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Chapter 40

Shi Zhi thinks that being a person should not be too double-standard, let alone whether you enjoy the blessings or not. Everyone is here, so let’s take this difficulty together.

The Grandma’s son: ?

Netizens who are watching the live broadcast: ?

Shi Zhi had already sorted out all the bills, and while pulling the grandma’s son, she showed him with a sharp tongue.

“The medical and nursing expenses for the years when grandma was ill… oh, the food and hospitalization expenses are not included in it. Just consider it my filial piety, and count the medical and nursing expenses.”

“Tell me directly if you have any objection, and I will answer it on the spot.” She is fair and innocent and will not use this to deceive people.

Say half and half, don’t take advantage of any petty gains, and don’t engage in false account fraud.

“……How many?”

Hundreds and tens of thousands, even if split in half, are several million.

Over there, Brother Quan has already posted the detailed list on the Internet. People can clearly see every expense from the grandma’s illness.

Where has the grandma’s son seen so much money? Even if he sells his assets, he can’t get it out. He originally wanted to get a fortune from Shi Zhi, but he didn’t get the money. How could he be in debt?!

His face was flushed red, showing a terrified look, and he wanted to shake off Shi Zhi’s hand.

Then Shi Zhi grabbed him tightly.

“Aren’t you a family member? Why are you so unfamiliar? You said you missed me so much that you couldn’t sleep. Why am I not?”

Everyone is thinking about money.

Shi Zhi: “So, when will the account be settled?” I, Shi Zhi, send me money!

The grandma’s grandson was also anxious when he saw that Shi Zhi had been holding onto his father and wanted them to pay compensation.

A sentence burst out, “Aren’t you cheating money!”

The netizens in the live broadcast room were stunned by this reversal and got too much information.

First, the family didn’t even know their mother’s (grandmother’s) birthday. Then they accused her of being unfilial, and Shi Zhi, who never saw them until the last time the grandma passed away, paid her medical expenses for so many years.

Hearing what Shi Zhi meant, when the family saw that the grandma was sick, they ran away regardless?

Now that the grandma’s grandson said that Shi Zhi was cheating money, the netizens all laughed angrily.

“Good guy, I just call him a good guy. Let me take a look. After the grandma got sick, her own son and grandson ran away. At that time, a little girl who hadn’t graduated treated the grandma and sent her on her final journey. Now this group has come out and wants to be related to Shi Zhi?”

“Cheating money, who is cheating whose money? Should Shi Zhi say this?!”

“Well done, Uncle Shi asked for the money back when she supported it. It’s millions.”

In fact, Shi Zhi also thought it was quite magical. She, who was thought of and almost cheated of money, has now become a cheater of money.

But it also shows that she is very successful, right?

Shi Zhi looked at the grandma’s grandson with a disapproving expression.

“How can a family matter be called cheating money?”

“This is clearly sharing joys and sorrows.”

Blessed is the same. It is difficult to be the same. Let’s find out?

Just use the rhetoric of their family.

At that time, the family of three always took the family matters and talked about things with family affection. At that time, Zhi also wanted to use magic to defeat magic.

Magic beats magic, and it does work.

The expressions of the family of three became ugly. They were not educated at all, and now they are even more outspoken, like——

“It was you who insisted on spending money for her. We didn’t say we wanted to treat her illness. You can’t rely on us!” Such words can be said.

They fear they will have to pay millions of medical expenses.

The audience in the live broadcast room saw this. Even the Holy Mother couldn’t use the microphone to speak for the family of three.

The ugliness is exposed, and the ground is full of feathers.

Brother Quan knew that Shi Zhi had already won at this point.

Coming out of the TV station, the assistant quietly asked the woman beside her.

“Sister Shi, are you sad…” If you are sad, Sister Shi can lean on my shoulder.

From the assistant’s point of view, that family is, of course, not worthy of sympathy. Still, no matter how you say it, it’s consistent with Sister Shi’s childhood. Sister Shi didn’t show sadness on stage, so she probably felt uncomfortable.

Then she saw Shi Zhi turn around with a smiling face, and she asked the assistant in a tone that hadn’t completely faded away the excitement, “What did you just say?”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that.”

As soon as it was over, Shi Zhi couldn’t wait to contact the butler to ask how the business was going. According to her expectation, many people would be watching the live broadcast. As she said, the butler had already implanted the family’s industrial advertisements.

The butler reported a string of numbers to Shi Zhi, which was astonishing.

Shi Zhi was preoccupied with making a lot of money, so she didn’t hear what the assistant was saying.

The assistant looked at Shi Zhi and couldn’t find even the slightest bit of sadness on her face.

“… It’s nothing. I asked Sister Shi if you wanted something to eat.”

Sorry to bother you.

Shi Zhi felt it, “I’m not hungry either.”

“Are you hungry?”

She glanced at her phone, it was already past four o’clock in the afternoon, and it was almost time for dinner.

Shi Zhi asked Brother Quan, “Do you know where they live?”

They were referring to the family of three.

Shi Zhi was already thinking that if Brother Quan didn’t know, she would ask the butler to find out. She believed that the almighty butler could find out.

However, Brother Quan is also very reliable. He reported the name of a hotel and had already checked it in advance.

Shi Zhi clicked her tongue, “They still live in a star hotel. It’s so extravagant.”

Brother Quan: “I guess it was given by the TV station over there.”

It was the TV station of the “Youth My Type” program. They really wanted Shi Zhi to be unlucky.

“Why are you asking this?”

Brother Quan’s eyelids twitched, and when he looked at Shi Zhi from the rearview mirror, he vaguely felt that Shi Zhi was full of bad intentions.

Shi Zhi waved her hand, “I’ll invite everyone to a star hotel for a big meal.” This time, she made a lot of money and didn’t feel bad about inviting the staff around her.

By the way, go to block the family of three again.

Shi Zhi: “Cultivate family ties. It’s unreasonable for a family to live so far away!”

Brother Quan: It’s true that you can’t throw them with a discussion on the show, and now you plan to compete on the show?

According to Brother Quan’s thinking, after the show ended with that family, there would be no more interaction. Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi would join in.

The team members in the van cheered. Sister Shi will invite them to a star hotel for a big meal today.

Someone said: “I know that one. Their buffet at night is super good, and the desserts are especially delicious.” Looking eagerly.

Shi Zhi: “No problem, make arrangements.”

Everyone was shouting: “Sister Shi, I love you!” Woohoo always loved Sister Shi and wanted to give birth to a monkey for Sister Shi.

Shi Zhi: It’s better to avoid giving birth to monkeys.

A family of three walked towards the hotel with dishevelled faces, unaware of the imminent danger.

The grandma’s daughter-in-law muttered, “Why is that girl so quick-spoken now?” And she actually asked them for money, which they never dreamed of.

She pushed her husband again: “We really can’t get it?”

The grandma’s grandson complained: “You promised to buy me the latest Apple mobile phone. My classmate has already bought it. Show off to me!”

The grandma’s son frowned, “Buy, buy, buy. I didn’t say I wouldn’t buy it for you. Mobile phones are nothing. We have to lose several villas… I wanted to buy a villa for you when you marry a wife.”

He wanted it but didn’t want it, and it was obviously not good.

The TV station he had been in touch with didn’t answer his calls for half a day, and after he answered, he was very indifferent and asked them not to call again. As for the hotel, they would not pay them anymore.

This is the last night.

“Miss me?”

While the family of three were discussing Shi Zhi, the Lord also got out of the car and appeared in front of them with a smile on her face.

A family of three: “???”

Shi Zhi glanced at the hotel, pointed, and said to the dumbfounded group, “You guys live here too?”

“What a coincidence, me too!”

Everyone in the team was holding back their laughter. What a coincidence. They were the ones chasing them here. Of course, to avoid spoiling Shi Zhi’s mood, they all pretended to be looking at the scenery.

Shi Zhi sighed, “I was worried you wouldn’t pay the millions, but now it seems you can. If you miss me, let’s chat and get in touch…By the way, how to pay back the money, in installments or in full Well, I personally prefer the latter.”

The family of three made another mistake. Shi Zhi actually blocked the door and asked for money!

They didn’t dare to say anything and quickly ran back to the room.

Living in a star hotel is not practical anymore.

The Grandma’s daughter-in-law: “…is it true that we must pay back the money?”

The Grandma’s son: “Otherwise, it’s still fake?”

The grandma’s daughter-in-law was scared but still held her spirits up, “We just won’t pay it back. What can she do? We can’t be forced to death!”

Anyway, they are the best at cheating.

But the grandson of the grandma was in a hurry to say.

“Mom and Dad, I heard that their circle is in chaos. Shi Zhi’s cousin may be supported by someone behind her. What if they cheat on us and chop off our hands if we don’t pay back the money?”

“And she can go to court to sue us.”

Now he doesn’t call Aunt Shi Zhi like in the show. He just talks like a faux pas.

He imagined the scene of his hands and feet being cut off, which scared his parents too.

It’s okay if their hands and feet are chopped off, but not their precious son. That’s the root of their family!

When the three of them think it out, they have to run.

Now they don’t think about asking Shi Zhi for money. Shi Zhi, a big star, is so unreasonable, and she wants to cheat their money… It’s more important to protect the only seedling at home.

They quickly packed their things and opened the door to leave with the big bag on their back. Then the door opposite opened, and a voice like a devil sounded.

“Where to go?”

The three of them froze immediately and looked over there.

Shi Zhi crossed her arms, leaning against the door frame and watching them. She raised her eyebrows.

“Why did you take so many things… Isn’t it to escape the debt?”

She directly expressed all the thoughts of the family of three.


They said awkwardly to Shi Zhi, “How could that be?”

They quickly returned to the room again.

Really have to escape!

Still can’t get out the door!

Shi Zhi lives on the opposite side.

Fortunately, the floor was not too high. It was on the second floor, so they pulled down the curtains, simply tied and wrapped them, and climbed down from the second floor along the curtains.

When they returned to the ground, they felt a little more at ease. There were no taxis or other means of transportation around. The old man’s son just swept two bicycles.

He was spoiled by his family. He usually does not work his limbs and does not distinguish between grains. He had never thought of riding a bicycle alone, and the three of them didn’t think there was any problem.

The grandma’s son asked him to sit behind his own bicycle. They had to get out of there quickly, and he started riding the bike.

Part 2

This time he finally moved, but there was a scream from behind.

“Ah, my feet!”

In the end, they didn’t ride it because the grandson’s foot got stuck in the wheel of the bicycle.

“Baby, are you alright?” Crying and crying, there was chaos.

He was sent to the hospital urgently for treatment.

The last family fled overnight on an electric tricycle, taking advantage of the darkness in a state of embarrassment.

After all, there are millions of debts.

The camera also captured their escape process, and someone posted it on the Internet.

Although the netizens couldn’t hear what they were talking about, they could see the picture. Naturally, they also saw the scene where the grandson got his foot stuck in the wheel, and his father didn’t stop the ride but stood up and pedaled again.

What kind of sand sculpture news is this, and they are rushing for business again?

But this person has run away. Shi Zhi can still ask for the money back?

“The family ran away.”

When Brother Quan told Shi Zhi, she was calm and slumped on the rocking chair, swaying around.

Still can ask with great interest, “How did they run?”

After Shi Zhi heard that they climbed down the stairs and even got stuck on bicycles, she really wanted to applaud.

It’s also fantastic.

“I didn’t expect them to be able to pay it back. Do you think they can afford it?”

It’s not enough to sell them, these kinds of people can only condemn them morally, and they are still the immoral type.

Brother Quan nodded, “…”

He felt that he was also stupid, and he could still think of scraping something from the family of three, but in fact, it was all that Shi Zhi could clarify.

“The main reason is that you have blocked the hotel, and I feel that your posture is quite sincere.” So even bringing him was led astray.

Shi Zhi affirmed, “I am sincere.”

“Sincerely, let them have a good time!”

Don’t make them feel good even if they don’t have money. Shi Zhi has done this for them, the posture of running away overnight.

Brother Quan: Well done!

Such a beautiful face, such a ruthless heart. He was so excited. She should be more ruthless when dealing with that kind of person.

Shi Zhi was also thinking: The family of three can’t afford the money, but she has to find someone to share it, and more or less have to help her pay the bill.

So Shi Zhi found the Almighty Butler.

“That TV station helped them mess with me, spread rumors and false information on their programs, as media people…do they have to pay some price, compensate for mental damage or something?”

All in all, it’s going to bleed a lot.

The butler instantly understood, “That’s definitely Missy.”

“Miss can just leave it to me. We have the best lawyer team in the country.”

The record of the law team is outstanding, and there is almost no lawsuit they cannot win.

Shi Zhi felt more comfortable.


The “Youth My Type” TV station feels that it has been really unlucky recently, to be precise… It’s bad luck.

Originally, they wanted to do a secret operation for the related parties in the show. Still, they didn’t expect that the other party would have to compare with the strongest one. Anyway, they did it anyway. They didn’t care what was said outside and thought it was honest and fair. Shi Zhi, as an inhuman person, detonated a giant bomb for them.

Although they couldn’t do anything to Shi Zhi at the time, it didn’t mean they didn’t hold grudges. After all, their TV station’s reputation was damaged, and they even paid Shi Zhi a large amount of liquidated damages.

Are you aggrieved? Aggrieved!

So when they accidentally learned that Shi Zhi’s “family” needed help and wanted to speak to Shi Zhi, they felt that the opportunity to destroy her had come.

Unfilial piety is a big deal. They were crushed by public opinion before, this time Shi Zhi was given a taste of it, so after busy work, there was an online preview, followed by a series of actions that broke the news on the show.

But who could have guessed what happened next?

How much money do you have to lose?

With a little calculation of the number of people who watched the opposite TV station that day and the estimate of the advertising expenses, a group of people who were originally very supportive suddenly lost their energy.

Are Shi Zhi’s “family members” all idiots!

How can even the elderly be treated? Shi Zhi has to spend money, and it has nothing to do with them. Such words can be said.

Seeing a crushing defeat, the TV station decided to give up Shi Zhi’s “family” and stop contacting them. They worked confidently for a while, but unexpectedly they became lonely.

But lonely, after all…

“We have received a lawyer’s letter.”

The matter between Shi Zhi and her family was not over yet. It wasn’t that there was any reversal but that someone started patching it up one after another.

Someone who claimed to be a care worker for the elderly came forward.

“I am the caregiver of the grandma. I didn’t realize that the little girl was a star, but I remembered she was gorgeous and left a deep impression on me… It is actually tough to treat such a disease. The grandma was originally not too young, and it is a day-to-day delay. The little girl didn’t tell the grandma how much she spent. The grandma could still feel that she didn’t want to be treated for a while and told me that she wanted to be discharged from the hospital and didn’t want to stay in the hospital. In fact, she is afraid of spending money.”

“The little girl took her hand and said, if you live one more day, I will be happier one more day. Please don’t leave me…you can hear my tears.”

“I took care of the grandma for more than a year. She was actually sick for a longer time. There was only this little girl by her side. There were no other family members. The son and daughter-in-law didn’t come out. I asked the grandma where her child was, and she said it was just this one family member. The rest are dead.”

“The relationship between the grandma and the little girl is absolutely good. The two depend on each other for life, and I don’t know where her son, who has never been seen, has a face!”

The nurse was filled with righteous indignation.

In fact, the entertainment industry has nothing to do with her. Still, it touched her deeply. Now seeing those unfilial people accusing Shi Zhi of being unfilial, she couldn’t help it.

In addition to the nurses, there are also classmates of the grandson who are patching.

“That’s my classmate, the famous gangster bully. He didn’t go to a good university, but a college that can be attended by paying tuition.”

“He is usually very naughty, spends a lot of money, and his electronic products are all the latest models. I do not see any family distress from him, and his father’s car is not cheap… When the class mentioned the outdated Shi Zhi, his word to Shi Zhi was particularly disrespectful. He also said that he knew Shi Zhi and that Shi Zhi was their family’s cash cow, but now it’s useless, we were still complaining about him in private, and he loves bragging all day long.”

Unexpectedly, it is true.

Their family really knew Shi Zhi.

Netizens were already disgusted by this shameless family who turned black and white while watching the show. After these two patches, the disgust level soared.

More details were exposed again. Where did the grandma’s son’s family ever work? They lived in a big house in the village and bullied the people. It’s a fake.

They are rascals. They are the local ruffians.

A reporter especially went to interview, and the villagers revealed that the grandma was pitiful. Her daughter-in-law chased and beat her when her legs and feet were still good. Fortunately, the adopted child was promising and took her away.

For a moment, netizens were silent and then spoke indignantly.

“The money to build a big house and buy a car is also from Shi Zhi, right?”

“They are really full of bad omen, they are so cheap, they made their mother the cash cow!”

“When I saw them jumping out of the window and running overnight, I still wanted to say don’t be hit. Now I have only one thought: why don’t you fall to your death?”

“Why are you pretending to be simple and beating the hard worker? How can you beat the workers so arrogantly?”

“Shi Zhi, she is really good.”

Shi Zhi was really kind, she was not ungrateful, and she gave everything to the grandma who adopted her until the end of her life.

“By the way… she took so many tv series before just to treat the elderly?”

As soon as these words came out, people suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment.

Every expense has a corresponding time, corresponding to when  Shi Zhi was still an Academy of Performing Arts student.

She made her debut earlier and became famous earlier. She was a rising popular artist with high-quality filming and aura at that time. Many people asserted that Shi Zhi might be Dahua’s successor.

But at a certain time, Shi Zhi began receiving all kinds of bad Mary Sue movies, slobber movies, and low-quality New Year movies. Fans went from being puzzled to disappoint and gradually became black fans. The audience also began to have feelings of disgust for Shi Zhi.

A good actor, how did she make herself like this?

Now corresponding to the time, everything is connected.

Because the grandma who raised her was sick, she needed money. Before that, she had quit an entertainment company with a bad reputation. It was also reported that Shi Zhi had to pay sky-high liquidated damages at that time.

In the face of the life and death of relatives, whether the film received was bad or not may not have mattered at that time.

That year, Shi Zhi was also found out by everyone. She was skinny, as if a gust of wind could lift her up, and she was very silent, like a delicate marionette.

In fact, at that time, she was still a college student, a college student who had no background and even carried a heavy burden.

Complicated feelings.

“Shi Zhi is now fully alive.”

“She must have had a hard time before. She is so skilled at cooking and knows wild fruits… The children of the poor have already taken charge of their families.”

“What is Shi Zhi doing now?”

What was Shi Zhi doing after all kinds of news were presented to the public?

After Shi Zhi listened to the butler’s report on how much the TV station had to pay, her invisible wallet instantly filled up a lot. As a rich man, Shi Zhi decided to reward herself with a noble sugar cane.

She cut the sugar cane into small sections and started to chew directly near the fruit stand. She usually didn’t peel the skin and passed it in the water. She liked the process of chewing.

Now that her teeth are healed, she can eat like this again.

The sugarcane was sweet enough to quench her thirst. After Shi Zhi finished eating the sugarcane, she received a call from Ning Jiachi.

“Sister Shi, I heard you were so hungry that you ate tree trunks?”

Shi Zhi: ? ??

What tree trunks do you eat?

The scene of Shi Zhi gnawing sugar cane on the street was also photographed. To be more realistic, after the turmoil, Shi Zhi gnawed sugar cane on the street, weak and helpless; Eating tree trunks has evolved.

Anyway, Shi Zhi was immediately labeled as poor.

Both Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu transferred money to Shi Zhi, especially Ning Jiachi who was extraordinarily loyal.

“Sister Shi, don’t worry about being bold. What’s mine is yours, yours…”

Shi Zhi continued: “It’s still mine.”

“No need.”

Shi Zhi was confused and didn’t accept the money. Still, many WeChat friends expressed strong concern for her, constantly feeling that Shi Zhi had been wronged, and no matter how Shi Zhi explained it, it was useless.

She had found out everyone didn’t want to think as long as they felt, so Shi Zhi could only agree.

Yes, yes, she is weak and helpless.

The first time is raw, and the second time is cooked.

She even sent a circle of friends moment.

[I was almost blackmailed, and I was frightened. You don’t need to send money. If everyone must express their willingness to be particularly strong, and if they can’t be persuaded, why not…send some souvenirs?]

Crazy hints.

Souvenirs are really delicious.

Shi Zhi also added later.

Don’t be sending a boy.

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