Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #30

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Chapter 30

Part 1

Ning Jiachi: ???

The rest also: ???

Looking back, they found that the door was indeed opened, and the next room was unobstructed.

Shi Zhi had already calmed down. She explained to the trio, who looked at her blankly, “The quality of this door seems not very good. I haven’t touched it too much.”

“I just touched it, and then moved it, and it became like this.”

It fell down and was held up by her.

Shi Zhi frowned.

“I even wonder if it is broken.” What is the quality of this door? No way.

The prop master of the program group quit after hearing this, touched it, and moved it. Shi Zhi said it too lightly.

The conscience of heaven and earth, their props are solid, this door is really thick and strong, even big men can’t get it off.

Shi Zhi is so detachable, is there something hidden inside her body!

The other three people were shocked by Shi Zhi’s approach, but they were ecstatic immediately.

The male singer said, “Then… can we go to the second room now.” There is no need to solve the problem.

Ning Jiachi, “Of course, the doors are open, we must be able to go to the next room.” After the words fell, he had already swaggered over.

The director of the program group was in a hurry, and he no longer had the leisure of sitting and watching the show just now, and shouted to the group of four in the secret room, “You can do anything, this is not in compliance with the rules!”

Ning Jiachi replied to him, “Rules are meant to be broken!” Besides, Sister Shi took the time and energy to remove the door, so why should they say that they don’t comply with the rules? There were no rules before.

Shi Zhi agreed and gave the program crew an idea: “Why don’t you install the door back?”

It’s not that they are unreasonable. If the program crew comes in and installs the door back, they will…remove the door again.

The door is still easy to remove.

The directors of the program group were stunned. At the beginning of the program, they still had the chance to win, holding God’s perspective on life and death. How could the position be precarious after only a few minutes of the start?

They really didn’t talk about the rules. After all, no one thought someone could knock down the door with bare hands!

What kind of bug is Shi Zhi?

Naturally, it is impossible to go back and install the door, so the director can only admit it.

So Shi Zhi rushed out the door, really rushed out. She could hear the director’s mental and physical exhaustion and said conscientiously to the camera.

“Don’t be afraid. I will pay the maintenance fee. Just deduct the labor fee.” Although the door is suspected not to be in good condition, it was indeed broken by her, and she will also be responsible.

The director didn’t know whether it was better to cry or be moved, but after listening to what Ning Jiachi said later, he still felt he should choose the former.

Ning Jiachi first imitated Shi Zhi’s appearance and said to the camera, “From me, just deduct from my labor fee.” It was like rushing to pay the bill.

Then he said to Shi Zhi again.

“Sister Shi, see if you can remove the doors of the back rooms. I’ll pay for it.”

The rich second generation, rich, not short of money.

It’s so troublesome to do the questions, better to work hard like Sister Shi!

Geng Can also joined the group chat, “Sister Shi, take it apart. I can share it equally.”

Male singer, “And me.” Three people aa, how much can the maintenance fee be? It’s better to go out early.

The director almost lost his temper. They still want Shi Zhi to remove all the doors of the secret room, so it’s still a joke.

The mechanical sound sounded urgent, [players are prohibited from destroying props, players are prohibited from destroying props, such as doors…]

Especially pointed out the door, so Shi Zhi could relax a little bit by naming the names.

He specifically pointed out the door and asked Shi Zhi to take it easy.

Shi Zhi, “…” Okay.

It turned out to consume at least half an hour of the first secret room because Shi Zhi took down the door. It took less than five minutes. Still, the program team urgently added this one, which also interrupted the idea of the four-person group breaking down the door by violence and can only continue to solve puzzles obediently.

The director felt that it was going to be a little harsh.

Looking at the group of four who were still solving the problem over there, he made a gesture to the staff behind him.

“We can let them feel some excitement in advance.”

The staff tacitly waited for a good show.

The stimulus was that the light that could barely illuminate the secret room suddenly disappeared, and the whole space suddenly went dark. Even the faces of people could not be seen clearly.

Darkness itself represents the unknown, which makes people fearful. Geng Can staggers in fright, “Oh my god!”

The male singer and Ning Jiachi gave comfort at the same time.

“Don’t be afraid, there are our two big men here.”

“What the hell is the program team doing? Isn’t it just dark? When I was in school, I was not afraid of walking alone at night all day–“

Ning Jiachi’s big talk ended abruptly because a shape object flew towards him from a distance, almost knocking Ning Jiachi and the male singer to the ground.

“Ahhh, what the hell is that, what!”

Ning Jiachi felt his face was covered with a mass of hair. Shi Zhi stretched out her hand and tore it off Ning Jiachi’s face.

She twisted it with her hands, and it was indeed a hair. Could it be the hair of the fake doll just now? It doesn’t look like it. It’s a bit thin.

A male singer’s weak voice sounded next to him, “I’m sorry, it seems to be my wig.”

Shi Zhi, “…”

Ning Jiachi, “…”


Shi Zhi was also a little surprised. She didn’t think the male singer was too old, but he was bald at such a young age?

The male singer covered his head and wanted to cry a little bit. The common problem of young people is stress and baldness.

The director of the program group was dying of laughter. He didn’t expect such an episode. The popular male singer actually used a wig! And it accidentally fell on Ning Jiachi’s face!

Just the fact that this clip is broadcast is already very funny.

Shi Zhi intends to return the wig to the male singer, but now everyone doesn’t care about any wigs. All kinds of sound effects from the underworld and messy things are instantly turned on.

Shi Zhi was also puzzled.

“Isn’t this an interstellar background, why are there still zombies?”

She pointed to the zombie props that suddenly popped up from the futuristic wall, with a puzzled expression on her face.

This is still a mix-and-match.

It’s just outrageous.

The director naturally heard Shi Zhi’s question, but he didn’t answer: I want you to be widowed!

It’s just a mix-and-match. It’s the most popular in recent years. Can’t it?

In fact, the director wants to ask Shi Zhi, why are you not afraid?

Facing this zombie prop that almost bounced on her body, why was Shi Zhi not afraid, there was no fluctuation on her face, and she still had the mind to ask them why this “zombie” came out.

You must know that the male singer is already soaring there. As expected of a good voice that has won awards, the high note can go up to eight heights. Ning Jiachi didn’t know when he returned to the first room, but he carried the door that Shi Zhi had removed.

Now Ning Jiachi is carrying that door as a defensive weapon while trying to find Shi Zhi’s figure, talking non-stop.

“Sister Shi, don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.”

“Hey, get out of the way, stay away from my sister Shi, sister Shi, I promise the fans will take good care of you!”

The program crew had never been in contact with Ning Jiachi before. They never expected that this male actor in an idol drama, who presented all kinds of oppressive and evil charms on the screen, would have such virtues.

Why does he talk so much, without stopping at all?

Moreover, your sister She is really not afraid at all. She is the calmest one in the audience.

The director really laughed so hard. This scene is really interesting.

Shi Zhi cleared her throat, facing the crumbling group, and clapped her hands.

“Everyone be quiet for a while, and listen to me.”

Others can’t count on it, but she can only rely on herself.

Shi Zhi was indeed not afraid.

She is not afraid of the dark, nor is she scared of ghosts, not to mention that the props themselves are made of poor quality. Even if they are real ghosts, she is not afraid.

The high-pitched male singer’s voice also stopped. Ning Jiachi was still carrying his door, but he was also very obedient. He didn’t bother anymore, and there was only a gloomy sound effect for a while.

Shi Zhi calmly analyzed, “The first thing we need to solve now is the power supply, and we need to reconnect the power supply.”

When they first arrived in the second room, a group of people found that there was a line written on it. The voltage was unstable, so the sudden power failure can also be explained as caused by the unstable voltage.

It is difficult to act in the dark, let alone solve problems and get out of the secret room, so there must still be light.

Shi Zhi’s idea is fine; even the director cannot help but nod.

It was completely unexpected that Shi Zhi would become the leader among the four. This calm analysis was decent, a bit like a wise man.

Of course, the other three people have no objection.

“In order not to waste time, let’s split up and act faster.”

The second room is very large. To be precise, the second room is divided into several rooms and has a long corridor. Shi Zhi felt that it would be more efficient to move separately.

But she stopped Geng Can.

“Is Cancan here?”

“Sister Shi, I’m here.”

Shi Zhi called Geng Can, and Geng Can’s voice sounded not far from her after a while.

After the lights went out, Shi Zhi didn’t hear much of Geng Can’s words and only screamed a few times in the beginning.

Shi Zhi thought for a while, and walked over to where the voice came from, “Cancan, come with me.” She felt that Geng Can still be afraid.

“Okay, thank you, Sister Shi Zhi.”

Geng Can is about to cry and almost trotted to Shi Zhi’s side.

Although she can barely see Shi Zhi’s outline, this does not prevent her from thinking that Shi Zhi is a fairy and Shi Zhi is shining now!

Geng Can is the youngest among several people. She is a member of a girl group. She is less popular than actors and singers, and everyone debuted earlier than her. She is her senior. Geng Can participate in this variety of shows to make an impression and show that she is a fan.

So even if she encountered this situation, she was frightened to death. However, she was still desperately trying to comfort herself, so as not to cause trouble to others.

Geng Can felt that she had almost become a transparent person during the period just now. No one should have noticed that she was afraid, but she did not expect Sister Shi Zhi to notice and ask her to go with her.

Shi Zhi whispered to Geng Can, “It’s all fake.”

“Just follow me, do you want to grab my clothes?”


These words were not Geng Can’s voice but a man’s voice full of anger.

Shi Zhi: ???

Geng Can: ???

Show group: ???

In fact, it was the male singer who had soared just now. Facing everyone’s suspicious eyes, the male singer was a little embarrassed, but only a little.

“Shi Zhi, Sister Shi Zhi… I’m really scared, I dare not go there alone, it’s too dark over there, let me follow you, okay?”

The male singer is older than Shi Zhi, and he is also called her big sister now.

He already regretted coming to participate in the show. He thought it was some competitive show. How could it be a secret room?

“I’m afraid of the dark, you can’t leave me alone…”

He doesn’t want this face anymore. As long as he can follow Shi Zhi, he can see that Shi Zhi is the calmest one, so he has to hug her thigh.

Ning Jiachi: “Brother, can you still do this!”

His tone was full of disapproval.

Then Ning Jiachi said to Shi Zhi, “Sister Shi, I’m with you too, I have to protect you.”

Said seriously.

Part 2

Part 2

He thought Ning Jiachi was really not afraid.

It is impossible to act separately, and it is impossible to act separately even if you are killed. This is the voice of the three in the secret room.

Therefore, only four people can walk together, which will indeed be less efficient, but there is no way, so Shi Zhi becomes one and three.

Bring your family with you.

The hem of the clothes held two hands, one belonging to Geng Can and the other to the male singer, Ning Jiachi was still yelling.

“You guys should make room for me.”

There was no room for Ning Jiachi to grab, so Ning Jiachi grabbed Shi Zhi’s sleeve and said nicely, “Sister Shi, I will hold the door next to you to protect you.”

Shi Zhi: “The door is quite heavy, you should put the door down.”

Ning Jiachi: “It’s better to be with sister Shi, and I love you dearly.”

Shi Zhi: “No, I feel sorry for the door.”

Looking at this scene from the perspective of God (CCTV) is simply poisonous. Shi Zhi seems to have three people hanging on her body, causing her to walk a little slower than usual.

The director has already thought of it and will label Shi Zhi when the time comes.

Safe and reliable.

As for Ning Jiachi, he had been clamoring to protect Shi Zhi since before he entered the secret room, and he was completely slapped in the face.

Shi Zhi is indeed very safe and reliable. Any devil sound effects or any sudden props will not scare her.

A white bone claw suddenly popped out from the originally flat floor. It stands to reason that if it doesn’t frighten people, it will trip them up. Shi Zhi stepped on it and made a creaking sound.

The director heard several people whispering.

Shi Zhi paused, “I seem to have stepped on something?”

Ning Jiachi, “Where is it, illusion, illusion, sister Shi, let’s go faster, I really don’t want to stay in this dark place any longer.”

Shi Zhi: “Yes.”

So the group of people continued to stride forward without incident, under the leadership of Shi Zhi, leaving only bone claws shattered all over the ground.

The prop master was heartbroken looking at the monitor.

His claws look so miserable. The meticulously carved perfect shape didn’t even make someone scream. It was all broken…

Woo, woo, woo.

Is Shi Zhi the king of prop destruction?!

The director is also wiping off his sweat. He said just now that Shi Zhi is a safe and reliable star, but now he finds out that Shi Zhi is actually a power output.

She will drop ten times with one force!

He was rejoicing, thankful that no real NPC was arranged in the secret room, and he also saw some program guests beat up the NPC because they were too afraid. The work-related injury fee will be paid if they arrange an actual NPC.

Shi Zhi swept everything with force and completely took on all kinds of scary scenes. Ning Jiachi is also worthy of being a person who often plays in the secret room. He is a bit cowardly, but he is still very straightforward in solving problems.

So their group became the group that walked out of the secret room the fastest.

After coming out of the secret room, everyone except Shi Zhi was somewhat embarrassed. After the male singer and Geng Can breathe out, they also thanked Shi Zhi.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shi Zhi, for saving my life.

Ning Jiachi had the expression of someone who had come here: This is the joy of hugging thighs.

Sister Shi, God forever!

In the face of everyone’s thanks, Shi Zhi was very indifferent and didn’t take it seriously.

“By the way, this…”

Shi Zhi took out a wig from her pocket, and at a critical moment, the male singer’s wig fell on Ning Jiachi’s face, which shocked Ning Jiachi. In the secret room, Shi Zhi didn’t have time to give the wig to the male singer. It’s OK now.

Shi Zhi considered the male singer’s face and planned to do it quietly, but the male singer was very calm.

“I can’t help it. I want to sing and think about this. If I don’t have inspiration, I will pull my hair. If I don’t have inspiration, I will pull my hair. If I don’t have inspiration, I will pull my hair…”

You need a wig.

Shi Zhi looked at the bald part of the male singer with some sympathy, “I’ll give you a prescription for growing your hair.”

“Full Impact” started filming early in the morning, Shi Zhi and the others came out relatively early, around ten o’clock in the morning, and it was almost noon when the other team came out.

This was the case when the program team gave a reminder because there were new tasks in the afternoon. If the other group’s posture did not give a reminder, they might not have come out in the afternoon.

By this time, everyone is already hungry. According to the normal situation, the program group will arrange a place for everyone to eat. If the program group is humane enough, it will also provide a restroom. When everyone is exhausted and thinks they can go to eat, the director takes the loudspeaker and plays it.

“There is lunch, but the two groups will play a small game.”

“The winner will get a big meal, and the loser will get a light meal.”

The guests responded very well.

“Ah, why do you still want to play games?”

“We have to share a big meal and a light meal…”

In the face of everyone’s collective complaints, the director always smiled, but he didn’t let go.

Games must be played. Otherwise, there is nothing to eat.

And the staff also pushed up the cloth-covered boxes that had been prepared long ago. Each group asked someone to go forward and touch the things in the boxes and make guesses based on the shapes they touched out. The winner was the one with the correct answers.

Many things in the box are living things, such as sea cucumbers, loach, fish, and octopus…

The stars, who had just come out of the secret room and calmed down a little, collapsed again in front of these unknown living creatures.

The scene was full of pale faces.

“Can I not reach out, I quit, I won’t eat…”

“It bit me! Why does it still bite people!”

The octopus stuck Ning Jiachi’s hand, and when he went down empty-handed, a live octopus stuck to it when he pulled his hand up.


No matter what, Ning Jiachi and the male singer performed well in this session, and they didn’t lose the chain. Shi Zhi and Geng Can be even more powerful.

Geng Can quietly tells Shi Zhi, “My dad is a seafood wholesaler.”

“I have seen big things since I was a child, so I am not afraid.”

Shi Zhi’s team scored high and won the opportunity to have a big meal. The director team first distributed a simple meal to the other team, each with half a cake, which was pitifully small.

Other Team: ? ??

Is this teasing a child?

The program team is really inappropriate.

Ning Jiachi and his party also developed an affection for the other group, and everyone discussed it. After all, they will get a big meal, and there are already professional chefs waiting to cook for them, so let the rest of the group share it.

All four nodded in agreement.

However, what they never dreamed of was that professional chefs cook on the spot, but the steak is only half the size of a palm, and the dessert can be eaten in two bites. They don’t understand how to distribute it to another group.

Veteran king, “Director, is it too much?”

He is the most significant player on the scene and has the most right to speak.

In fact, he doesn’t have to stutter. It’s OK to be hungry to lose weight on camera. But in the morning, the physical and mental energy in the secret room is exhausted, and there are other arrangements in the afternoon. Eating these things is simply unbearable.

The rest of the people have long been dissatisfied and followed suit.

The director obviously expected this situation, and he was still smiling.

“This is also a big meal, with a specially invited five-star chef.”

Who cares if he has a few stars or not, if he doesn’t do enough, he won’t be able to eat enough!

The program team secretly changed the concept over there.

The atmosphere is a bit tense, but the guests cannot easily tear their faces. If this is spread out, they can not take care of it. Even the veteran king was going to admit it first, but he knew it in his heart’s heart. In the future, this kind of new variety show won’t be on it, No matter how much money is given.

Shi Zhi set her sights on the horror box just now, which contained sea cucumbers and an octopus. She asked the staff, “What are you going to do with this thing?”

The program team didn’t think about what to do with it. Anyway, they bought it.

So Shi Zhi rolled up her sleeves and waved her hands.

Get ready, and have a seafood meal at noon today!

The five-star chef doesn’t need to bother him anymore. Anyway, all the cooking tools are complete so that she can do it alone.

The director was dumbfounded.

It never occurred to him that Shi Zhi could still think about the props and even do the whole job.

Shi Zhi fried the props online.


However, the director did not dare to stop her this time. After all, if he stopped again, it would arouse public outrage.

Ning Jiachi couldn’t be happier, he didn’t expect such an unexpected harvest, and he could eat Sister Shi’s cooking again. He ran directly to the horror box containing the octopus and fished out an octopus.

“Sister Shi, it just stuck to me just now, so let’s stir-fry it!”

Program staff: I didn’t expect you to hold grudges like this.

The rest of the people also concocted according to the law, and the female artists in another group held a fish, “Shi Zhi, can you make it into fish soup?”

“It bit me just now.”

Only by making soup can you vent your anger.

She was scared and cried at the time, but now she is happily waiting for the delicious fish soup.

There is a lot of seafood in the horror box. The program team probably really wanted to scare them, but they didn’t expect to have a big meal for everyone.

It is enough for eight people.

The eight people ate a delicious meal and calmed down a little after chatting and resting. After these rounds with the program group, they could already perceive that the program group was tossing them. However, the spiritual station in the afternoon still caused many people to suffer internal injuries.

“What kind of spiritual station? It is a mental attack, which is completely reversed.”

Someone came out of the spiritual station, took off the headset, and complained cursingly to Shi Zhi and the others. There was a camera not far away, but he really couldn’t bear it.

What the program team did was wicked, and this spiritual station is even more wicked.

Poach people, ask how many girlfriends you have dated, constantly poke other people’s pain points, and read black fan comments on the spot…

Some of the more fragile ones came out of the house with red eyes. They said they were going to the bathroom but were actually crying.

“Sister Shi.”

It was Shi Zhi’s turn next, and some staff members were already waving at Shi Zhi. This was a solo experience, and Ning Jiachi looked worried at Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi’s black fans are well-known, and those so-called black materials entangle her. The program group is so cheap he is afraid that Shi Zhi’s mentality will collapse.

“Why don’t I go first?” Ning Jiachi felt that he could drag it out.

Geng Can: “I want to go too, I want to experience it first.”

What she wants to experience is just to make Shi Zhi delay.

Shi Zhi, “No need.” She had already followed the staff to the spiritual station with a relaxed and calm demeanor.

“It’s best to make Shi Zhi cry too.”

The director was in a hurry to urinate, but before leaving the monitoring room, he had specifically instructed the people inside.

Shi Zhi’s performance in the front was too dazzling, which caused her group to clear the customs a lot easier, so he let Shi Zhi cry and feel the powerlessness and despair they just felt from her.

The internal theme of “Full Impact” is to constantly make things and make gimmicks so that the guests are exhausted physically and mentally.

The director returned after using the bathroom and asked the director.

“Are you crying?”

Did Shi Zhi cry?

The cameramen turned around, “Crying.”

The director smiled, and everyone did a good job.

The cameramen hurriedly waved his hands, “Shi Zhi didn’t cry, it was our people who cried!”

“Shi Zhi made our people cry.”

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