Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #24

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Chapter 24

Everyone’s initial impression of Shi Zhi was still in the air shouting at the vice president of the beverage brand, angry that the drink was not delicious. But there was no number 13 word, and the tiger did not pull a few.

At this moment, Shi Zhi walked out of the dental hospital with a blank expression on her mind.

The difference can’t be said to be significant.

It’s too real!

Drinking too many carbonated drinks corrodes your teeth. It turns out that not only ordinary people will experience this, but female celebrities will also have cavities.

Shi Zhi also specially posted a Weibo to remind everyone to brush their teeth.

“Toothache is not a disease. But it hurts to death.”

“The nerves of the teeth were exposed before, and it hurt to drink water and take a breath.”

“Friends with cavities should go to the dentist as soon as possible, don’t delay! The sooner the better. The sooner it can be repaired, and the tooth may have to be extracted if it’s too late! Lessons from blood and tears!”

Netizens shared their experiences with the rest of the people while hahaha, but at least one thing was confirmed.

You don’t have to trust advertisers, but you can trust Shi Zhi.

Before, some people doubted that beverage brands said they would send drinks to Shi Zhi to try. Would Shi Zhi really drink it all over the place? Unrealistic, right?

Which celebrity is so idle, and if she drinks too much, don’t say anything else, it’s easy to gain weight, and the sugar content is high. If she drinks too much, her skin will not be good. Aren’t all the celebrities in the circle quitting sugar?

Anyway, they didn’t take it seriously and felt like it was just a gimmick. Now SHi Zhi agent has to take it seriously.

Shi Zhi really went back to conducting product evaluations seriously. Didn’t he even notice that there was a problem with her teeth?!

At this time, Hei X Toothpaste posted a Weibo and mentioned Shi Zhi.

Black X toothpaste: kiss and brush your teeth frequently to prevent cavities, black X toothpaste, do you need to know about it~@Shizhi.

Netizen: ? ? ? !

Fuck, they really want to laugh. Shi Zhi is here to live again. What kind of weird cycle is this?

Shi Zhi broke her teeth because of the beverage advertisement. The toothpaste advertisement was arranged. After brushing her teeth with toothpaste, she continued to drink beverages… Brush her teeth and drink beverages, brush her teeth and drink beverages.

Matryoshka is forbidden!

(Matryoshka means here is the Russian nested dolls: probably the sentence leads to never-ending activity)

Netizens went to Shi Zhi’s Weibo to tell her that she would be working on toothpaste later. While waiting for whether there would be a scene of beverage brands competing for Shi Zhi.

It really appeared again.

Leng X Ling, Yunnan X Medicine, and a series of toothpaste all threw olive branches at Shi Zhi. This time, everyone spontaneously played with the trick.

“Hold my family Yunyun, Yunyun is beautiful alone, and the rest of the family are self-respecting. Don’t land on the moon and touch porcelain, thank you.”

(Touching the porcelain metaphorically refers to behavior or trick when someone pretends to be knocked down so he can ask for money.)

“A-Ling is the top current, it’s a pendant, little A-Ling rushes to you!”

“Don’t be self-capped all day long. If you have the ability to talk about sales volume, you have to humiliate yourself. (Dog head pic).”

The emoji pack that Shi Zhi had posted before was also re-posted by netizens, sitting by the river wearing a straw hat [Don’t fight anymore!].

Sand sculpture netizens are happier. A group of people together is a carnival.

Shi Zhi, who provided everyone with happiness, did not get this happiness, and she didn’t have the calmness in the expression pack.

After experiencing dental drilling, she felt that she was about to die and that she might not be happy in her life.


The physical torture of going to the dentist is still a trivial matter. The most terrifying thing is psychology. The process of going to the dentist is already very frightening. Every time she waits, her hands and feet get cold.

Shi Zhi sighed after finishing treatment, “I’m so miserable.” Life is not easy, Shi Zhi sighed.

Brother Quan comforted Shi Zhi, “It’s not miserable or bitter, it’s sweet.”

Shi Zhi:???Are you teasing her?

“The toothpaste brand also wants you to shoot commercials… Do you want to come up with something else? According to this style, there will be new advertisements.”


Shi Zhi looked at Brother Quan and the team members, who were ecstatic in a calm tone.

“If I die on the spot, will I receive a coffin advertisement?”

The assistant patted his thigh wildly, “Sister Shi deserves to be Sister Shi. She already has a picture in front of us. When the time comes, you will lie in the coffin with the words on it and walk very peacefully. *You are so silly…”

(You are so silly. They literally translate goose.. goose.. goose, actually… But as far as I search, a goose can be a slang word that means A silly person.)

His word was not finished, and his voice fell completely because Shi Zhi was staring at him.

The companion next to him also pulled him.

What’s going on? Flatter and slap the devil! Can use your brain before talking! That sentence was also answered. 

Salary deduction warning!

Shi Zhi didn’t issue a warning. She was no longer in the mood and just wanted to shut herself up.

Forget it. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is happy.

Brother Quan smiled dryly and said to Shi Zhi, “You are so humorous.”

“But you can’t talk nonsense about this. Let’s just cycle it…” Thinking about dying on the spot or something. Taking care of Shi Zhi’s body and keeping green mountains is better. Are you still afraid that you won’t be popular?

Shortly after Shi Zhi finished seeing the dentist, she received a message from Bai Wu.

Bai Wu, “Is baby there?”

After “Our Village” was over, Shi Zhi still had contact with Bai Wu and the others. After Shi Zhi replied to her, Bai Wu first greeted Shi Zhi’s teeth.

Everyone is online these days, and Bai Wu naturally knew that Shi Zhi had cavities when she drank a carbonated drink.

“…” is a bit embarrassing.

Shi Zhi told Bai Wu that it would not affect her normal life. The whole person behaved calmly as if someone who had to ask the doctor several times because of pain before every treatment was not her. Fortunately, Bai Wu didn’t ask anymore, so she got down to business.

Bai Wu, “That’s it. I took ‘The Law of Actors’ and needed an assistant. It happened to be recorded in your city. I want to ask if you have time…”

She was willing to help even if she was busy, but she couldn’t make a decision right away. She had to ask Brother Quan to see the next work arrangements.

After Brother Quan listened to Shi Zhi’s explanation, he had no objection at all. He agreed with Shi Zhi to record at the same time. Shi Zhi happened to be free that day.

“The Law of Actors” is an acting show whose popularity is not low. She can also brush up on her sense of existence if she goes.

Brother Quan could see that Bai Wu also wanted to help Shi Zhi, and it was also a good job looking for Shi Zhi in this kind of hurry.

Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi participated in the show and found a good friend.

So the matter of Shi Zhi going to be Bai Wu’s assistant in “The Law of Actors” was settled.

After Shi Zhi’s ongoing efforts, even after breaking her teeth, she finally chose the one she liked the most and negotiated cooperation with the brand.

Shi Zhi also issued a special statement: The rest are delicious, there is no problem, and everyone can drink freely with confidence.

Her cooperation with that company is purely a personal taste preference.

Netizens didn’t expect Shi Zhi to actually issue a statement, and even Shi Zhi’s assistant’s personal Weibo sent out a form.

The above guideline is neatly sorted out. The sweetness and acidity of the drinks are divided into several stars, which are clear at a glance, so it is convenient for everyone to refer to and choose.

Netizen: Awesome! The assistant lady is also very caring.

The assistant replied, “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t make the form, it was Sister Shi.”


In addition to work these days, not many people are willing to do forms. Is this still done by Shi Zhi herself?

Shi Zhi, such a caring girl, uses her teeth to benefit tens of millions of foodies.√

Because Shi Zhi’s beverage evaluation was done too carefully and professionally. Some beverage brands took screenshots of their products and posted them on their public accounts after asking the Shi Zhi team.

The team evaluates the toothpaste, and everyone votes for the one they like the most.

Some people whispered to Shi Zhi, “Sister Shi, I don’t think we are like a celebrity team, like a professional evaluation.”

Shi Zhi, “Do you like it?”

The answer is, of course, yes.

How interesting, everyone now has different toothpaste flavors, from traditional mint and watermelon frosting to strawberry, orange, etc.

Shi Zhi thought, “Then if we don’t mix in the entertainment industry in the future, we can develop in that direction.” The route has been planned in advance, and the people on the team will not lose their jobs.

Brother Quan, the agent who passed by: ????

Whatever you say, how can you say that you are not in the entertainment industry anymore? Think about it before you talk.

Publicity also pays special attention to principles, “Sister Shi, I have printed out the script sent by Bai Wu, so hurry up and take a look!”

Shi Zhi, who is not doing her job seriously, still has to do something to be a star. ‘The Actor’s Law’ is about to be recorded. Although Shi Zhi doesn’t have many scenes as an assistant, she still has to go to rehearsal.

When they were about to arrive at the TV station, the two staff members of Shi Zhi’s team talked about wanting to eat pancake fruit. The other person said that he remembered that there was a stall not far away, so he could go and eat it.

Shi Zhi was still playing with her mobile phone but raised her head when she heard this.

“Are you going to buy pancake fruit later?”

Her words were very abrupt, and her usually leisurely expression was more serious this time. The two staff members glanced at each other, a little scared.


Brother Quan, next to her, had been unhappy for a long time. The two of them chatted about it. As soon as Shi Zhi spoke, he followed her words.

“What kind of pancake fruit do you want to buy? It’s not clean outside. How much dust does it have on this windy day, and it’s near the TV station. What should the rest of the people do if they recognize you? The team squatted over there to eat pancake fruit, a group of foodies, don’t buy it…”

“I want to buy it too.”

Brother Quan is at the head of preaching. Let him see who is challenging his authority.

The two staff members shook their heads, not her nor him.

It’s Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi, “How can you not call me a good thing like buying pancake fruit? I want to eat it too. Count me in.”

It’s not like Brother Quan thought that Shi Zhi would also preach to them. In fact, Shi Zhi also wanted to join the team of buying pancakes and fruits.

Very good. This time it’s not just Shi Zhi’s team squatting over there to eat pancake fruit. It’s Shi Zhi with her team.

The whole team made a voice that they wanted to eat, and it didn’t matter if Brother Quan agreed or not.

The minority obeys the majority.

So when their car stopped in front of the pancake fruit stand, a group of people got out of the car with joy and went straight to the pancake fruit stand, like elementary school students who went out of school to the snack street.

Brother Quan was very helpless. With this helplessness, he said to the uncle who set up the stall, “Uncle, give me two pancake fruits and eggs!”

The uncle who set up the stall is no longer young, with gray hair. Shi Zhi asked for eggs and intestines but found that he had beaten himself three eggs and added three intestines. The whole pancake fruit was bulging and almost couldn’t be wrapped.

The uncle who set up the stall was quite old and had gray hair. Shi Zhi asked for eggs and sausages but found that he had beaten himself with three eggs and added three sausages. The whole pancake fruit was bulging and almost couldn’t be wrapped.

“Uncle, you made a mistake.”

Shi Zhi thought that the other party didn’t understand and reminded him.

This is not her pancake fruit.

The uncle insisted on giving it to her, “It’s for you.”

“Then I’ll add money.” It’s okay to add money, but Shi Zhi still feels that the other party has misplaced her pancake.

The uncle shook his head, “I am your fan.”

He insisted on not taking Shi Zhi’s money, and he looked like he would be angry if Shi Zhi gave him money.

The people on the team were extremely surprised.

Fans, live!

Because there were no people around, Shi Zhi didn’t wear a hat or a mask. In fact, the more tightly wrapped she was, the more suspicious it was. Who would have thought that the uncle who sold pancake fruit would be a Shi Zhi fan?

Brother Quan was also surprised. Shi Zhi hadn’t had a serious fan for a long time, so he sent Shi Zhi’s autographed photos to this uncle several of them.

After getting into the agency car, Shi Zhi thanked the uncle. Brother Quan couldn’t help but discuss it there.

“Have you already started harvesting from the grandparents’ fans? It used to be mostly young men.”

“Hehe, uncle fans are fine, even if you haven’t a fan now, you will earn it.”

“The uncle also said that you will have more fans in the future, and you will be loved by many fans… it’s quite literary.”

Shi Zhi took a big bite of the pancake fruit, looked at the uncle in the stall outside through the window, and opened her mouth.

“It’s almost time for dinner. Buy more pancake fruit and invite the people from the show team to eat it.”

Just treat it as a visit to Bai Wu.

Many celebrities will invite the staff of the show team or the crew, and they will have everything to drink and eat. It is normal to invite them to have a pancake fruit.

Brother Quan also agreed, “Yes, it’s not easy for the old man. I asked Xiao Zhang to wait here to pack.”

Xiao Zhang was waiting over there for the fruit pancakes of the whole program crew. There was no parking in front of the TV station. Shi Zhi and Brother Quan got out of the van. Anyway, the road was not long.

Brother Quan saw more than a dozen strong men in suits and sunglasses walking together aggressively in the distance. He also sighed, “Who is this to collect debts for?”

The assistant was speechless, “It’s so scary.”

Brother Quan was very calm, “It’s none of our business anyway, just avoid them…”

Everyone nodded in unison but soon found out.

“Fuck, Brother Quan, it seems that you can’t avoid them, those people seem to be coming for us!”

The ten or so fierce and sturdy men were indeed heading toward Shi Zhi’s team. The pace was very fast. There was still a distance between them. They were not far from Shi Zhi and the others in just a few words.

Each had big arms and round waists, staring at them like torches like an eagle was staring at a chick.

The people in Shi Zhi’s team were completely messed up.

“Do any of us owe money?”

“It feels like they’re all watching Sister Shi, don’t they plan to hit Sister Shi?”

Generally speaking, the entire Shi Zhi team was being targeted. Still, if you look closely, you will find that these people’s eyes focus mainly on Shi Zhi.

It seems that they are a group of black fans or a group of black fans who are particularly scary and can kill people!

Isn’t Sister Shi’s reputation getting better recently? Why is there such a radical one?

Sister Shi, danger!

“Protect Sister Shi!” With a stern and tragic shout, the people of Shi Zhi’s team moved into action.

“Sister Shi, come and hide behind me!” Someone yelled to let Shi Zhi go behind him to hide, but in fact, he was hiding behind Shi Zhi.

Some people started a palace fight in the office.

“Quan’er, hurry up, it’s time for you to express yourself. Didn’t you say before that you want to dedicate your life to sister Shi and shed your blood!”

“Li Ze, you are too ruthless. Sure enough, there are no friends before the interests… I have all my heart for Sister Shi, and I can also give my life, but I am afraid of being beaten, woo woo…”

The bold proposal, “Why don’t… let’s run.” If you can’t beat it, you should be able to run.

Shi Zhi, “…”

In fact, there are still people standing in front of Shi Zhi. When she first came here, Shi Zhi also happened to be attacked by other fans. Everyone was hiding for that time. Friends of the dead do not die of poverty. Now, whether it is because of her ability or something else, they are still thinking of Shi Zhi.

If the little girl in front of her didn’t tremble with fright, she might be a little more imposing.

Shi Zhi pulled the trembling little girl aside and left a sentence, “I’ll give you a raise.” Then she calmly greeted the big man in black. The group of people had already arrived in front of her.

“What do you want…” to do.

Brother Quan was still shouting, “Don’t mess around, a society ruled by law, where are the security guards!”

A group of big men glanced at Brother Quan suspiciously and then――

“Shi Zhi Shi Zhi, the sweetheart of the universe!”

“You can’t live without the sun during the day, and you can’t live without Shi Zhi.”

(Shi Zhi’s name means time)

“Sister Shi eats well and sleeps well, we will accompany you until you grow old.”

The slogan was so loud that it swallowed the mountains and rivers. A dozen men not only stood there in an aggressive manner but also rumbled as if a train was passing by, causing the eardrums to hurt.

Shi Zhi team: ? ? ?

The passers-by who were initially attracted by the sight of a dozen big men rushing towards Shi Zhi’s team: ???

It’s not a fight, it’s not a scolding, it’s…

Are you doing support?

After the big men in black shouted particularly inconsistent slogans, they didn’t know where to take out the colorful light signs, held them above their heads, and shook them. The name of Shi Zhi was indeed written on them.

The Kawaii light signs are remarkably inconsistent with their image, shining with various lights. The light signs held by one of the sturdy black-clothed men emit green light, which causes something to go wrong.

For example, the lamp dyed his hair a pleasant green.

This passage of the man in black giving Shi Zhi’s support happened to be filmed by passers-by and uploaded to Weibo, and everyone who saw it would shout out——


This is too sloppy.

What kind of miraculous support is this? So high-energy!

In the beginning, anyone would think that they would collect debts or that Shi Zhi’s family was looking for someone to fight Shi Zhi. Who would have thought that this was the support?


This video has been retweeted countless times, and everyone recommends saving it in the” Save Unhappy” video.

Does Shi Zhi have fans? Is it so fierce as soon as it comes up? Not to mention, it’s really creative.

If Shi Zhi saw netizens, she would tell them they were not fans. After the black-clothed man was taken away, Shi Zhi went to the side and secretly called the butler.

“Why did you let the bodyguards from home come over?”

At that time, she felt these black-clothed men were a little familiar. When they started shouting slogans in unison, Shi Zhi’s eyelids jumped, and she recognized several faces.

Looks like a bodyguard at home.

The butler happily admitted.

“Are you satisfied, Miss?”

“Let’s arrange for you.”

“I don’t know if they have done it well. If not, I have several plans. Maybe hundreds of group performances. What do you think, group performances should be more professional.”

Although Shi Zhi said at the time that she didn’t need the butler to intervene in her acting career. The butler still didn’t hold back from making amends in private. He even said such things in front of her.

Shi Zhi could conclude that the butler also created those cheering words.

Butler: If others have it, our eldest must have it too!

Who said we don’t have fans? Make arrangements!

Shi Zhi, “…”

Thanks to the housekeeper for her kindness, but this thing is really unnecessary, and there is no need for hundreds of group performances. She doesn’t need this kind of false prosperity.

“Why don’t you buy candied chestnuts?” Suddenly, I wanted to eat chestnuts.

Butler, “Okay.” Urgently went to find the best chestnuts in the country and shipped them by air.

After Shi Zhi returned, facing Brother Quan, who was still in shock, he scolded, “Who is messing with us, Chen Baichuan or Tang Yunling…”

Brother Quan decided that it must be some rival. Now that they were getting along well, they thought of such a dirty method.

After experiencing the high-energy support from chickens and dogs, Shi Zhi finally arrived at the TV station building. The TV station has stars coming in and out every day, and the people inside are actually used to it.

But when they saw Shi Zhi, they couldn’t help but glance a few more times. After all, Shi Zhi had been discussing loudly recently.

Finally, someone in the elevator didn’t hold back talking to Shi Zhi.

“Shi Zhi, I’ve always been curious. XX drinks are so bad. Since you don’t want to shoot commercials, why did you go there at that time?”

“I have no ill will.”

The person who asked the question was a young girl, an office worker.

She has recently been paying attention to Shi Zhi’s anger against XX Drink. She was also a victim of XX drink. At that time, she was tempted by various propaganda and advertising words. In the end, she took a sip and lost it all. She couldn’t respond to XX’s drink in her heart, so when Shi Zhi stood up and complained that drinking was bad, she agreed with both feet and hands.

Finally, a public figure dared to speak up.

She didn’t expect to meet Shi Zhi in the elevator today and blurted out as soon as her brain became hot.

In fact, the office worker regretted it a little bit after asking. Shi Zhi was surrounded by her staff members, and everyone looked at her with a bit of vigilance. If she didn’t recognize her, Shi Zhi would definitely not pay attention to her.

“I’m Sorry.”

The office worker apologized red-faced, her eyes floating on the beating numbers of the elevator, praying to reach the floor quickly and save her from embarrassment.

But unexpectedly, Shi Zhi opened her mouth.

“There is no need to apologize, it doesn’t matter.”

“It was XX drink that asked me to go, and after I went, I found that the drink was unpalatable.”

Waiting for Shi Zhi and her group to leave the elevator, the office worker’s mind was still in a 360-degree three-dimensional loop. In her mind, she put the words in bold and slow volume.

This is… too real!

Why go to the audition? XX drinks and lets her go.

After the office workers shared this experience on the Internet, she once again made everyone faint with laughter on the toilet. Even if they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they could make up for Shi Zhi’s tone and expression in their brains.

One of the comments has the highest likes――

[XX Beverage probably wants to buy regret medicine. If time goes back in time, they will definitely not invite Shi Zhi again]

After inviting Shi Zhi, their products were so bad that they were nailed to death.

If he could come back…

Order him one, but unfortunately, there is no if.

Shi Zhi has already dressed up.

Cheongsam is originally the most self-cultivating dress that can reflect the charm of a woman’s body. Wearing it on her body shows all the good qualities. The moon is big, the waist is thin, and the hips are upturned. Under the split skirt are two slender and straight legs; the hair is rolled up into a wavy form, the lips are bright red as fire, and her eyes are full of romantic feelings.

It looks like the social flower of the upper class of the Republic of China, and it is still the most beautiful one.

Today, Shi Zhi assisted Bai Wu in a scene from a Republic of China drama. Her role in it is as a socialite who destroys the feelings of the male and female protagonists.

The people on the team couldn’t help but start to praise her.

“Sister Shi, you are really beautiful.”


Even the program staff thought Shi Zhi was too good-looking. How did she look like this?

The cheongsam is red, and it is not a precious material. In fact, it is easy to look vulgar and cheap. Shi Zhi’s glamorous face directly resisted.

Three points cold, seven points bright.

Bai Wu is wearing a crescent-colored cheongsam, which is in line with the calm and atmospheric image of the original character in the play, with a classic red and white rose shape.

Shi Zhi has a lot of confidence in her performance to help Bai Wu match the tricks well. As a qualified prop person, she has already memorized the lines and so on. This time, the prop person’s personality is bad and crazy. After thinking it was possible to be with the male lead, she came to the door to provoke the female lead. The male and female lead had a misunderstanding and did not clarify the matter, which led to a fierce quarrel and shoving.

The amount of exercise is still relatively large.

Soon it was Bai Wu’s turn to take the stage. Bai Wu and the male actors were both actors who had a long filming experience, and the three of them had also rehearsed in private, so the whole process went smoothly.

Brother Quan was also watching Shi Zhi and Bai Wu’s performance arguing. He didn’t know how to act well. Anyway, it shouldn’t be bad. Shi Zhi is not playing an important role. Brother Quan’s focus is on–

Shi Zhi’s face is beautiful and looks good when she quarrels.

This photogenic existence is definitely for everyone to wash their eyes! They can be a little bolder. Shi Zhi is not only the best-looking among the stars who have passed, but it is also the top level in popularity!

After all, Shi Zhi was an assistant and prop person. After experiencing pushing and shoving with Bai Wu, it was temporarily over. She just had to put on a domineering look next to her.

However, during the confrontation between Bai Wu and the actor, Bai Wu meets with an accident.

The previous rehearsals were in private. They haven’t been on the stage a few times. They may have made a mistake when they got excited. The actor and Bai Wu unknowingly retreated to the edge of the stage during the action scene. The audience was already panicking because the two of them were about to fall off the stage. When the audience cried, Shi Zhi stretched out her hand urgently.


Someone fell off the stage, it was an actor.

On the stage, under the lights, Shi Zhi, dressed in a red cheongsam, was holding Bai Wu’s waist in a crescent-colored cheongsam. Bai Wu’s waist was still in a posture of falling and leaning back, her beautiful face was in shock, and her hands firmly grasped Shi Zhi’s arms like a boneless vine. Shi Zhi was much taller than Bai Wu. She was also looking down at her, her expression full of worry.

The stage is actually not that high. It may be a bit awkward for the actress because she wears high heels to her feet. The actor is wearing leather shoes, so he is not injured.

He just looked at the scene on the stage, and a lyric flashed in his mind.――

I shouldn’t be in the car. I should be under the car.

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