One Can’t Judge by Appearance #60

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Chapter 60

On Friday, Yan Xi finished the interview, and it was already late at night when she went home. After soaking in the bathtub for a while, she crawled out of the bathtub when the tiredness in her body gradually disappeared.

As soon as she put on her bathrobe, her mobile phone rang. Seeing that the caller was Tao Ru, she pressed the answer button, turned on the speakerphone, and then began coloring the comics she hadn’t finished drawing.

“Yan Dahe! How did you get our young boss?!”

“Didn’t you say, don’t be cowardly, just go for it?” Yan Xi quickly painted the color, “You are so surprised now?”

“How did I know that what you want to eat is actually a hard bone,” Tao Ru babbled a lot on the other end of the phone, seeing that Yan Xi’s interest in speaking seemed not high, “What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay, you tell me, I’ll listen.” As early as the incident went viral on the Internet, she was mentally prepared to be tortured by her friends.

“I thought you were worrying about other things.” Tao Ru didn’t say anything about Wei Xiaoman after all. “Let’s find some time to get together. We haven’t seen each other for almost half a month.”

“Okay, I just brought along the signed photo of the artist you mentioned last time.” Yan Xi paused, “By the way, have you heard about Wei Xiaoman?”

“What’s the matter?” Tao Ru wondered, “Aside from her getting married, what else is there?”

“No, I’ll just ask,” Yan Xi said calmly, “I’ll take you to an interesting place next weekend.”

Tao Ru didn’t hear anything wrong with Yan Xi’s tone, and after joking for a while, she hung up the phone.

She opened the chat application, and someone persuaded her to attend Wei Xiaoman’s wedding, not to mention that the incident back then was a contradiction between Yan Xi and Wei Xiaoman. Others shouldn’t stand on this matter. The implication of the words was that she and Yang Min were biased towards Yan Xi, which was unfair to Wei Xiaoman.

It’s interesting. They don’t favor the victim, but the third party?

But it’s meaningless to argue with this kind of classmate who doesn’t have much friendship, so Tao Ru replied directly.

[Sorry, I will work overtime tomorrow and ask someone to bring the money.]

Isn’t it just that she wants a share of the money? She gives it to those who still lack this money.

Early on Saturday morning, while Yan Xi was still asleep, she was awakened by Yuan Yi’s phone call. She tried her best to dress up, and when Yan Xi walked out of the house, she couldn’t even open her eyelids.

“What did you do last night?” Yuan Yi handed the breakfast made by Aunt Li to Yan Xi, “Aunt Li heard that I was going to meet you, so she specially made it for you.”

“Thank you,” Yan Xi yawned, “Where are we going today?”

“Take you to play,” Yuan Yi adjusted his bow tie, “I agreed before that I will be in charge of all your schedule today.”

Before… Did you say that?

In the end, Yuan Yi really took her to play all morning, went to the studio to play coloring, and was praised by many children. The two of them went to the shooting club. Yan Xi used a gun to fight indiscriminately, except during university military training. She hit the target a few times and only touched the toy gun at other times.

A coach saw that Yan Xi was not good at it, and when he was going to teach Yan Xi how to shoot, Yuan Yi stretched out his hand and stopped him. The coach looked at the two of them and immediately showed a look of enlightenment. He gave Yuan Yi a thumbs up and retreated to the corner wisely.

“Raise your hands up, don’t shake them,” Yuan Yi gently supported Yan Xi’s arm from behind, “move a little more to the left.”

He was very close to Yan Xi. When Yan Xi turned her head, her cheek accidentally touched his lips, her hand shook slightly, and the bullet missed the target, “You, you should be careful.”

“Yuan Xiaoer…”

“What are you doing?”

“Your face is so red.”

“It’s too stuffy inside, you can practice again, I’ll go out to get some air.”

“Then don’t go out for too long,” Yan Xi looked at him pitifully, “I’ve never been here before, so I feel a little uncomfortable being alone.”

Yuan Yi walked a few steps, then turned back and sat down beside her.

“You’re not going out?” Yan Xi tilted her head to look at him.

“Practice with you for a while first,” Yuan Yi turned his head, “I’ll take you to another place later.”

Yan Xi smiled, put down the gun, took off her glasses and earplugs, and walked in front of Yuan Yi: “No practice, let’s go.”

“Why don’t you practice anymore?” Yuan Yi was puzzled, “No?”

“I’m afraid you’re bored,” Yan Xi smiled at him, “Let’s go to the next location.”

Yuan Yi was stunned for a moment, then got up and said, “Then I will bring you here next time.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi thought this kind of man, who looks fierce but is actually soft-hearted and cute, was adorable and delicious.

Yan Xi didn’t expect Yuan Yi to bring her to Changfeng Hotel. She glanced at Yuan Yi but didn’t ask why they came here. The car drove past the gate and finally entered the underground parking lot.

“Don’t ask me why I brought you here?”

“What is there to ask?” Yan Xi got out of the car, raised her chin and said, “Anyway, I will not lose.”

Soon a young man in a suit came over to say hello. Yan Xi recognized that this hotel manager had received her and Yuan Yi last time, nodded towards him and stood behind Yuan Yi without saying a word.

“Mr Yuan, the matter you asked us to arrange has been properly arranged.” The manager reported to Yuan Yi in a low voice and occasionally peeked at Yan Xi carefully out of the corner of his eye. This person will likely become Yuan’s family’s second young lady.

“Thank you for your hard work, I will have the bonus transferred to everyone’s salary card,” Yuan Yi turned to Yan Xi and said, “Come on, I’ll take you to the private room to rest.”

The private room of Changfeng Hotel is all about luxury and elegance. Yan Xi is holding a cup of tea and sitting by the window can see the wedding scene below, “You brought me here just to watch this wedding.”

“What’s so interesting about a wedding?” Yuan Yi lowered his eyelids, gently blowing the hot air from the teacup, “I want you to earn back your face in front of your former classmates.”

Although Yan Xi has mentioned what happened back then, being betrayed by her friends and her boyfriend, many people must laugh at her behind her back or even see her as a joke. After so many years, people who see jokes can peacefully come to the cheater’s wedding. Although the groom is not the man he was back then, she still has the face she should have.

Most importantly, he wanted everyone to know that Yan Xi had bad eyesight back then, and the real good man was her “current boyfriend”.

Although… Although her boyfriend is a fake, will there be a day when it becomes real?

“Xiaoman, are you tired? If you are tired, go to the sofa next to you and rest for a while.” Wearing a neat suit, Liu Jia whispered to Wei Xiaoman.

Wei Xiaoman shook her head slowly, looked at the entrance several times, smiled wryly, and said, “She probably won’t come.”

Liu Jia lightly patted her on the shoulder, “A person who works in a TV station cannot have a fixed holiday. Maybe she doesn’t have time today. Don’t think too much about it.”

“It’s not that I think too much,” Wei Xiaoman was supported by Liu Jia to sit down, “I know Dahe character, love is love, hate is hate. If she still regards me as a friend, let alone a job, even if it rains heavily today, she will find a way to come here.”

When she recalled what happened back then, she would feel extremely disgusted, not to mention what Dahe was thinking.

“No matter what conflicts you had before, can’t she just look at…” The bridesmaid is Wei Xiaoman’s friend and a college classmate.

“She doesn’t know,” Wei Xiaoman interrupted her friend, “I didn’t tell her.”

She couldn’t say that, she was sorry for Dahe back then, but now she is going to force Dahe to forgive herself on the grounds of her serious illness. If she did that, it would be about as disgusting as it was back then.

Liu Jia hesitated to speak but thought that if he told Xiaoman that he told Yan Xi about her illness, but Yan Xi still refused to come, Xiaoman might feel even sadder, so he hid the matter inside his stomach.

“Excuse me, who is Ms. Wei Xiaoman?”

Liu Jia looked at the strange man who suddenly appeared, stood up and protected Wei Xiaoman behind him: “What can I do for you?”

“Hello, we are here to give gifts on behalf of Ms. Yan,” the leading man took out a thick and big red envelope and handed it to Liu Jia, “Ms. Yan said that she had no time to attend the wedding, and She wished Ms. Wei a happy wedding.”

Wei Xiaoman took the red envelope, which was carefully crafted, but there was not a word written by her on it. The thick wad of gift money made her feel an indescribably sour feeling.

“Xiaoman, Xiaoman,” the bridesmaid patted her shoulder lightly, “it will be twelve o’clock soon, and the wedding will begin.”

Wei Xiaoman opened the red envelope, which contained several stacks of fresh banknotes, without even tearing the bank seal.

“The gift money is tens of thousands…” The bridesmaid’s tone was slightly subtle: “She really deserves to be the female host.”

“Hello, everyone,” the hotel manager walked up to them and bowed politely to them, “Are you Miss Wei Xiaoman’s relatives and friends?”

Liu Jia’s parents were very dissatisfied with their son’s marriage to a seriously ill woman. For their son’s sake, although they appeared at the wedding today, their faces were not very good. Suddenly, when someone from Changfeng Hotel came over and asked about Wei Xiaoman, they were a little surprised. They booked this hotel through their friends. Why didn’t the hotel staff ask about their son but Wei Xiaoman?

“Hi, I’m Wei Xiaoman.”

“Hi, Ms. Wei, I am the manager of this hotel. I didn’t know that Ms. Wei was a friend of Ms. Yan before. If there is anything inconsiderate, please forgive me. In order to express our apologies, you are in this hotel today. We will give you a 40% discount on all consumption.” The hotel manager shook hands with Wei Xiaoman, “If you have any other needs, just let us know, and we will try our best to meet your requirements.”

“Wait a minute,” the bridesmaid heard the words “Miss Yan”, “May I ask that the Miss Yan you speak of is… Yan Xi?”

“Yes,” the manager smiled at the bridesmaid, “Miss Yan has specifically told us not to let Miss Wei be treated poorly.”

“You are a hotel under Changfeng. Why do you listen to her so much?” The bridesmaid was a little surprised. When did the host have such a big face?

“You are kidding. Miss Yan is our second young master’s girlfriend, the soon-to-be daughter-in-law of the Yuan family. As Miss Yan’s friend, how can we not take care of it?” The manager said a few more polite words to the Liu family before leaving politely.

“Xiaoman, what is the origin of this friend of yours, that she has such a big face?” Liu Jia’s mother forced a smile on her face, “We owe her such a big favor, when we find a chance to invite her to dinner, it can be regarded as a thank you help.”

“Didn’t the manager just say that?” Wei Xiaoman managed to maintain a smiling face, “She is soon to be the Yuan family’s daughter-in-law, so of course she has such a big face.” From morning to now, Liu Jia’s mother has hardly smiled at her. Now that she heard she has a “great friend”, she can laugh aloud.

It’s a pity that they lost their calculations. This “powerful friend” would not take care of the Liu family’s business for her sake.

“Mom.” How could Liu Jia not be aware of her mother’s plan? He opened his mouth to stop his mother’s desire to inquire, “We’ll talk about it when we go back.”

Seeing that her son was unhappy, Mrs. Liu could only endure it.

The bridesmaid standing next to her remembered what she had said about Yan Xi’s inhumanity some time ago and secretly regretted it. If she had known that Yan Xi was capable, she would have been more polite when speaking.

There were too many people at the wedding, and they couldn’t hide the secret. Soon Yan Xi’s college classmates knew that although Yan Xi didn’t come to the wedding, she asked the hotel to give a discounted price for the wedding banquet. Even the hotel manager came to say hello in person.

“Who was the one who cheated with Wei Xiaoman at the beginning, and finally broke up with Wei Xiaoman. As a result, both women found men who were better than him. Yan Xi and Wei Xiaoman probably have to thank the person who they did not marry.”

“Actually speaking, Yan Xi is the most innocent of the three. She was cheated by her boyfriend and betrayed by her friends. She was so humiliated back then. It is said that although she didn’t come today, she sent tens of thousands as gifts, which is really worthy of her big-heartedness.”

“No, if I…”

“Forget it, it’s not good to mention what happened a few years ago at someone’s wedding.”

Yan Xi watched the wedding officially begin. Wei Xiaoman and the groom walked on the red carpet arm in arm, faintly making promises and the sound of music coming in. She got up and closed the window and said to Yuan Yi, “I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

After eating, Yan Xi glanced out the window and said to Yuan Yi: “Have someone prepare paper and pen for me.”


At the wedding banquet, Wei Xiaoman didn’t go to the toast table by table. In fact, just after the opening ceremony, she went to the bathroom to vomit several times. She had to touch up her makeup several times before she could barely conceal the haggardness on her face.

At the end of the wedding banquet, she said goodbye to the guests with a smile on her face.

Today, she is the most beautiful bride.

“Miss Wei,” a hotel staff member came over holding a delicate and charming perfume lily, “This is the flower Miss Yan sent you.”

Wei Xiaoman was stunned and reached out to hold the beautiful bouquet of flowers.

She remembered that in her freshman year, the four girls sat outside the football field and watched a boy give flowers to his girlfriend. At that time, she said that roses were tacky and preferred the perfume lily.

Six years later, she did not expect Yan Xi to remember this sentence.

She picked up the post-it note in the bouquet and saw the familiar font on it.

One is different, and two are wide. Everyone is happy. I wish you well.

Wei Xiaoman, who hadn’t shed tears for a long time, hugged the flower and cried bitterly.

Some mistakes, there is no regret medicine. Time does not turn back, and things do not repeat themselves.

“Where do you want to go?” Outside the hotel, Yuan Yi asked Yan Xi beside him.

“Go ride a horse,” Yan Xi met his gaze, “You teach me.”


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