Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 49 (2/2)

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Chapter 49 (2/2)

Jiang Miao Miao kept them and planned to plant them in the yard when she was free and concentrate on dealing with flour.

So far, besides noodle dishes, she is quite proficient in pancakes. It takes half an hour to bake seven or eight plain flatbreads, served with the curry sauce in the army rations, and the breakfast has an Indian flavor.

After a full meal, the two held a glass of drink each and discussed the work to be done.

After changing new homes several times in a row, they have done these things skillfully and quickly determined their goals.

The first is to collect supplies.

Although the entire island is theirs right now, it is more reassuring to keep the food in front of them, and they should gather all the edible and usable ones for preservation.

If any category is not enough, find a way to supplement it.

Next is filtered drinking water.

The groundwater in freshwater lakes does not circulate, mainly from the accumulation of rainwater, and there may be bacteria and microorganisms in the middle.

There is no doctor around, and if drinking water causes diarrhea or infection, it is likely to kill half of their life.

The last thing is to enjoy life.

Such beautiful scenery is a waste of money if they don’t appreciate it much.

After finishing their drinks, the two set off energetically.

The first target was a warehouse set up by the island government.

According to the information Lu Qiming heard during his previous travels, transport ships would come here every two weeks to deliver food unavailable on the island to the islanders.

Such as beef, milk, rice, fruit, etc.

The warehouse is full of goods all year round and is managed by special personnel.

The managers had turned into zombies, their ashes washed into the sea, the warehouse door was locked, and the key was nowhere to be found.

Lu Qiming found an ax and slashed at the big lock on the door for a while, but it had no effect except sparks splashed everywhere and made his mouth numb.

Jiang Miao Miao walked around the warehouse, found the vent, and hurriedly called him over.

The two pries open the iron railing on the vent. They worked together to climb in, almost being suffocated to death by the poisonous gas produced when the food inside rotted.

The air was so choking that tears flowed. Lu Qiming took off his shirt and tore it in half to cover his mouth and nose.

The two squint their eyes and rummaged inside. Among the piles of dried food debris, they found more than a dozen boxes of drinks, dozens of bags of rice, and many rolls of paper, towels, clothes and quilts, etc., daily necessities brought in from outside the island.

The door wouldn’t open, and the air vents were tiny.

They unpacked the boxes and sacks and sent them out bit by bit.

About a third of it was delivered, and it was estimated that it would be enough for a while. They quickly escaped, sat on the ground and took a deep breath of fresh air.

Jiang Miao Miao touched the supplies next to her, and her heart blossomed.

After resting for a few minutes, Lu Qiming found a trolley. She transported these things to the new home chosen yesterday and piled them in the empty rooms that were not needed.

The two continued to work, and the second stop was the hospital.

The experience of countless injuries made them deeply aware of the preciousness of medicines, especially commonly used ones for colds, fevers and anti-inflammation.

The population on the island is small, and the scale of the hospital is also small, equivalent to a township clinic.

There are only two floors, four wards, four offices, a large row of drip stations, and a small warehouse.

After the outbreak of zombies, the islanders probably habitually ran to the hospital and asked the doctor for help.

As a result, the hospital has become the place where the situation is the worst. A large area of the wall is covered with black blood, just like a post-modern art painting.

They went straight to the warehouse, Lu Qiming kicked open the locked door, and there were many medicines on the shelves inside.

Jiang Miao Miao opened the bag to take it but was dumbfounded when she saw the medicine box.

The drug names on the box are all in English, and many words are uncommon.

She has survived a fourth-level English test, but she can’t understand it.

Lu Qiming, who has worked abroad for many years, proudly puffed out his chest.

“Hand me up, little illiterate.”

She doesn’t agree, “How dare you say that?”

“What’s wrong with the sports students? You don’t know how difficult it was to go to college decades ago. Those who can get in are one in a million.”

“Tch, just blow it.”

Jiang Miao Miao said nothing, honestly followed his instructions and put the needed medicine into the bag.

She caught a glimpse of a box on the shelf next to it, felt a little familiar, picked it up and shook it.

“What’s this?”

Lu Qiming glanced, looked away, and said a word quickly.

Jiang Miao Miao didn’t hear clearly, “What?”

He cleared his throat in embarrassment and repeated himself.

“Contraceptives pills.”

“Is it?”

She has irregular menstruation. She heard that this medicine can regulate the regularity of menstruation. She can try it.

Jiang Miao Miao threw a few boxes into the bag. Lu Qiming suddenly widened his eyes and wanted to ask but was too embarrassed to ask, so he pretended not to see it.

Hundreds of boxes of various medicines were taken, and several bags of alcohol, disinfectant cotton, gauze, etc., were also packed.

The two returned home, passed by the church door, and walked in curiously to look.

A statue of Jesus is hanging in the wide hall, and there are ten rows of seats in front of the portrait.

Since the main wall of the building is white, it looks a bit holy at first glance.

Jiang Miao Miao turned her face sideways and asked:

“Do you believe in gods?”

Lu Qiming shook his head.


“If so, why would he allow his followers to die one by one?”

After he finished speaking, he lowered his head and asked, “Do you believe it?”

She smiled and said, “I don’t believe in gods but in fate.”

Somewhere, it was fate that brought them together.

Before meeting him, she was an ordinary young girl.

But after seeing him, her whole world lit up and became meaningful and pursued.

“Come on, let’s make lunch.”

Jiang Miao Miao took Lu Qiming’s hand, walked through the deserted streets, and returned to her beautiful new home.

If you have rice on hand, you can make rice and eat it.

Lu Qiming went to the farmland to dig some potatoes and tomatoes, cut them into pieces and threw them into the pot to cook with the rice.

An hour later, a pot of delicious vegetable risotto came out.

The tomatoes dyed the rice red and garnished with green parsley leaves, which looked quite pretty.

The taste of potatoes is also very fragrant. Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t wait to scoop a spoonful into her mouth and gave a thumbs up in satisfaction.



“Hmm! Don’t you think it looks like seafood risotto in a restaurant? It’s a pity that there is no seafood.”

Lu Qiming: “…What do you want to imply?”

She smiled sheepishly.

“We rely on the sea now, and the people on the island rely on seafood for a living, so you see…”

He said blankly, “The ashes were all washed into the sea.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, the sea is so big that if such a little thing gets in, it won’t be poisonous to death.”

“The fish in the sea have no food. They will eat the remains of zombies. Maybe you will eat a finger from the belly of the fish.”


“Some fish are small in size and will use the corpse of a zombie as a nest and crawl around in its intestines.”


“Large lobsters like to eat animal carcasses. When they encounter zombies, they will probably swim over and have a full meal. Are you sure you want to eat such seafood?”

Jiang Miao Miao almost vomited at what he said, her face turned blue, and she was defeated.

“Okay, okay, let me continue eating potatoes.”

Lu Qiming couldn’t help laughing, “However, I think shellfish can still be tasted. They mainly eat aquatic plants and microorganisms. How about going to the reef in the afternoon to have a look?”

Shells are good, and oysters, scallops and mussels are Jiang Miao Miao’s favorite.

They found a few packs of vermicelli from the warehouse today. They could have steamed scallops with vermicelli in the evening.

The two speeded up their eating, and after finishing the pot of risotto, they dug out fish baskets, rubber shoes, buckets and other things from the house and ran to the coast not far away.

Since the corpses were burned at the pier yesterday, they chose another direction, far away from the sea.

The shore is strewn with huge dark reefs covered with moss and looking furry.

As for the shells, at first glance, there were none.

Jiang Miao Miao had never lived by the sea before, so she was a little suspicious when she saw this.

“Are you sure there are shells in this kind of place, and you don’t need to go into the water to fish them?”

Lu Qiming threw the rubber shoes at her and walked towards the rock barefoot.

“Just wait and see.”

Seeing this, Jiang Miao Miao quickly changed her shoes and ran over.

There was a wheezing sound from behind, and looking back, Jiang Meimu followed.

“Meimu, go back, don’t come here.”

The waves here are big, and her dog is so stupid if a wave sweeps it away, it will have no place to cry.

Jiang Meimu refused to look back and ran over persistently, stepping its paws into the water.

Jiang Miao Miao was going to hug it but saw it dived into the water and swam decently. Its dog pawing posture was more standard than hers.

…Well, it still has this trick, almost burying its talent.

Jiang Miao Miao confidently walked towards Lu Qiming, who was already squatting on a huge reef and started looking for shells.

“Hey, is this it?”

She caught a glimpse of a round and black object, picked it up, saw that it was just a small stone, and threw it back into the water in disappointment.

“Are you stupid? The shells must be sucked on the rocks. How can they be picked up on the ground?”

Lu Qiming turned his head and mocked her nakedly.

She sneered, “Don’t laugh at me. Have you found anything after searching for a long time? I am also a layman, so I don’t care about it.”

“What’s the hurry? It’ll be there soon.”

Lu Qiming continued to search, not letting go of every gap, and soon found one and shook it in his hand.

“Look what this is.”

Jiang Miao Miao wanted to go there, but unexpectedly the soles of her feet slipped, her body tilted, and she fell on all fours. Her tailbone hit the stone, and the pain made her burst into tears.

Lu Qiming hurried over to help her.

“Are you OK?”

She took off her rubber shoes and threw them away.

“What kind of broken shoes are these? They are so slippery.”

“Is the skin broken? Go back and apply some medicine?”

She shook her head. All her thoughts were on his hands.

“What the hell did you pick up? Show me.”

Lu Qiming handed over a black object, which looked like a stone at first glance. Still, upon closer inspection, she found a crack in the middle and an uneven surface.

This is an oyster, judging by Jiang Miao Miao’s many years of barbecue experience.

Lu Qiming found a rock and smashed it hard.

The hard shell cracked open, revealing the fat and tender meat inside.

Woohoo, it’s really an oyster!

More than one piece is needed. She still has to look for it.

Jiang Miao Miao stood up as if she had been injected with chicken blood and climbed barefoot on the reef, intending to sweep away the shells here.

However, the other party couldn’t get through with her and searched hard for a long time but found nothing except that the soles of her feet were stained green with moss.

Lu Qiming found another one and proudly showed it off to her.

“Do you think I’m a great father?”


“Use my hands to earn money to support my family, bring food home, feed my bad, silly daughter who is upset, and the stupid dog who is greedy for food.”

“…Stop being narcissistic. Maybe who will feed whom.”

Jiang Miao Miao cheered up and continued to search.

Suddenly a wet black nose came to her hand. Jiang Meimu’s hair was soaked. It opened its mouth and put down a small scallop.

Jiang Miao Miao: “!! Lu Qiming, look! Meimu is looking for it!”

She raised it excitedly, and the latter glanced at it with disdain.

“It’s so small. Is it enough to fit between the teeth?”

Jiang Meimu turned its head, dived into the water, and returned with an oyster almost the size of a palm in its mouth after a while.

“Lu Qiming, look! It’s so powerful!”

Lu Qiming looked at the little crab in his hand, got angry and threw it into the water to continue searching.

Jiang Meimu showed its true strength and then brought back things one after another.

Oysters, scallops, conch, and even a giant lobster.

The lobster is very fierce, and its mouth is pinched.

It was placed in front of Jiang Miao Miao foolishly, grinning.

“Woooo, my sweet meat…”

Jiang Miao Miao was moved and happily hugged it and stroked the dog’s head.

“Don’t look for it. Go play. We will do the rest.”

It wagged its tail and ran to dig holes on the beach.

Jiang Miao Miao came to Lu Qiming with an almost full bucket, glanced at his pitiful harvest, and bumped him on the shoulder.

“Great father? If your daughter is only supported by you, she may starve to death.”

How could Lu Qiming endure such humiliation?

He got up and said, “You wait for me.”

Then he went into the water and swam away flexibly.

Jiang Miao Miao shrugged and continued looking for shells.

Time passed quickly, and everyone returned home in the evening. Jiang Miao Miao filled both buckets, and Lu Qiming only harvested grains of salt and sand all over his body.

When he got home, he took a towel and went to take a bath by the lake.

Jiang Miao Miao washed her feet with water, stepped on the original owner’s size 46 flip-flops, and walked around in the kitchen, tinkering with dinner.

There are too many shellfish to eat all at once.

She picked some out and kept the rest in buckets.

There are three courses in the evening.

Steamed scallops with black pepper vermicelli, tomato conch soup, and pan-fried lobster.

She hadn’t done the same before and was just messing around, but because the ingredients were fresh and the process was simple, the taste after it came out was quite good.

Take beautiful plates from the cupboard and bring the dishes to the table.

Jiang Miao Miao lifted the lid of another pot, and the rice inside was already cooked.

“Meimu, Lu Qiming, dinner is ready.”

She yelled a few times, but no one answered and went to the window on the second floor to look towards the lake.

Under the beautiful sunset, her man and dog slowly walk home on the green lawn.

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