One Can’t Judge by Appearance #63

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Chapter 63

The dragon soars and the tiger leaps. The tiger howls in the mountains and forests, the water flies down three thousand feet, sparks collide with the earth, and the volcano erupts.

Yuan Yi only felt his brain buzzing, his heart was like a rabbit jumping around, and he didn’t know anything except standing dumbly. Yan Xi stretched out her finger and poked his flushed face lightly. It was a little hot.

“Don’t, don’t move your hands and feet,” Yuan Yi grabbed her messy hand, “Be reserved.”

“Hmph,” Yan Xi withdrew her hand, turned around and walked back. Seeing that she was angry, Yuan Yi quickly reached out and grabbed her, “Are you angry?”

“You think I’m not reserved enough? I can’t be angry yet,” Yan Xi squinted at him, 

“Just now, you said you wanted to chase me, but you turned your head and disliked me. I won’t stay here to block your eyes.”

“Who says I despise it?” Yuan Yi grabbed her shoulder, “I don’t despise it, I don’t despise it.”

“Really?” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows, her face full of suspicion.

“It’s no good for me to tell you such lies,” Yuan Yi was relieved when he saw Yan Xi’s face looked better. Women are so complicated. They get angry when they say they are angry without any warning. He was a little worried that Yan Xi lived alone at home, “I’m a little worried that you live here alone or go to my place for a while?”

“I just promised you to pursue me, and you have such evil thoughts, Yuan Xiaoer. I misread you,” Yan Xi looked at him with a half-smile, “I didn’t expect you to be such a person.”

“What?” Yuan Yi was stunned for a moment before he understood what Yan Xi meant. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yan Xiaoxi! You can’t think of serious things because you have something in your mind all day long. I’m just worried about your life and safety. Can’t you think about it?”

Yan Xi raised her eyebrows to see that he didn’t speak.

Intuition tells Yuan Yi that he will be in bad luck if he continues talking.

“I mean, what I like is yours, not for a momentary pleasure,” Yuan Yi touched his nose. “I can understand if you have any concerns now. My phone is always on at night. If there is any abnormality, you have to call me.”

“I see, don’t worry, it’s okay,” Yan Xi stood on tiptoe and kissed him lightly on the brow, “Then, good night.”

“Good night, good night.” Yuan Yi turned around in a daze, took two steps and felt that his posture was a bit awkward, only to realize that he had the same hand and foot movement. Turning to look at Yan Xi, she was smiling heartlessly, without any shyness that a woman should have.

This is who he likes, what he likes, don’t be angry.

Yuan Yi turned around and strode to the smiling Yan Xi, hugged her in his arms, rubbed her soft hair twice, and then returned to the car.

Thinking of his stupid appearance just now, Yuan Yi couldn’t help laughing.

That night, fans who followed the “Xiao Xiliu” Weibo account found that the artist, who hadn’t updated Weibo for several days, had finally posted a new manga.

They found the manga posted today was particularly sweet, with cute little white rabbits and cute and awkward white radishes. The style of painting was so sweet that everyone burst into pink bubbles.

Fan 1: Xiao Xiliu, your painting style has suddenly become so sweet. Are you in love?

Fan 2: Xiao Xiliu, you agreed to be single together for the rest of your life, but you betrayed us?

In the comment area, some were joking, some said that this comic was so cute, and of course, some black fans jumped out and said that this artist was finally at the end of her rope and ready to hype up a relationship.

Yan Xi didn’t bother to care about these black fans. She sent a picture of a rabbit eating grass to Moments with a smiling emoji.

Tao Ru opened the chat box with trembling hands after seeing the circle of friends posted by Yan Xi.

Xiaoru: Dahe, did you eat our Boss?

Suddenly posting to Moments in the middle of the night, either there is no nightlife or just finished the nightlife.

Da He: Am I such a vulgar person?

Xiaoru: Yes.

Da He:  You offend me so much. Aren’t you afraid I will blow the pillow and let you wear small shoes?

Xiaoru: I was joking with you just now. How could you do such a thing? It must be our Boss, the one forcing you, hateful capitalist!

To be a human being, the most important thing is to be able to bend and stretch.

Yan Xi was teased by her friend. She talked nonsense with Tao Ru for a while and fell asleep in a good mood. She didn’t know that when Yuan Yi returned home, he still didn’t feel sleepy. Not only did he not feel sleepy, but he even called several of his friends.

Poor Xu Qiaosheng, who had been filming a big night scene all night, was stuffed with dog food by his cousin as soon as he returned to the hotel to catch up on sleep. The cousin who usually talked to him on the phone would not exceed ten sentences. This time it was like a chatterbox virus. Even if he just echoed casually, he could still talk happily.

“Brother Yi,” Xu Qiaosheng yawned, “Shouldn’t the most important thing for you now be to change from a temporary worker to a regular worker?”

“What do you know, she has already agreed to my pursuit and is divided into temporary and regular workers.” Yuan Yi refused to listen to bad words, “Our family, Dahe, is not the woman you handed over.”

(Temporary worker to a regular worker means here, about Yuan Yi and Yan Xi’s previous contract fake relationship. From temporary one to regular one. Hehe)

Xu Qiaosheng: “Brother, if you show affection, please show affection. Don’t stab me with a knife. I’m your cousin.”

“Are there any good movies recently? Please recommend it to me.” Yuan Yi hadn’t gone out to watch a movie alone with the girl, and he was a little looking forward to it.

“Movies…” Xu Qiaosheng thought for a while, “The recently released “Confession” is very good and highly rated in the industry. You can take your second cousin to see it.”

Yuan Yi casually asked, “Who is the leading actor?”

“Zhao Feifei and Liu Hua.”

He doesn’t know who Liu Hua is, but he still has an impression of the name Zhao Feifei, “No, I don’t want to watch the Zhao Feifei movie.” Remembering that some time ago, Yan Xiaoxi thought he had something to do with Zhao Feifei, so he knew watching this movie didn’t fit.

In case Yan Dahe sees Zhao Feifei, as he said, “big breasts and long legs”, how can he coax her when she gets angry?

“What’s wrong with Zhao Feifei? Her acting skills are good, and she can be regarded as a powerful idol actor in the circle. Except for this one movie, the recent movies are basically bad movies that make money,” Xu Qiaosheng explained. “You just fell in love with second cousin’s sister-in-law. Watching this kind of sweet movie is good for strengthening your relationship.”

“Forget it,” Yuan Yi resolutely rejected Xu Qiaosheng’s recommendation, “I’ll take her to play something else.”

Only then did Xu Qiaosheng remember the absurd scandal that had arisen some time ago. It turned out that Brother Yi was afraid that their second cousin would misunderstand him. When he happened to be in a relationship, he started to be scared of his girlfriend. Rounding it up, it means that my wife is strict.

After hanging up the phone, Yuan Yi swiped through his circle of friends and saw that Yan Xi had posted a picture. The rabbit gnawing on the picture was so cute he quickly clicked on it. Like it.

It is a man’s duty to give a timely like when a girlfriend posts on Moments and Weibo.

Putting down the phone, Yuan Yi’s mind was full of where to play tomorrow, how to play, and whether Yan Xi would like the project he had arranged. He tossed and turned on the bed for two or three hours before slowly falling asleep.

However, when he woke up the next day, it was already ten o’clock in the morning. When he called Yan Xi, Yan Xi was shopping with her best friends to buy bags.

Hearing the voices of other girls on the phone, Yuan Yi opened the closet to choose the clothes to wear when going out: “Where are you? I will come to pick you up later and treat your friends to dinner, by the way.”

Yuan Yi hung up the phone after hearing Yan Xi report her address.

Today’s weather is a bit cold, so wearing a coat may be more appropriate. Black is too old-fashioned, brown is too ordinary, blue is not calm enough, and gray is not conspicuous enough.

Should he order more clothes for himself?

“Every time I buy a bag, I can’t control my hand, and I want to chop her up after buying it,” Yang Min looked at the bag in her hand that she had waited for nearly a month to get, painful and happy, “It’s sad not to buy a bag, it hurts money to buy a bag.”

“Money can be earned. Bags are more important.” Tao Ru ordered a bag, but it was out of stock. She turned to see Yan Xi answering the phone in the corner, “Dahe, do you have anything you like?”

“There are no styles I’m interested in. How about we go to the coffee shop next door and sit for a while?” Yan Xi put the phone in her handbag, “Yuan Yi will come to pick us up later and have another meal, by the way.”

“Second boss is coming?” Tao Ru was a little nervous, “When?”

“There’s still a while.” Seeing her like this, Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing, “He doesn’t care much about Chang Feng’s affairs, so don’t be nervous. It’s not like you haven’t seen him before.”

“I was just thinking about how to flatter in an unobtrusive way.” Tao Ru stood up, and the three talked, laughed, and went to the nearby coffee shop.

After ordering drinks and snacks, Yang Min said, “You… went to Wei Xiaoman’s wedding yesterday?”

“I didn’t go. I just sent someone a bouquet of flowers. What’s wrong?” Yan Xi didn’t understand why Yang Min suddenly brought up this matter.

“Last night, someone asked me about you and wanted to build a relationship with you. They said that you were generous. In addition to giving Wei Xiaoman a large gift, you even asked someone to give her a discount on the wedding banquet.”

“When did I give the gift money?” Yan Xi was stunned and immediately realized that Yuan Xiaoer probably arranged for someone to give it in her name.

Is this throwing money at someone else’s face?

“Anyway, all these people are talking about, they just want to get your contact information from me,” Yang Min laughed and was a little bit lost. The love of classmates back then became ugly after being tainted with interests, “I still think It’s strange, I didn’t see them miss you before, but now they suddenly want to reminisce with you, it turns out that they saw you have a famous boyfriend, and they all want to make friends with you.”

“It’s the same on my side,” Tao Ru sighed, “It’s really a big head.”

“It’s human nature. It’s not surprising. It just caused both of you to be pestered and questioned,” Yan Xi smiled and apologized to the two of them and brought the subject to light.

When Yuan Yi rushed over, the three of them had just drank half of their coffee. Yuan Yi met Yang Min and Tao Ru in the hospital, and his attitude was very gentle.

“Then let’s go to eat.” Yan Xi stood up from the sofa and picked up a few bags, which were the spoils of her shopping in the morning.

After staring at the things in Yan Xi’s hand for several seconds, Yuan Yi stretched out a hand towards her.

“Why?” Yan Xi looked at him.

“Give me that, and I’ll carry it for you.” When he said this, he looked around, but there was no acquaintance.

“Thank you,” Yan Xi handed over all the shopping bags to Yuan Yi, “It’s hard work.”

Yuan Yi coughed dryly: “It should be.” He saw that Yan Xi was still carrying a bag in her hand. He had all the shopping bags, so it didn’t matter if he took an extra bag, “Give me the bag too.”

“There’s no need for this,” Yan Xi shook her head, “The bag is specially made to match the clothes on my body, and it’s not looking good without carrying the bag and just walking with empty hands.”

Yuan Yi:

He really can’t see the difference between carrying a bag or not. He really doesn’t understand the world of women.

When leaving, Yuan Yi turned his head to look at Yan Xi, stretched out his hand to grab her hand without the bag, and whispered in her ear: “Carry a boyfriend in your hand. It will match your clothes better.”

“Mom, that uncle looks so fierce. Is he going to hit that young lady?” A four- or five-year-old girl looked at Yan Xi and Yuan Yi worriedly outside the coffee shop.

“I’m sorry, the child talks nonsense. I’m sorry.” The child’s mother hugged the little girl and apologized to Yuan Yi repeatedly. Seeing that he didn’t speak, she ran away with the child in her arms as if taking a slow step. Yuan Yi would rush over and beat her child up.

Yuan Yi’s face darkened. He turned his head to see Yan Xi’s hair was down and let go of her hand sullenly.

Bear kids really can’t speak.

A soft hand hooked his index finger, and Yuan Yi saw Yan Xi’s bright, smiling face.

“Just now, you said the wrong thing. Holding a beautiful girlfriend in your hand is more suitable for the coat you are wearing.”

Yuan Yi held this soft hand tightly with his backhand, “Let’s go, long-winded.”

This arrogant little appearance is so cute.

Yan Xi smiled and let him lead her. Seeing his long legs walking slowly in order to match her pace, she took two quick steps and put her arms around his arms.

“Xiao Ru, I think our two light bulbs are a bit bright.” Yang Min dragged Tao Ru to the side.

Tao Ru said calmly: “You overthink. No one else exists for men and women in the period of passionate love. So even if we are light bulbs, we are just two bulbs that cannot emit light.”

Yang Min: I didn’t feel comforted.

Knowing that Yan Xi greatly valued these two friends, Yuan Yi arranged the lunch grandly. After a meal, Yang Min and Tao Ru had already been bribed by him, and they told him a lot about Yan Xi’s university days.

The title changed from “Second Boss” and “Mr Yuan” to Brother Yuan.

As far as Yuan Yi’s temperament is concerned, one more person is called “Brother Yuan”. Those who don’t know may think that the three of them are paying homage to the big brother of society.

After dinner, Yuan Yi planned to go shopping with the three of them, but Yuan Yasen called him.

“My parents have something to do. I’ll go and have a look at them.” Although Yuan Yi’s expression remained the same, Yan Xi felt that he seemed to be in a bad mood.

“It’s okay, let’s go.” Yan Xi squeezed his broad palm, “You’re not here. We can still talk about little secrets between girls.”

“You can not say something you don’t like about me!”

Seeing his unhappy look, Yan Xi smiled and said nothing.

When the unmarried juniors visit their parents, they always say to go home and have a look, but Yuan Yi says, “Go and see them”.

If she said that she was reluctant, he might have to stay.

He grass by her own nest. She was reluctant to embarrass him.

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