi’s serious nonsense. Why didn’t he know that Landlords were also divided into zones?

The main reason is that Shi Zhi fears that Gao Fan is too naive. She is serious about playing cards, has a strong desire to win, and cannot be held back by others.

Although Gao Fan knew that Shi Zhi was perfunctory, he couldn’t expose it. He was a newcomer now, so it wasn’t easy to expose her.

“Sister, do you want to see pictures of cats?” As he said this, he had already placed his cell phone photo album in front of Shi Zhi.

Small animals are still very healing. Gao Fan knew that many people couldn’t refuse furry animals, and Shi Zhi did show interest.

Gao Fan smiled and said, “Sister, you can slide down.”

Shi Zhi followed Gao Fan’s instructions and scrolled down. The kittens were cute and cute, with various expressions. Then Shi Zhi turned to something else.

This is where Gao Fan was waiting. He was secretly delighted and carefully observed Shi Zhi’s every move.

Shi Zhi paused for a moment, became confused, and asked casually.

“Why do you still have a field in your phone?” The field still doesn’t look good.

Then it turned back to the cat.

Gao Fan: ??? Field?

His smile was now more forced, “Those are my abs…”

Gao Fan took a photo of his abs again and said, “Take a good look.”

Shi Zhi didn’t expect it, so she apologized to Gao Fan, “I’m sorry.” The main reason was that he really looked like the field, and the more she looked at it, the more he looked like the field, and it didn’t seem to have anything to do with his abdominal muscles.

Gao Fan was about to collapse, but Shi Zhi was not shy and extremely serious in identifying whether his abdominal muscles were field.

When Gao Fan was about to try another move and asked Shi Zhi if she wanted to feel it for herself, Shi Zhi asked.

“How much contouring have you done, and how long have you been taking pictures?”

Gao Fan, “…a little bit?”

Shi Zhi: Looking at my eyes, do you think I am a fool?

She is definitely not a fool, and now she basically understands what Gao Fan means.

“You don’t want to work hard anymore?”


The word “also” has a lot of soul.

Shi Zhi felt that there were too many young men who wanted to get something for nothing. There was Lu Zeming in the front and Gao Fan today. If we had to find the difference between the two, the latter was better than the former.

Lu Zeming is also serious and capable and can dance well.

Gao Fan imagined that Shi Zhi would blush at his actions, but he didn’t expect that he would be the one blushing.

Being poked…

Being able to hook up with Shi Zhi will definitely help his future. Let’s not talk about whether his girlfriend will give him resources. If he is really successful, he will be photographed walking with Shi Zhi, which will bring him into the audience’s sight.

Moreover, Shi Zhi was good-looking and had a good figure. Gao Fan thought it was awesome to have such a girlfriend.

Shi Zhi: He looks average, but he thinks beautifully.

At this point, Gao Fan also knew there was probably no chance, but he still had to try to find out if there was any chance. At the end of the event, he asked Shi Zhi for her WeChat ID.

Afraid that Shi Zhi wouldn’t give it, Gao Fan made a point of explaining it.

“If you have any work matters, please contact me.”

Brother Quan asked Shi Zhi, “What do you think of Gao Fan?”

He just casually asked Shi Zhi if he had the potential to survive.

Shi Zhi thought for a while, “The world is oily.” Greasy oil.

I’m not that old yet, so why is my oil so oily? I still have a bubbly sound.


After Gao Fan returned, he continued to add WeChat and send messages frequently.

Good morning, good afternoon, good night, they come out and bubble up every day. Although they rarely receive responses, in Gao Fan’s opinion, any response proves that Shi Zhi doesn’t have any feelings for him.

After three consecutive days, Gao Fan felt the time was almost ripe, so he took a photo showing off his arms in front of the mirror. He originally wanted to take a photo of his abs, but while taking the photo, Gao Fan thought of Shi Zhi’s treatment of his abs. Evaluation——


This time, Gao Fan did not do any high-level P, so he only spent half an hour retouching the pictures.

Sent the photo and sent a voice message.

“I worked out again today and I’m sweating all over. Are you okay with my arm training?”

Gao Fan thought he would have to wait for a while, but he didn’t expect that the other party would reply almost instantly, and the reply would still be a voice message.

Gao Fan was overjoyed and burst into tears when he heard the voice.

In a pure Chinese tone, “Brother, if you can’t practice well, look at me.”

The other party sent a photo with his arm touching Gao Fan, and his thick hair could be seen. Gao Fan felt like he was being pricked through the screen.

“…” Why is he a big man? He is also a big man with hairy hair!

Gao Fan was frightened and almost dropped his phone.

Who did he add? Wasn’t it Shi Zhi?

No, when Gao Fan asked Shi Zhi for WeChat, he said he would contact her if there were any work matters. At that time, Shi Zhi naturally gave him the staff member WeChat. Why should he contact her for work?

Dahan is Shi Zhi’s driver and has recently been involved in docking work.


Shi Zhi didn’t know how desperate Gao Fan was, and she didn’t want to know at all. She was busy with fan meetings recently.

Shi Zhi’s fan meeting adopted a fair lottery, relying on European style, no gifts, and no money. Shi Zhi also prepared things for them.

It’s not easy to come here, don’t leave it empty-handed. There are delicious and delicious things on the spot. Take whatever you want. Shi Zhi also specially prepared some delicate and non-heavy gadgets. You can take them away when the time comes. As long as you come, you will have a share.

“There shouldn’t be any hot searches today… Is there any other action on Shi Zhi’s side?”

This was said by a colleague who previously bought variety show drafts for Shi Zhi. She asked her agent if she had a new drama to be launched and wanted to buy hot searches.

While searching, her manager replied, “Shi Zhi seems to be holding a fan meeting.”

During the fan meeting, the female star felt that Shi Zhi couldn’t make any trending topic, so she didn’t believe in this evil.

If Shi Zhi didn’t buy the draft, how could she still trend after holding a fan meeting?

So the female star waved her hand and told the agent not to worry about Shi Zhi, and they could just buy it with confidence.

However, the female star still made a mistake.

Sometimes, people still have to give in and believe in this evil.

Shi Zhi did not spend any money on hot searches. Shi Zhi didn’t think this was necessary, but fans sent her to the hot searches.

The vegetative person being carried on a stretcher was so excited when he saw Shi Zhi at the fan meeting that he jumped up. Isn’t this kind of medical miracle worthy of being the first hot search?

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