One Can’t Judge by Appearance #87

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Chapter 87

“The electricity, the elevator is broken?” Zhao Fei Fei’s face turned pale immediately. She has claustrophobia. Back then, she was praised by the audience for her superb acting skills by relying on a scene in the elevator.

“Sister Zhao?” The assistant supported Zhao Fei Fei and patted her on the back gently.

Yan Xi didn’t expect Zhao Fei Fei to have such a big reaction. She pointed to the keyboard area: “Don’t be afraid. We just didn’t press the floors.”

Zhao Fei Fei: “…”

“So that’s the case.” Zhao Feifei pursed her lips and smiled embarrassedly, “I’m a little timid.”

“Which floor is Teacher Zhao going to?” Yan Xi pressed the floor she was going to and turned around to see that Zhao Fei Fei’s complexion seemed to be better.

“I’m the same as you.” Zhao Fei Fei quickly returned to normal and even took a photo with her fans before the elevator reached the floor. When the male fan stepped out of the elevator, his feet were floating.

After the male staff left, only Zhao Fei Fei and her two assistants, Yan Xi and Yuan Yi, were left in the elevator. Because Zhao Fei Fei hyped a scandal using Yuan Yi’s name and was almost banned in the end, the people in Zhao Fei Fei’s team felt guilty unconsciously when they saw Yuan Yi.

“Mr. Yuan, I used to be ignorant and used you to hype up gossip, causing you and Ms. Yan to be misunderstood by netizens. I am very sorry, I am sorry.” More importantly, she is smart and knows what it means to be able to bend and stretch.

Yuan Yi turned his head to look at Zhao Fei Fei, squinted his eyes, and thought for a while: “Are you that Zhao Yuyu?”

It turned out that she had been entangled here for a long time, and Mr. Yuan didn’t recognize her at all?

What is Zhao Yuyu? Is her name Zhao Fei Fei?

Zhao Fei Fei was full of grievances, but when she saw Yuan Yi’s face, she didn’t dare to say anything and said with a guilty conscience, “Yes, Mr. Yuan.”

Let Zhao Yuyu be Yuyu. It’s better than Xue Xue.

Yuan Yi didn’t say anything more. Since the past is over, he won’t care about it anymore. He is a man who has a girlfriend, and because of something as small as a sesame seed, he has trouble with another woman. In the eyes of outsiders, he doesn’t know what kind of drama they will make up.

He was very clear about which was more important, so he bent down to help Yan Xi straighten the coat that had slipped off her body and didn’t speak anymore.

The atmosphere became awkward again.

There was silence in the elevator. Zhao Fei Fei was wearing an evening gown with only a shawl on top. She was beautiful but not very warm. After a while, she said with a trembling voice, “The electricity, the elevator… it seems that it really stopped?”

Yan Xi found that the elevator floor display had stopped at number 9. She pressed the door open button, but there was no response.

“Maybe there are some glitches, the elevator is monitored, and the security personnel will come to deal with it soon.” Yan Xi pressed the alarm bell and said to Yuan Yi, “Let me tell you a ghost story about the elevator.”

Yuan Yi hugged her in his arms and said helplessly: “What exactly is in your head?”

“Of course, it is supreme wisdom.” Yan Xi leaned on Yuan Yi. His whole body was warm, “This story is very interesting, let me tell you.”

“There used to be a girl who went to work very hard and often worked late. Fortunately, where she lived, a girl of the same age liked to go out for night runs. They often took the same elevator home. One day the girl left work early and met a handsome guy with a melancholy expression. After the two of them talked a few words, the girl realized that this handsome guy had come to see her deceased wife’s parents. The handsome guy said the girl looked very similar to his late wife, both with long hair. He took out the photos he carried with him and showed the girl. Only then did the girl realize that the dead wife of the handsome guy was exactly the same as the girl of the same age she met in the elevator every night…”


Yan Xi heard the sound of teeth chattering, looked back, and found that Zhao Fei Fei was leaning on the assistant, trembling all over with arms folded.

“Teacher Zhao, are you okay?” Seeing Zhao Fei Fei’s pale face, Yan Xi worried she would faint in the next second. She thought for a while, took off her coat, and handed it to Zhao Fei Fei’s assistant, “Let’s put it on for Teacher Zhao first.”

“Then you…” Seeing Zhao Fei Fei shaking like this, the assistant wanted to put on her coat immediately. Still, seeing Yan Xi was not wearing much, she felt embarrassed, “What about you?”

“It’s okay. I still have an artificial heating stove here.” Yan Xi pulled Yuan Yi’s coat away and shrank in. Yuan Yi wanted to scold Yan Xi for being stupid. Still, seeing her obediently approaching his arms, he could only gather his coat with a sullen face and wrap Yan Xi in his arms.

If someone usually showed such affection in front of everyone, the people around would have been disgusted. Still, today, Zhao Fei Fei’s two assistants felt that Yan Xi’s affectionate behavior was so lovable even though President Yuan’s face was ugly to the extreme they could pretend not to see anything.

The warm coat was draped over her body, and Zhao Fei Fei managed to regain her senses from her panic. She looked down at the clothes on her body and then looked at the two people in front of her who looked like Siamese twins, and suddenly felt that falling in love was actually quite good.

“Sister Zhao, are you still cold?” The assistant regretted that they forgot her coat in the car just now.

“I’m fine.” Zhao Fei Fei shook her head, lowered her head, and stopped talking.

The elevator suddenly fell silent, and the atmosphere was very dull.

“Is it cold?” Yuan Yi put his arms around Yan Xi’s soft waist, suddenly thinking, probably only at this time, Yan Xi, a woman, knows what it means to be a small bird.

“It’s not cold,” Yan Xi likes to see Yuan Yi’s expression of “impatient but bear it for you.” At this time, he looks very cute, “Do you think we look like men and women in an adventure drama now? Lord, cling to each other in trouble?”

“Yan Xiao Xi.”


“If you keep these unreliable things in your mind, I will push you out.”

“You are not gentle to me at all.” Yan Xi pouted, “What’s wrong with adventure dramas?”

Nothing is good. In many adventure movies, either the hero or the heroine is dead. Anyway, if only the last one is left, it seems that the whole movie will not have a high style.

“Can’t you think of something warmer?”

“That’s a good father with a good daughter?”

Yuan Yi felt he shouldn’t talk to Yan Xi because his patience wasn’t good enough.

The security guards of the TV station came very quickly. Although, in Zhao Fei Fei’s perception, she was locked up in the elevator for a long time, in fact, it didn’t take even ten minutes for all of them to get out of the elevator.

The security guard who came to deal with the emergency situation of the elevator secretly sweated in his heart. It was a coincidence that the elevator malfunctioned, and several important people were shut down at once. Fortunately, Mr. Yuan is now the boyfriend of the host of their station. Otherwise, it may be difficult to talk about cooperation issues in the future.

This incident alarmed the manager of the security department. He hurried over to apologize. He originally thought that even if Yan Xi and Yuan Yi didn’t pursue the matter, Zhao Fei Fei would have objections. Still, Zhao Fei Fei didn’t say a word. Her assistant’s attitude is so good that they wonder if today is a special day.

A staff member came to pick up Zhao Fei Fei to rest. Zhao Fei Fei dragged off her coat and walked up to Yan Xi: “Yan Xi, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Yan Xi took the coat and put it on herself, “Next time you go out, it’s best to ask the assistant to bring the coat.”

“Okay.” Zhao Fei Fei smiled, took out her mobile phone, and said, “Can we exchange contact information?”

 After she finished speaking, she quickly added, “Don’t worry, I will definitely not hype my friends.”

“You should be worried that I will hype you up.” Yan Xi smiled, took out her mobile phone, and exchanged contact information with Zhao Fei Fei. Zhao Feifei finally left contentedly, but she didn’t dare to meet Yuan Yi’s eye from the beginning to the end.

In her eyes, there is no difference between Yuan Yi and a scourge.

“Mr. Yuan, Ms. Yan, you two, please go this way.” The staff in charge of the reception took the two of them to the banquet venue. There were many people at the banquet, which was very lively.

“Xiao Xi.” Shen Xingyan came out from the crowd. She was wearing a one-shoulder mermaid skirt. Although she was nearly forty, her strong aura and charm made many young and beautiful girls look dull.

“Sister Shen, you have reached a new level of beauty.” Yan Xi held Yuan Yi’s arm, “The one next to me should not need to be introduced to you.”

 “President Yuan is famous. Who wouldn’t know him?” Shen Xingyan said with a smile, “I don’t necessarily know others, but President Yuan definitely does.”

“Miss Shen is polite. Xiao Xi often mentions you in front of me, saying that you take good care of her.” Yuan Yi shook hands with Shen Xingyan, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“I like Xiao Xi’s ability and personality very much. Anyway, if the station wants me to train newcomers, then I will definitely train the one I like the most.” Shen Xingyan raised her glass to Yuan Yi, “President Yuan’s words are too. You’re welcome.”

Listening to the pleasantries between the two, Yan Xi felt that although they were polite, it would definitely not be their first time meeting. Still, Yuan Yi didn’t seem to want her to know this.

“President Yuan is always a good man.” After the two of them finished talking, Shen Xingyan put her arms around Yan Xi’s waist and said jokingly, “If you meet such a good man, marry him, he is gentle and considerate with a thin waist and long legs. In today’s world, finding a good man is becoming increasingly difficult, so if you have one, don’t miss it.”

“He’s usually fierce. How can he be gentle and considerate?” Yan Xi smiled, “Sister Shen, I didn’t expect you to become a marriage urge person.”

“I don’t believe this. Rumors spread all over the place, saying that when President Yuan was kicked out of Changfeng’s senior management because of you, President Yuan was afraid that you would be bullied by colleagues in the station, so he often made people…” Shen Xingyan paused, Looking at Yuan Yi with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry, you can blame me for not keeping my mouth shut.”

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