The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 51. (2/2)

Fu Chen got up and walked out of the villa. Bai Tian Tian noticed that he seemed to be eating, and more than half of the food was left in the bowl. The professor and his wife sighed. These children didn’t know what was happening, so they were awkward and kept talking. The atmosphere is very strange.

An interested smile flashed across Liang Zhiyu’s eyes. He had a hunch that Bai Qing Qing was indispensable for the journey to the city of death.

Since the refitted car was destroyed in the zombie tide, the team set out to rebuild the car again. Cheng Yan arranged for someone to help Xiao Yang and Liang Zhiyu refit the car.

Cheng Rui and Bai Qing Qing went on a date, but Fu Chen was nowhere to be seen. In the villa, left with Bai Tiantian, who was doing nothing, and Shen Mingxuan, who was cleaning and studying various firearms.

Fu Chen never changed his mind. Bai Tian Tian felt a little anxious and sat next to Shen Mingxuan. She could see that Shen Mingxuan took care of her the most, and she wanted to start with him.

“Mingxuan, I have something to tell you.”

Shen Mingxuan put down his gun, “You want me to intercede for Bai Qing Qing?”

Bai Tian Tian nodded and said timidly: “Mingxuan, do you still remember what happened in Zhoucun? The women in Zhoucun are very pitiful. They are oppressed by those men and forced to learn strange female virtues.”

“Not only do they have to serve good men, they also have to work and go out to trick men back to the village. If they fail to complete the task, they will be punished and beaten. Sister Qing Qing saved them.”

“Qing Qing has changed a lot. She is beautiful and assertive. She has saved many innocent women. She really won’t hold back the team. Can you ask the captain to keep her?”

A lot of things happened when the team was in Zhoucun. Except for Bai Tian Tian, no one knew what Bai Qing Qing did in Zhoucun. They only knew that Bai Qing Qing had saved the couple. Overthrew the local pedantic customs.

Shen Mingxuan was stunned, and a strange feeling came from his heart. His family environment has been distorted since he was a child. His mother said he loved him very much and was the only one. After beating him, she would give him gentle medicine, crying and saying it was only for his goodness.

His father was a complete scumbag who cheated on her and took care of his mistress. At the same time, his mother was cowardly. She dared not resist and could only vent her negative emotions by torturing him.

Later, his mother died of his father’s domestic violence. He hated his father. There is no love in this world, and only all kinds of flattering women want to climb up.

When Bai Qing Qing first seduced him, he saw through her poor acting skills at a glance, deceived her viciously, made her think that she had an opportunity, and then threw her to the ground severely, trampling her personality under his feet.

After amnesia, her nature has not changed, and she still intends to seduce the men on the team, but the means are much more clever than before.

He wanted to expose her face but found it impossible because she was interested in the team for the time being. The captain still protected her as a younger sister.

Bai Qing Qing has indeed changed a lot, which is surprising enough.

Seeing that Shen Mingxuan’s expression seemed to loosen, Bai Tian Tian said, “Go and tell the captain to keep Qing Qing, please.”

“The captain’s decision is not something I can stop.” Shen Mingxuan said indifferently.

Bai Tian Tian looked disappointed: “Is there really no other way?”

Shen Mingxuan thought of the interaction between her and Cheng Rui and sneered: “If she wants to stay in the base by herself.”

Bai Tian Tian was speechless and didn’t know what Qing Qing was thinking.

Yaoyang Base is one of the five major bases, with all kinds of materials. There are many weapons that people with supernatural powers need.

Fu Chen was walking alone on the street. When he saw some beautiful gadgets, he subconsciously thought of Qing Qing. He walked into a shop selling cold weapons and glanced casually.

It is difficult to continue shooting zombies when the gun runs out of bullets. Cold weapons are the best choice for those with supernatural powers, and they can use supernatural powers to deal with large groups of zombies.

The boss saw that he was dressed in black, with a slender figure and a cold and noble demeanor. At first glance, he was not ordinary, so he hurried over and said with a smile, “Sir, what kind of weapon do you want to buy?”

“We have knives, guns, swords, crossbows… all kinds of weapons, which one do you like?”

Fu Chen stared fixedly at a Tang saber on the wall. He remembered that when she was in Jiangcheng, she used the saber to hack zombies. After a few cuts, the blade was broken and could no longer be used.

At that time, she still complained depressedly about why the knife’s material was so poor now. Is it because the seller was cutting corners?

The Tang knife hanging on the wall is dark red in color and is carved with complicated runes. The workmanship looks exquisite, and she will definitely like it.

The Yaoyang base is the territory of the Cheng family, she will not be in danger with Cheng Rui’s protection, but he still wants to prepare some things for her to protect herself.

He bought the Tang Knife and took it back to the villa. As soon as he returned, he heard that Cheng Rui had returned to the villa, but Bai Qing Qing had not returned.

She is missing.

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