Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #29

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Chapter 29

Part 1

Zhong Jiaxin didn’t realize that she had stabbed the plastic sister’s flower heart and continued to talk to herself.

“Shi Zhi’s skin is really good, even without makeup, there are almost no pores.”

“She smells good all over her body. I’ve already ordered her a laundry detergent link. I think it smells better than perfume!”

Hehe, she all knows the smell on her body and has the link to the laundry detergent, isn’t it just a few days of filming, and it’s already matured like this?

Tang Yunling pinched the stirring spoon violently, and the quality of the stirring spoon was very good, which also resulted in the scene where the stirring spoon was not twisted, but her hand hurt.


“Why do you keep praising Shi Zhi?”

Tang Yunling really couldn’t listen anymore and complained.

Obviously, before Zhong Jiaxin joined the crew, she still had the same hatred for her, and the two of them spoke ill of Shi Zhi, and Zhong Jiaxin even said that she would give Shi Zhi some trouble, now…

What’s the situation!

Zhong Jiaxin finally came out praising Shi Zhi in detail, but she concluded, “Yun Ling, I’m telling the truth. Shi Zhi is really good.”

“It stands to reason that she must know about the relationship between the two of us, right? But she didn’t show any hostility towards me, and even gave me chestnuts.”

Tang Yunling: In terms of feelings, a few chestnuts will buy you.

The last two people didn’t talk to the point, Tang Yunling didn’t want to hear someone praise her rival, and after this incident, Tang Yunling felt that Shi Zhi was terrible.

She may have brainwashed Zhong Jiaxin.

Even after leaving, Zhong Jiaxin did not forget to add.

“Remember to ask your agent to dispose of those manuscripts.”


“There will be a scene of riding a horse in a while, will Shi Zhi ride a horse?”

Director Shi Tao took the script, looked at the next scene, and was a little worried. If Shi Zhi didn’t know how to ride a horse, she still needed to get used to it.

Shi Zhi got up from the rocking chair and said, “Yes.”

There is a segment of the racecourse in the plot. The prop master has already pulled the horse over. He picked a white horse for Shi Zhi, which is very clean. Shi Zhi stood in front of it, and it looked very handsome with its tail flicked.

Shi Zhi turned over, got on the horse, and touched the horse’s neck. She first tentatively let the horse trot for a few steps. After feeling the run-in was almost the same, she accelerated her speed, and the horse galloped. Soon, two big circles around the scene.

The gorgeous woman accompanied by the handsome white horse is a beautiful picture.

There is still the appearance of the uncle who was paralyzed there just now.

Shi Zhi not only knew how to ride a horse, but she also performed several difficult moves on the horse when she got excited for a while, and even the horse trainer called out, “Beautiful!”

It’s not just about riding a horse. It’s already at a high level.

“Sister Shi, so handsome, I want to give birth a monkey to you!”

The team’s assistant yelled at Shi Zhi. Brother Quan looked at the handsome woman on horseback and murmured, “When did she have this skill…”

Shi Zhi knows how to ride a horse, and this brother Quan knows. After all, Shi Zhi has filmed costume dramas, and he has learned it before, but he only knows how to ride a horse, and she can’t do acrobatics on horseback!

The movements just now looked very dangerous, but Shi Zhi still sat firmly on it, as if she was glued to the horse.

Also, what kind of monkey is born.

Brother Quan looked at the assistant, “Shi Zhi is a woman.” Be sober.

Since Shi Zhi knew how to ride a horse, many things were saved. Director Shi Tao was very happy, and this episode can be used as a tidbit.

“Did you take a picture?” He asked the camera next to him.

“It was filmed.”

The camera nods.

Zhong Jiaxin’s horse riding skills are not very good, and she is walking slowly while holding the horse rope, and beside her is an actor who volunteered to help her. Zhong Jiaxin is a little envious of Shi Zhi riding a horse over there.

But she didn’t even know how to walk. She still wanted to run.

Zhong Jiaxin knew that she had to take it step by step.

The accident happened very quickly, and people were practicing beside her. The horse Zhong Jiaxin was riding might have been frightened, and suddenly there was a cry, and the hooves were raised high. The actor was beside Zhong Jiaxin, screaming secretly, reaching out to pull the rope.

Didn’t hold it.

The second time he pulled it, the grumpy horse returned to its normal state, but it was not the actor who was pulling the rope, but a slender white hand.

It belongs to Shi Zhi.

The person next to him could see clearly that after the actor failed to pull the rope for the first time, Shi Zhi, who was not far away, had already ridden a horse to Zhong Jiaxin’s side. She stretched out her hand and pulled the horse rope neatly.

“Be careful.” The tone was flat.

Zhong Jiaxin turned her head in panic and heard Shi Zhi say such a sentence. Looking at Shi Zhi’s exquisite side face, her heartbeat began to speed up, and she didn’t know if it was a natural reaction to being frightened or something else.

She now agrees with Shi Zhi’s assistant, and she also wants to give birth to Shi Zhi. Why is she so handsome!

Zhong Jiaxin didn’t understand why Tang Yunling was hostile to Shi Zhi. Maybe it was because she had no serious contact with her. She wished she could sing a song about horses to Shi Zhi on the spot.

Shi Zhi stopped it early and also avoided a tragedy. If Zhong Jiaxin’s horse really ran wild, she would definitely fall off the horse’s back, and at least it would hurt her muscles and bones.

Zhong Jiaxin’s heart is still quite strong, she is not scared out of this accident and dares to continue practicing, but this time she doesn’t let the actor take her to practice.

“I want Shi Zhi.”

She stared at Shi Zhi with a smile on her face.

“Shi Zhi, can you teach me how to ride a horse?”

Then he said to the actor, “You can go offline early, you are not needed here.”

The contrast is huge, one is like summer, and the other is like winter.

The actor played the role of the scumbag who picks and talks about love. He didn’t know that when Shi Zhi read the script, he said that the character he played was garbage. The director changed the script later, and there was no scene where the best friends turned against each other because of the scumbag. He was also kicked directly in the back.

He knows his role is not pleasing, and even his agent scolded him when he joined the show these two days, but it’s not time for him to go offline yet.

The actor who played the scumbag: No, he doesn’t want it, and he plans to eat a few extra lunches from the crew.

And no matter how handsome he was, it was the first time he was ignored by all the actresses.

Not only Zhong Jiaxin but the other actresses who played the heroine’s girlfriends also made voices that they wanted Shi Zhi to teach them to ride horses.

Director Shi Tao was very pleased to see such a scene.

“I’m most afraid of the actors playing tricks on the set.”

“This is the crew that I have been in the most harmony with since I started as a director.”

The actors made small moves, and the tricks were really endless. They slapped each other from the beginning of the play or put them on the bright side. The most terrifying thing was to make small moves in private. There are all kinds of shady tricks.

Director Shi Tao doesn’t like actors making small moves, which affect the work process and are immoral.

Now this crew is very good. The actors are originally female friends; they get along well in private, and the results are good.

Just like Zhong Jiaxin, when she first came to the crew, she was so stiff when filming with Shi Zhi, but now she is completely relaxed.

Director Shi Tao felt that Shi Zhi was the right person to invite. She is pretty and has good acting skills, which is also an important weapon to promote the harmony of the crew.

The assistant director also agreed with Shi Tao’s statement that the crew was really harmonious.

That is……

He inexplicably felt a little orange.

(A nice reader told me its reference to girl love. haha)

Of course, this is just the assistant director’s own idea, and he didn’t tell director Shi Tao.

Zhong Jiaxin has already interacted with Shi Zhi on Weibo. She also watched Shi Zhi’s recent variety show and celebrity sports meetings during this period. After filming today’s scene, Zhong Jiaxin thought of Tang Yunling again.

She sent a message to Tang Yunling.

“Yun Ling, I think you are hostile towards Shi Zhi, maybe you still don’t know her well, why don’t I arrange a separate dinner for the two of you to meet, then you will know why I praised Shi Zhi…”

How wonderful Shi Zhi is!

Can cook, blow rainbow farts, can fish, can play chess…

By the way, she can also ride a horse.

Zhong Jiaxin felt that she had discovered a treasure.

What makes Zhong Jiaxin feel most comfortable is that Shi Zhi is very atmospheric. She doesn’t make trouble or cause trouble. During this period in the crew of “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man,” Zhong Jiaxin feels so comfortable for the first time. The surrounding sisters are all peaceful and speak well.

Why doesn’t Tang Yunling like Shi Zhi? Didn’t Shi Zhi praise her for her thin waist?

Tang Yunling didn’t see Zhong Jiaxin’s news until after filming.

After filming for a whole day, she became dizzy and thought she had made a mistake at first glance.

Then she wanted to curse. Is this friend of hers poisonous!

Actually wanted to bring her and Shi Zhi together. Did she and Shi Zhi understand the question? The two of them are absolutely immortal!

Tang Yunling thought of a terrible thing.

“Are you a gardenia now?”

Zhong Jiaxin hasn’t slept yet. She is still watching “Super North Nose,” a clip of Shi Zhi and Duoqi.

Watching Sister Shi’s online remediation of bear children is a famous scene. Repeated observation is conducive to physical and mental health!

So she immediately replied to Tang Yunling, “What is gardenia?”

Tang Yunling, “Shi Zhi’s fan…”

Shizhi’s fans are called Gardenia. Tang Yunling really thinks that Zhong Jiaxin’s crazy energy is a bit like the energy of becoming a Shi Zhi fan. Isn’t she really giving her an Amway idol?

Zhong Jiaxin, “Hey, do you know how to enter the Shi Zhi fan support group? I want to join.”

Tang Yunling: Fuck! Still playing for real.

How did she know she wanted to block Zhong Jiaxin?

Tang Yunling’s sky is about to fall, and all her friends are fans of Shi Zhi. You must know that not long ago, Shi Zhi was hacked by the whole Internet.

“Do I have a fan club?”

Shi Zhi suddenly raised her mouth when he saw Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi talking about the fan club in the group.

Assistant, “There was a fan support club before, but it was disbanded, and now there is a black fan support club.”

The makeup artist continued to add, “There are still a lot of black fans in the support club. There are really not many black fans like us who are so large-scale and orderly.”

Shi Zhi, a woman with millions of anti-fans.


Part 2

Brother Quan asked everyone not to hide and tried to comfort Shi Zhi.

“Now you actually have a group of fans. Those who follow you on Weibo later, even if they are not gardenias, they are still fans or passers-by. If you really want a fan club, I will form one for you now.”

“Even if no one comes in… everyone in the team is your fan.” There is a guarantee.

The people on the team all nodded and said yes.

Shi Zhi thanked everyone for their kindness, but she didn’t need it. She said casually that she didn’t need any fan clubs. She didn’t need these things.

Brother Quan saw that Shi Zhi had no desires, so he put aside the matter of the fan club for the time being.

Let’s wait until Shi Zhi has more fans.

He also has something to inform Shi Zhi.

“The crew is going to take a rest and give everyone a few days off. The company has arranged a variety show for you by the way.”

When Shi Zhi was blacked out on the Internet before, the company had already half-abandoned her, which is normal. After all, any company is for profit, and the variety shows that Shi Zhi received later were all connected by Brother Quan.

It seems that Shi Zhi’s popularity is becoming clearer, and the company has also seen Shi Zhi. Now it is giving Shi Zhi a variety show.

“Variety shows are new, and the exact form is not clear yet, but I think the cast is pretty good, and the people they plan to invite are all popular artists…”

“Lu Yingying just wanted this variety show, but she didn’t expect to be cut off by us. Her manager was so angry that she was so angry. I like the way he is so angry but can’t kill us. Let him frighten me before!”

Brother Quan was very professional in the front, explaining the team of the new variety show to Shi Zhi. Still, after that, he changed his appearance.

Shi Zhi’s words, “You can play the villain with your true colors.”

The rest of the people nodded in agreement. It was really like they didn’t think of a suitable description. It was still Sister Shi who was amazing.

Brother Quan, “… I’m elated!”

Lu Yingying is an artist in the same company as Shi Zhi and is regarded as a younger generation. When Shi Zhi was depressed, her manager often made trouble. Lu Yingying even scouted Shi Zhi’s makeup artist.

The makeup artist also noticed that someone was looking at her, and she expressed her sincerity at Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi, I have already abandoned the dark and turned to the light. I was born to be a Sister Shi, and I died to be a ghost of Sister Shi!”

Shi Zhi, “…”

This is not the case.

Shi Zhi finished filming the drama as usual, and as soon as the crew was on vacation, Shi Zhi and her party rushed to another city.

This time, Shi Zhi was with Ning Jiachi, and Ning Jiachi also participated in the new variety show. After knowing that the new variety show still had Shi Zhi, Ning Jiachi formed a group with Shi Zhi directly.

There are quite a few fans of Ning Jiachi sending the plane off. After all, he is a popular actor in an idol drama. After seeing Shi Zhi, Ning Jiachi’s fans were even more enthusiastic than Ning Jiachi. They forced the gift into Shi Zhi’s hand.

Not only was Shi Zhi stunned, but Ning Jiachi was also stunned.

“What’s the matter, when you saw me, sister, you rebelled in place?”

Ning Jiachi’s tone was joking. He didn’t regard Shi Zhi as an outsider. For him, anyone is the same as a fan.

Ning Jiachi fans shouted, “That’s right!”

Turning around is a request.

“Sister Shi, please take care of Chi Bao, thank you.”

Shi Zhi’s performance in “Our Village” can’t be more reliable. Ning Jiachi is completely fed by Shi Zhi, and the two reunite. Ning Jiachi fans still want Shi Zhi to help their family more. Helping their big fool a little.

Shi Zhi didn’t expect Ning Jiachi’s fans to be so heart-warming. She made an okay gesture and told them it was okay.

In fact, even if the fans don’t say anything, Shi Zhi will definitely take care of Ning Jiachi. After all, they are friends.

Of course, Shi Zhi didn’t accept the gift.

Ning Jiachi was not convinced, “No, I’m that weak in your eyes?”

“It was an accident before, this time I will take care of Sister Shi.”

Ning Jiachi fans had distrustful smiles on their faces: Chi Bao, as long as you are happy.

Shi Zhi was wearing a full set of overalls today, looking heroic. Ning Jiachi booked the plane with Shi Zhi. On the plane, he took out a large handful of lollipops from his bag and went to Shi Zhi’s small table to push some of it.

“Sister Shi, eat!” He was full of breath, and there were all kinds of flavors.

Shi Zhi was also stunned, “What are you doing with so many lollipops?”

And she fixed her eyes on Ning Jiachi’s bag and suddenly had a bad guess.

Ning Jiachi’s next actions also verified Shi Zhi’s guess.

“The promised tribute, three hundred, is in the bag.” A gentleman can’t keep up with his words, and now it’s time for him to fulfill his promise.

Ning Jiachi wanted to recognize Shi Zhi as the eldest sister in the show before. Still, Shi Zhi rejected him, saying three lollipops were too few. Ning Jiachi swore at the time that he would arrange 300 lollipops for Shi Jie after the show ended!

He forgot to bring it during the star sports meeting. This time Ning Jiachi wrote a memo to himself and finally remembered it.

Shi Zhi was a bit speechless. She didn’t even know what was happening in Ning Jiachi’s mind.

“My tooth just got cured.”

Give her 300 lollipops. Maybe you want her to have another root canal treatment?

Shi Zhi silently apologized to Ning Jiachi’s fans in her heart, and she was about to renege on her promise to them.

The new variety show is called “Full Impact,” and it is indeed, as Brother Quan said, the quality of the guests is very high. There are eight people in total, not only Ning Jiachi but also veteran heavenly kings, pop singers, and familiar faces from TV dramas…

Among the other seven people, Shi Zhi knew Geng Can besides Ning Jiachi.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I didn’t expect to see you again.”

Geng Can jumped over to greet Shi Zhi.

The girl group members are also CP fans of Shi Zhi and Bai Wu, and the two met at the star sports meeting not long ago.

Shi Zhi also had a chat with Geng Can.

As the guests of the first episode of the first season, everyone is at a loss for the entire format of the show. After all, there is nothing to refer to, and the rhythm of the program group seems to be very fast.

After the eight guests have finished introducing themselves, the staff will put on blindfolds for each of them.

“Why do you wear blindfolds?”

“You have to explain the situation first, you can’t do this without knowing everything, right?”

“I can’t see, how can I walk?”

The guests were a little flustered. After all, they faced the unknown when they put on the blindfold, and the scene was suddenly noisy.

The director explained, “You will know when you get there.”

“There will be staff to guide you there, and you will definitely not fall.”

He was very noble and glamorous. He would never answer anyone’s questions again, whether you were a veteran king or not.

Shi Zhi was very calm, and the staff who calmly put on her blindfold couldn’t help but look at her a few more times. She always felt that Shi Zhi was standing there as if she was about to fall asleep.

Shi Zhi was indeed a little sleepy, but she couldn’t fall asleep because of the howling sound of a person next to her.

“Director, put me and Shi Zhi together.”

“I have promised my fans to take good care of my sister Shi, I cannot break my promise.”

“Director, did you hear that? It’s fine to hear you squeak.”

Director, “…”

Shi Zhi, “…”

Everyone was led by a staff member, and Shi Zhi followed the staff’s lead. She could feel that everyone went up the stairs and entered a small house.

Possibly because he was afraid of being nagged by Ning Jiachi, the director really didn’t separate Ning Jiachi from Shi Zhi because Shi Zhi could hear him whispering these things on the side.

“I am here.”

Shi Zhi felt that the staff seemed to have left, so she replied to Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi finally breathed a sigh of relief, “Sister Shi, it’s good that you are here.”

“Sister Shi, I’m here too.”

It was a girl’s voice. Shi Zhi judged, “Geng Can?”

In addition to Geng Can, Ning Jiachi, and Shi Zhi, there is also a male singer.

[Please take off the blindfolds, all players——]

The cold mechanical voice sounded in the room. Shi Zhi directly pulled off the blindfold, and now she saw the whole picture clearly.

They were in a small room with dim lights, which looked like a space capsule.

There are only four of them in the whole room, and the other four are not there. They are probably divided into two groups.

Ning Jiachi, “Escape Room, I have played it.”

They were stuffed into a secret room just after they came to the show. The mechanical sound sounded again, reminding them that the goal of the four of them was to get out of the secret room, which was divided into several rooms.

There were two doors in front of Geng Can, and Geng Can pushed them.

Naturally, it cannot be pushed open. It is closed.

Male singer, “Get a hint, see if there are any clues or something…”

Ning Jiachi, as the only member of the group of four who had played the escape room, had already professionally studied a display screen in front of him. Claiming that he must start from the top. There were many numbers on it. Geng Can also move over. The male singer, after looking around, couldn’t find any suitable clues, so he also went to count with Ning Jiachi.

“You say, which of these two groups will leave the first room first?”

The director of the program group was watching the two groups of actions on the big screen, watching a group of stars panic and start to solve the problem decently. He took a sip of water and looked very leisurely.

The first room is not difficult, but it is not that simple. It takes nearly half an hour to go out.

Some people said that it was the group of veteran kings, in which there was a model who graduated from a famous school and changed careers halfway. Some staff guessed it was Ning Jiachi’s group. After all, Ning Jiachi said that he had played the escape room and seemed quite skilled.

The director found that Shi Zhi was studying the door and shook his head.

He pointed to Shi Zhi’s figure on the screen.

“If you just look at it, you won’t know anything.”

“There is no password on that door, and there is no answer, so you have to solve the problem…”

The sound of ah stopped abruptly, and the director leaned forward in shock, looking at Shi Zhi. He let out a cry, “Damn!”

There is indeed no password on the door, so it is impossible to solve the problem, but Shi Zhi removed the door.

Shi Zhi, take down the door!

Shi Zhi held the door up. Also, a little dazed, Ning Jiachi was still there and assured her without turning his head, “Sister Shi, look at me. I will open this door for you!”

Shi Zhi, “…No need, it’s already opened.”

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