Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 39 (1/2)

Chapter 39 (1/2)

Jiang Miao Miao never thought about being rescued. After all, life is quite leisurely now with food, drink, and electricity installed.

But she hasn’t seen other people for more than half a year, so she is inevitably lonely.

So when she found out that it was an airplane, she almost subconsciously waved and shouted out the window.

The plane had already flown far away, and the people inside probably didn’t see her. They didn’t turn around, kept flying towards the distance, and finally turned into a small black dot, disappearing into the skyline.

She looked at the sky, feeling lost in her heart.

Calculating carefully according to the timeline of the original novel, those survivors who fled the city have established a base that can barely meet their living needs under the leadership of the government, reclaimed wasteland, raised chickens and ducks, and at the same time worked hard to produce weapons in an attempt to restore social order.

It’s just that the frequent disasters later, heavy rain and snow, hail and drought, and occasional raids by zombies all made it difficult to achieve this goal.

That would happen to them, and it might happen to her too.

And because there are too few partners around, getting back up after being hit hard is difficult.

Do the people inside the base have a better condition, or is she better?

Jiang Miao Miao sighed, closed the window, fried the vegetables out of the pan, and brought them upstairs for Lu Qiming to eat together.

The latter took a nap for less than an hour and regained his vigor, like a super mobile phone that could be charged for five minutes and talk for two hours.

“Today’s fried noodles are delicious, Miao Miao, your cooking skills are getting better and better.”

He was full of praise and gave her a thumbs up.

Jiang Miao Miao was not fooled by him, “Don’t think that if you say that, I will cook for you every day.”

He laughed twice, “I’m telling the truth, don’t think I’m so cunning.”

“If you’re not cunning, all foxes are stupid.”

He ate for a while, and seeing that she was still absent-minded, he couldn’t help asking:

“What happened?”

Electricity is available now, and it can be used every day.

According to her character, she would have been a fool long ago if nothing had happened.

Jiang Miao Miao didn’t want to hide anything, so she told him about the plane when he asked her.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a plane fly over the city in the past six months. Tell me, are they planning to come back? Are they still searching for survivors?”

Lu Qiming held the chopsticks thoughtfully.

“What altitude did that plane fly at?”


“Is it a little higher or lower than what you’ve seen in flight before?”

He changed to a more descriptive way.

“Lower, much lower!”

Jiang Miao Miao said, “I feel like it’s almost hitting the roof over there.”

If it is at a normal flying altitude, then it probably has other targets, but it just happens to pass by here, so don’t worry too much about it.

But flying so low, the target is most likely the city.

Whether it’s for rescue or something else, it’s hard to say for now.

Lu Qiming’s expression became serious, and he put down his chopsticks.

“Do you wish to be rescued?”

Jiang Miao Miao thought hard and shook her head.

He was puzzled, “Why?”

“If we are rescued, we should be taken to the base to live with other survivors, right?”

She put her chin in both hands, pouted, and said:

“I don’t have any emotional intelligence, I’m lazy and useless, and I don’t like to engage in interpersonal relationships. One or two people is fine, and I’m not used to having a bunch of people around me every day. Moreover, the materials in the base are estimated to be allocated on demand, and it is impossible to follow my own preferences. In addition, if you eat edible food, you can’t stay idle and don’t work. You probably have to go to work every day. How can I be so free like now?”

“Are you sure?” Lu Qiming raised his eyebrows, “We are at ease now, but the supplies on hand will run out one day. At that time, it will be ineffective every day. If we stay in the base, at least the government will not watch everyone starve to death.”

“Just look for it when we run out of supplies. If we can find it the first time, we will definitely be able to find it the second time.”

He shook his head.

“The situation will be different at that time. We can find supermarkets now because the time is short and many things can be used. No one has produced them all the time. It’s okay for a year or two. After four or five years, where can I find supplies for you? “

Jiang Miao Miao looked troubled.

“Uh, if you really can’t find it…”

“Just commit suicide?”

There was a playful smile on his face, obviously mocking her previous plan.

Jiang Miao Miao snorted angrily and grabbed his hand.

“I don’t. Now that you think I’m going to die, I won’t die. If you can’t find anything to eat, I’ll pester you, and don’t let you go if you don’t give me food!”

Lu Qiming smiled bitterly, but his heart was sweet.

“It seems that I have found an ancestor for myself.”

She curled her lips and was about to eat noodles when she suddenly remembered that he hadn’t made a statement yet, and asked:

“What about you? Do you want to be rescued?”

If the wishes of the two are completely opposite, it will be troublesome.

Lu Qiming shook his head.

“In no mood.”


He tilted his head. His pupils were as bright as stars.

“Because if you marry a chicken, follow the chicken, and if you marry a dog, follow the dog.”


Jiang Miao Miao was stunned for a while, then lowered her head, bit her lips, and smiled.

The two agreed that Jiang Meimu was disqualified from protesting because it could not speak, and Meimu would stay in the supermarket with them.

There is electricity in the room, gradually improving their quality of life.

The air conditioner has basically never stopped, and it is as cool as spring 24 hours a day. The refrigerator is always full of beverages. Drink a bottle and put another bottle in it.

There is ice cream powder in the supermarket. Jiang Miao Miao tried to make ice cream in the refrigerator.

The results were mediocre in appearance but good in taste, which added another choice to their recipes.

At the same time, electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, and Kindles have also resumed use.

For almost ten days, the two of them didn’t go out at all, lying on that comfortable big round bed, playing games with their mobile phones.

If you are too hungry, they can play a game and decide who will cook.

After acting like a salted fish for a long time, one day, Lu Qiming suddenly struggled to get up, threw his mobile phone away, looked at the room full of empty drink bottles, and said:

“It can’t go on like this!”

Installing solar energy is to make their lives healthier and more convenient.

Instead of turning them into pigs.

Jiang Miao Miao raised her head, shifted her gaze from the phone screen to her face, and touched her increasingly full belly.

“What else should I do?”

There is a teacher in charge of the school and a boss in charge of work.

They are neither students nor social people. Their lives are completely self-sufficient, with no financial pressure and no goals to strive for.

Lu Qiming thought for a while, turned over and got out of bed, made a way through the pile of drink bottles, kicked away the little fat dog lying beside the door, opened the door, and walked out.

When he came back, he had a pen and paper in my hand.

“Come on, make a written statement.”

There is nothing more vigilant than writing in black and white on the wall.

The two gathered around a large A1 sheet of paper, carefully arranging their future life.

In order for a comfortable life to continue, the tasks they must complete include: planting vegetables, patrolling, and sorting out supplies.

Vegetables are grown to satisfy the appetite and enrich nutrient intake.

The purpose of patrolling is to find zombies in time and ensure personal safety.

The purpose of sorting out materials is to keep track of the quantity of materials and find ways to replenish what is missing immediately.

The last piece of work was relatively heavy, and the two of them completed it together. Planting vegetables belongs to Jiang Miao Miao while patrolling belongs to Lu Qiming.

In addition to this, cleaning is also a very important task.

They are all people with hands and feet, and they cannot live in garbage dumps every day.

However, no one was willing to do this job. After pushing and blocking for a long time, Jiang Miao Miao proposed:

“Let’s let the appliances do it.”

There are a lot of electrical appliances in the supermarket, and they are ready to use now.

There is a dishwasher for washing dishes and a sweeper for sweeping the floor. Why bother to do it yourself?

It doesn’t matter if the power of the solar system is small. They don’t need to be used every day.

Use it every three or four days. Turn off the air conditioner in the refrigerator before use, rest for a while, and turn it on again after use.

Since there is no running water, the washing machine cannot be used temporarily. After all, the water consumption is too considerable, so it is distressing to use all mineral water.

The clothes are still washed with their own hands, and the cooking takes turns. One person eats one meal, and no one suffers.

After the tasks were assigned, Lu Qiming wrote the terms on a white paper, signed by the two of them, and posted it on the head of the bed so that they could be seen as soon as they woke up in the morning.

Jiang Miao Miao looked at the piece of paper, feeling terrified.

“Why does it feel like signing a sell-off contract?”

When I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that I had to do so much work tomorrow, I was afraid I would be too worried to fall asleep.

Lu Qiming rolled his eyes.

“Yes, you sell me half, and I sell you half. I am nearly 70 kg, you are 48 kg, and I will give you 10 kg for nothing.”

She crossed her hips in disbelief.

“I’ve gained weight, and I’m over 50 kg now.”

Lu Qiming said: “That’s why I say it for nothing.”

“I, I still have a dog.”

Jiang Meimu has become 30 kg without looking back, and its weight is considerable.

He sneered, “Come on, it’s just your silly dog who can do nothing but eat and drink. I think the only function is to stew it and eat it if you are really greedy in the future.”

Jiang Meimu, who was lying in the corner and sleeping soundly, suddenly felt a killing intent and wriggled its little fat buttocks into Jiang Miao Miao’s arms, begging for a hug.

Jiang Miao Miao hugged it and couldn’t help but warn Lu Qiming.

“You’re joking, you’re joking, but you’re not allowed to really attack it.”

Lu Qiming raised his eyebrows, “You have eaten salted fish, bacon and ham sausage for more than half a year, don’t you want fresh meat?”

She pursed her lips and said nothing.

He is persuasive.

“Do you like braised pork? Braised dog meat is also delicious. Pick the fattest and tender part, cut into pieces, put the star anise, cinnamon, ginger and garlic cooking wine and simmer for two hours, then add sugar. Boil the soup until it is thick and shiny, and the chopsticks are brushed after stirring. Each piece of meat is stewed softly and soaking up the soup. Take a bite… Tsk tsk.”

He smacked his lips twice as if he really tasted the meat.

Jiang Miao Miao was eloquent by him, and she was full of longing for the taste he described.

Subconsciously, she looked down at Jiang Meimu and licked her lips.

With frightened eyes, Jiang Meimu carefully arched its arm.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she shook her head vigorously to regain her composure.

“It’s a pity that you don’t want to be a fortune teller. You’re so good at fooling around. But I won’t be fooled by you.”

Lu Qiming shrugged with a half-smile on his face.

“It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry. There are enough supplies now, and it’s normal not to be greedy for meat. In another year or so, there’s nothing you can do. I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop you.”

Jiang Miao Miao was really worried as she imagined the future.

She raised Jiang Meimu as a companion, and she would never starve it if she had a bite to eat.

But what if it’s the time when they starve to death? With such a large pile of meat by her side, can she hold back and not waver?

Thinking about it, she shivered suddenly and hugged the dog in her arms a little tighter.

There must be vegetables and meat. She must not face such a cruel choice.

That day’s dinner was left to Lu Qiming. Jiang Miao Miao sat in the room waiting for dinner after taking a shower, having nothing to do, and watching the scenery outside the window.

A few clouds were floating in the sky, and because of what happened in the morning, she always felt that a plane would fly out from behind the clouds if she wasn’t paying attention.

Since she has decided not to accept assistance, it is best not to attract the attention of others so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Will the solar panels on the roof be too conspicuous?

But if it is covered with something, the sun will not shine, and it will not be able to generate electricity.

She was struggling, and suddenly there was a knocking sound outside the window.

Jiang Miao Miao thought it was a zombie and reflexively took out the gun from under the pillow. However, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a bird.

The bird was gray and black, a little bigger than her hand. Probably very hungry, wanting to peck open the glass and get in to find something to eat.

Zombies can’t fly, so they only kill all the creatures on the ground, which doesn’t have much effect on the birds living in high places.

Jiang Miao Miao has lived in the city since she was a child. The biggest contact with birds is that the old people who live upstairs always like to put bird repellents on the balcony.

When the ultrasound is turned on, there will be a very weak “sizzling” sound, which her parents can’t hear. Only her ears are good. During the time of the college entrance examination, it was so noisy that she had a nervous breakdown.

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