One Can’t Judge by Appearance #99

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Chapter 99

Lu Ming is a rich second-generation. He doesn’t like clubbing or attending parties. His favorite thing is staying home, reading about soft girls on the Internet, and then wearing a Weibo vest to explode some gossip that ordinary people know. 

Originally, he was just an ignorant old man. Who knew that his Weibo account could explode some gossip that others didn’t know because he dared to speak. He actually had a lot of fans. He even made some pocket money by receiving advertisements every month. This surprised his parents, and since then he has been tossing around on the Internet.

The family has money, a car, and a house, and most people dare not offend him, so Lu Ming’s life is very nourishing, and his spiritual world is very satisfied.

The first time he was unlucky, he helped friends in the circle to report that the second young master of the Yuan family had a mysterious girlfriend, and Zhao Fei Fei was suspected of being abandoned. Originally, this kind of news was used for hype; the rich second generation with status would not take it to heart, and with Yuan Yi’s status, he should not care about these things either.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Yi didn’t know what medicine he had taken wrongly. He not only turned his face directly but also sent a lawyer’s letter to many people. He was also one of the people who was sent a lawyer’s letter because of the high retweeting volume on Weibo. Fortunately, he confessed quickly. Not only did he delete Weibo immediately, but he also posted an apology statement, and the matter was suppressed. But even so, he was beaten up by his father.

Their family couldn’t afford to offend the second young master of the Yuan family. He still wanted to be a rich second generation who didn’t do anything, so he went to the door to apologize the next day. How could he know that he didn’t see Yuan Yi himself at all when he went to the Yuan family, and he was sent out in three or two sentences.

As an otaku, Lu Ming also has a little-known hobby, that is, he likes to read all kinds of heart-warming comics. The blogger named ‘Xiaoxiliu’ on Weibo is the goddess in his heart, so every time Xiaoxiliu updates a manga, he will like and repost it, interested in Xiaoxiuliu.

However, what disappointed him was that Xiaoxiliu never replied to him and never accepted advertisements. The two of them were like people from two worlds. He was a lazy fat man who didn’t make progress, and she was a cold goddess.

He soon discovered that Xiaoxiliu had mutual relations with several famous nobles in the imperial capital, and even the young master of the Xu family who went to join the entertainment circle reposted her Weibo.

It’s no wonder that Xiaoxiliu doesn’t accept advertisements. She must have enough money to have a good relationship with these noble gentlemen.

News suddenly spread on the Internet, saying that Xiaoxiliu had become Yuan Yi’s mistress between Yan Xi and Yuan Yi. The scolding was overwhelming, and some netizens came to ask him, did Xiaoxiliu really become a mistress? He was so angry that he scolded the netizen a few times, but others laughed at him, saying he was a poor fat man who praised the stinky feet of mistresses.

What’s wrong with the fat man? This fat man didn’t eat your rice, and scolding the mistress casually is shameless.

Lu Ming has always been soft and afraid of a hard temper. He did not dare to offend Yuan Yi, but he was not afraid of quarreling with netizens. At that moment, he rolled up his sleeves and yelled at these eventful netizens for three hundred rounds. Just as he was scolding vigorously, the news suddenly broke out that the Xiaoxiliu was Yuan Yi’s girlfriend Yan Xi, and Yanxi was the Xiaoxiliu, so there was no such thing as a mistress.

Netizens were stunned by this miraculous turning point, and he was also dumbfounded.

Is Yan Xi the Xiaoxiliu?

Those netizens who scolded him died down because of this rumor, and he lost interest in fighting. He had known that the goddess might not be single. Still, after learning that the goddess had a boyfriend, he felt a sense of broken love inexplicably.

A few days later, his father returned and said that the family company had a cooperation project with Hengtai, a good development opportunity.

“This time, I was really lucky. I was able to win the project under a bunch of competitors. Tomorrow, we will go home and pay homage to our ancestors. Maybe it was the ancestors at home who blessed me.”

Listening to his father nagging about the 18th generation of his ancestors, Lu Ming couldn’t help but think this was not the credit of his ancestors. It is obviously his credit for helping Yuan Yi’s girlfriend fight on the Internet. That person saw him scolding hard and just gave their family this face. But he couldn’t tell his dad about it, and his dad wouldn’t believe it.

After Xiaoxiliu’s real identity was revealed, her number of fans increased instead of falling. Lu Ming silently ate dog food on the Internet while continuing to pay attention to Xiaoxiliu’s manga. Still, he never dared to call Xiaoxiliu on the Internet a goddess. He was afraid that Yuan Yi would be jealous, even though he had no competitiveness in front of Yuan Yi.

During dinner at night, he remembered that the Yuan family didn’t seem to like Yan Xi, the future daughter-in-law, so he couldn’t help asking his father, “Dad, do you know about the matter between the second young master of the Yuan family and his girlfriend?”

“Who?” Lu’s father put down the bowl and chopsticks and wiped his mouth, “You mean Yuan Yi and his girlfriend who is the host?”

Lu Ming nodded.

“It’s difficult.” Lu’s father shook his head, “Yuan’s family has a big business. Although Yuan Yi’s girlfriend has a small fortune, getting into Yuan’s family may not be easy.”

“Maybe the second young master Yuan is very firm in love?” Lu Ming said unwillingly, “If the second young master Yuan insists, she can always marry into the Yuan family, right?”

“Men, that’s the way it is.” Lu’s father saw the reality of vowing to each other a lot and finally went their separate ways, so he smiled immediately, “When I say I love you, it may be true love. But most of them are greedy for excitement. Women become their concoctions when it comes to the moment of interest.” After Lu’s father finished speaking, he turned around and saw his wife staring at him. He immediately changed the subject, “However, we can’t generalize. How much does your father love your mother? There are good men who have been good for ten years, and if the second young master Yuan is half as good as me, the host may have a chance to marry into Yuan’s family.”

“It’s as if host Yan insisted on marrying into Yuan’s family,” Mother Lu retorted unhappily, “Looking at you, I know you don’t usually like to watch the news, and you don’t know that it’s Yuan Yi who wants to get married now, but Host Yan doesn’t want to marry?”

“What’s wrong with the wealthy family? What’s the matter with being rich? Host Yan is not short of money, a beautiful and kind girl, and there is no shortage of good men to like.” Lu’s mother likes Yan Xi very much, and when she heard Lu’s father say this, she was not happy at the moment. “He, if Yuan Yi doesn’t care about Host Yan, Song Chao is waiting for her. If our son is not ugly enough to be worthy of Host Yan, I wish she was our daughter-in-law.”

“I, I am your own son!”

“If you weren’t my own son, would I have endured seeing you every day?”

Lu Ming: “…”

However, Song Chao’s confession to Yan Xi was indeed quite a big deal. As long as anyone who likes to surf the Internet will know about Gao Fu Shuai’s confession to the host. In this incident, Song Chao was a bit miserable, because he was not only ruthlessly rejected but also known by everyone, he wanted to pry into other people’s corners.

(gāo fù shuài. “Mr. Perfect” (tall, rich, and handsome) (Internet slang))

No matter whether men or women, wearing the “little three” hat is always unpleasant.

When the Spring Festival was approaching, Yan Xi was photographed dating Song Chao, and it was posted on the Internet, causing a sensation on the Internet. Netizens know better than anyone how good Yuan Yi and Yan Xi’s relationship is. For Yan Xi, Yuan Yi even gave up Changfeng’s inheritance rights. Song Chao wanted to pry the corner of the wall, which made many people unacceptable, and they immediately cursed.

Some people scolded Yan Xi, and some laughed at Yuan Yi for being cuckolded. Although it’s not Chinese New Year yet, the Internet has become as lively as Chinese New Year because of this incident.

On the night of New Year’s Eve, it snowed heavily in the imperial capital. Some netizens were complaining about their annoying and nagging relatives. So sleepless.

Just as the new year was approaching, Yuan Yi, who was ridiculed for wearing a cuckold, posted on Weibo.

Yuan Yi: The dumpling that hides the treasure, half for you and half for me. @Xiaoxiliu

The netizens who were waiting for the two to break up or quarrel were dumbfounded. This seems to be a little different from the expected plot. At this moment, Yuan Yi should ask Yan Xi a question or quarrel: Why is he still showing affection?

Your girlfriend is dating other men. Why are you still in the mood to show affection?!

What kind of ecstasy did Yan Xi give Yuan Yi, so that such a shameful thing could be tolerated?

The audience watching this plot is unsatisfied, but Yuan Yi doesn’t seem to care.

On the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, he showed off the glutinous rice balls he made with Yan Xi.

On the second night of the Lunar New Year, he took a picture of the snowman he and Yan Xi made together.

Showing affection for several days in a row, even a fool can see that Yuan Yi is not unhappy. Obviously, he was too happy to find the north, seeing that the whole world was in a gorgeous and colorful state.

This is… what good thing happened?

On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Xu Qiaosheng, a popular little fresh meat, suddenly posted on Weibo.

Xu Qiaosheng V: Congratulations to my cousin, who finally got his wish and made a successful marriage proposal.

This was finally used with a lot of meaning. Netizens couldn’t pretend to be stupid. They made a fuss on the Internet for a long time, but it turned out that person didn’t care at all. Not only did he not care, he even turned around and proposed.

The melon-eaters, who are always used to various quarrel routines, saw the power of true love for the first time.

Of course, there are also malicious people who purposely went to Weibo to ask Yuan Yi, so in such a hurry to propose marriage, aren’t you afraid that Yan Xi will cuckold him? Yuan Yi not only ignored them but also presented them with a lawyer’s letter.

Facts have proved that a letter from a lawyer is more useful than arguing with others. Since then, the number of people laughing at Yuan Yi for being a cuckold has suddenly decreased.

A reporter went to the place where Song Chao and Yan Xi drank coffee and found out that the two had only sat for less than half an hour from beginning to end. There was no so-called intimacy in manners. Yan Xi didn’t even say a few words from beginning to end.

The clerk at the coffee shop made this clarification. After the reporter posted it, the scolding netizens finally disappeared completely. Still, no one came forward to apologize for their previous remarks.

Seeing this, Lu Ming couldn’t help mocking those so-called “just passers-by” on Weibo and was ridiculed as a lackey who wanted to hug Yuan Yi’s thigh. He didn’t care about these things, and after cursing, he turned off Weibo, opened the game, and started fighting in the dungeon.

He is the rich second generation, so why should he care about such a trivial matter?

It was beyond his expectations to receive Yuan Yi and Yan Xi’s wedding invitation. But to be able to bless the goddess, Lu Ming still worked hard to lose weight for half a month, went to the barber shop to trim his hairstyle, put on a well-fitting suit, and took a plane to the island where the two held their wedding.

He heard people say that Yuan Yi spent a lot of money to prepare a grand wedding for Yan Xi and that diamonds and precious stones were put on the bride’s wedding dress and tiara as if they didn’t need money. Some media broke the news that the bride wore a crown worth more than seven figures. Although the media always likes to exaggerate, this time, Lu Ming felt that Yuan Yi’s regard for Yan Xi was not an exaggeration at all.

Many guests arrived on the island one day in advance, and Lu Ming was no exception. When he went to the beach to have a barbecue with a rich second generation he knew in the circle, he saw a strange person appear on the island.

Song Chao.

In all fairness, he felt that Song Chao’s family background was not much worse than Yuan Yi, and he was gentle and handsome. Yan Xi should like Song Chao more, why would he choose to marry Yuan Yi?

Many people must have this doubt, but no one dared to say it.

Along the way, Lu Ming saw a lot of great people, the elders of the Xu family, even Yuan Yasen and Xu Ya, who were rumored to dislike Yan Xi, appear. The husband and wife were dressed very grandly and smiled. He can’t see the slightest dissatisfaction at all.

Lu Ming couldn’t help thinking, could it be that the news that Yuan’s parents didn’t like Yan Xi was all rumors? He mentioned this to his rich second-generation friend, but the friend laughed at him as stupid.

“Yuan Yi’s career is so successful now, and he insists on marrying Yan Xi. What can the second elder of the Yuan family do with him?” The rich second generation said with emotion, crossing his legs, “So what family obstacles, what parents’ feudal thinking, are just an excuse? As long as a man is capable, he is not afraid of not being able to marry the woman he likes.”

Lu Ming suddenly realized that Yuan Yi is now a well-known successful person in the business world. Even if he doesn’t have Changfeng, he can still live a prosperous life. The threats and pressure from his parents are really not so scary.

In the final analysis, it is still the word determination.

On the official wedding day, seeing the beautiful bride and the smiling groom, Lu Ming felt very depressed. The goddess got married. Not only was the groom, not him, but even the best man had nothing to do with him.

Yan Xi’s father laughed until his eyes were red. This chubby man was obviously smiling, but Lu Ming felt that he was crying in his heart.

When he put his daughter’s hand in Yuan Yi’s, resentment was written all over his heart and eyes.

The next second, the bride turned around and hugged the fat man heavily and whispered something in his ear before she took the groom’s hand.

The pastor was asking the bride and groom whether they would like to stay with each other for a lifetime and never leave.

“I am willing.”

“I am willing.”

The hands of the two were tightly held together as if they were lingering and would never be separated again.

Lu Ming rubbed his somewhat sore eyes, turned his head, and saw Song Chao sitting upright not far away, smiling. And there was no trace of loss or sadness on his handsome face wearing glasses. Naturally, there wasn’t any touching emotion.

Perhaps his love-hate relationship with Yan Xi is just a story made up by other people. The person concerned has long since ignored it. However, the netizens still remember it, thinking of one after another to touch him.

He is just a spectator and netizen who has nothing to do with the story and is not even qualified to participate in this love-hate relationship.

However, it is good for his goddess to be happy.

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