One Can’t Judge by Appearance #79

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Chapter 79

“Do you think that many reporters are secretly filming us?” Yan Xi whispered in Yuan Yi’s ear, “Maybe I shouldn’t be here today. The reporters on the scene don’t care about the game anymore. Their eyes are full of gossip.”

“Curiosity makes people progress and makes people’s lives more interesting.” Yuan Yi put his hand on Yan Xi’s shoulder, lowered his head, and said in Yan Xi’s ear, “They watch as much as they like, I am handsome, and you are beautiful, and they see it. It doesn’t hurt either.”

Let the whole country know that he and Yan Xi are a couple, lest some people come to be the third and fourth. If you want to dig a corner, not only is there no door, no windows, you don’t even have a tunnel.

Your gossip gets more attention than the game you developed. What are you proud of? Although Yuan Yi’s sitting posture has not changed, nor has his eyes changed, Yan Xi can tell at a glance that he is secretly twitching. Even the corners of his mouth are turned up.

On the big screen are a short promotional video of the mobile game, gorgeous robes, handsome appearance, and high playability. Compared with crude mobile games, this game called “Hua Feng Xiu Xian Ji” can throw 18 streets, but Yan Xi worried that this kind of literary style was not to the player’s liking.

“This game is not only different from the current popular name style but even the content is strictly based on historical culture and myths and legends.” Yuan Yi pointed to a female character number on the screen, “The clothing and hairstyles of all characters are based on the background of the times. And her living environment, if players can learn about the traditional culture of our country while playing the game, that would be great.”

“Isn’t making such a game a lot of money?” Yan Xi looked at the exquisite character designs and the beautiful battle scenes and felt money burning in the raging fire.

“Early investment requires a lot of effort to attract more players,” Yuan Yi said with a smile. “Although the mobile game market is very profitable, the requirements of domestic players are getting higher and higher. Shoddy games may make a lot of money by relying on publicity. But players are not fools. This will not only have no positive impact on the domestic game industry but even the company’s reputation will be greatly affected.”

“I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t play games, but you are very concerned about the country and the people in the game market.” Everyone said that the serious look is the most handsome. Listening to Yuan Yi’s theory of making games, Yan Xi feels that he is shining today.

“No matter what industry, although there are unscrupulous businesses, there is no shortage of conscientious enterprises.” Yuan Yi said thoughtfully, “I can’t let others when mentioning your man. The first impression is that of a hateful capitalist who makes unscrupulous money.”

“So I’m so important?” Yan Xi chuckled, “Sweet talk.”

“As a qualified boyfriend, honesty and duty are my greatest strengths.”

Inexplicably, Yan Xi felt that Yuan Yi’s words sounded familiar as if she had told him not long ago? Could it be…she taught Yuan Yi badly?

The promotional conference was very successful. Yan Xi even saw some reporters take out their mobile phones to scan the QR code of the promotional poster after the conference and start downloading the game.

No wonder Hengtai distributed red envelopes and gifts to not only all reporters on site but also distributed game gift package verification codes. The main intention was here.

Yan Xi took out her mobile phone and downloaded a game client for herself. After downloading the game, start the game. Inside is the gorgeous opening animation, and the male and female voice dubber is so nice to hear that it makes people reluctant to press fast forward.

Just this opening remark shows how many voice controls must be pulled into the game pit.

The game designed by Yuan Xiaoer is really well-made, but it is also very ambitious.

“Mr. Yuan, Ms. Yan, please stay.” A young reporter wearing glasses said, “May I ask if the two of you are appearing together in public because the wedding is approaching?”

Reporters all around looked sideways and then turned on the recording equipment and photography equipment.

Yan Xi saw that the intern reporter was crowned by the reporter’s job card, so she stopped in her tracks: “He and I often appear in public, but everyone doesn’t know about it.”

The intern reporter asked again: “Do you two intend to get married?”

“I didn’t expect you to be a marriage urge at such a young age.” Yan Xi was half joking, half advising, “This is not very good.”

The reporters around were amused by Yan Xi’s words, and the intern reporter blushed at everyone’s laughter. Yan Xi and these reporters can be regarded as half colleagues. She knows that these reporters want to interview some topical news. Still, most of the reporters on the scene are very smart and will never ask about this gossip in front of Yuan Yi. This intern reporter was obviously inexperienced, so he was encouraged by the old senior to ask questions, humiliating him alone and benefiting all the reporters present.

“Yan Xi and I are together because of love, so of course, we also have the idea of getting married. But marriage is a big deal, and I can’t disrespect my lover’s idea just because I want to get married. If we have an engagement date, I will definitely announce it.” Yuan Yi embraced Yan Xi’s shoulders and said calmly, facing the camera, “Xiao Xi and I are just ordinary couples. I hope all reporters and friends will pay little attention. Thank you all.”

The reporters are all good people. They know that Yuan Yi is always dissatisfied with people using gossip to affect Yan Xi’s life and work. Although Yan Xi is a female host, her private life is very simple. Even the content of the host program is not linked to entertainment. Even on Weibo, the only artist who is related to her is the popular Xu Qiaosheng. However, everyone knows that Xu Qiaosheng is Yuan Yi’s cousin, and they are relatives.

If it was other artists, they would definitely continue to ask questions. Still, hosts like Yan Xi, most of them, would stop in moderation, so everyone stopped filming wisely.

What Yuan Yi said just now was enough for them to write a news article.

What is “I can’t disrespect my lover’s ideas just because I want to get married”? The meaning inside and outside the words is that he has the desire to get married, but the woman doesn’t have this idea yet!

Wealthy and powerful…a handsome man who is a bit fierce wholeheartedly wants to marry his girlfriend and waits silently until she wants it to. What deep love is this? Based on this sentence, they can make up a 200,000-word romance novel, “The Gentle President Falls in Love with Me.”

Before leaving the reporter’s sight, Yan Xi kept smiling softly. When the two got into the car, she raised her eyebrows and looked at Yuan Yi with crossed arms: “Want to get married?”

Yuan Yi, who was overwhelmed, returned to his senses, bent down to fasten Yan Xi’s seat belt, and gently pulled Yan Xi’s hand around her chest while buckling it: “Take out your hand, and I will fasten your seat belt for you. “

Yan Xi released her hands, held Yuan Yi’s cheeks, and squeezed her sexy lips into pouts: “Say, did you already have plans for me?”

“Didn’t I have plans for you a long time ago?” Yuan Yi buckled his seat belt and said confidently: “Think about it and not break the law. Didn’t someone say that love that doesn’t presuppose marriage is all hooliganism?”

When he said this, he had already forgotten his elder brother and his girlfriend, who was said to be unmarried.

“Then, according to your logic, how many hooligans do we have in our country?” Yan Xi was defeated by his shameless logic, “If you say this in front of reporters, the reporters will embellish you, and they will write you as the desperate man in a bitter drama. The main character.”

“I’m the hero in a bitter drama, and you look like the heroine in a bitter drama, so aren’t we a natural match?” Yuan Yi said triumphantly, “That’s good.”

“But you are a male lead of a bitter drama, and a girlfriend like me can only be cannon fodder for a female lead. I look like the heroine of a bitter drama, and the man I am matched with is either scum, stupid, or physically defective. There are not many in my family. The good relatives are ashamed to call themselves bitter dramas.” Yan Xi rolled her eyes, “The routes are different. How can we be a natural couple?”

“Nonsense, the two of us are an innovative bitter drama.” Yuan Yi pouted a few times, “Don’t say such unlucky words. If you are the cannon fodder female supporting role, then I will be the cannon fodder male supporting role. Anyway, we are both matches made in heaven.”

Yan Xi: …

Who on earth made Yuan Xiaoer so shameless?

Yuan Yi had to go back to the company for a meeting and rushed back to the company after sending Yan Xi home. After Yan Xi took off her makeup, she turned on the computer and opened the Weibo friend group in the chat software.

These well-known bloggers on Weibo chat enthusiastically about Yuan Yi and Yan Xi’s gossip, saying that Yan Xi saved the universe in her previous life, which is why such an excellent character is so devoted to her.

Yan Xi, who saved the universe, silently flipped through the chat records. It turned out that a reporter on the Internet had already posted the video of Yuan Yi answering the interview on the Internet, which attracted a lot of people watching. Her friends on Weibo also took the opportunity to gain popularity. They forwarded a few fun questions on Weibo.

Seeing them guess what kind of magic power she has, Yan Xi couldn’t help thinking that if someday these people knew she was Yan Xi, would they be scared to death?

Xiaoxiliu (Little stream): It doesn’t matter whether Yan Xi saves the universe or not. The important thing is that Hengtai has recently developed a game that attaches great importance to the role of online promotion. Are you interested in accepting a complete set of advertisements?

There are many methods of Weibo marketing, including writing jokes or dry advertising Weibo. The more acceptable online advertising method is to write fanart and humorous articles, and the complete set of publicity is more complicated. It is not easy for people to see this advertisement, and the cost is also high.

Yan Xi’s words shocked more than a dozen people in the group. Because they have been in the same group for so long, they have never seen Yan Xi accept the advertisement, not even the fanart of the advertisement.

Mom, hit me again: Xiaoxiliu, do you have any difficulties in life? We have known each other for two or three years. Although we have never met, we can be regarded as two-dimensional friends. I dare not lend you too much money. Food money still dares to lend you.

Baby bunny only eats meat: I am more generous than one. I can lend you money to buy clothes.

Yan Xi watched these friends care about her in a teasing tone so as not to embarrass herself. It was both touching and funny.

Xiaoxiliu (Little stream): I’m pretty good, don’t make up a life inspirational drama out of your brains. I have my people at Hengtai, who already plan to advertise on the Internet. Of course, I will leave this opportunity to make money for you.

Mom hit me again: pick up, pick up. I will definitely answer the promotion of a big company like Hengtai. But you, Xiaoxiliu, have a good relationship with Hengtai internally. No wonder you can withstand the temptation of money, don’t accept Weibo advertisements and still follow each other on Weibo with Hengtai’s boss. Rich people are always willful.

Yan Xi thought silently: When you find out that I am the girlfriend of the boss of Hengtai, will you be scared to cry?

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