Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #31

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Chapter 31

Part 1

When Shi Zhi came in, the staff of the spiritual station of “Full Impact” never expected to encounter such a difficult problem.

Shi Zhi looks pretty. Not only is she a female artist, but she is also a female artist with many haters. Just now, even the veteran heavenly king was told by the information they collected. The veins on his hands were bruised. Girls themselves are easily fragile, and their hearts are weak. The staff at the station heard that the director told them to make Shi Zhi cry, and he didn’t think it was a difficult task.

The staff showed a smile towards Shi Zhi and signaled her.

“Sit down.”

There is a sofa in the room, and there is a table in front of him, and Shi Zhi can sit face to face.

Shi Zhi said thank you to him and sat down.

Staff: “Relax.”

“We’re just chatting normally, would you like something to drink, red wine?”

Soft lyrical music played in the room, and the staff even poured red wine for Shi Zhi. Those who didn’t know the situation might think it was an ordinary chat.

If every artist who had left the room had not looked so ugly before.

The program team took great pains to pretend to be presentable.

Shi Zhi shook his head to express that she would not drink red wine and asked, “Is there any tea?”

The staff slowly having a question mark, but to reduce the vigilance of the guests, he would still be satisfied with such trivial matters. So Shi Zhi held a cup of steaming tea in her hands.

The staff member cleared his throat and spoke differently.

“Many people outside said you are a vase, today I saw a real person…” He paused for a while.

Shi Zhi said that she was listening carefully, “Huh?”

He grinned at Shi Zhi, “It’s indeed a vase.”

The staff members were already waiting for Shi Zhi to change her face. He also said the same thing to another actress just now, and that actress had a big reaction, and her eyes turned red as soon as she heard it.

Whether it’s crying or rage, it’s what they want to see.

The camera in the room is aimed at Shi Zhi’s face, trying to accurately record all her micro-expressions.

Shi Zhi: “Thank you for praising me for looking good.”

She also felt that this face was too perfect. At least the wish she made at that time was fulfilled very well. Sometimes Shi Zhi even wanted to look at herself in the mirror for a while.

The staff smiled stiffly on their faces.

This reaction was completely different from what he expected.


He said Shi Zhi vase, and Shi Zhi actually thanked him. What is a good description of a vase?

He even felt that Shi Zhi’s next step would be to thank the country for watching, the audience, and her parents.

The most important thing was that she didn’t feel any reluctance at all. Shi Zhi felt this was a compliment from the bottom of his heart.

But I’m really not complimenting you! Sober up!

Her hair was a little in the way, so Shi Zhi pinned it behind her ears. Her skin was fair and delicate, and her face shone brightly in the sun. The staff couldn’t help but sigh. She was so beautiful.

The reason was recalled urgently. He failed in the first round, and the staff were not discouraged. He had other tricks.

After moving his body, he said to Shi Zhi, “I watched a TV series you filmed a while ago.”

Shi Zhi couldn’t remember the name when he said it. After all, she didn’t film the drama, but Shi Zhi still nodded.

So what?

The staff member said, “I’ve watched over twenty episodes, but I couldn’t stand it and turned it off because it’s bad.” He shook his head when he said it was bad, and it made people want to hit him.

Attacking the other party’s work, the staff felt that it should be done this time, right?

Shi Zhi showed a disapproving expression.

“Twenty episodes?”

“It’s not good to watch. What are you doing for more than twenty episodes? Shouldn’t you turn it off as soon as you find it’s not good to watch?”

Although she didn’t say that, the staff still saw what she meant from her eyes——

Is he stupid?

The staff was choked up.

Yes, it’s not good. Why do I have to watch more than 20 episodes? Normal people are not all…

Wrong! This is not a matter of normal people. Didn’t he want to embarrass Shi Zhi?

He never imagined this reaction in his dreams, why Shi Zhi was not on the same train of thought as him.

Successive magnification moves failed, which caused his confidence to be frustrated, and the questions he asked later did not affect Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi drank a few sips of tea from time to time, looking leisurely.

Not only didn’t Shi Zhi cry, but she also didn’t even show a broken expression.

On the contrary, the staff feel exhausted.

Shi Zhi’s psychological quality is too strong. You must know that these questions are very sharp, and they are specially selected. Faced with so many bombardments and attacks, veteran interviewers will leak their emotions.

The staff felt there might be nothing they could do from Shi Zhi today, and they even planned to find another “victim”. Still, Shi Zhi acted as if they were talking very speculatively.

Holding the teacup in her hand, she looked at the staff and leaned forward a little.

“Aren’t we talking, why just talk about me, let’s also talk about you.”

“How old is this year, do you have a girlfriend, are you married, do you have children, do you want to have a second child, and bought a house immediately.”

“Don’t be nervous, it’s just a normal chat, relax, would you like something to drink?”

Shi Zhi showed a comforting smile to the staff.

The cameramen in the monitoring room discovered that Shi Zhi had copied exactly what the staff had done to her before.

The staff didn’t realize the danger was coming. He just felt that the female star in front of him suddenly looked a bit like an elder in his family, which made him restrain himself involuntarily.

He is not young anymore. He is already married, has a child, and has no plans to have a second child. The first child is almost unbearable, and the child is simply a gold-eating beast, spending money just by opening his mouth.

Naturally, he didn’t buy the house but rented it. Similarly, he has no money.

Shi Zhi chatted with the staff, “The children are already in elementary school, they are quite old.”

“Teaching kids to learn isn’t easy.”

These words reached the heart of the staff member. He had gradually forgotten what the occasion was and wiped his face.

“It’s not easy, it should be said that it’s too difficult!”

“Every time I teach children, I am on the verge of collapse. Why are the questions for elementary school students so difficult now? This is not the level of our elementary school learning at all.”

“And the child still can’t listen to it, no matter how many times you say it, he can’t listen to it, and you can’t yell at him, it’s nothing anyway… I want to drink something.”

Shi Zhi poured the water for the staff, and she even found a place to change the music from a lyrical song to a sad song, the kind that makes people feel very sad when they listen to it.

Adding to the staff’s tightness, he told Shi Shi Zhi, “I want to cry listening to this music.”

Shi Zhi handed him the tissue.

It was also in this room, and she was ready to listen.

Cry, it’s okay. There are tissues.

Before, he kept making things up, gloating and poking at the artists’ pain points. The other staff enjoy watching it. But now, suddenly watching their miserable-looking staff sob.

Complain about the difficulty of work, earning money, family, children, and social relationships.

He is really too difficult.

The 1.8-meter-tall man almost fainted from crying in the room. He was completely immersed in his emotions and the director call him whatever he heard. Still, he didn’t respond, completely ignoring the director’s words.

In the end, it was Shi Zhi who brought the staff out. He stayed in the room but said that it was uncomfortable to look at that room.

“I have to go in and see.”

Ning Jiachi had no idea what was going on inside. When Shi Zhi entered the so-called spiritual station, he began to fidget and walk up and down non-stop.

The more he learned from the artists what they had experienced, the more he worried about Sister Shi Zhi.

She has been in for so long and still hasn’t come out.

Until he heard the cries getting closer, Ning Jiachi didn’t care about anything else. He even promised the fans to take good care of Sister Shi, and it was Sister Shi who took care of him after coming to the show for so long.

After saying this, Ning Jiachi wanted to get in, but the male singer stopped him.

“Why do I think this doesn’t sound like Shi Zhi’s cry?”

This cry is a bit manly.

During the conversation, the room door was already opened, and Shi Zhi came out from inside, walking like an old man.

She put her hands in her pockets, her eyes weren’t red, and her face didn’t look bad. Seeing that Ning Jiachi and his group were staring at her, she said, “What’s wrong?”

Ning Jiachi, “…Sister Shi, are you not crying?”

He thought that Shi Zhi was made to cry by the troublesome program crew.

At the same time, both Geng Can and the male singer were lost in thought. Who was crying?

The answer was revealed, and weeping with snot and tears, an extremely miserable staff member appeared from behind Shi Zhi.

Guests: !!!


The staff unsuccessfully made Shi Zhi cry, but did she make him cry?

The look in Shi Zhi’s eyes began to change one by one. Especially the guests who hadn’t recovered from the cheap questions asked by the program group before and felt a refreshing feeling of revenge.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t take pleasure in seeing others cry, but I can’t help it!

Hahaha, after all, when the other party poked their scars just now, they were merciless.

I didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be so strong at such a young age. She also wanted to call her sister Shi along with Ning Jiachi.

Because Shi Zhi broke the mentality of the staff of the spiritual station. He had to change to another staff member, who was not as eloquent as the previous one.

The question was similar, but the way it was asked was eased, which also made the guests behind Shi Zhi feel better.

The guests behind looked at Shi Zhi, too: Thank You.

If Shi Zhi didn’t make the staff cry, the guests in front would be their end.

The show’s recording was almost done here, and the director also said that he would treat everyone to a big meal, but this time no guest stayed.

Knock on the feast!

The so-called big meal at noon is still fresh in their memory, which should be to blame.

But Shi Zhi’s seafood feast is really delicious.

Everyone has no nostalgia for the program group, and some people have already started secretly dissing “Full Impact” with their friends.

Shi Zhi was an exception.

Facing the team who came to pick up, the assistant asked, “Sister Shi, how is the show?”

Shi Zhi thought about it, “It’s quite fun. But It’s fake and the quality is not good.”

Part 2

It’s fake and the quality is not good.”

Shi Zhi still remembers the door that was unloaded without much energy, like touching porcelain, and she had to get money.

(touching porcelain : easy to break)

The prop master of the program group passed by not far away, and when he happened to hear this statement, he almost vomited blood.


After recording the new variety show, Shi Zhi returned to the crew to shoot.

The filming place is regarded as a small film and television city, and there are still a lot of people. Shi Zhi’s scene today is relatively smooth. When it’s the turn of the supporting actors, they are stuck. Shi Zhi is bored sitting there, so she just goes out for a stroll.

There was an uncle playing chess over there, and Shi Zhi went over to watch the game with her hand on her back.

The uncles are generally good at chess, and they are quite happy to play. Shi Zhi also watched with relish. She didn’t make any movement, but she was still noticed by the uncle.

After all, there is only one young girl in a group of people.

“Can you understand?” The uncle who turned his back to Shi Zhi turned his head and asked Shi Zhi.

Shi Yan answered, “a little bit.”

“Then how do you think I should get off later?”

“Lao Liu Tou, do you want a face, are you still counting on other girls to help you?””

As soon as the uncle spoke, the uncle on the opposite side began to talk about him.

Uncle Liu was not angry, he laughed and provoked, “Are you afraid?”

“Hi, can I be afraid of you?”

“Come on, let’s go with the girls. I’m not convinced. I’ve played chess all over the film and television city. I’ll tell you…”

Shi Yan didn’t want to intervene. She could see that Uncle Liu was indeed disadvantaged, and the uncle on the opposite side was more stable.

But everyone was watching her, and the opposite uncle didn’t mind. Anyway, Shi Zhi was idle, so she helped Uncle Liu to make a few tricks.

Uncle Liu won.

“Little girl really has a hand.”

“There are not many young people who are still willing to play chess.”

The person who loses chess is not angry. Everyone handed Shi Zhi a small bench and asked her to sit down and chat.

What are you doing standing, sitting?

Shi Zhi also sat down.

The uncles are residents near the film and television city. They retired a long time ago. Their sons and daughters are busy at work. If they have nothing to do, they simply come to the film and television city to play as a group show. They don’t expect to make much money. The key is to be lively and have someone to talk to.

“Is it an actor here?”

The uncles didn’t know Shi Zhi, so they naturally regarded Shi Zhi as a group performance.

Shi Zhi, “Yes.”

“I have acquaintances here, and uncle will introduces you to get other job, you will definitely be able to get itt if you look so handsome!””

Shi Zhi, “…okay! Thank you, uncle.”

As they chatted and talked, someone asked “Is there an object? no target uncle will introduce you to you.”

(No object : single/ no boyfriend)

Shi Zhi: There is really no such thing.

When it comes to finding objects, the uncles are not inferior to their old companions at all. They all think that Shi Zhi is beautiful and nice. They want to introduce Shi Zhi to their relatives, and they keep asking Shi Zhi what conditions she is looking for.

Shi Yan did give a serious answer.

“The condition is not important, the key is to meet the eyes.”

Uncle nodded, “Agree.”

The uncles are still very funny, and Shi Zhi is also very happy to chat with them.

Brother Quan and his party looked for Shi Zhi everywhere, and they heard this sentence as soon as they came over.


Just dare to ask, one dares to return.

The team has already come up. Shi Zhi estimated that it was her turn to shoot, so she waved farewell to the uncles, and the uncles also asked Shi Zhi to add WeChat groups. The group is full of nearby uncles and aunts. If there is a suitable young man, introduce it to Shi Zhi.

In just half an hour, Shi Zhi had already been classified as one of his own by this uncle.

Assistant: “Sister Shi, your social ability is too strong.” Even with the uncle, she had a common topic.

“But what’s the use of adding a group?” Can Sister Shi integrate into the uncles and aunts in the group?

It happened that the crew was chatting over there: “I want to buy some fruit. I don’t know which side of the neighborhood is fresh and cheap. I went to a chain fruit shop two days ago. It’s really expensive…”

Shi Zhi opened her mouth, “Go to the Western vegetable Market, it’s less than a kilometer from here.”

The crew didn’t expect Shi Zhi to reply to her, so they were a little surprised, but they still thanked Shi Zhi.

“Thank you, Sister Shi Zhi, when shooting is over, I’ll go over there and have a look.”

Shi Zhi: “You’re welcome.”

What’s the use of adding groups? There are always a group of people who know where the fruits and vegetables are the freshest and which supermarket is discounted. After all, your uncle is still your uncle.

After Shi Zhi entered the group, the group began to launch emoticons, colorful and green [A good day starts in the morning] golden [walk into a group, it’s a family] and open lotus flowers [Dear friends, I wish you a smile].

When the assistant saw Shi Zhi also sent one.

She posted an aunt holding a cup [toast for our friendship].

Assistant: ???

Sister Shi, is it okay to reply like this? Don’t you want to blend in more perfectly.

Before the broadcast of “Full Impact”, the show attracted a group of people. Although many co-stars had already been exposed, the release of the list still made even passers-by outside the fans excited.

This list is a bit luxurious.

However, everyone noticed that Shi Zhi had the most interactions under Weibo, and even the veteran heavenly kings left messages under it.

“Have you seen that King X left a message for Shi Zhi? Doesn’t King x rarely engage in this kind of interpersonal interaction? Why did he leave a message for Shi Zhi?””

“I saw it, and the attitude is very good!”

Haters:, “The charm of Shi Zhi bitch is infinite.”It was implied that Shi Zhi had hooked up with King X.

It was immediately refuted by passers-by and Heavenly fans.

Fans: “Brother and sister-in-law have a good relationship, you have no friends, right?”

The Heaven King has been married and has children, and the children are not young. The family has a very good relationship. He is also a well-known good husband and father. He can’t pretend to be alone for decades. Fans are still very relieved of him.

Netizens, “Shocking. There are only those things in your mind all day long. Hook up, hook up, hook up. You used to say that Shi Zhi hooked up with Chen Baichuan. It was decent. In the end, I only saw Chen Baichuan leaning next to Shi Zhi… Several people commented on Shi Zhi, saying she can hook up with so many people in one show.”

It’s not just the king who leaves a message. Most people participating in the show gave Shi Zhi a message.

This is worth pondering.

When did Shi Zhi’s popularity become so good?

You must know that during the previous period, she hardly had a few artist friends around her, and it was precisely because of this that she had a lot of speculation about her bad character.

Soon the show was broadcast.

At the beginning of the show, Ning Jiachi and Shi Zhi contributed a lot of jokes. Ning Jiachi had been cue Shi Zhi, saying that he should not be separated from Shi Zhi.

Many people have seen “Our Village”. Even if they haven’t seen it, they have glanced at the clip. They know that Shi Zhi has a good relationship with Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi fans came up with popular trivia.

“When I met Sister Shi at the airport, I asked Sister Shi to take care of Chi Bao. Chi Bao said that he would take care of Sister Shi this time. The child has grown up.”

“I feel that Chi Bao will be reliable this time. If you don’t have to cook, he can still be reliable to depend on.”

Shi Zhi did not separate from Ning Jiachi. Everyone entered a secret room, and then the scene appeared.

While everyone was seriously decrypting, Shi Zhi banged in front of the door a few times, and then the door was removed, and she rushed out.

Netizen: !!!

Shi Zhi’s dazed little expression lit up with everyone’s dazed expression, how funny it was to see it.

“Damn hahaha, everyone, don’t drink water when you see this, don’t ask me how I know, the screen has been abolished.”

 “Shi Zhi said, she just moved casually. Has she really sealed the soul of Erha?”

(Erha meas husky dogs 二哈. It is pronounced as èrhā . Er is short for erbaiwu, which means someone being silly in a funny way. Ha refers to Husky. It is commonly believed husky, while serious and beautiful, but actually silly and funny.)

“Help, God rushed out of the door. It’s so cute. Hahaha, I have already felt the despair of the program group through the screen. Others rely on solving problems by breaking the secret room. When do you see someone rely to open the door to the secret room? Very good and strong.”

Ning Jiachi did think of letting Shi Zhi take down the doors directly, but the program team made an urgent sound to stop them, so that the next secret room could go on smoothly.

Shi Zhen has not forgotten compensation after removing the door.

“Shi Zhi actually remembered compensation, praise.”

“She has always been like this. Before, she clarified her affairs on other anchors, wasted a little time, and doubled it.”

Ning Jiachi said at the airport that he will protect her this time, he did behave decently at first, and Ning Jiachi’s fans thought he was really supporting her in this show..

Then there was screaming.

After the darkness, the whole scene was extremely chaotic. The wigs that the male singer wore flew off. Ning Jiachi went back to get the disassembly of the door. In this case, the calm Shi Zhi was glowing.

In particular, Shi Zhi hadn’t forgotten Geng Can. She stopped Geng Can and asked her to go with her. When Geng Can pulled her clothes, it seemed that a special effect of two meters and eight meters had been added.

“It feels good to be a good person.”

“Really, if it were me at this time, I would call Shi Zhi’s Dad.”

“Woo, Chan Fan thanked Sister Shi. Chan Chan was really scared. She didn’t dare to trouble others. She kept holding back without saying a word. Thank You Sister Shi.”

“Thank you, Sister Shi, for taking care of Cancan.”

Geng Chan’s fans are brushing up on Shi Yan. The little artist has no human rights. Although there is no special treatment on the bright side, Geng Chan is obviously more cautious.

When the guests recorded, the secret room was very dark, and they could not see everyone’s expression, but the broadcast was also a shot, and everyone’s reactions were captured.

Geng Chan has been shaking in the corner. Everyone thought she would be ignored, but did not expect that there was Shi Zhi remembering her.

The moment the woman in the overalls asked Geng Can to hold her clothes, she was about to break her leg.

Then swallowed the mountains and rivers with a sigh of relief――


Shi Zhi was confused.

From the male singer, he also wanted Shi Zhi to bring him, and quickly even changed the name of Shi Zhi to sister, Ning Jiachi also lost face and made a voice for attention.

Ning Jiachi fan: Chi Bao, can you do it?

Male singer fan: Thanks Shi Zhi!

Shi Zhi was dragged by these three people, carrying her family with their mouths covered with their trembling hands. She stepped and swept everything.

The program group did label Shi Zhi as safe and reliable.

You can not believe yourself, but you can rely on Sister Shi.

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