Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #45

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Chapter 45

The third-year student fan was in a mixed mood. She was happy to be flipped by the main owner and was a bit at a loss to face countless teaching materials. She glanced at the teaching materials next.


Is it true?

Soon she had the answer.

It is true.

Not only did Gardenia, who came to see off the plane, come out and say that they had allowed Shi Zhi to take time to flip the flop, but Shi Zhi went straight to the end.

She left a message for a high school fan.

Shizhi V: Study hard. Remember to clock in on your progress. Do you need me to send you five or three?

High school fan: !!!

May 3rd arrived late.

The onlookers and netizens were going crazy with laughter. This melon is too sand sculpture!

They’ve figured out the whole process—

Shi Zhi’s fans went to send her off the plane and asked Shi Zhi to turn over the cards. Shi Zhi found the high school fan’s message and then really responded to her.

One comment got a lot of approval: Why didn’t Shi Zhi like that comment but rush to the other party’s homepage? The answer was that you can only click on one comment, but you can click on a dozen on the homepage and memorize more than a dozen books. (no)

Are you happy? Everyone wanted to know what this Gardenia thought and whether it would turn pink and black on the spot.

High school fan: Thank you, I am so happy that I am about to ascend to heaven!

There’s pain and happiness. I had to fulfill my promise even if I gritted my teeth. I can’t lose my face, nor can I lose Uncle Shi Zhi’s face. I will check-in. Everyone is welcome to supervise.

That is……

“Forget about the “Five-Year College Entrance Examination and Three-Year Simulation,” Don’t spend money. I have it.” After all, she is in their third year of high school.

By the way, confess to Shi Zhi, and looking at Shi Zhi’s photo, she thinks she can do it.

Gardenia, never give up!

Everyone was wondering if Shi Zhi senior high school fan, would really memorize textbooks, so she also gained a lot of fans. No matter how busy she was, she would come up on time to report the itinerary.

In the end, she was successfully admitted by the ace major of the top school. Along with the admission notice, there were a lot of words of thanks.

Her academic performance has always been good, but she has become irritable after studying, and her mentality has collapsed. Shi Zhi’s words made her regain her motivation to study.

Thank you for the hilarity, and also, thank Shi Zhi for the message. Life is endless, and star chasing is endless!

Of course, this is something to talk about, and now she is still a third party in high school which is closely watched by everyone, and she has to work hard to memorize some textbooks.

Shi Zhi finished all this swiftly. She didn’t know how to give back to everyone but didn’t expect to see such a message.

Then… Urge them to study.

Want to Like? It’s easy. If it wasn’t for the fact that there aren’t so many textbooks, children would become stupid if they learn too much. Shi Zhi can order more.

On the contrary, Brother Quan contacted Shi Zhi urgently. He didn’t stay with her this time, thinking that Shi Zhi’s account had been hacked. After knowing the ins and outs, Brother Quan couldn’t explain it.

He choked out one, “Don’t do this next time.” This is when we just got fans, and she is so anxious that the fans turn black!

Shi Zhi responded a few times indiscriminately, it sounds like she heard it, but it’s not sure whether she would do it or not.

Arriving in the city where the variety show was recorded, Shi Zhi, Bai Wu, and Ning Jiachi met at the local airport. Everyone was in a different place before, so they made an appointment in the group in advance to meet at the airport.

Everyone is already familiar with each other, and they have contacts in private. Shi Zhi rescued Bai Wu, and they even created a CP; this is the third variety show that Shi Zhi and Ning Jiachi collaborated on.

Ning Jiachi was able to say big things last time, saying that he could bring Shi Zhi, but this time he completely gave up.

As soon as he saw Shi Zhi, he cupped his hands towards her extremely dramatically, “Sister Shi, I’m depending on you this time!”

Ning Jiachi shouted in the secret room to protect Shi Zhi and then ran around carrying the door that Shi Zhi had removed. He had already been ridiculed by his fans. What’s the point? Just enjoy lying down and winning.


“I prepared my own bowls and chopsticks.”

Shi Zhi: ???

What tableware.

She initially thought that Ning Jiachi was joking, and Bai Wu thought so too and then saw Ning Jiachi take a huge bowl and spoon from his backpack.

Just waiting for sister Shi to cook.

The child is starving.

Shi Zhi readily agreed, “Okay!”

“I’ll treat you to a big meal, okay?”

Ning Jiachi: That’s a good relationship!

Shi Zhi had already taken out a big bag and told Ning Jiachi.

“Just use this to pack the ingredients.”

Ning Jiachi, “Sister Shi, what feast do you want to eat?” eager to try.

“Have you prepared your own ingredients?”

“I think the program team can’t let us take it.”

Usually, the program team does not allow anything to be brought during the official recording. Last time in “Our Village,” Ning Jiachi hid three lollipops.

Shi Zhi shook her head and said firmly, “No, this program group will definitely let me do it.”

As for the ingredients, Shi Zhi took the bag and shook it to the side twice, filling it with air instantly.

Shi Zhi told the dumbfounded Ning Jiachi, “The name of this feast is Northwest Wind.”

The northwest wind, the program team, definitely has nothing to do with it.

Shi Zhi, “I can also give you another dish called closing the door.”

Northwest wind and closed door inexplicably rhyme.

Ning Jiachi: “…”

Bai Wu beside him also had to admire: Well done! When they met, she was thinking about asking Shi Zhi to cook, and she saw Ning Jiachi was thinking about eating.

The three talked, laughed, and joined the “Super Challenge” program group.

Besides the three of them, there were three other people, Tian Hong, Annie, and Lu Dajun.

Tian Hong is an acquaintance from the village team, and everyone exchanges simple greetings; Lu Dajun, tall and burly, looks like an athlete, but he is a comedian because he can relax and play, so it is also very popular in variety shows.

Shi Zhi also watched the variety show he was on, which was entertaining.

Lu Dajun was very enthusiastic and chatted with everyone when he came up. His evaluation of Shi Zhi was, “If you weren’t good-looking, it would be a pity not to be a comedian. You can definitely do comedy.”

He was looking for a terrier specifically, and Shi Zhi became a terrier by himself.

Shi Zhi: How can I explain that the quality of that door and those railings are not up to standard?

Of course, no one believed it.

Annie and Shi Zhi just met some time ago and recorded “Sisters and Brothers Rush Forward” together. She officially announced that she would be on this show after Shi Zhi confirmed that she would be on this show. 

Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu also knew something. Anyway, Annie couldn’t do anything openly.

They voluntarily formed Shi Zhi’s team and wanted to make a move on Shi Zhi and pass their level first.

Randomly pick out one of the three, all of which are bigger than Annie’s fandom.

Annie did call her brother and sister dutifully. She didn’t look like she was going to be a demon.

This time the program was recorded in a small town with beautiful scenery. Everyone will spend a few days here together. The program group briefly introduced the town. The town has a long history and culture. There are many traditional craftsmen.

But now, with the development of the times, a large number of young people go out, and traditional handicrafts have gradually begun to face the situation that no one inherits and no one understands.

This time they will carry out tasks around this theme. The six people will be divided into two groups, and the winning group will donate a Hope Primary School to the local area in their names.

Shi Zhi followed suit, and she understood that while completing tasks, everyone was also experiencing various projects and promoting traditional handicraft intangible culture in the form of variety shows.

Makes sense.

Ning Jiachi beeped softly, “We want to get this spot.”

Donating to Hope Primary School in their name is too prestigious.

Shi Zhi told Ning Jiachi, “We may not be in the same group.”

Although the three of them are better together.

But today may be lucky. The lottery format allowed Shi Zhi, Ning Jiachi, and Bai Wu to live together.

In order to make it easier for everyone to find, the program group has distributed a map to each group, and you can roughly see the coordinates of several mission points.

Shi Zhi pointed to the map, “Let’s go here first, Folk Street.” Folk Street is the closest.

They compare who can complete the fastest and get the most clearance cards within the specified time. According to Shi Zhi’s thinking, they went to the nearest first.

“To the north.”

Now you can rush.

Do you understand what she means?

Ning Jiachi: I understand, I understand.

“…But North, where is it?”

Bai Wu: She doesn’t know either.

They can’t recognize the southeast or northwest and just follow the navigation.

Shi Zhi: “Huh?”

The young people didn’t know, and the other group of older Tian Hong and Lu Dajun didn’t know either.

Shi Zhi knew it well and motioned for the other two to follow her.

The members of Lu Dajun’s team watched Shi Zhi leave helplessly. Annie pointed at their figures, “Can we follow?”

Lu Dajun praised Annie for her excellent thinking. Although she didn’t know where North was and couldn’t find the mission point, it seemed that Shi Zhi knew it, so they could follow Shi Zhi!

So Shi Zhi took Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu, and the other three followed them to Folk Street.

Various craftsmen are scattered in the folk street, waiting for everyone to find the experience to unlock.

There are uncles performing on the street.

Shi Zhi said: “Shake the diabolo.”

(Often called the Chinese Yo-Yo, the Diabolo is a challenging yet fun skill toy. Once the Diabolo is spinning, it will balance on the string suspended between the two sticks. With practice, a performer can loop, hop, flip, throw, catch, etc.)

The uncle has already heard what Shi Zhi said. As a qualified NPC, he stopped his movements and said to the six people with a smile, “Little girl knows a lot. This is indeed a diabolo. Are you interested? Follow along. Do you want to study?”

Shi Zhi: Even if you don’t want to learn it, you should learn it.

Isn’t the Diabolo next to them just for them?

Shi Zhi pointed at the pile of diabolos.

The director paid attention to this side. He wanted to say something to Shi Zhi: do you want to tear down the stage?

Shi Zhi didn’t say it clearly.

Ning Jiachi: “Learn, learn, start now?” Don’t waste time. Hurry up and finish your studies. There are a lot of tasks waiting for them in this folk street.

The uncle who plays the Diabolo has already started teaching everyone to learn, which is what the program group most wants to see.

It’s everyone’s embarrassment. Every artist who is usually glamorous has stiff hands and feet and frowning faces after being tortured by Diabolo, which is very funny.

The director instructed, “Be sure to record the guests’ expressions during the filming!” All of them must be emoticons.

Everyone failed one after another, Bai Wu seemed to be a very reliable person, but she couldn’t shake it at all. Still shaking, that thing was not obedient at all, and she couldn’t even keep her balance, and she kept falling to the ground.

Are they shaking the Diabolo, or is the Diabolo shaking them?

The uncle playing the Diabolo used the identity of coming over with his hands behind his back.

“Do not be afraid.”

Ning Jiachi pricked his ears, wanting to tell them, is it quick to get started?

Uncle Diabolo: “Take your time. It isn’t easy. It’s not bad if you can get it done in half a day, sir. I also practiced for many years to play like just now.”

Everyone: “…” All right, since it’s difficult, take your time, since no one knows how to do it anyway.

Then Shi Zhi’s voice sounded.

“Master, is that so?”

Everyone at the scene looked in Shi Zhi’s direction, and before everyone could stabilize the Diabolo, Shi Zhi was already shaking there.

Shi Zhi not only shakes one but can also shake two, and she is becoming more proficient.

The rest of the guests: ???

Director: ???

Shi Zhi, let you imitate, not let you surpass!

What was previously called dismantling, this one is absolute dismantling.

Uncle: “……”

That calmness was shattered, and there was nothing wrong with Shi Zhi’s shaking, so it could only be said that this might be talent.

He was still talking about this difficulty, and this female celebrity only studied it for ten minutes?

The uncle who played Diabolo initially thought that Shi Zhi might have experience. Still, Shi Zhi told him that she was really inexperienced. This was the first time she played. The uncle was even more heartbroken.

Ning Jiachi: wow! Sister Shi Cheer!

Bai Wu asked the program group, “Can we learn other things now?”

Everyone adopts a group according to the rules set by the program group. As long as one person learns it and is affirmed by the craftsman (juggling), he can learn the next thing after passing the test.

After all, it’s more complicated to let everyone learn it. If someone doesn’t open that trick, can’t they keep learning here for the past few days without doing anything else?

Shi Zhi finished Diabolo in ten minutes, and the director had to let them go.

Shi Zhi: Alright, go find the rest of the craftsmen in Folk Street.

Annie’s group will continue to struggle with the Diabolo.

The three of them were walking on the road. Shi Zhi thought about it, asked questions, and took a shot.

“Did I learn a bit too fast, and the effect of the program was not achieved?”

Cameraman: “It’s not that you’re a quick learner. You’re a speedy learner.”

Ning Jiachi: “Regardless of whether it is effective or not, as long as it wins!” He was still wishing that the primary school would have his name.

Shi Zhi said to the cameramen: “It’s okay. I can act.”

It’s not that she doesn’t understand the program group. She knows that everyone has to show some gimmicks. The problem is not big. She can perform her acting skill.

So in the next sugar painting, Shi Zhi began to struggle with the program’s effect.

She yelled, “It’s very difficult.”

“It’s really not easy to get started.”

Shaking her head and sighing, everything was arranged.

If the movements of her hands are not so steady, if no lifelike bird is on it.

Program group: “…”

The bird was what Ning Jiachi wanted, and Bai Wu was obediently waiting for her big dragon. Shi Zhi said that everything could be arranged, and after handing the bird to Ning Jiachi, she began to draw the big dragon.

While Shi Zhi was drawing, she could continue to ask advice from the director, “Isn’t it possible to edit?”

“Then cut out my words and make some failure scenes, and that’s it.”

The director didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: You know too much, even this shocking secret!

He still told the cameramen, “You told Shi Zhi not to act. Just do as you like.”

It’s also good. After all, Shi Zhi is yelling that it’s difficult and done so well 

and quickly, no matter what. This is a floating drama.

What’s more, the young master of learning. Shi Zhi opened up and crushed the audience. Compared with the Annie group, it is also very fragrant.

On Ning Jiachi’s side, relying on Shi Zhi, it’s almost a win all the way, while Annie is still fighting with Diabolo, and she doesn’t know when it will end.

After Shi Zhi heard that she was not needed to perform, she became more comfortable. The performance hindered her speed. She was considerate of the program group, but the program group did not appreciate it.

After handing the painted dragon to Bai Wu, Shi Zhi drew a rabbit for herself.

Ning Jiachi commented: “It’s pretty cute.”

“Sister Shi, you are quite a girl.”

He’s still holding up his candy bird drawing.

The program team also felt that Shi Zhi was quite girly, and among the three sugar paintings, the rabbit was the cutest.

Shi Zhi: “Really?”

She studied it for a moment.

Then she opened her mouth and bit off the head of the sugar painting rabbit.

Ning Jiachi: “…”

Bai Wu: “…”

Shi Zhi gnawed, it really looked good, and it tasted delicious. Although the ingredients were the same, the mood was different.

Ning Jiachi: He was wrong. Compared to Sister Shi, he seems to be a little girlier.

Shi Zhi quickly finished eating the sugar paintings, and they passed the sugar painting level. They still had to find another craftsman.

Bai Wu told the two people, “Lu Dajun has been following us.”

When Shi Zhi turned her head, she did see a sneaky figure not far away.

Lu Dajun planned to follow Shi Zhi’s route. They couldn’t find the way, but Shi Zhi’s side was faster, so they let Shi Zhi explore the way, which can significantly improve the efficiency of things. Just run to the next location.

Annie and Tian Hong continued to finish the Diabolo task on the spot. Lu Dajun had already caught up and followed Shi Zhi and the others to know the location of the sugar painting craftsman.

After being discovered, Lu Dajun was confident and waved at Shi Zhi.

Ning Jiachi: “Too arrogant!”

Follow along, okay?

“The location we finally found couldn’t be cheaper for them.”

In fact, it was not difficult. Shi Zhi found a place quite quickly, but everyone felt the other team could not be cheaper. After all, there was competition.

The program group arranged two teams to see everyone come and go and play tricks on each other. Finally, it was the turn of this scene.

The director pricked up his ears and asked the on-site staff to tune in. He wanted to hear what Ning Jiachi had to say.

Ning Jiachi: “Let’s go in the opposite direction for our next location. For example, let’s go to the left and right…”

There is nothing wrong with this idea, and no discussion about cheating people.


Bai Wu asked Ning Jiachi: “Is your voice a little louder?”

More than a little bigger.

Shi Zhi said: “Shall I find another speaker for you?” so the whole town could hear Ning Jiachi’s voice.

Ning Jiachi beeped loudly about his strategy over there, but the program crew didn’t expect it at all, and Lu Dajun was stunned.

The opposing team, what are these ways?

Play self-detonation.

This path is wild. They really didn’t treat him as one of their own.

Shi Zhi commented: “Probably… Is this a legendary conspiracy?”

The director didn’t get over it at first, but he really wanted to laugh out loud when he got over it.

There are conspiracies, and there are overt schemes. Conspiracies come secretly, and overt schemes are open and aboveboard.

Is there something wrong, nothing wrong!

Lu Dajun was already happy to see the direction Shi Zhi and the others were going, so he grinned and ran back.

He found his team members who were still struggling with Diabolo again.

“Ning Jiachi said to do some tricks and let us find the wrong way, but I heard it.”

“They have already seen me, so according to this logic, they also know that we will not trust her, and the next direction… will choose the right one!”

Originally, Ning Jiachi intended to mislead them, but since they had been heard, Ning Jiachi would also make adjustments.

Tian Hong made some calculations and found it to be true.

However, Lu Dajun was still lost.

Because Shi Zhi decided to use his tricks and engage in a game within a game.

She also figured out the psychology over there. They would think in reverse, so Shi Zhi still led the team in the wrong direction, according to Ning Jiachi’s previous idea.

Soldiers never tire of cheating.

Lu Dajun, “…” Looking around, he didn’t see Shi Zhi’s figure. Where did he follow?

At the same time, the team Shi Zhi was in the right place, quietly studying for a long time.

Program group: It’s too exciting, it’s too exciting!

Shi Zhi’s team is doing well, and the process is advancing rapidly, while Annie’s team is still struggling with Diabolo.

In the end, they started to make trouble in silence, constantly disrupting the progress of Shi Zhi’s group.

Often in the process of doing something, seeing that it is about to be completed, they come out in shock, their hands shake, their efforts are in vain, and everything has to be done again.

Shi Zhi’s group was unbearably disturbed.

Ning Jiachi rolled up his sleeves, “It’s okay. I’ll go find their place.”

Dare to bully his team members and friends?

Soon, Ning Jiachi returned dejectedly.

Shi Zhi glanced at him, “Have you found their place?”

Ning Jiachi: “…No.”

He didn’t get back to the field, and the three were still there, one against three. He had no chance of winning at all.

Shi Zhi: She still has to do it.

When Shi Zhi rushed to Lu Dajun’s place, Lu Dajun was alone. Annie and Tian Hong all went to Shi Zhi’s side to make trouble.

“Aren’t you going now?”

The camera that followed Shi Zhi asked Shi Zhi, who was squatting aside and observing in secret.

Shi Zhi shook her head, “No.”

“Was I useful in the past? But He can’t even hold a diabolo.”

King’s contempt.

“Wait until he is about to succeed before attacking.”

Cameramen: Such a beautiful face, such a cruel heart.

Shi Zhi waited for the opportunity very comfortably. Still, when Shi Zhi hid, there was a burst of exclamation from there.


Lu Dajun finally discovered that neither of his team members could be relied upon, so he might as well come here.

And when pondering alone, he stabilized the Diabolo, and his brows were full of joy.

At this time, Shi Zhi stood up and walked towards Lu Dajun.

Lu Dajun was still waiting to stabilize the Diabolo and began to shake. He finally saw the dawn of victory and then met a smiling face.

He stuttered out of fear.

“Shi… Shi Zhi…”


Shi Zhi nodded, “Brother, I’m here to see you.”

Lu Dajun was about to cry, “Big sister, brother is wrong. You don’t need to look at me. You go back quickly!”

There were no team members around him, and there was no way to stop Shi Zhi, and he still had to be careful with his movements.

Shi Zhi was holding a wooden stick in her hand, planning to sabotage it. Lu Dajun was quick to use his wits.


“Listen to me, listen to me…you are a princess, aren’t you? I am also a princess!”

Shi Zhi’s identity as Disney’s house-demolition princess has been known by many people, and this program group is also aware of it.

However, Lu Dajun is a tall, thick man pretending to be a princess.

This TM is, at most, a father-in-law!

Shi Zhi also said: ???

Feeling that he had found a clear path, Lu Dajun calmed down, “Princess, why bother to embarrass the Princess? Are you right…Princess Shi Zhi, let me go.”

Shi Zhi: “No, I’m not a princess anymore. I’ve upgraded.”

“I am the queen, the wicked stepmother of the princess.”

“Princess, I’m sorry.”

Then, under Lu Dajun’s unbelievable gaze, the vicious stepmother Shi Zhi raised her wooden stick and poked at the Diabolo.

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