One Can’t Judge by Appearance #42

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Chapter 42

The four elements of a wealthy family, movie queen, cheating, and breaking up, have always been the best ingredients for gossip. When bored people see these terms, they will watch them like chicken blood and get the fun of life from them.

The breaking news post is also considered professional. It not only posted the scandal report about Zhao Feifei and the second son of the Yuan family a few months ago but also posted a photo of Zhao Feifei standing and chatting with the second son of the Yuan family. Then focus on posting a short video of him carrying a girl across the sidewalk. Although it lasts less than a minute, it is enough to make everyone sure that the person on his back is not Zhao Feifei.

In just one hour, the breaking news became popular, which seemed to increase Zhao Feifei’s popularity, but actually had sinister intentions. Everyone in the circle is familiar with the process of hype. Who doesn’t know that Zhao Feifei didn’t hug Mr. Yuan’s thigh at all, and the reason for the scandal before was just to let unsuspecting fans think that she is full of charm? Even rich men fall under her pomegranate skirt?

However, they are all thousand-year-old foxes. Who doesn’t know who? Suppose Zhao Feifei really embraces the thigh of a wealthy family. Wouldn’t she post a notice on the whole network and show his affection to the world? Why bother to be so coy, hesitant to speak, but dare not really associate herself with the Yuan family. Later, the scandal between Zhao Feifei and Yuan’s second young master suddenly stopped. Zhao Feifei and her studio kept a low profile for a long time. Everyone can guess the reason.

Now that news of Zhao Feifei’s rumored boyfriend cheating suddenly appeared on the Internet, no one would do such a thing except her fan.

After Zhao Feifei saw these reports, she was completely devastated. She quickly posted on Weibo that she and the second son of the Yuan family were not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and they didn’t have much contact with each other, so Yuan Yi didn’t cheat. Please Don’t get her wrong.

But her opponent would not let her go so easily. After she posted this on Weibo, the opponent asked the navy to lead the rhythm, saying that she was afraid of the Yuan family’s power and could only wrong herself, claiming that the two had no relationship. Mr. Yuan Yi is a big scumbag who is rare in the century, and it is not enough for the common people not to scold him to death.

As soon as all kinds of rhythmic remarks came out, countless netizens ran to Yuan Yi’s Weibo to swear, verbally criticize and criticize the grounds of “eliminating harm for the people.” In just one hour, there were tens of thousands of comments.

Zhao Feifei is about to kneel down to these “righteous netizens”, the method of cheating her is too cruel. The brokerage company couldn’t contact Yuan Yi. She was so anxious that she almost grabbed a handful of her hair. If she had known, she shouldn’t have listened to the opinions of the PR team and used Yuan Yi as a hype topic. She was warned by Yuan Yi some time ago and removed all the topics, which made her embarrassed enough in the circle. Now she has let Mr. Yuan Yi bear the reputation of a “scumbag.” She really can’t cry. This is a posture to be finished.

The hype was good for a while, but now she feels heartbroken, and as long as the second young master Yuan doesn’t pursue this matter, she is willing to take the blame. But no one has the personal contact information of the young master. It’s really God’s death, and no one can save her.

Zhao Feifei clicked on the video exposed by the gossip account and watched it again, feeling her whole world was full of despair. The dignified young master of the Yuan family is willing to carry a woman on his back in public, which shows how much he likes this girl. If this girl has a rift in her relationship with Yuan Yi because of these revelations, then she really committed crimes and committed death. Even the gods can’t save her.

“Can you find out who this mysterious girlfriend is?” Zhao Feifei asked her manager.

If she can’t find Yuan Yi to apologize to, she can find this mysterious woman to apologize to. She tried her best to convince the other party that there is absolutely nothing to do with Yuan Yi, because the other party doesn’t look up to her at all, maybe she doesn’t even know who she is.

The manager looked at her sympathetically and shook his head silently.

Zhao Feifei: …

What the hell was going on in her mind at the time that she had to use this person to hype her up?

When Yuan Yi returned home, he found the whole family sitting around drinking tea in the living room. He took two steps back and looked at the sky outside, “Oh, what a good day today. You guys are drinking tea together.”

“Second, what are you talking about?” Yuan Bo poured a glass of water and put it on the empty seat next to him, “Where did you go today?”

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at the three of them, “Aren’t you waiting for me on purpose?”

“Don’t you know that you are on the front pages of major networks?” Yuan Yasen pointed to a tablet computer on the table, “I told you not to invest in any movies and listen to them, and see for yourself how nasty the scolding is.”

“Scold me?” Yuan Yi sneered and took a sip of plain water, “I didn’t kill people and set fire to them, so they can scold as they like.”

Yuan Yasen got angry when he saw his unsteady appearance: “We don’t want to ask you about your serious celebrity girlfriend, but you are not clear with this female star. You are shameless, and the rest of our family has to be shameless!”

“Female star?” Yuan Yi picked up the tablet and ignored Yuan Yasen’s shameless words. After unlocking the screen, he clicked on the breaking news post, glanced at the title and opening, turned his head, and said to Yuan Bo: “It’s all nonsense. I don’t know this female artist.”

Yuan Bo nodded when he heard the words. With the second child’s character, it is impossible to do such a thing, “Then what are you going to do?”

“Ask a lawyer to send a lawyer’s letter to scare them to play,” Yuan Yi was still holding an indifferent attitude. Still, when he turned to the back and found that there was a video of him carrying Yan Xi across the traffic light intersection, his face immediately sank, “And immediately delete the post.”

“The incident is known all over the Internet, it’s useless to just delete the post, and you have to arrange someone to guide the public opinion on the Internet,” Yuan Bo suddenly lost his temper when he saw Yuan Yi, “The girl you’re carrying… is really your girlfriend? “

Yuan Yi didn’t speak.

“Xiao Yi, do you really have a girlfriend?” Xu Ya showed a somewhat surprised expression on her face, “Why don’t you take her home for us to see?”

“How can there be any girlfriend?” Yuan Yi walked to the side and sat down. He took out his mobile phone and opened Weibo, which he hardly used. He had too many comments. He didn’t need to read it to know what these netizens scolded. Delete a few Weibo posts. Clean, he posted on Weibo.

Yuan Yi: Who is Zhao Feifei? In addition, all disinformation makers are requested to wait for the lawyer’s letter.

As soon as this kind of provocative Weibo appeared, it instantly aroused the netizens’ anger. Various verbal abuse appeared in the comment area, but what they didn’t expect was that none of these comments were read. He quit the platform after posting on Weibo.

“You are really bored, what are you doing with these netizens?” Yuan Bo glanced at Yuan Yi’s Weibo, “Just let someone deal with it directly.” After speaking, he took out his mobile phone and made a few calls.

For a family like theirs, these problems on the Internet can be easily resolved. The three of them are sitting here, not really caring about the public opinion on the Internet, but wanting to know if the second child is really with the female artist.

He was not sure about anything else. At least this Zhao Feifei was absolutely impossible.

Within half an hour, the major hype marketing accounts actually received a lawyer’s letter from the Yuan lawyer. Even some netizens who called the mysterious girlfriend a mistress or a slut in the comment area also received a lawyer’s letter.

Zhao Feifei posted two letters of apology on Weibo, one to Yuan Yi and one to a “mysterious girlfriend”. When these two letters of apology came out, Zhao Feifei lost face completely, but she put on a low profile. She would rather be ridiculed by black fans and let Yuan Yi know that this incident of breaking the news has nothing to do with her.

Zhao Feifei’s opponent was also a little flustered. Yuan Yi’s reaction exceeded their expectations. Now some people in the circle have begun to ask who planned this revelation. If it is really found out, with Yuan Yi’s current attitude, They are afraid that bad luck will come.

Is this reaction too intense for a super-wealthy family whose microblog has not been updated for thousands of years?

After soaking her feet, Yan Xi put on comfortable pajamas and lay down on the bed. When she opened the chat software, she saw countless information records in the chat group. After opening it, she found they were all talking about Mr. Yuan Yi and Zhao Feifei.

Didn’t Yuan Yi have anything to do with Zhao Feifei? Why did they bring the two together again now?

Xiao Xiliu (Little stream): What is there to watch?

This chat group is a group of Weibo bloggers. These bloggers are some well-known big Vs. Yan Xi will occasionally help them earn some Weibo, which is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Listen to my ghost stories from the past: Xiao Xiliu hasn’t appeared for a long time. It’s very lively on Weibo tonight, don’t you know?

Mom, give me two slaps: Yes, a rare good show. The most amazing thing is that Zhao Feifei’s public relations company is throwing money everywhere to let the navy lead the rhythm, saying that she has nothing to do with Mr. Yuan Yi. With such a good opportunity, she didn’t take the opportunity to grab the attention but tried her best to clear it up. Do you think it’s weird?

Xiao Xiliu (Little stream): I’ve been a little busy recently, I’m going to see what’s going on on Weibo.

When Yan Xi clicked on Weibo, many Weibo accounts spontaneously deleted the leaking posts, and this incident also fell from number one to tenth.

Yuan Yi carried her across the red street light intersection and was photographed by a passerby and posted on the Internet?

Netizens called her so-called “mysterious girlfriend” a mistress?

Yuan Yi hired a team of lawyers to sue the blogger who broke the news, and some netizens who cursed were also sent lawyers’ letters?

After she got home, she only had dinner with her father and watched TV for a while, so why did she get a mistress title online? Only now did she know that Yuan Yi had a Weibo, so she clicked his Weibo and took a look. Okay, there is only one Weibo post on the entire Weibo account, and it was published more than an hour ago.

The tone of this Weibo was very provocative and deserved a beating, and the comments were not closed. There are tens of thousands of comments below. She thought they were all scolding him, but when she opened it, half of them were praising Yuan Yi for being so personalized and manly.

What’s going on?

She glanced at the chat group, and there was a lot of news in it, and when she clicked on it, she saw a screenshot of an apology letter.

It was Zhao Feifei who wrote to the “mysterious girlfriend.”

Mom, slap me twice again: Zhao Feifei was obviously tricked. She won the Best Actress Award some time ago, but now she offends the Yuan family. No matter how much she wins, it is useless. I don’t know if the Yuan family will believe this thing has nothing to do with her?

Panda Gungun: Seeing how the Yuan Second master was so angry, sending lawyer letters to those Weibo accounts who called his girlfriend a mistress, I think her ending this time may be a bit miserable.

Kong Qunbeifei: If I were the second young master, I would definitely be angry too. The woman I like has been labeled as a mistress for no reason. Whoever blows it up, wait. Zhao Feifei is definitely not the one who is unlucky this time.

Xiao Xiliu (Little stream): Wait, why are you so sure that the “mysterious girlfriend” is Yuan’s second master girlfriend?

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