One Can’t Judge by Appearance #46

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Chapter 46

Xu Qiaosheng realized that he had said something stupid and touched his face in embarrassment: “Then what, you guys talk, I’ll go and see what they are playing.” The sound insulation effect in the bathroom is very good. Yan Xi probably didn’t hear what he said just now?

“What game are you playing?” Yan Xi asked with some interest, “Can I go and see?”

“Of course, you can,” Xu Qiaosheng agreed graciously and turned his head to see Yuan Yi’s face was somber and silent, wishing to slap himself. Isn’t he a pig teammate? Originally, a man and a woman were alone, but he was a mess. Why was he alone?

Thinking of this, he felt a little guilty, turned his head and did not dare to look at Yuan Yi, and led Yan Xi into the game room. Yuan Yi hesitated for a moment and followed them in.

Pushing open the door, the room was filled with smoke. Xu Qiaosheng entered the door and kicked Yang Yu’s chair, “Put out the smoke, open the windows to dissipate the smell, it is our bounden duty to prevent ladies from smoking second-hand smoke, do you know?”

Yang Yu, who was kicked off the stool, was about to ask Xu Qiaosheng why he was crazy. When he turned around and saw Yan Xi standing at the door, hurriedly pinching the cigarette in his hand into the ashtray. He got up to open the window and waved his hand in the room, hoping to increase the airflow speed.

“Are you guys playing this game too?” Yan Xi walked to Yang Yu’s computer and felt that the game ID looked familiar, then looked at the service area of the game. Wasn’t it the one she played recently, “What a coincidence, I’m also in this area. Let’s play, do you have a spare computer, let’s download it and play together?”

“Er… Dahe, we can take you to any dungeon you want,” Xu Qiaosheng turned on an empty computer next to him, “I didn’t expect you to play in this game area, it’s all fate.”

“Are you playing the output account or the nurse account?”

(I do have a little understanding of game slang. That is why I don’t write any side notes, waiting for some nice reader to correct or give me the heads-up. A nice reader finally showed up. Output account = damage dealer, nurse account = support. Thank You, your Highness @Nefrit, for your help. This humble peasant work is not up to your standard yet. But I am working on it. 🙂 )

“Nurse account,” Yan Xi discovered that the game was installed on this computer. It seems that Yuan Yi specially prepared it for a few friends. Otherwise, someone deliberately vacated a game room and put a few computers in it.

“Nurse account is good. We just need a bonded nurse. In the future, we don’t need to find a nurse to join the group when we enter the dungeon.” Xu Qiaosheng has been completely addicted to the game and enthusiastically introduced the name of his game account to Yan Xi. After Yan Xi went online, he added her as a friend, forgetting that his cousin was standing behind him.

While logging into the game, Yan Xi thought Xu Qiaosheng had a bad mind and loved to play games. How did he survive the entertainment circle?

Riding on her colorful flying phoenix mount, Yan Xi rushed all the way to the door of the chamber of commerce: “I’ve arrived at the chamber of commerce, come quickly.”

A few people ran to the door of the chamber of commerce, and Zhang Wang casually asked, “Dahe, there are too many people here in the chamber of commerce. What’s your name?”

“The bends stream.”

“What?” Zhang Wang thought there was something wrong with his ears.

“The bends stream,” Yan Xi turned back with a smile, facing the four shocked faces. Her smile became increasingly gentle, “It’s the one you guessed.”

“Oh, fuck,” Xu Qiaosheng almost jumped from his chair, “The famous violent human-monster account in the whole server…” The volume lowered slightly, “So it’s not human-monster?”

She can’t blame him for making a fuss. It’s because this player named Xi Shui Wan Wan (The bends stream) is really hated. Being a nurse is more violent than having an output account and killing players worldwide. This account is very famous on the server and is a well-known violent shemale nurse.

“What kind of human-monster?” Yuan Yi felt this adjective was not very nice, so he frowned, “Qiao Sheng, please speak carefully.”

Xu Qiaosheng was in a very complicated mood. He looked at Yuan Yi with a delicate expression. The second cousin didn’t play games, so he didn’t know how cruel the name Xi Shui Wan Wan was. Looking at Yan Xi’s willow-browed, slender-waisted, slender appearance like a spring breeze, he forced a smile, “It’s fast.”

The few people who had originally vowed to take Yan Xi down to the present in the next more than an hour, their faces were swollen. If it weren’t for Yan Xi, they would almost be wiped out.

“This dungeon is newly developed. You guys don’t have much time to play games, so it’s normal for you to be in a hurry.” After quitting the dungeon, Yan Xi still had the energy to comfort the poor self-esteem of these young masters. I’ll take you to grab it.”

The four of them got on their mounts silently and gave the captain to Yan Xi.

The feeling of hugging the thigh is still very refreshing.

Arriving at Shenshou Mountain, several teams were already waiting for the big monster. After seeing Yan Xi and her party appear, two teams left silently, and the remaining teams are still waiting to see.

“Dahe, someone has declared war on us.”

Without further ado, Yan Xi started to fight back after dismounting from her mount. She added blood to the four of them from time to time and banged the keyboard, which was very imposing.

(Your Highness @Nefrit, let me re-read the raw version of this chapter later. I never delete any sentence from the raw. But I may have missed something. Your comment has done the magic. I’m in a state of confusion now. Are you commenting as just talking, or do you command me to correct this one? 🙂 )

“After the monster comes out, there will be a group attack skill. Remember to fill up your status and don’t die. I don’t have time to pull you up.” Yan Xi swiftly sent the opponent to drink Mengpo soup and turned to Yuan Yi. Said, “Yuan Xiaoer, I’m a little thirsty, bring me a glass of water.”

Yuan Yi: …

Looking at the five game-addicted people for the first time, he felt as if he was being excluded.

As soon as he went downstairs to the kitchen to pour several glasses of water into the tray, Aunt Li entered the kitchen. She looked back upstairs and saw no one came down, so she asked in a low voice: “Second Young Master, Miss Yan is very nice. Are you chasing her?”

(Your Highness @Nefrit. It’s done. A typo of he to she that makes your eyes hurt reading it- this humble peasant done corrected it. Please forgive me for not doing some minimal work instead of publishing an unedited machine translation. This humble being feels so grateful to Your Highness for spending some of your time to leave a comment to grace this humble being with your knowledge 🙂 )

Yuan Yi’s ears turned red. He picked up the tray and said, “Aunt Li, I’ll bring the tea.”

“Excellent girls will be pursued by many boys,” Aunt Li said earnestly, “If you don’t pursue actively, what if Miss Yan is chased away by others?”

“Aunt Li,” Yuan Yi stopped, looking at the steaming tea in the tray, “I don’t have the confidence to give her a happy family.”

Aunt Li felt distressed when she heard this, and when she wanted to say something more, Yuan Yi had already walked away.

“Oh, both brothers are like this.” Aunt Li sighed, but she was only a servant, so it was not easy to dictate the affairs of the master’s house.

The eldest has been dating his girlfriend for seven or eight years, but he never mentions marriage; the second is more serious. At the age of twenty-seven or eight, he doesn’t even have a girl around him. Now that a girl finally appears, he hesitates. She really doesn’t know how this situation will end.

Walking to the game room door, Yuan Yi heard a few small cheers. He paused and didn’t go in right away.

“Dahe, why don’t you jump into our gang, I’m the gang leader, as long as you are willing to join the gang, I will immediately take Xiao Yang’s position and let you be the deputy gang leader,”

“It’s the first time I’ve opened this strange box. If it wasn’t for the manager’s nagging, I really want to take a screenshot and post it on Weibo to show off.”

He knew very well in his heart that these young people from the wealthy family were cheerful and easy to get along with on the surface. Still, in fact, they were extremely wary, and it was not easy for them to truly accept her. But after today, he felt that he had overestimated them before. It turned out that to take care of them, she only needed to take them to play games.

He knocked on the door, “Okay, don’t play for too long, drink some water first.”

The five stood up reluctantly. Each took a glass of water and drank it.

“Dahe, your big move just now was so cool, I didn’t expect that the nurse’s attack skills are so powerful.” Xu Qiaosheng drank his saliva, “How long have you been playing this game?”

“It’s been almost a year,” Yan Xi smiled, “I’ve been playing since the server started.”

Listening to what they said about equipment, mounts, gems, and skills, Yuan Yi could not intervene in their topics and sat on the side in a somewhat depressed mood without speaking. Although his company is developing games, he is not interested in such fake games on the Internet. At most, he uses a businessman’s perspective to measure whether the game has research and development value and development potential.

There is probably no illusory romanticism in his bones.

A few people were chatting, and they didn’t notice that very beautiful rose petals suddenly fell on the game screen, and they were very beautiful.

Yang Yu turned around inadvertently and said casually: “Who is setting off the fireworks in the whole district?”

As he was talking, he saw a message scrolling above the screen.

System: [Sunshine just in time] set off a rose heart-whispering firework towards [Stream bends].

After seeing who was being given flowers, Yang Yu wished that he hadn’t looked back, hadn’t seen the fireworks that were more expensive than real flowers, and regretted that he had talked too much just now.

Yuan Yi has very good eyesight and can see system messages at a glance. He remembers very clearly that Yan Xi’s game name is Bend Stream. He heard that some players would marry other players in the game. Could it be that Yan Xiaoxi also…

“What do you see me doing?” Yan Xi was sipping water. Seeing Yuan Yi staring at her, she blinked, “Are you thirsty too?”

“Someone will set off fireworks for you in the game,” Yuan Yi looked away, his tone a little light, “Don’t you want to see it?”

“Huh?” Yan Xi looked back at the screen. The fireworks were still going off. The player who gave her flowers was still playing the horn, saying that even if she was a shemale, he wanted to pursue her.

“Tsk, young people nowadays are getting more and more vocal,” Yan Xi put down her water glass, opened the chat world, and bought a full-service speaker.

[World] Bend Stream: I’m sorry, you like shemale, I can’t satisfy you, goodbye!

Xu Qiaosheng and the others also reacted and made trouble in the world one after another, immediately turning the whole game into a mess. The romantic atmosphere created by the male players was completely ruined by them.

“It’s boring, I don’t want to play anymore,” Zhang Wang quit the game, shaking his head with emotion, “Nowadays, players in the game are becoming more and more casual, and they can make vows to each other without even meeting each other. Speaking sweet words is stronger than me.”

To lower the male player’s favorability in Yan Xi’s heart, Zhang Wang felt that his sacrifice was not small.

“Who knows who the other party is across the Internet, maybe it’s a good elementary school student.” Yan Xi turned off the computer smoothly, got up, and twisted her neck, “After playing for so long, my neck is sore.”

“There is a massage chair in the study, I’ll take you there to lie down.” Yuan Yi glanced at the young fellows expressionlessly, “Are you coming?”

The boys shook their heads tacitly. No, they won’t go.

Yan Xi thought they would play other games, so she didn’t ask any more questions, got up, and followed Yuan Yi to the study. She picked up a book at random, noticed two “Little Monsters” on the top shelf, and looked at Yuan Yi with a smile, “You bought two sets?”

“It was a gift from a friend, and I didn’t spend any money,” Yuan Yi sat down on another chair, “I didn’t expect you to be the author of this book.”

“Are you stunned by my talent?” Yan Xi sat on the massage chair, adjusted the intensity of the massage, and leaned on it comfortably.

“I didn’t see the talent, but the thick-skinned one can see it clearly.” Yuan Yi took a thin blanket and threw it to Yan Xi, “Cover yourself, so you won’t catch a cold later and make me call a doctor for you.”

Being slapped on the face by the blanket, Yan Xi pulled the blanket off her face and said with a bitter face: “Can’t you be gentle, and be careful not to spoil my makeup.”

“Did you put on makeup today?” Yuan Yi took a closer look at Yan Xi. The color of her lips was normal, not as if she had put on makeup.

“Could it be that only if my eyes turn into panda eyes can you be sure that I am wearing makeup?” Yan Xi shook the blanket and covered herself, not very willing to recall the last experience of makeup.

Yuan Yi really wanted to nod and say yes, but his intuition told him that it would be irrational to speak at this time.

The sunlight came in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, drying out the chill of late autumn and warming up the room. Yuan Yi noticed that the book in Yan Xi’s hand had yet to be flipped, got up, and walked over to take a look. She was already asleep.

“With other people around, you can fall asleep easily,” Yuan Yi took the book in her hand, helped her lower the height of the massage chair, and muttered softly. “It’s useless to cry when you meet someone who plots against you.”

While saying this, he closed the curtains, leaving only a gap so Yan Xi could sleep more comfortably.

Taking off the “Little Monster” on the bookshelf, Yuan Yi walked to the desk, sat down, turned on the lamp, and slowly turned it over.

He opened the book at first because the little monster on the cover was round and chubby, and it looked very cute, so he opened it easily.

Unexpectedly, every little story in it was very warm, so he couldn’t help but keep reading. He did not expect Yan Xi to be this book’s author. But thinking carefully about the style of the program hosted by Yan Xi, he felt that it was not surprising that she could draw such cartoons.

He has read this book several times, but he feels extraordinarily warm every time he reads it.

He closed the book and looked back at Yan Xi, who was sleeping peacefully. He suddenly had an urge to…if he was with Yan Xiaoxi, she would host two shows every day, read books, and draw pictures with him at home. Draw a manga, go for a walk in the neighborhood after dinner, and then…sleep together…


Yuan Yi strode out of the study room, closed the door, and leaned against the wall to take two deep breaths. Only then did he feel that his heartbeat was normal. Patting his hot cheeks, he cursed himself in a low voice: “Don’t.”

Just as Zhang Wang walked out the door, he saw Yuan Yi slapping himself on the face. He stopped and said with a smile, “Go downstairs and sit down?”

Yuan Yi turned around, opened the door a crack, and looked inside. The light in the room was very dark, and Yan Xi was sleeping soundly.

The two sat down on the sofa downstairs, and Zhang Wang looked at Yuan Yi with a half-smile: “That mysterious girlfriend who is in the news is Yan Xi, right?”

Yuan Yi lowered his head and peeled the fruit without speaking.

“Tsk tsk tsk, I remember a certain person said that he can’t carry bags and shoes for his girlfriend, and now he even carries her on his back.” Zhang Wang crossed his legs and looked at Yuan Yi sideways. “Hurt?”

“What hurts?” Yuan Yi sliced the fruit in half with a knife, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

What he said was not to carry shoes and bags for his girlfriend. Is Yan Xiaoxi his girlfriend?

The real man did what he said, and he was not wrong.

Zhang Wang was stunned by his shamelessness.

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