One Can’t Judge by Appearance #44

Chapter 44

“What did you bring? Yuan Yi noticed that Yan Xi was holding two boxes in her hand, “Food?”

“What I am holding is auspicious and wishful wishes, and you will be successful soon,” Yan Xi handed the box to him, “This is for you, I wish you a happy housewarming.”

“Thank you.” Thinking of those friends who came empty-handed, Yuan Yi felt that even if there were two straws in the box, Yan Xi was better than those people, “Aunt Li made bird’s nest soup, come and taste it with me.”

“Bird’s nest soup?” Yan Xi glanced in the yard. A few young people were setting up barbecue grills, all of whom were men, and he didn’t see the fragrant little fairy, “All the female guests are drinking soup in the house?”

Otherwise, why do you deliberately cook the bird’s nest soup that women love to drink?

“What female guest?” Yuan Yi walked towards the door holding the gift box, “I didn’t invite other women.”

Don’t overthink it.

“Oh…” Yan Xi glanced at Yuan Yi’s back sympathetically. He had a standard male model figure and came from a wealthy family, but he didn’t even have a friend of the opposite sex. It was too miserable. He specially invited her here. Is it to save his poor man’s self-esteem from proving that he still has friends of the opposite sex?

Yuan Yi didn’t put the gift box on the table but put it in the closet. He went to the kitchen to take a look and said to Yan Xi: “The bird’s nest soup hasn’t been cooked yet. Why don’t I take you upstairs to have a look around?”

“Okay,” Yan Xi nodded again and again. As soon as she entered the door, she felt the house was beautifully decorated. It was not a luxury piled with luxury goods but exquisite and warm. It can be seen that an owner is a person who enjoys life. She didn’t expect Yuan Xiaoer would like this kind of house decoration style.

“The study is so beautiful,” Yan Xi looked at the spacious study. There are floor-to-ceiling windows in the study and a spacious balcony outside the window. She walked to the balcony, “Set up a small log table here and buy two rocking chairs. It must be enjoyable.”

“Is that reading or rocking to sleep?” Yuan Yi muttered and visually estimated the area of the balcony. What size table and chairs would be appropriate?

“That’s not important, what’s important is the atmosphere,” Yan Xi lay on the balcony railing, “Make a cup of tea, have a plate of snacks, take a book in a foreign language that you don’t understand, and take a photo. This is the highest level of pretending to be literary and artistic, do you understand?”

Yuan Yi: …

Even a woman whose avatar in the circle of friends is food, is it interesting to tell him about the highest level of pretending to be literary and artistic?

Downstairs in the yard, several friends sat together, whispering about the girl just brought in by Yuan Yi.

“It was a woman just now, didn’t I see it wrong?” Xu Qiaosheng lost his temper after being tossed by the barbecue grill. This thing is too difficult to get. “The mysterious girlfriend who made Brother Yi popular on Weibo?”

The boys looked at each other in blank dismay. They didn’t know either.

Zhang Wang glanced upstairs a few times, “Brothers, hold on tight, we won’t be too enthusiastic later, lest we scare her away, and don’t be too cold, lest the girl think we don’t like her. It’s not easy being a woman, let’s not mess with him.”

Although they are usually bad friends, they are reliable at critical moments. From childhood to adulthood, except for Yuan Yi, who of them has never had a girlfriend? And Yuan Xiaoer didn’t say he had a girlfriend, even if he was involved with a woman. There were only two times.

One time was in high school when “senior boys bullied junior girls.” The other time was the video of him carrying his mysterious girlfriend at a traffic light intersection last time. As for the occasional female artist getting involved with Yuan Xiaoer, they didn’t take it seriously.

“Wangzi, you mean, that’s really Brother Yi’s girlfriend?” Xu Qiaosheng asked in a low voice, “Did Brother Yi mention her to you?”

Zhang Wang shook his head and remained silent. Yuan Xiaoer did mention a girl to him, who was the “Junior girl who was bullied by him” back then. Seeing the curious expressions of a few naughty friends, he didn’t say anything about it.

“Even you don’t know, Yuan Xiaoer is hidden well.” Another boy, Yang Yu, stopped oiling the meat skewers and came over curiously. “I don’t know what kind of beauty it is. She can also take down Yuan Xiaoer.”

“Brother Yi is not a superficial man who only looks at her face, maybe she is a talented woman with personality.” As a cousin, Xu Qiaosheng did not forget to say a few good words for Yuan Yi, “When talking about women, it’s tacky to just look at your face.”

“People who rely on their faces to eat in the entertainment industry are not qualified to say that to others.” Yang Yu returned and continued to grease the meat skewers, “When she comes down later, we will naturally know.”

After visiting the upstairs and basement, Yan Xi sat on the living room sofa. A middle-aged woman in a light blue top came out with a bird’s nest and smiled kindly at Yan Xi: “Please drink the soup.”

“Thank you,” Yan Xi thanked her. She didn’t know if it was her illusion, but she felt that Aunt Li’s eyes were shining when she saw her.

“This is Aunt Li, who has been helping my family for more than ten years,” Yuan Yi turned to look at Yan Xi, “Aunt Li, this is my friend Yan Xi.”

“I know Miss Yan,” Aunt Li wiped her hands and took out a mobile phone, “Miss Yan, can I, can I take a photo with you?”

Yan Xi was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Yuan Yi. The other party had a subtle expression, but he wasn’t dissatisfied with Aunt Li’s behavior. It seems that Aunt Li has a relatively close relationship with him.

“Okay.” Yan Xi agreed with a smile.

“Second Young Master, do me a favor,” Aunt Li handed the phone to Yuan Yi and said a little embarrassedly, “Take better pictures of Ms. Yan and me, and take a bunch of it.”

Yuan Yi: …

Why did he forget that Aunt Li is a loyal viewer of Yan Xi’s show?

Older people are less sensitive than young people when they chase after stars. Yuan Yi stared blankly at the pile of melon and fruit snacks on the coffee table and then saw Aunt Li’s attitude of wishing to feed Yan Xi with her own hands. He couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “Aunt Li, you go ahead. I’ll take my friends to a barbecue.”

“Okay, okay,” Aunt Li put down the fruit plate in a bit of disappointment, turned to Yan Xi, and said, “Miss Yan, just tell me if you need anything, don’t overeat at the barbecue. It is not good for your health. I made a lot of delicious food at noon, then you can try to see if it suits your appetite.”

“Thank you, Aunt Li,” Yan Xi agreed with a smile, and after going out with Yuan Yi, she said to Yuan Yi, “Aunt Li is so cute.”

“She is your loyal fan, and she stays in front of the TV every noon and night, watching the programs you host.” Yuan Yi put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked lazily, “Just wait, within half an hour, She will put your group photos in Moments, making other old ladies and uncle envious.”

Yan Xi: …

Having such lovely fans, it’s pretty good.

Walking into the yard, Yan Xi heard chatter and laughter, and before she had time to ask anything, Yuan Yi spoke first: “These are my friends, I’ll introduce you later.”

“Yuan Xiaoer, come here quickly.” Zhang Wang stood in front of the grill and waved to Yuan Yi. He was wearing an apron on his chest, looking extraordinarily ridiculous, “I’m just waiting for you and this new friend.”

Yan Xi and Yuan Yi approached, looking at the charred skewers on the plate, and couldn’t help but take a step back. You have poor skills, but you still have to challenge yourself. Isn’t this embarrassing you?

“Let me introduce you to Zhang Wang, Yang Yu, Xu Qiaosheng, Zhu Han…” Yuan Yi introduced the nicknames and the jobs they were engaged in. The Xu Qiaosheng. It turns out that the popular traffic niche is actually Yuan Yi’s cousin.

Xu Qiaosheng and Zhang Wang were slightly surprised when they saw Yan Xi because they had seen Yan Xi on TV.

“I know this beauty,” Xu Qiaosheng took off his peaked cap, “The host of the Imperial TV station, Miss Yan Xi, right?”

“I didn’t expect Teacher Xu to still remember me,” Yan Xi smiled at the famous young man, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The other boys, who had no impression of Yan Xi, were slightly surprised. They didn’t expect Yuan Xiaoer’s aesthetics to be like this. This girl looks soft and weak. Standing with Yuan Xiaoer, he seems like a bully master and a pity girl. This is really… too incompatible.

“Yan Xiaoxi” Yuan Yi saw that Yan Xi was still chatting nonsense with his cousin. He tapped the food plate with the insulated tongs, “Come quickly and start grilling.”

Yan Xi smiled at Xu Qiaosheng and walked over to Yuan Yi.

The boys all shook their heads in their hearts. Now they look more like a bully and a poor girl.

“Isn’t it roasting while brushing with oil?”

“How is it possible? It must be roasted before adding cumin powder.”

“It’s easy to burn like this!”

“If you don’t turn it over, it will definitely burn, so turn it over!”

“I flipped it over!”

“Yan Xiaoxi, as a woman, you can’t even roast meat?”

“Does it have anything to do with women? You are taller than me. Have you eaten more rice for nothing than a few years?” You can bake one for me to see!”

“Hurry up, it’s burnt, it’s burnt!”

“Yuan Xiaoer, step aside and don’t make trouble again.” Yan Xi pulled Yuan Yi aside, threw all the charred meat skewers into the trash can, then skillfully took out the meat, brushed with oil, turned it over, and Sprinkled cumin powder. Soon the meat skewers emitted a charming fragrance.

Stuffing the grilled chicken wings into Yuan Yi’s hands, Yan Xi lifted her chin proudly: “Come on, according to the method you said, let you grill a bunch.”

Yuan Yi: …

His man’s self-esteem was defeated by a bunch of grilled chicken wings?

Listening to the bickering between the two, Xu Qiaosheng accidentally poured half a bottle of chili noodles on the meat, turned to look at the other people, and seemed to be in a trance.

Bullies… and poor little ones?

Yuan Yi obediently ate grilled chicken wings and no longer dared to point fingers.

“Beef skewer.”

Obediently hand over a handful of beef skewers.

“It’s too much, it can’t be baked.”

“Oh.” Withdrew halfway.

“When grilling meat, pay attention to brushing with oil while roasting. Put the cumin powder when it is almost cooked. Putting it too early will affect the taste…”

Listening to Yan Xi talking about the method of barbecue. Yuan Yi ate up the last chicken wing, thinking to himself, let’s her nagging, who told him to like her, just bear it and let it go.

He is a big man, so it’s not good to not give her face in front of outsiders.

“Finish?” Noticing that the chicken wings in Yuan Yi’s hand were finished. Yan Xi picked up a bunch of roasted green peppers, remembering that Yuan Yi’s stomach didn’t seem good. Hence, she replaced the green peppers with broccoli, “Eat some vegetarian dishes so as not to get hot.”

“I don’t like broccoli.”

“I understand. My friend’s eight-year-old little brother doesn’t like to eat it either, so let’s eat this.” Yan Xi handed the roasted mushrooms to Yuan Yi, “Just baked, be careful not to burn it.”

Because of the charcoal fire, her face was a little red, and the corners of her eyes were slightly upturned. After looking at her with clear eyes, Yuan Yi felt that his heart had instantly turned into a ball of cotton candy. Which was so sweet and soft that she even teased him that he was an eight-year-old boy. He doesn’t care.

Women, it doesn’t matter. Just let her.

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