One Can’t Judge by Appearance #7

Chapter 7. Damage to public property?

Zhao Peng saw Yan Xi’s embarrassed face, thinking she was young and thin-skinned, and after a few compliments, he turned around and opened the door of the van, ready to leave. He didn’t know why. He pulled the door a few times, but the car door didn’t move at all.

(Thin-skinned = easily embarrassed) 

“What’s wrong?” The driver followed down and reached out to pull the door, which still didn’t move.

“This broken car!” The driver cursed in a low voice and wanted to swear a few more words. But he turned his head to see Yan Xi smiling behind him and swallowed back the classic Chinese curses, “Miss Yan, I made you laugh. This car often has problems, and it should have been replaced long ago, but the money on it has not been allocated.”

He drove such a broken car around daily, and his heart was already full of anger.

“The door won’t open, do you want to climb over from the front?” Zhao Peng rubbed his nose.

“I’ll try it,” Yan Xi handed the microphone to the driver and stretched out her hand to pull the door real tight. She took a deep breath and pulled it vigorously. The door did not open, and the handle fell off.

There was silence in the parking lot.

Yan Xi looked dumbfounded at the broken handle in her hand. Did she damage public property just a few days after she came to work?

“Hahahaha.” Zhao Peng, a big older man, trembled with laughter and pointed to the handle in Yan Xi’s hand. “Xiao Yan, your strength is more powerful than your eloquence!”

Yan Xi waited until Zhao Peng’s laughs stopped and then faintly said, “Brother Zhao, I’d better let someone come and pick us up.” She looked down at her skirt and climbed from the driver’s front seat to the back. It was too ugly.

Before Zhao Peng could speak, the lights behind them came, and a car drove over. The lights flashed in front of him.

The car slowly stopped beside them, the window rolled down, and a man sat inside. Zhao Peng estimated the price of the car and saw the driver’s face and eyes, silently stepping back.

Can’t afford to offend.

Yuan Yi looked at Yan Xi in a white dress, her mouth pursed without speaking, and his face looked more serious.

Yan Xi was flashed by the car light, and her vision would not clear when she looked at the weak light. She squinted and looked into the car, barely recognizing that the driver was a man, turned her head and started to call her dad. Ask him to arrange for the driver to pick her up.

Yuan Yi sneered when he heard that this woman seemed coquettish with the person on the other end of the phone, but he forgot that she was not a person without a background. Probably because the woman’s expression when she removed the doorknob was so funny just now, it made him happy for a while, and he rarely had the kindness to come to help.

But since she didn’t need it, he didn’t bother to worry about it so as not to be misunderstood that he was going to hook up with a married woman after being seen.

Seeing the luxury car driving away in front of them, Zhao Peng breathed a sigh of relief. He thought they had accidentally offended some important person.

“Brother Zhao, let’s find a place nearby to sit for a while, my dad’s driver will come and pick us up immediately.” Yan Xi hung up the phone and saw that the car parked in front of them had gone. “The driver just now knew you?”

“I want to meet,” Zhao Peng sighed with regret. “It’s a pity that people don’t give me this opportunity.”

“I understand.” Yan Xi held back what Zhao Peng said with a face that I understood.

This new host doesn’t seem to be so delicate either?!

On the second day, Song Hai sent two brand-new vans to Channel Eight in the name of sponsorship.

The so-called soft mouth for eating and taking advantage of somebody’s weakness. These two cars have to be used when they are out in the field, and Yan Xi will use them. Hence, within a month, Yan Xi mingled with her colleagues and learned a lot of things from them, the experienced seniors on the station.

Since the last car door incident, Zhao Peng and Yan Xi have no longer been unfamiliar and polite. In addition, the two of them are often together when they go out on location, so they have developed a revolutionary friendship.

For example, when encountering a large illegally raised dog in an old residential building, Yan Xi took off her high heels and ran into the car without saying a word. The reason is that as long as she runs past Zhao Peng, she will be safe.

Another example is when the two elder sisters scolded each other in a neighborhood dispute. Zhao Peng did not hesitate to push Yan Xi out because she was a woman and communicated better with women. In the end, Yan Xi almost got her hair pulled by the two elder sisters.

“Brother Zhao, Brother Zhao,” Yan Xi collapsed in the car, panting, and stretched out her trembling fingers to Zhao Peng, “You are not kind, I was almost taken apart by that older sister just now.”

“Isn’t this good?” Zhao Peng said with a smile, “young people have good physical strength and run fast, unlike me, who are older and have trouble with their legs and feet.”

Yan Xi rolled her eyes, unscrewed the mineral water bottle, and drank several sips, pressing down her beating heart. “Last time you were chased by a dog, didn’t you run fast with the camera on your back?”

Zhao Peng pretended to be silly and smiled, not answering these words.

The two returned to the company building and handed the material they had taken to be edited. The colleagues were dividing the fruits. Seeing that Yan Xi was back, they also gave her a share.

“Hey, have you heard that a variety show on the satellite channel has exploded, and advertising fees are calculated by the second?” Xiao Li envied the planner there, “the people on their channel walk with wind.”

(Walk with the wind: have things easy, don’t need to work extra hard)

Yan Xi didn’t understand the grievances between these channels in the station, so she didn’t participate in the discussion.

What sponsor spent more than 100 million yuan to endorse this program, what host’s value has soared, and what product endorsements did that host win? He has been talking, but she eats cherries from beginning to end.

“Let me say that Shen Xingyan doesn’t look as good as our Xiao Yan.” Xiao Li turned to look at Yan Xi, who was eating happily, and said in a tone, “but that person’s aura is indeed very powerful.”

There is a Yan character in the name, but the status gap is too big.

Shen Xingyan has a bit of a face in the chief director, Yan Xi… the slightly higher-level leaders in this building don’t know who she is.

“Brother Li, you are making fun of me on purpose.” Yan Xi looked up at Xiao Li with an innocent expression. “A capable woman like Sister Shen is enough to make people ignore everything about her. My appearance will grow old one day, but my talent will not.”

But being able to look more beautiful still makes people very happy, hee hee hee hee.

“Xiao Yan’s awareness is high.” Chen Pei said to Xiao Li, lying on Yan Xi’s shoulders, “you men who only look at faces are too superficial.”

Everyone laughed and turned the topic to the man, except for gossip. They didn’t have much to do right now.

“Things Around Us” has been broadcast for a while, and the ratings are slowly increasing, even though it can’t keep up with the fraction of satellite channels. But everyone doesn’t care. They are very satisfied with the ratings.

When she got off work, Yan Xi waited for the elevator for a long time and finally waited until the elevator came down. Still, before she could walk in, she was stopped by the people inside, “The elevator is full, please wait for the next one, sorry. “

This person spoke politely, but only six or seven people were standing in the elevator. The middle one seemed to be Shen Xingyan, who they had just discussed. She was looking down and talking to a young man wearing sunglasses with a smile on his face. Which red little fresh meat should it be?

Yan Xi smiled slightly and took a step back. Instead, the popular little fresh meat opened his mouth, “It’s okay, let her in.”

Shen Xingyan, who had just noticed this, raised her head and smiled at Yan Xi with a friendly attitude.

“It’s okay, the elevator next to it has also arrived.” Yan Xi smiled back, nodded slightly at them, turned, and walked to the other side.

The little fresh meat did not expect that he, a well-known artist, would be turned down, and he stumbled before continuing to talk to Shen Xingyan.

“The staff in the station are not sensible, Teacher Xu doesn’t care about her.” Shen Xingyan apologized to Xu Qiaosheng in a low voice.

“It’s okay,” Xu Qiaosheng didn’t take it to heart. “Girls are shy by nature, I understand.”

Shen Xingyan smiled and didn’t mention it again.

Shen Xingyan sent Xu Qiaosheng to the underground parking lot. Before he could leave, the female staff member who had just met outside the elevator came down. Shen Xingyan noticed that the other party was driving a lady red Ferrari. The price of this car is not cheap, and it is not a large-scale product. There are restrictions on production.

“On what floor did the elevator stop just now?” Shen Xingyan asked the assistant next to her, “Is that female staff member working in front of the stage or behind the scenes?”

“Shen, the floor where we just stopped, in the office area of ​​Channel 8 and Channel 9.” After a long time, She couldn’t think of any programs on these two channels. In the end, she could only say, “These two channels have no viewers. If it were not for the above regulations, it should have been stopped a long time ago.”

Shen Xingyan nodded. This may be a wealthy daughter who came to the TV station to find a job and mess around. It’s no wonder that she and Xu Qiao are also so peaceful.

The traffic in the imperial capital would be very crowded during the off-hours. Yan Xi did not expect that in such a congested section, people would drive randomly in the traffic flow. The open yellow shell car seemed to tell every car that it was expensive. Others can’t afford to touch it.

When the yellow car crashed into a black Cayenne, and the black Cayenne lost control and hit her, she didn’t even have a chance to avoid it. The next second, she was patted on the face by the airbag. At the moment of fainting, Yan Xi thought worriedly, is her makeup smudge?

“Is there anything wrong with the people in the car?”

“Have you called the police?”

“120, hit 120.”

Yan Xi opened the car door dazedly, but she didn’t know why. Her hands were a little weak, and she couldn’t open the seat belt.

A young man with a livid complexion walked to her car door, glanced at her several times, bent over to untie her seat belt, and hugged her out of the car. Although his expression was ugly, he was very careful in his movements. He was obviously worried that she would hurt her internal organs or brain, and his movements would cause her secondary damage if he moved too much.

“Thank you.” Yan Xi thanked the man. This man looked a bit like the Yuan Yi Young Master, who was not a good person at first glance.

The man put her on the sidewalk and threw a sentence: “Sit down and don’t move.” After saying this, he walked directly to the owner of the yellow Lamborghini.

The remaining Yan Xi was whispered to and comforted by a group of enthusiastic people. The merchants on the side of the road brought her chairs, and someone stuffed a bottle of water into her hand. She didn’t know who had given it. She was in a daze now.

The owner of the Lamborghini car was cursing, and people around were taking pictures with their phones, but no one dared to move him.

Without saying anything, Yuan Yi kicked him with his calm face, and the owner slammed into the car with a bang.

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