Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #38

Chapter 38

In the beginning, Shi Zhi didn’t know there would be such a follow-up when she went out to eat a barbecue.

She just suddenly remembered Tang Yunling’s roasted kidney and asked the people in the surrounding team, but no one wanted to eat it.

If she tells the butler, he will directly ask the chef hired from the six-star hotel to bake it for her alone, but Shi Zhi thinks it doesn’t need to be so grand.

She just went out to eat something casually and took a walk.

Shi Zhi wore a mask and hat this time. Director Shi Tao said in the group all day that the show was so popular but Shi Zhi didn’t care about it. She didn’t have much concept, but after thinking about it, wearing a mask and hat was safe.

She followed the software to find a well-reviewed barbecue restaurant. She didn’t even take a car and directly scanned a bicycle near the hotel and just went there.

Shi Zhi didn’t know that a car was following her from a distance behind her, and the window was open, revealing the camera.

“Shi Zhi, I didn’t expect to squat down to Shi Zhi.”

“It’s too difficult for us to squat, and she doesn’t come out very often.”

It’s a few paparazzi.

These paparazzi were originally going to squat for another little star, but they accidentally discovered Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi’s popularity is bigger than the little star. 

Some time ago, she was having a direct beef with the program group “Youth My Type”, and her drama is popular. Of course, it is more valuable to follow Shi Zhi, so they changed their goal without much thought.

Now when the paparazzi look at it, she is cycling and walking, and she doesn’t even bring anyone around. They feel that they are going to get big news, and each is more excited than the other.

“Is she going to meet her lover?”

Another echoed, “According to the previous posture, it must be, but I don’t know if it is an insider or a young master.”

Let them see, could Shi Zhi’s love affair be accidentally revealed today?

Then they watched helplessly as Shi Zhi entered a barbecue restaurant. The barbecue restaurant looked quite small, with the door wide open, and the inside could be seen at a glance. It didn’t look like it could hide a male celebrity or a businessman.

Paparazzi: ???

Shi Zhi… is this a barbecue date?

It is not mealtime yet, and there are not many people in the barbecue restaurant. Shi Zhi also chose such a time especially. Otherwise, such a high-rated restaurant would have to queue up.

Evening, everyone was lazy, and the boss greeted Shi Zhi lazily.

“What do you want to eat?”

Shi Zhi skillfully clicked around.

A pork belly is a must. Pork belly lovers know it is best not to order takeaway. It tastes better when eaten on the spot, with fat and oily juices.

Then there are refined meat, mushrooms, sausages, sweet and not spicy, and roasted kidneys.

After Shi Zhi finished ordering, she waited patiently on the side. There was a TV hanging in the store. Shi Zhi heard the background sound and thought it sounded familiar, and when she looked up, she saw her own face.


Originally, because there was no one in the store, Shi Zhi took off the mask after wearing it for a long time and felt a little bored. Seeing this scene, she silently pulled the mask back on.

But the boss still saw it.

“Hey, I think you look a little familiar, like a star…”

As he spoke, he shifted his gaze from Shi Zhi’s face to the TV hanging on the wall, but he couldn’t think of the name of the person inside.

Shi Zhi didn’t panic at all. She behaved very calmly and even opened her mouth on her own initiative.

“Shi Zhi, right?”

The owner of the barbecue restaurant suddenly realized, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Shi Zhi smiled and told the other party, “Because I just used her as a template. The whole thing, so it must be like her.”

The owner of the barbecue restaurant muttered, no wonder.

“But your whole body is quite natural, not plastic…”

Shi Zhi’s barbecue order has been made. Shi Zhi and the boss chatted a little about plastic surgery, the reason why they paid a high price, and how to find a good doctor. After the recovery period, the effect was so good.

The barbecue shop owner sighed, “It’s not easy for you either.”

Shi Zhi followed suit, “Yes.”

By the way, she ate a few sticks of roasted pork belly while it was hot in the store before leaving.

Very calm.

The paparazzi who were waiting outside were heartbroken. They thought they would be able to take a picture of such a big thing as Shi Zhi’s love affair, but they didn’t expect to take a lonely one.

Shi Zhi just went to have a barbecue.

After Shi Zhi left the barbecue restaurant, the paparazzi went in. They asked the owner of the barbecue restaurant, “What did you two talk about just now?”

The owner of the barbecue restaurant: “Do you also recognize her as Shi Zhi?”

Paparazzi: “Huh?”

The barbecue restaurant owner then brought out Shi Zhi’s plastic surgery remarks. She is not a real person but followed Shi Zhi as a template for plastic surgery.

The paparazzi didn’t expect Shi Zhi would answer like this when she was recognized, and everyone laughed without holding back.

Is Shi Zhi actually this funny in private?

Shi Zhi, stop pretending. Your thermos has already exposed you!

Even if she came out to eat barbecue, Shi Zhi still carried the thermos cup with her, and the paparazzi could recognize Shi Zhi with the cup.

After the paparazzi returned to the car, they checked the news of Shi Zhi recently and felt that this news was not impossible.

Watching Shi Zhi go to a barbecue restaurant to eat alone may be boring. Still, they combine the recent sisterhood between Shi Zhi and several actors in the play. In that case, their faces are flushed because of the roast ham in the tidbits, but Shi Zhi is eating alone. If someone “secretly” eats and enjoys a large portion of delicious food…

Is it just from the inside?!

These days, even the paparazzi have to create and process the video when they break the news, so there is a sentence that netizens yelled, “Plastic sister Shi, Shi Zhi carried her good sister on her back but went to the street to eat barbecue alone.”

The video taken by the paparazzi is very clear. Netizens can clearly see that Shi Zhi is riding a shared bicycle and walking on foot to go to the barbecue restaurant to eat barbecue.

A cheating male celebrity was the last person who took such a similar trip. He didn’t ride a shared bicycle but changed three bikes to avoid attracting attention, but he was still photographed.

During the walk, Shi Zhi even threw the mineral water bottle discarded on the lawn by the roadside into the trash can.

This bright spot was also caught by netizens.

But everyone’s focus is on Shi Zhi that “steal” barbecue.

There is high praise.

“Do you know why Shi Zhi didn’t grab the grilled ham sausage from everyone in the tidbits, because she went to eat alone.”

How could she compete with the other three actresses for eating alone?

Plastic Sister Hammer!

Very good. Everyone has put together the plot by themselves.

Netizens initially thought it was just their own carnival. Still, they didn’t expect the three other actresses in “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” posted on Weibo one after another, and there was only one theme.

Why eat alone? Why not call them!

There are withered roses in the back, and the friendship is about to break.

Soul questioning.

Drama fan: Fuck, this after-sales service is first-class, just absolutely!

They don’t know what Shi Zhi will do.

After Shi Zhi returned to the hotel, she knew under the reminder of the team that she had just gone out for a barbecue and was on a hot search. She was also surrounded by the actresses who were filming together and didn’t call them for a barbecue.


She wondered if the paparazzi now even cared about other people eating barbecue. 

While opening the group, she found the three friends in the play.

Please, please, eat, eat, eat!

Isn’t it just a barbecue? It’s still affordable. Someone can book the barbecue restaurant to reconnect their friendship, so when will everyone be there?

They were not in the same city.

But fortunately, the production team will hold a celebration banquet the day after tomorrow. Several people discussed it. The latest one will arrive at noon tomorrow. Zhong Jiaxin said, “Everyone come to my place.”

At noon the next day, Shi Zhi went to the hotel where Zhong Jiaxin was staying with two big bags of barbecue. When she arrived, almost everyone was there.

Everyone hadn’t seen each other for a while, and they got together and chatted non-stop. Shi Zhi felt that it was almost time to eat barbecue, and it would be cold if they didn’t eat it. Then the other three told her at the same time.

“No, we eat barbecue, we eat, you just watch.”

Shi Zhi: ???

Three actresses: Shi Zhi didn’t expect it. That’s the kind of effect they wanted. 

Before, Shi Zhi was said to be a devil, but today they are devils.

There is a price to pay for eating alone!

At this time, Shi Zhi really didn’t expect it. She couldn’t laugh or cry, and looked at the two big bags of barbecue, “You can’t finish it.”

“Eat as much as we can!”

Shi Zhi still wanted to say something, “Actually…”

Then as soon as she got up, she was interrupted by Zhong Jiaxin waving her hand. As if she didn’t want to listen, she chanted scriptures bluntly. Today they will show Shi Zhi what eating a string in two bites means.

Shi Zhi: …OK.

She just sat aside and watched.

The barbecue was really fragrant, and Shi Zhi smelled it deliciously. The three female celebrities who were originally afraid of fatness were very happy to eat, especially after seeing Shi Zhi’s eager expression. They started to eat!

The two large packs of barbecues were really swept away abruptly. The three of them felt they might have been immune to barbecues in the past year. They also paid a high price, but more of it was the sense of accomplishment that came from staring at Shi Zhi’s small expression.

Satisfied and comfortable.

But at this time, there was a knock on the door, and someone reported himself, “Delivery.”

Zhong Jiaxin: ???

“Why is there a delivery, who ordered it?”

The other two actresses said they didn’t, and Shi Zhi spoke.

“I called.”

She had already called for it before she came. Still, the production over there was relatively slow and may be far away, so it was only delivered then.

Shi Zhi quickly picked up the delivery, steak, crayfish, exquisite desserts, shrimp dumplings… All of them were placed on the table. There were four servings of crayfish alone, and the fresh and spicy taste suddenly filled the room.

The three of them were dumbfounded. In front of this, the barbecue is like a younger brother!

The roles were reversed in an instant. Just now, the three of them were eating barbecue and showing off in front of Shi Zhi, but now it was Shi Zhi eating crayfish, and they just watched.

Zhong Jiaxin smelled the scent of crayfish, regretted it a lot, and asked Shi Zhi with a bitter face, “Why didn’t you tell us before?”

If this had been said in advance, would they have eaten all the barbecue? They have to leave half of the stomach empty, right?

Now the stomach is completely filled with barbecue.

Shi Zhi replied to Zhong Jiaxin, “What I was going to say was that none of you would listen!”

Isn’t everyone yelling and not listening to anything? Then there is no way.

Zhong Jiaxin, “…” This is true, Shi Zhi really wanted to say something at first, but they stopped her.

They also didn’t expect such a reversal. The barbecue is just an appetizer, and there are better things to come!

Shi Zhi peeled the crayfish, covered it with a lot of sauce, and showed it in front of the three of them.

“Come on, I’ll show everyone a crayfish bite by bite. Those who have money will have a show, and those who have no money will have a show.”

After she finished speaking, she opened her mouth and finished eating the crayfish. After eating it, she said nothing but commented, “It’s fresh, fragrant, spicy… it’s delicious.”

Before three people performed two bites of a barbecue for her, Shi Zhi now performs a bite of a crayfish for them. She actually thinks that the crayfish is really small. She can not only take one bite but also a handful of them.

“Are you sure you don’t want any more?” When Shi Zhi was brewing a handful of crayfish, seeing that the three of them seemed to be really hungry, she pushed another pot of lobster toward them.

Trio: “…”

Hungry, Hungry, Hungry!

Shi Zhi is the real devil. She even described the smell.

Zhong Jiaxin: “I think I can hold on.”

The other two: “Me too…”

Even though they were already full, to be precise, they were full of barbecue, they still stubbornly picked up the gloves and ate one, only one head of type, right?

Fans of the drama have been waiting for the follow-up since the three actors posted on Weibo and then saw three people post on Weibo at the same time.

The boat of friendship set sail again.

The question is, Shi Zhi invited them to a barbecue.

The drama “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” is considered to be a hit. Director Shi Tao is very happy and thinks it is necessary to hold a celebration banquet for everyone to have fun together.

He said, “Don’t hold a celebration banquet when you have achieved your grades. What’s the difference between this and the children at home who won the certificates and didn’t post them? You have to show off.”

Shi Zhi: “…” I didn’t expect you to be such a director.

Brother Quan said, “I didn’t expect that either.”

At that time, she thought director Shi Tao was very reliable. He searched for an actor for a while to audition. Still, he didn’t expect to choose their family’s Shi Zhi hastily in the end.

It’s not that the choice of Shi Zhi is not good. Shi Zhi didn’t also provoke the beam, but that choice was indeed very hasty.

The rest of the actors were also very concerned about the celebration banquet. Even Shi Zhi thought it was quite interesting. She was mainly happy that the crew reunited, and it was lively.

Naturally, the celebration banquet cannot be without reporters. The leading actors came on stage, accepted interviews from reporters, and praised the director.

Director Shi Tao drank a little wine before, but now he is on the scene, and he couldn’t help crying when he talked about the emotional part.

A row, he burst into the street one after another. If the new drama is still on the street, “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man” may be his last drama. Not only is it eliminated by the market, investors may not invest in him. The problem is that he has to question his ability.

Fortunately, this drama became popular, and director Shi Tao felt that he was alive from the inside out.

A big man was crying so hard on stage, it was embarrassing, especially Shi Tao didn’t want to cry, but he couldn’t control it.

Several male actors took turns comforting Shi Tao, but he couldn’t stop crying.

Shi Zhi thought for a while, then asked the actor to step aside and let her come.

She walked up to director Shi Tao, and Zhong Jiaxin was curious about what method Shi Zhi would use, so she heard Shi Zhi whisper to Shi Tao, “Don’t cry, the makeup is going to take off.”

Director Shi Tao’s tears stopped abruptly like a flood. He took the tissue from the actor’s hand and muttered, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, you can’t do it with makeup…”

Zhong Jiaxin: What?

The director also put on makeup?

They didn’t expect that.

After Director Shi Tao calmed down, he looked puzzled and looked at Shi Zhi.

“I don’t wear makeup.”

He is not an actor, and speaking of it, the director can be regarded as a behind-the-scenes worker. What kind of makeup does he wear?

Shi Zhi nodded, expressing that he understood.

Regardless of whether he wears makeup or not, is the director not crying now anyway?

This is still true, and the actors on the stage all gave Shi Zhi a thumbs up.

Director Shi Tao stopped his tears and mainly thanked Shi Zhi. He praised Shi Zhi as a very good actor, and colleagues in the industry should not underestimate her value.

Shi Zhi also agrees, mainly because the price has to be raised by one number.

Director Shi Tao also said that if there is a suitable scene, he will find Shi Zhi to shoot it.

The organizer arranged for the cake-cutting session. After cutting the cake, the leading actors were still chatting. Suddenly, cold fireworks started to spray on the stage.

Everyone in the audience was shocked, not to mention the people on the stage.

After all, they didn’t know that the organizer had arranged such an attraction without any preparation. It was a test of mentality.

The leading actors retreated quickly. One second they were still beautiful and charming stars, but they turned into emojis the next. The people in the audience regained their composure and went to look for Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi, who was still on stage, disappeared, but soon everyone found Shi Zhi.

The woman who rushed onto the stage seemed to be dressed exactly like Shi Zhi, and she was still holding something in her hand——

Take a closer look at a small fire extinguisher.

Shi Zhi had already rushed off the stage the moment the fireworks started to spray. She saw the location of the fire extinguisher, found the fire extinguisher smoothly, returned to the place, and pressed the switch on the fireworks.

The fireworks went out instantly.


Organizer: Shit, Shi Zhi is too agile!

The host was still reading the manuscript not far away, “The fireworks that are set off at this moment are brilliant and beautiful, symbolizing the excitement of the actors…”

The brilliant fireworks are gone, only the smoke that the fire extinguisher has not dispersed.

Actors: They were not excited either. They were obviously taken aback and almost died on the spot.

However, the fright he had received was healed instantly after Shi Zhi picked up the fire extinguisher to extinguish the flames.

The organizer staff ran up and explained that cold fireworks are very safe, they are often used on the stage, and there is almost no danger. Still, they did not expect the sound from these fireworks to be so loud.


Shi Zhi still had a small fire extinguisher in her hand, which was out of place with her dress and was taken down by the staff, who held back a smile.

Everyone’s reaction on stage just now was actually not small. Still, no one went to find the fire extinguisher as quickly as Shi Zhi, and they didn’t even know where the fire extinguisher was.

It was a false alarm, and the celebration banquet would continue. Shi Zhi was a little embarrassed to see the host, so she thought about it and borrowed a lighter from the staff.

“Why don’t you keep talking… I’ll turn on the lighter for you, it’s all on fire, almost the same.”

The host probably memorized the manuscript for several days, so don’t waste it.

Using a lighter to pretend to be fireworks, she kept pressing it for him.

“After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inherence” crew’s celebration banquet, the cold fireworks effect on the stage was too explosive, and everyone was frightened into emoticons. Shi Zhi even went on stage with a fire extinguisher, and the firework was blown out with a fierce tiger operation. Such a funny thing. Naturally, netizens will not miss it; it is on the hot search again.

Everyone wants to ask Shi Zhi, have you contracted all the recent sand sculpture hot searches?

Going to a barbecue restaurant to eat alone and putting out fires on the spot.

But picking up mineral water bottles, throwing them in the trash can, and putting out fires is cool.

Some fire-fighter bloggers even reposted Shi Zhi’s firefighting video of the celebration banquet.

“I saw this video on the homepage. Everyone thought this video was very funny, and it was indeed very interesting, but I also noticed something else, that is, Shi Zhi’s awareness of fire protection is very high.”

“She must have noticed the location of the fire extinguishers on the spot from the very beginning, so that she rushed down to find the fire extinguishers immediately like a conditioned reflex.”

“And her fire-fighter actions are very standardized, so you can learn from them. Although this is a misunderstanding, if you encounter an emergency, you won’t panic.”

Although fire bloggers have a lot of attention, they hardly involve celebrity-related topics. Even if a celebrity appears on his Weibo, it must have a negative impact on fire hazards, parking the car at will, Blocking the fire escape, throwing cigarette butts at will, and so on.

This is the first time he has praised a star.

Brother Quan would search Shi Zhi’s name on Weibo if he had nothing to do, so they could handle it if there was one hate comment.

It didn’t take long. Before, the whole network was full of black fans, and they were all found scary, but now it has changed!

“That’s amazing, Shi Xiaozhi.”

The people on the team also started flattering and broadcasting.

Sister Shi is awesome!

Shi Zhi noticed Brother Quan’s words, “After this movie, you can raise the price.”

Raise the price, raise the price, raise the price!

Finally, the price can be raised, and it is not the time to fight for cost performance.

Brother Quan also accepted a game endorsement for Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi is still in the web game, so she came to cut my meme if she was a brother.

She doesn’t want to shoot that kind of ad, does she?

That kind of thing is a bit of a loss, so she doesn’t want to shoot it easily unless… they can really spend money on her.

“How could it be!”

Brother Quan promised that it must be particularly beautiful since he picked it up for Shi Zhi.

While Brother Quan was still talking about the hype to Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi also received a call.

There was a dialect spoken over there. Shi Zhi could hardly understand it,

Probably guess a few keywords, ask for money, and the opening is tens of millions.

OK, Telecom Scam.

It was still a telecommunications fraud with a big mouth. She borrowed two hundred on WeChat at the time, and she was sent to the police station.

Shi Zhi: “Okay, okay, okay.”

Probably didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be so easy to talk over there, and he was stunned for a while, but this time he said less. Shi Zhi could understand.

“When will it transfer?”

Ask her when and where she transfers the money.

Shi Zhi: “Dream.”

Go dreaming, this kind of word, you have to practice.

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