Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #52

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Chapter 52

Zhong Jiaxin grabbed Shi Zhi and didn’t want to leave at all. Not only Zhong Jiaxin but also the rest of the actors came to greet Shi Zhi one after another. Some they knew, and some they didn’t know.

Zhong Jiaxin and Shi Zhi have collaborated before. The two have a good relationship in private. Zhong Jiaxin has completely transformed into a gardenia through the process of getting along with Shi Zhi. Many actors whom Shi Zhi has never met come to Shi Zhi to take selfies. Greeting warmly.

Shi Zhi suspected that she had become a check-in attraction.

The assistant said with emotion, “Actually, I just saw that you have become popular now, Sister Shi.” Imagine it during the time when she is being hacked by the whole Internet? It simply cannot exist.

But this also proves that Sister Shi is really popular!

People on the team actually think more when they are scared. There is applause and flowers when she is popular. When it’s not red, it’s the door court. It looks really real and makes people feel chilled.

PR staff dragged out Tang Yunling, trying to make Shi Zhi happy.

“Sister Shi, look at Tang Yunling.”

Shi Zhi looked in the direction indicated by the PR staff.

What happened to the roasted kidneys?

(Kidney is from the word ‘pinyin’ yaozi, but if someone hears half of the word ‘yao’, it can be translated with waist, small of the back or waist-like topography that is narrow in the middle. Shi Zhi remember Tang Yunling as someone who ate the delicious smell of roasted kidneys)

Shi Zhi was very impressed with Tang Yunling. So far, she has yet to tell her which roasted kidneys it is.

PR Staff: “Tang Yunling has been looking at you now, probably envious and jealous. Look around her. Sometimes there are many people around her…”

Others are also continuing to send rainbow farts.

Shi Zhi realized later, “You seem to be comforting me?”

“But why comfort me.”

Shi Zhi was puzzled.

She said what she had just been thinking about.

“…May I keep a sign by my side? I can take pictures, but I have to pay for it.”

Team members:?

Everyone was confused.

Speaking of feelings, Sister Shi suddenly said that she was checking into a tourist attraction and was silent. She was not lamenting the harshness of the world in her heart, but was she preparing for industrialization?

“Sister Shi, a business wizard.”

“Without you in the business world, it makes no sense!”

The staff of the team catered to each other after being sluggish. As long as they wanted to flatter, there were stages everywhere.

Brother Quan told everyone to shut up. What are you making noise about? Can you clarify the content before making noise? Other artists took photos with Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi still charged for it. Is this ridiculous?

Shi Zhi didn’t force it. She just mentioned it casually.


Basically, all parties are almost boring. Shi Zhi is more fortunate that it is not arranged outdoors this time. No matter whether it is hot or cold, outdoors is not a suitable choice.

After the awards ceremony and the film and television inventory are over, there will be an interview session.

The reporter first introduced Shi Zhi and asked Shi Zhi to greet the camera, and then chatted with Shi Zhi about the new drama “Yin Yang Snack Bar”.

Shi Zhi told the other party everything she knew and could say.

The reporter chatted and chatted, and the conversation was almost over. When the topic changed, the question was asked elsewhere.

“That’s it. Can Shi Zhi tell us your ideal type?”

The reporter later added, “This is a regular question, and other artists have also asked it.”

It’s not directed at Shi Zhi alone.

The reporter was actually curious as to what kind of answer Shi Zhi, who had recently become a hot topic, would give them.

Shi Zhi was very talkative and said it was okay.

She replied to the reporter with three words.

“It’s Good-looking.”

Reporter: ???

This was an answer that the reporter had never dreamed of. Even though, as a reporter, they were well-trained, their expression showed a momentary failure of management. Meanwhile, the look in Shi Zhi’s eyes on the other side was very sincere, undoubtedly telling that she was not joking.

This answer is really plain and simple, but there is no way to refute it.

The reporter still felt that something was inappropriate. Shi Zhi was too direct and not too restrained, so the reporter tried to save the situation and used words to guide her.

“Shi Zhi is really humorous,…is there anything else to add?”

Shi Zhi knew her answer might not be what the other party wanted. Still, she was also very polite and nodded to express her understanding. It was difficult for everyone, so we had to support each other.

She asked quietly, “How did the other artists answer?” She blatantly asked for a standard answer.

Reporter: “…” Yu still has to follow.

The reporter told Shi Zhi, “Like height, appearance, age, hobbies…” You can focus on these, which are relatively safe ranges.

Shi Zhi understands and knows how to do it; don’t worry.

“You have to be fair and tall, preferably above 185. You can cook and make money.” He must be able to make money. Although she was rich now, it was different.

Shi Zhi refused to be the kind of young man who wanted to get something for nothing.

The reporter secretly affirmed that this was a normal and ideal interview.

Then, I caught another sentence from Shi Zhi.

“The figure is fat and thin…”

The reporter interrupted Shi Zhi, “Wait a minute, I’m sorry, does fat and thin describe the figure…” It seemed to be describing pork belly.

Shi Zhi changed her sitting position. She was tired from sitting, “Oh.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been having a barbecue during filming.”

She has to continue, except for the fat and flesh here, it’s generally normal.

Then, Shi Zhi said, “It’s best for him to go to the world sea and work with me to contribute to society.”

The reporter was confused.

World and sea… Is this talking about her boyfriend or the Monkey King? It was also the first time the reporter knew that Shi Zhi’s three views were so upright.

(“Three views” refers to views on the world, life and values.)


I’m moved, I’m moved, I still have to say it.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, I think it’s very difficult to achieve the goal of going to the world and the sea.” It’s not difficult, it’s very difficult! There is a 99.9999% chance that it won’t be possible!

Shi Zhi: “I know, but aren’t you interviewing me, my ideal type?”

Since it is an ideal type, it is highly probable to not exist. Otherwise, how could it be called an ideal type?

Shi Zhi answered confidently.

“Do you think my conditions are a little too much?” Shi Zhi asked the reporter.

Reporter: “No.”

Shi Zhi smiled at her, “Your expression and eyes have already given you away.”

Reporter: “……”

“Actually, it’s the same sentence. If it looks good enough, those conditions don’t matter.” All of them can be voided.

I like all good-looking things: good-looking girls, good-looking boys, good-looking flowers, good-looking trees, and even fruits that are beautiful to eat.

​And it wasn’t Shi Zhi who made the request specifically. Wasn’t this something the reporter asked her to expand on?


The guy who repaid his kindness. Lu Zeming was also waiting for the interview not far away. After listening to Shi Zhi’s words, he felt like his heart was stabbed sharply again.

Blame him for being average-looking.

After Shi Zhi finished the interview, Lu Zeming called her and greeted her, “Teacher Shi Zhi.”

Anyway, Shi Zhi also helped him.

Shi Zhi looked at the man in front of him.

Lu Zeming’s heart tightened. No way, he still wasn’t recognized this time?

He smiled bitterly, “Teacher Shi Zhi, I am not an insurance seller.”

Shi Zhi: “Of course I know this. I remember you, the classical dancer in Youth My Type, who danced very well…”

Lu Zeming: It’s great that he is remembered this time.

Shi Zhi asked: “Lu Zemian, is that you?”


No, his name is Lu Zeming.

It didn’t matter anymore. Lu Zeming also came to the party, and Shi Zhi happened to be there, too. He wanted to tell Shi Zhi the result in person.

He won the championship of “Youth My Type”, he did it.

Shi Zhi said sincerely to this dream-chasing boy, “Congratulations.”

Gold will always shine, and Lu Zeming should be number one in strength.

Shi Zhi chatted with Lu Zeming for a while, asking whether he was signed to a company, whether he had been invited to any program recently, and how his performance was…

Lu Zeming once again returned to the fear of being dominated by Shi Zhi’s education. This time, he had no intention of thinking about being ugly. 

I haven’t signed a contract with a company yet, but I’ve been invited to a show, and my performance is pretty good.

The team staff came to look for Shi Zhi and saw this scene.

It is not Princess Shi Zhi nor Hu Youyou, but the serious Uncle Shi.

However, after knowing the content of the conversation between the two people, the team members were also happy. Happiness is not necessarily about getting something. Helping others and allowing the other party to fight for their ideals is also a joy.

The scene is not small, but some people may be born with a tendency to abuse.

This sentence comes from Tang Yunling.

If possible, she didn’t want to call it fate. She met Shi Zhi, “…”

Tang Yunling didn’t even say hello to Shi Zhi. She pretended not to notice, glanced to the side, and quickly moved away with the only assistant beside her.

The members of her team were elsewhere. Tang Yunling walked quickly to one side while looking down at her attire.

Well, she is not wearing anything revealing her waist.

The PR staff around Shi Zhi said, “Is Tang Yunling not even pretending anymore?” Even if the entertainment industry is very fierce, it still has to be superficial, and Tang Yunling has done this in the past so that no one can find fault.

Is this really jealous of Sister Shi, so jealous that she loses her mind?

The PR staff is a little angry.

Brother Quan had other opinions. He frowned and said, “Why do I feel like Tang Yunling is hiding from someone?” Hiding from Shi Zhi?

This panicked figure looks like she is hiding from someone.

The person involved, Shi Zhi, spread her hands and expressed that she did not understand.

She didn’t have much interest in Tang Yunling and had no contact with her in private.

In addition to celebrities, there were also some fans, but the number was not large. Shi Zhi also signed autographs and took photos with every Gardenia who arrived. She let them chase Star for nothing and even gave a tutorial, but everyone rebelled and didn’t listen, and Shi Zhi had no other way.

After signing their names, taking photos, and asking them to pay attention to their safety, Shi Zhi and the team planned to leave the scene.

Shi Zhi walked out through a special passage specially reserved for celebrities to leave.

But the special passage was not quiet at all, humming.

“Whose team?” The people around Shi Zhi guessed.

It doesn’t look like a team. Even the king of heaven doesn’t have such a big show. Shi Zhi has already seen the situation clearly.

Tang Yunling, whom they saw turn around and leave not long ago, was surrounded by dozens of people in the corner. The camera shutters were ringing one after another. She couldn’t even open her eyes with the flash, and the crowd kept pushing towards her.

Men and women surrounded her.

“Yun Ling, I like you so much. Please help me to sign, thank you!”

“Look this way, Yunling, look this way.” Accompanied by these words, there was the sound of whistles.

Only one assistant beside Tang Yunling was already confused, saying, “Don’t crowd, don’t get excited. Yunling will sign autographs for everyone, line up in an orderly manner, and cooperate…”

Such words were overwhelmed by the crowd’s chatter.

Tang Yunling’s hair is a little messy, and the smile on his face is also forced, which is quite different from the image just now.

Shi Zhi stopped and frowned, “What is that?”

Is this a fan?

Generally speaking, the gardenias that Shi Zhi came into contact with were relatively orderly, as if those who surrounded Tang Yunling were not asking for autographs. They didn’t even look like fans. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were the black fans who had besieged Shi Zhi.

Brother Quan: “It’s probably brought in by scalpers; some are underage students chasing stars, and some are taking photos to sell later.”

He doesn’t like this phenomenon either.

Assistant: “Tang Yunling cares too much about her image and will not refuse anyone who comes. If this continues, there will be more like this later.” Refers to such a scene.

“Sister Shi, let’s go.”

Anyway, it has nothing to do with them. Tang Yunling was originally the opposite party. In the past, she was sucking blood from Sister Shi Zhi all day long, so the team members didn’t have a good impression of Tang Yunling.

(leech blood-sucking fig. cruel exploiter, esp. a capitalist exploiting the workers. Tang Yunling’s team loves exploiting Shi Zhi and always spreads negative rumors.) 

Shi Zhi continued to walk out with everyone. After all, nothing happened, but Shi Zhi couldn’t help but turn her head back.

Then she saw a small man holding a mobile phone at a tricky angle. Tang Yunling was wearing a skirt today. She must have realized it and was pressing the hem of the skirt with her hands.


Shi Zhi stopped again.

Brother Quan was really afraid of Shi Zhi, “Do you even have to take care of Tang Yunling?”

“It’s nothing, just a group photo with an autograph…”

Shi Zhi interrupted Brother Quan and told him, “Someone is taking photos of Tang Yunling’s skirt.”

Brother Quan was speechless now. He didn’t see it.

Shi Zhi walked straight towards Tang Yunling. In fact, the people there had noticed Shi Zhi, but all their thoughts were on Tang Yunling, so they only glanced at Shi Zhi.

Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi actually came over. The noisy crowd fell silent for a moment. They all looked at Shi Zhi and involuntarily left a passage for Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi didn’t say hello to Tang Yunling. She told the short man holding the phone, “Delete it.”

The short man looked flustered but still poked his head back and pretended to be confused.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He also put the phone behind his back.

Not long after Shi Zhi walked over, people from Shi Zhi’s team joined in.

After all, there are many people over there, so we still have to protect Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi said: “We have all seen it!”

Shi Zhi was not excited. She just looked at the other party, “Delete it or not, don’t force me to hit you with a discus.”

The short man: ???

Brother Quan: ???

Tang Yunling was stunned.

The staff team were originally afraid that Shi Zhi would suffer a disadvantage. After all, no matter how short the other party was, he was still a man, and Sister Shi was a woman.

But because of Shi Zhi’s appearance, they forgot the hand hammer sandwich animation.

Threats still have a certain effect. Under Shi Zhi’s gaze, the short man took out his phone.

Shi Zhi didn’t even try, so she just stared at the side and asked the other party to delete it. The photo didn’t capture anything clearly, and Shi Zhi grabbed him as soon as he started to act.

Shi Zhi also asked Tang Yunling, “Should we call the police?”

Tang Yunling shook her head.

This kind of thing won’t have much impact on her. On the contrary, she may have to be labeled with other things, and the gain outweighs the loss.

In the end, it was Tang Yunling’s own business, so Shi Zhi had nothing to say, and the people who had surrounded Shi Zhi also naturally dispersed.

“Don’t have no one around you in the future.”

Shi Zhi added one last sentence.

What if Tang Yunling doesn’t want to sign autographs anymore? She only has one assistant by her side.

“I’ll find my agent soon.” Tang Yunling told Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi was surprised, “You don’t have to report to me.” Why did she act as a primary school student to report the itinerary?

Tang Yunling: “…” She arranged her hair, but her mood was complicated.

Shi Zhi originally planned to leave but suddenly thought of something.

“Are you avoiding me?”

Tang Yunling said: “Huh?” She met Shi Zhi’s eyes in confusion.

Although Tang Yunling sent many press releases saying that she looked like Shi Zhi, as Zhong Jiaxin said, the two people were not alike.

They don’t even look alike.

Shi Zhi has a strong aura and is a gorgeous beauty that can attract people’s attention to her at first sight; Tang Yunling is more beautiful and pure.

Now, Shi Zhi suddenly said this to her.

Tang Yunling’s assistant was confused. What kind of overlord plot is this?!

Shi Zhi said: “I don’t have anything else to do.” She likes to hide or not.

“I just want to ask about your waist…”

She helped Tang Yunling no matter what. Asking about roasted kidneys (waist) was not too much. Shi Zhi had almost given up asking about roasted kidneys.

As soon as Shi Zhi said this, everyone in the team knew what she would do. Sister Shi really couldn’t forget roasted kidneys.

Tang Yunling’s face quickly turned red, and her eyes became wet.

Just sent away a pervert. Here comes another one!

However, Tang Yunling felt that Shi Zhi was better than that man. First, Shi Zhi was beautiful, which was not a big thank you…

“…touch it.”

Tang Yunling decided to give up resistance. There were not many people around. She walked towards Shi Zhi and gritted her teeth.

“Hurry up.”

Shi Zhi retreated tactically, showing an expression of disapproval.

“What are you talking about?” What are you doing again?

Tang Yunling: ???

Isn’t that what you thought?

Shi Zhi told Tang Yunling that she wanted to know where she bought the roasted kidneys and if she could give her the shop’s exact name. Thank you.

Tang Yunling: “…”

The problem that had troubled her for a long time was suddenly solved. This waist…not that waist.

It turned out to be the loin of roasted kidney.

Tang Yunling replied mechanically, “Okay.”

She picked up the mobile phone delivery software and looked for an order for Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi really waited for Tang Yunling to finish searching. After getting the name of the store she wanted, she was satisfied.


After saying these words, she really left.

Only Tang Yunling was left behind, watching Shi Zhi’s back, “…” She walked chicly.

Shi Zhi felt that finding this roasted kidney shop was too difficult, but the delicious food was worth the wait. Today, she invited everyone to eat roasted kidneys together!

Shi Zhi went to the party, and all kinds of things had already leaked on the Internet, such as Shi Zhi’s single photos, Shi Zhi’s appearance, Shi Zhi’s group photos with other artists… She looks good in any snapshot. After all, she is fishing with an uncle pose. Someone who has nothing to say.

But this time, Shi Zhi’s interview is more eye-catching than the photos.

The interview was sent out collectively at the party. Many people went to see it because of their own idol and were shown by Shi Zhi’s answer about the ideal type.

Good-looking, fat and thin, go to the world and go to sea, accompany each other.

Every sentence is a highlight.

Of course, the final point is that if it looks good, all conditions are unimportant.

Netizen: This is too true!

Although Ning Jiachi did not go to the party, he still searched for Shi Zhi on his mobile phone. Sister Shi was out for business, so she must support her!

He was holding his mobile phone in the ward, playing the video, and couldn’t help laughing.

The middle-aged lady opened the door and felt so bad when she saw Ning Jiachi like this.

“Why did you not go outside? It’s such a mess… Your cousin likes to be quiet. Can you let him have a good rest?”

Ning Jiachi put away his phone.


His cousin has been resting for too long. According to Ning Jiachi, it would be even worse if there was no sound in the ward.

The middle-aged lady could scold her son before, but now that her son can’t hear her, she will scold Ning Jiachi. It doesn’t look good to see Ning Jiachi, but it’s for his good.

Ning Jiachi also pretended to listen with an open mind. Of course, the words went in with his left ear and out with the right. Then he glanced at the hospital bed unintentionally.

Then his eyes widened, and he stuttered. He grabbed his aunt and pointed to the hospital bed.

“Move… move…”

The middle-aged lady said, “Jiachi, I know you think your aunt is nagging, but if you make fun of your cousin, that’s too much.”

Ning Jiachi was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. He directly pressed his aunt’s shoulder and dropped her.

The middle-aged lady lost all her demeanor. The curve of the electrocardiogram display on the machine was now rising and falling violently. His slender fingers, which looked extremely pale after not seeing the sun for a long time, also moved twice.


Ning Jiachi hurriedly pressed the bell, and soon, doctors and nurses rushed in. Ning Jiachi was also happy.

Cousin is finally waking up?

He saw the doctor working there, and his eyes fell on the electrocardiogram machine. He found a fluctuation, a bit like a heart.

Awesome, his cousin.

After Tang Yunling’s agent heard that Shi Zhi helped, his mind was filled with conspiracies.

Did Shi Zhi find this person specifically? Did Shi Zhi intend to sensationalize it? Otherwise, why would you help Tang Yunling?

Tang Yunling suddenly felt slightly irritated when She listened to her manager constantly thinking about the worst.

“There is absolutely no information about me and Shi Zhi on the Internet.”

If Shi Zhi was really the one arranged and planned by Shi Zhi, she should have sent out the news long ago. This was already past the best time.

Moreover, Shi Zhi clearly has better momentum than her, and Tang Yunling’s new heroine drama recently hit the market.

Shi Zhi…has better momentum than her?

Tang Yunling paused, thought of something, and sent a message to Zhong Jiaxin.

“Do you know where Shi Zhi is filming?”

Zhong Jiaxin knew this. She was just curious, “Why are you looking for Shi Zhi? Are you also a fan of her?”

Tang Yunling: “…”

After a while, she replied, “Yes.”

This time, it was Zhong Jiaxin’s turn to be confused. If it was true or false, why didn’t she believe it?

Even if Tang Yunling didn’t ask Zhong Jiaxin, she could still know where Shi Zhi was based on her connections in the circle. She brought various drinks and food to visit Shi Zhi.

Brother Quan was shocked.

Tang Yunling told Shi Zhi, “I want to thank you for what happened last time.” She took the initiative to mention Shi Zhi’s help.

In fact, not only did Tang Yunling mention it, but Brother Quan has already noticed this kind of statement on the Internet. Various marketing accounts praise Shi Zhi for helping Tang Yunling out of the siege, but they have not posted it here, which is only Tang Yunling’s side. Brother Quan couldn’t guess Tang Yunling’s thoughts for a while.

Is this a thank you to Shi Zhi?

After all, that kind of news is only good and not bad for Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi said, “Oh, no need.”

Tang Yunling: “I still have to thank you.”

She suddenly lowered her eyes, looking a little sad.

“I actually didn’t like you for a while.”

“I don’t like you because I think you have such good conditions, but you have no plans for your future. I think you ruined the quality of Stars. I didn’t know until not long ago that you turned out to treat the grandmother who adopted you.”

She raised her eyes, with tears in them, and suddenly smiled at Shi Zhi.

“I’m really happy to see that you are now loved by fans again and your career is improving.”

“I am your fan. I joined the entertainment circle because of your influence…”

Many people are around, all of whom have been fooled by this drama queen.

Excuse me?

Tang Yunling is a fan of Shi Zhi and got into the industry because of Shi Zhi?

Later, she and Shi Zhi didn’t get along. Was it also because she felt that Shi Zhi was wasting her talent and was angry with her?

This is too much information.

Only the people from Shi Zhi’s team almost turned their backs on her in anger.


Brother Quan finally knows where the sense of dissonance comes from. Tang Yunling is trying another trick to get Shi Zhi’s popularity!

Brother Quan was very anxious and planned to step forward and say something.

Shi Zhi had discovered something wrong with Tang Yunling long ago. After all, the crying was aesthetically pleasing and standard. When she looked to the side, it turned out that someone was recording it.

“That’s it.”

Shi Zhi followed Tang Yunling’s words.

Tang Yunling: “Hmm!” Do you believe it?

Shi Zhi smiled brightly and said, “Since you are my fan and entered the industry because of me, you must be a die-hard fan…”

Tang Yunling replied, “Yes.” Things went so smoothly that Tang Yunling felt that something was slightly wrong.

But it was too late for her to think too much.

Shi Zhi, “What’s the character’s name in my first drama?”

Quick questions and quick answers.

Tang Yunling was dumbfounded for a moment.

Shi Zhi: “You fake fan!”

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