One Can’t Judge by Appearance #56

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Chapter 56

The person named Liu Liu is still sending messages.

Liu Liu: Xiaoman didn’t dare to tell you about it, and she didn’t even have the courage to ask you to forgive her.

Liu Liu: The doctor said that her disease is already at an advanced stage, and she may leave at any time. My wedding with her is next Saturday, and I hope you can come.

He sent the name and address of the hotel. Seeing that Yan Xi didn’t reply to the message, he typed “please” and didn’t bother her anymore. Yan Xi looked at the hotel address sent by Wei Xiaoman’s fiancé, which is owned by the Changfeng Group. The last time she and Yuan Xiaoer went to pick up her father, this was the hotel they went to.

Looking at the content in the chat box, Yan Xi was silent for a long time and clicked to exit.

At night, Yan Xi had a very long dream. In the dream, she was a little white rabbit, and the green grass beside the nest was tender and fat. As a result, she bit it down, and the grass turned into fragrant and spicy fried snails.

When she woke up in the morning, she sat on the bed for several minutes before holding her face and saying, “Rabbits also want to eat meat.”

After changing clothes and going downstairs, Yan Xi and Song Hai had breakfast together.

“Yanyan, I’m going abroad for an inspection. You can call my assistant if you have anything you can’t solve.” Song Hai put down his chopsticks, “I heard that you young girls like bags, shoes, etc. Send me a picture of what you want, and I will buy it for you according to the brand.”

“Okay, thank you, Dad.” Yan Xi put down her chopsticks and wanted to clean up the dishes on the table to wash, but Song Hai stopped her, “Don’t wash, let me do it, and drive carefully on the way to work.”

After listening to Song Hai’s nagging, Yan Xi answered one by one, then took her bag and went out.

The roads are very congested during rush hours. When Yan Xi arrived at the TV station, she was almost late. In the elevator, she met some unfamiliar Satellite TV staff. As soon as Yan Xi walked in, someone greeted her with “Teacher Yan.”

Although she didn’t know these people, Yan Xi politely smiled back. After coming to the station, she found that her colleagues looked at her enthusiastically.

“What’s the matter with you?” Yan Xi looked down at herself, the clothes on her body had been worn before, and the jewelry did not wear shocking styles.

“Teacher Yan,” the stylist said to her, “Last night, “Those Things Around Us” was the champion in the ratings at the same time. Congratulations.”

With the correct way of publicity on the Internet and the good quality of the program, “Those Things Around Us” has suddenly emerged among all the star programs at the same time and has firmly secured the number one place in the ratings.

“No. 1 in ratings” Yan Xi walked to Xiao Yang’s computer and looked at the rating statistics. The program she hosted was indeed the first in ratings at the same time, and it was also a lot ahead of the second place.

She went to dinner with her colleagues last night. After returning home, she was not in the mood to go online because of Wei Xiaoman’s affairs, so she forgot to pay attention to the high ratings of last night’s program.

“Xiao Yan,” Chen Pei came out of the office, saw that Yan Xi had arrived, and waved to her, “Come to my office.”

Yan Xi smiled at several colleagues, turned around and went to Chen Pei’s office. Chen Pei’s office is a little messy, with several folders lying around on the table and discarded manuscript paper on the floor. She bent down to pick up the few lumps of manuscript paper at her feet and threw them into the trash can, then turned her head and sat on the chair.

“Those Things Around Us” is the rating champion of the same period. You should already know” Chen Pei took a glass of water for Yan Xi under the water dispenser, “I listen to the meaning above. If the next few episodes are rated, If it keeps going higher, the show’s broadcast time may be adjusted to ten o’clock, which happens to be when the TV series ends. There will be more viewers watching the show.”

Yan Xi held the paper cup and didn’t speak. Chen Pei specially called her in, definitely not just to praise her.

“I’m a little older, and there may be a generation gap in thinking with you young people. I may not be able to grasp the content of the program accurately. If you have any good ideas, you can try to tell me as much as possible. Are you ready for the next few days of the program?”

“It’s almost ready. Do you want to take another look?”

“Let Xiao Yang copy a copy for me later,” Chen Pei smiled and nodded, “Then it will be a lot of hard work for you in the near future.” She wanted to tell Yan Xi that the main station seemed to intend to train Yan Xi, but this. It’s just a shadow. It’s uncertain whether it will come true, so it’s hard for her to say it.

Seeing that Chen Pei had nothing to say, Yan Xi got up and left Chen Pei’s office.

In the head office of the main station, Shen Xingyan listened to the leader saying that the female host in the station was not available. There were a lot of people, but there were not many who could really get the standard yet. He asked if she had any promising younger generations to bring to her side to let her learn from experience.

Shen Xingyan knew that the station wanted her to bring new people, but who would want to bring a competitor younger than herself? She said a few words on the spot but didn’t make any real promises.

“Teacher Shen, it’s not easy in the station. Now that the online platform is becoming more and more developed, the cake of our TV platform is getting smaller and smaller, and the competition is much fiercer than before. Without fresh blood, how can we win more viewers?” They didn’t want to quarrel with Shen Xingyan, so the leader politely spoke. He took out a list and put it in front of Shen Xingyan, “Take a look. Is there anyone who catches your eye?”

Shen Xingyan glanced at the candidate list. These four are all female hosts with outstanding figures and good looks, and they are not short of a topic. But in terms of hosting skills, none of these four can support a show alone.

Seeing that she didn’t express her opinion, the leader smiled and said, “Why, you don’t like any of them?”

Shen Xingyan and the station already have a mutually beneficial relationship, so she doesn’t have to wrong herself too much. She turned the list over and tapped on the paper, and said, “I have watched the programs they host. They all have their own characteristics. How can I bring them?”

It seems really contemptible.

The leader nodded: “Then do you think there is any host in the station who is inexperienced and needs you to take them with you?”

Shen Xingyan wanted to say she didn’t want to take anyone with her. Haven’t you heard the saying that same-sex repels each other? However, she was thinking about the love that the imperial capital had praised her for all these years, so she didn’t say these words out of her mouth. Suddenly, a young woman’s face flashed in her mind. The finger that tapped the paper stopped, “I met a new host in the elevator some time ago, I watched her show, and it was interesting.”

Seeing her let go, the smile on the leader’s face suddenly brightened: “Which newcomer is it?”

“It’s the host of the “Those Things Around Us” program group. If the station is willing, I can bring her with me.” Shen Xingyan thought to herself, instead of bringing those little goblins who want to chat with her every day, it’s better to bring someone pleasing to the eye. Anyway, they all have the word Yan in their names, which can be regarded as fate.

“You’re talking about Yan Xi?” The leader has some impressions of Yan Xi. This host’s program has just been on the satellite station for a few days and has become number one in the same period. The online word of mouth is also good, which shows that this host has a certain value. Indicating that this host has some merits.

“However, this host has only been on the station for a few months, so the work experience may be somewhat lacking.”

“Experience is accumulated slowly,” Shen Xingyan said indifferently, “Just her.”

“Since Teacher Shen likes her, it’s her luck.”

“Dear audience friends, today’s “Noon News” is here to say goodbye to everyone. Please continue to watch at the same time tomorrow. Goodbye.” Yan Xi said goodbye to the audience to the camera, turned off the microphone buttoned to her collar, and put the manuscripts on the table together.

“Call it a day.”

“Good job.”

As soon as Yan Xi walked out of the studio, she saw many female colleagues lying on the windows, discussing something excitedly outside the window.

“What are you looking at?” Yan Xi leaned over curiously, but everyone had already occupied the windows, and she couldn’t find a gap at all.

“Someone outside made a big heart with roses, and I don’t know who He is going to confess to,” After everyone found Yan Xi, they squeezed to the side. They gave her a little space so that she could hang her head and watch the excitement.

There are several floors below the TV station building, separated by tens of meters in height, and the pile of roses still seems to have a large area. She doesn’t know how much putting on such an effect will cost.

She doesn’t know which rich person came up with such an old-fashioned method of spending money.

The scene should not be finished yet; countless staff are holding flowers and fiddling with them. Yan Xi felt bored after watching it for a while. She turned on her mobile phone and prepared to order takeaway: “My little fairies, who hasn’t had lunch yet?”

“We’ve all eaten,” Xiao Yang looked down enviously. “To spend so much money and energy to confess to a woman, this man must like her very much.”

“Maybe it’s a woman confessing to a man.” Yan Xi spent a long time choosing the food delivery software before deciding what to eat.

“Ah, ah, a man in a suit got out of the luxury car. It’s a pity that I can’t see his face clearly.”

“Who is the object of the confession? Why hasn’t she shown up yet?”

Yan Xi was lying on the table listening to the eager discussions of her colleagues, rubbing her belly and waiting for the handsome delivery guy. She wondered if it was because she had done a special program about the delivery guy, so she was blessed by the delivery god. Every meal she ordered will be delivered quickly.

After waiting for less than 20 minutes, the meal she ordered arrived. Before she opened the lid and started eating, she heard a scream from her colleagues.

“Ah, look, the balloon is floating up. Whose name is written on it?!”

“Where are my glasses? Where are the glasses? I can’t read the words on them clearly.”

“Whoever has better glasses, tell me what’s written on them.”

“Xiaoxi, be my girlfriend…”

Colleagues looked back at Yan Xi, who was buried in her meal. Could this Xiaoxi be Teacher Yan?

“Don’t look at me. I’m definitely not the only one named Xiaoxi in this building.” Yan Xi sipped her drink, “I don’t have anyone with such a flamboyant style around me.”

Sometimes, being a person really can’t be too rigid.

When her cell phone rang, and an unfamiliar number was displayed on the screen, she suddenly had a lot of premonitions in her heart.

After picking up the phone, Song Chao’s voice came out.

“Yan Xi, do you like the sea of roses I prepared for you?”

“Sorry, do you have any misunderstandings about the sea? Yan Xi put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth clean with a paper towel, “Song Chao,  what exactly do you want to do?”

“I haven’t done enough to be understood. Of course, I am pursuing you.” Song Chao stood under the TV station building, ignoring the mobile phones filming him all around. “Today’s preparations are too hasty. If you think the flowers are too little, I can ask someone to give you more tomorrow.” Come Over.”

Yan Xi stood up and walked to the window. Song Chao stood at the gate and looked up. He couldn’t see her behind the window, and she couldn’t see Song Chao’s expression clearly. This is a farce in the name of pursuit, but she doesn’t know who this farce is for?

“I don’t like the person who sent the flowers. Even if you give me a bouquet of diamond flowers, I won’t like it,” Yan Xi laughed. “Mr Song likes this kind of high-profile feeling, so I won’t bother you.”

After hanging up the phone, Yan Xi sneered and went back to the office to rest.

The rich and handsome man courted her, and the mysterious woman refused to show up under the powerful offensive of tenderness. She doesn’t know if it will make the headlines of the tabloids?

However, Yan Xi still underestimated the ability of netizens to watch the excitement. At this moment, someone has turned on the live broadcast platform and photographed the background of the handsome guy courting her. By the way, he also gave a panoramic view of the rose bushes, which aroused the curiosity of countless netizens. What is it? What kind of goddess-level character can make a handsome guy make such an enormous determination?

So many roses are placed on the ground. What is placed here is not flowers but money!

Ten minutes, half an hour, an hour, the handsome guy has been standing still, and the mysterious goddess has not shown up.

Some male netizens began to gloat about their misfortunes, so what if they were rich, it was useless if the goddess didn’t want to bother. Some people feel that this handsome guy is a bit pitiful. His sincerity has been trampled on like this. Even if the girl being confessed doesn’t like him, she shouldn’t keep him waiting.

However, many netizens feel that this kind of behavior is moral kidnapping. No matter how rich this man is, girls don’t like him. If he makes such a big noise in front of the audience, has he considered girls’ feelings?

Hearing more and more discussions around, Song Chao redialed Yan Xi’s cell phone: “Yan Xi, you are still so ruthless.”

Yan Xi retorted: “When did I ever have feelings for you? Song Chao, you made such a big fuss. Aren’t you afraid of losing face?”

“Shame?” Song Chao suddenly laughed, “Yan Xi, the news of my pursuit of you will spread throughout the circle tomorrow. What do you think Yuan Yi will think of you?”

Yan Xi felt more and more that Song Chao was a little psychologically distorted. If she and Yuan Yi had already been in love with each other, not only would there be conflicts between the two of them if he made such a fuss, but she would also be regarded as a “flirting woman” in the eyes of others. How could a wealthy and prestigious family like the Yuan family let a woman who was “messing around” marry into the door?

However, Song Chao will be left behind the image of a poor infatuated man at most. Maybe he could coax a few innocent little girls to feel sympathetic or even fall in love with him.

This method……

Song Chao was an outstanding graduate of the Academy, right?

“I don’t know what he would think of me. Why don’t I call him and ask,” Yan Xi laughed angrily at Song Chao’s methods? “Song Chao, I just want to ask, what are the benefits of doing so many self-harming things?”

“So what if there’s no benefit? As long as I see things that don’t belong to me end up in misfortune, I’ll be happy.” Song Chao smiled extraordinarily softly, “Yan Xi if you can get on the big boat of Yuan Yi, I also have a way to get him to push you off the boat.”

Yan Xi: …

As a normal person, she couldn’t understand the brain circuit of a madman.

“Song Chao, I think you should watch fewer palace fighting dramas and house fighting movies. Watching too much of these things is not good for your brain,” Yan Xi paused, “Oh, there is another piece of advice I forgot to say, don’t stop taking medicine, stop taking medicine. Harm others and yourself.”

After hanging up the phone, Yan Xi immediately dialed Yuan Yi’s number.

“This plan…” After finishing his sentence, Yuan Yi said to the secretary, “I’m sorry, I’ll take a call.”

“Yuan Xiaoer, I’ve been blocked on the TV station.”

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Yi stood up from his chair, “Have you encountered an unreasonable audience?”

“It’s more serious than this,” Yan Xi’s voice sounded pitiful and aggrieved, “A psychopath made a lot of roses to confess to me, which attracted countless people to watch, and I dare not go out.”

Yuan Yi felt empty in his heart, grabbed the coat on the chair and said, “Don’t panic, I’ll rush over right away. Who is the person who confessed to you?”

“It’s Song Chao. If something like this happens, what will others think of me?”

“It’s okay. You go downstairs to reject him, just say you have a boyfriend.” After a slight pause, Yuan Yi walked into the elevator and said, “At worst, I’ll suffer a bit and pretend to be your boyfriend.”

“Yuan Xiaoer, you are indeed the kindest and most handsome person in the world.”

After hanging up the phone, Yan Xi kissed the phone.

The snail-flavored nest grass is delivered to the door.

Yuan Yi hung up the phone, adjusted his shirt collar and tie, and deeply breathed.

Don’t be nervous. Work hard, and be calm. Maybe you can make the fake come true.

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