One Can’t Judge by Appearance #64

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Chapter 64 

After Yuan Yi left, Tao Ru and Yang Min approached, “Dahe, you can do it. The second boss actually listens to you like that.”

“What is obedient or disobedient? He is letting me,” Yan Xi was not angry when she was teased by her friends, “Let’s go, let’s continue shopping.”

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Tao Ru deliberately poked Yan Xi’s itchy flesh, “You will protect the face of your boyfriend in front of us, Yan Dahe. You have the opposite sex but no humanity.”

“Nonsense, I obviously have a flat bowl of water, but before, whoever calls someone a brother Yuan,” Yan Xi avoided Tao Ru’s tickling hand, “I still think my bowl of water is not flat. What about my face?”

“I can please the big shots, so what’s the use of my face,” the three of them laughed for a while, and Tao Ru was in a good mood, “However, seeing that the second boss treats you so well, I feel relieved.”

“It’s said that women chase men, but many people don’t cherish things that come easily. I’m afraid you’re too proactive, and Yuan Yi doesn’t take you seriously,” Tao Ru said with a relieved smile, “You just came to the imperial capital. I was not at ease at the time, but now it seems I think too much.”

“I know you are all doing it for my own good,” Yan Xi hugged the two friends and smiled, “I love you, okay?”

“Who’s talking about you? Shameless.” Yang Min pushed Yan Xi’s face away, pretending to be disgusted, “Go aside.”

Yan Xi covered her face and smiled as if the time had returned to three or four years ago when they were still students who didn’t have to worry about work and laughed carefree on the tree-lined path.

“President Yuan, we’re here.” After the driver stopped the car, he saw Yuan Yi resting on a chair and thought he was asleep, so he reminded him aloud.

“Thank you.” Yuan Yi opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and energetic, without any sleepiness.

After getting out of the car, Yuan Yi looked at the luxury villa in front of him, sighed and entered the door.

“Second Young Master is back,” the aunt invited by the family whispered when she saw him, “Mister may be in a bad mood, so don’t talk back to him later.” She has worked with Yuan’s family for several years. She knows that Yuan’s father-and-son relationship between them was a little indifferent. She is worried that there will be a quarrel later, so she persuades Yuan Yi first.

“Thank you, Aunt Wang, I see.”

“What are you dawdling at the door? Come in without changing your shoes?” Yuan Yasen went downstairs, saw Yuan Yi standing at the door, and frowned, “Are you finally willing to come back?”

Yuan Yi ignored him, bent over, put on his shoes, walked to the living room sofa, sat down, and called Dad.

“Xiaoer is back?” Xu Ya heard Yuan Yi’s voice and hurried down from the second floor, “Are you used to living alone outside? How about the security of the community?”

“It’s pretty good,” Yuan Yi saw that Xu Ya was about to peel an orange for himself and reached out to stop her movement, “Mom, I just came over after eating, and I can’t eat anything else.”

“Oh.” Xu Ya put down the orange, took out a tissue and wiped her hands carefully, even wiping her nails.

Yuan Yasen looked at his expressionless son, wanting to lose his temper, but held back: “Your mother misses you very much these days and is always worried that you will not get used to moving out, so you can stay at home tonight.”

“There’s nothing I’m not used to. I used to eat Aunt Li’s food, and now it’s the same,” Yuan Yi said unusually calmly. “I live here, and it will affect your lives, so it’s better to live in my own home.”

“Your own home?” Yuan Yasen was irritated by Yuan Yi’s words, “Your mother and I are still here. Where is your home?”

Seeing Yuan Yasen’s angry look, Yuan Yi was silent for a moment and suddenly smiled: “Dad, you are so strange. Back then, you told me that parents don’t need to worry about their children everywhere. They should have their own lives. I’m moving out now, and you said I’m going to live here, so what do you think?”

“What do I think?” Yuan Yasen saw Yuan Yi’s calm appearance, “Your mother thinks you are sick, and you still remember the little things so many years ago?”

“Which little thing are you talking about?” Yuan Yi chuckled, “Is it one when I was five years old, the two of you went on a trip, I was abused by the nanny, and I was sent to the hospital? Or was it because I was too frightened and wanted to ask you to sleep with me, being lifted out of bed by you? Or maybe I had an appendix operation when I was a teenager, and I didn’t see you until the end of the operation?”

“There are so many small things like this. I can’t count them all.” Yuan Yi didn’t want to reason with Yuan Yasen because they had nothing to reason with, “Besides, when did I say I hate you?”

“Xiaoer,” Xu Ya’s eyes turned red, “I’m sorry, it’s us parents who ignored you.”

“It doesn’t matter. You are husband and wife have the right to live in a two-person world.” Yuan Yi smiled, “I disturbed your life.”

“Shut up!” Yuan Yasen interrupted Yuan Yi when he saw his wife’s expression getting increasingly sad, “What kind of clothes have you worn since childhood? What’s your dissatisfaction? Your mother suffered so much for giving birth to you. Okay, you can’t remember, but you remember these clearly. Raising you is not as good as raising an animal.”

“It’s also fortunate that you are raising a son. If you were raising an animal, it would have run away long ago.” Yuan Yi sneered in a low voice, “Dad, if you let me come back today, that means letting me come back to life, then I’m sorry. I feel very comfortable living alone. You have such a good relationship. It’s inappropriate for me to return to being your light bulb. Do you think this is the truth?”

Yuan Yasen got angry when he saw his indecent appearance, took a few deep breaths to calm down and said, “What’s the matter with you and that little host?”

“It’s what you think,” Yuan Yi played with an orange in his hand, “She is my girlfriend, your future daughter-in-law.”

“I disagree!”

“It’s not you the one getting married. Why does it need your consent?” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at Yuan Yasen with a mocking smile on his lips, “Dad, you want me to respect your life with Mom. I hope you can respect mine.”

“What does that host compare to your mother?” Yuan Yasen was so angry that his brain was racing, “Your mother came from a wealthy family, was educated, graduated from a prestigious school, and didn’t flirt with other men. What is that little host? You and that kid from the Song family have gone to the Internet to fight for a woman. The whole circle is watching your jokes. Don’t you think it’s embarrassing?!

“My woman is attractive but still has her heart set on me. There’s nothing shameful about it.” Yuan Yi threw the orange into the fruit bowl, “The shameful thing is for someone who hasn’t succeeded in trying to be a mistress.”

“You, you, you…” Yuan Yasen was so angry that his hands were shaking, “Look at yourself like this. What do you look like?”

Yuan Yi chose orange and handed it to Yuan Yasen: “They are all people over 60 years old. An adult. That’s what matters. What are you so angry about? Eat an orange to calm down.”

The more casual he was, the angrier Yuan Yasen became. He waved Yuan Yi’s hand away: “Don’t smile in front of me, no matter what you say, I won’t let a little host marry into Yuan’s family. If you insist on being with her, leave the Yuan house and never return.”

“Lao Yuan!” Xu Ya listened to what Yuan Yasen said and hurriedly stopped him, “Talk well to the child.”

“He has this bad virtue because we are too tolerant of him. After opening a few broken companies, he thinks he is amazing and doesn’t want to go out. Why do others call him Yuan’s second young master instead of President Yuan? People look at the face of the Yuan family, not him!” Yuan Yasen has always been dissatisfied with this son. To this day, the father-son conflict that has accumulated for many years finally broke out. “Now I give you two choices, either break up with the female host, or I will deprive you of your shares and position in Changfeng. From now on, Changfeng will have nothing to do with you.”

“Tch.” Yuan Yi chuckled, stood up and looked into Yuan Yasen’s eyes, “Dad, I never felt that Changfeng had anything to do with me, so this choice has only one result for me.”

“Xiaoer,” Xu Ya got up and grabbed Yuan Yi, who was about to leave, “What your father said was just angry words, don’t take it seriously.”

“Mom,” Yuan Yi gently took Xu Ya’s hand away, “I’m almost twenty-eight. I can tell if someone is angry or sincere.”

“No…” Xu Ya looked anxiously at her husband and child, feeling uncomfortable.

“Let him go, don’t come back when he’s gone,” Yuan Yasen walked up to Xu Ya and put his arms around her shoulders, “I want to see how capable he can be without Yuan’s family.”

Yuan Yi felt that it was pointless to argue about such words, so he shrugged, “If it makes you happier, I have no objection.”

After saying this, he turned around and walked out. As he reached the door, he met Yuan Bo, who hurried back.

Yuan Bo received a call from the aunt at home, saying that his father was urging Xiaoer to go home to discuss things. He knew things were not good, so he threw away his work and rushed back, but it seemed it was still a step late. It’s over.

On Yuan Yi’s face, Yuan Bo didn’t see any dissatisfaction. Could it be that he was overthinking?

“Brother.” Yuan Yi greeted him.

Yuan Bo wanted to ask him what happened, but seeing his parents standing in the living room, he didn’t want to ask too much, so he reached out and patted him on the shoulder, “You didn’t get a good rest last night. You have dark circles under your eyes.”

“I’m in a good mood, so I went to bed late,” Yuan Yi put his hands in his trouser pockets and said with a smile, “I’ll go back first.”

“Be careful on the road.” Yuan Bo watched Yuan Yi get into the car, and after leaving the gate of the villa area, he turned and walked into the house.

Taking off his coat, he glanced at Yuan Yasen’s ugly face and frowned slightly: “Dad, what did you talk to Xiaoer about?”

“Don’t mention that bastard to me,” Yuan Yasen lightly patted Xu Ya’s back, “I’ll contact the lawyer. Everything in the Yuan family has nothing to do with him…”

“Enough!” Yuan Bo lowered his face and said indifferently, “Aside from threatening him with this little thing, what else can you do?”

Yuan Yasen was stunned, he didn’t expect the usually taciturn elder son to have trouble with him, and he couldn’t react for a while.

“You never cared about what Xiaoer did or how he was doing, but now you threaten him with your property. Do you think it’s rare for him?” Yuan Bo put the suit back on and said coldly, “I’ve moved out in the last few days, so you don’t have to cook my meals at home.”

Walking out of the gate, Yuan Bo took a deep breath, tightened his coat, got into his car, and drove the car out of the gate of Yuan’s house.

“It’s all worrying!” Yuan Yasen looked at the empty gate and said with a livid face, “I’m so mad.”

Xu Ya stroked his chest lightly: “The children are still young, so it is inevitable that they will have a temper. Next time, don’t quarrel with them like this. When they become parents themselves, they will understand our painstaking efforts.”

Yuan Yasen sighed heavily, “It’s all debts. If I knew they were such people, I might as well not have had them.”

Xu Ya was full of melancholy and didn’t know how to speak. The two sons had never had any conflicts with her in these years. She never knew that the conflicts in the family had developed to this point.

After playing for two full days on the weekend, Yan Xi remained in a good mood until the news was broadcast live at noon. She was going to shoot program material in the afternoon and went out with Zhao Peng after lunch.

This episode of the program is still related to the elderly. Still, it is not to film how hard or difficult they are but to film the optimistic side of the elderly.

Due to media propaganda, many young people feel that the elderly are either arrogant and unreasonable, live lonely lives, or are old antiques out of touch with the times. This is a misunderstanding of the times.

She wanted to capture the lovely side of old people.

For example, an old man who is good at calligraphy, a grandmother who can belly dance, a sixty-year-old aunt who can kill five times in a row when playing games, an old man who has nothing to do to pick up garbage in the park, and an old man who wears red armbands to maintain traffic order.

In the evening, Zhao Peng and Yan Xi went to the park. In order to let the uncle and aunt accept her interview, Yan Xi mixed into the crowd of square dancers and was taught several correct square dance moves by the aunt next to her.

Yan Xi took advantage of the opportunity to get close to the elders and aunts around her and started interviewing them in a relaxed state.

“Auntie, when do you usually leave?”

“Around eight o’clock, the rest of the time, we can go for a walk and chat without disturbing others’ rest time.”

“Are there many people here to dance in the square?”

“There are many, and some young people come to join in the fun. It’s good to be young, and you dance much better than us old guys.”

“You are too modest. I don’t look as good as you when I dance.”

“You are an exception.”

After this episode was broadcast on TV, Yan Xi was kindly ridiculed by netizens, saying that she had lowered the average square dance level of young people. She should go home and practice hard for a month to earn back face for young people.

Many netizens also praised these uncles and aunts for their cuteness, their positive attitude towards life is commendable, and the appearance of the host dancing the square dance is also hilarious. It’s like a silly roe deer falling into a herd of deer. For the show, they really went all out.

Netizen 1: She is a Bai Fumei and has a prominent boyfriend, but she is so down-to-earth because of the show. I am about to fall in love with this young lady.

Netizen 2: Although her level of square dancing is surpassed by grandpa and aunt, I can’t bear to laugh at her when I see her dancing so seriously, hahahahaha.

Netizen 3: Did you see Xiaoxi’s aggrieved little eyes when Auntie said Xiaoxi was an exception among young people? It made my heart tremble.

“Ms Shen, what are you watching?” The assistant opened the door and came in. Seeing Shen Xingyan playing with her mobile phone, she persuaded in a low voice, “Take a rest first, and you’re going to record a show on the TV station at night. I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on.”

“It’s okay,” Shen Xingyan smiled and put away her phone. She became more and more interested in that little host named Yan Xi.

However, the aggrieved little eyes are adorable.

On the TV station, Xiao Yang approached Yan Xi and said in a low voice, “Xiao Yan, something big has happened. Please read the hot news on Weibo.”

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  1. I don’t really like Yuan Yi parent. I hate the parent who usually think “It’s just small matter, what are you angry for?”. Therefore, I hate Yuan Yi’s father.
    Sir, even if it is a small matter it will be a BIG matter when you keep doing things like that.
    And I don’t like the mother either. Her husband is infatuated with her, yet she can’t control her husband not to hurt and says sorry to Yuan Yi. She keeps saying empty words and no action. I feel bad for Yuan Yi.

    It might be because I’ve grown up with a lovely mom who knows how to say sorry if she makes a mistake. That’s why I hate such parents.

    • Same here! But in real life, there are these kinds of parents. The popular sentence parents say to their kids when they are angry is. “You should be grateful, you wear such nice clothes, you never feel hungry, and we give you such a nice house to live in.” Kinda sad because all of that is a basic necessity.

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