One Can’t Judge by Appearance #33

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Chapter 33

“What’s wrong with you?” Zhang Wang connected Yuan Yi’s mobile phone and asked, “What’s the matter with your body? What did the doctor say?” If it can’t be cured at home, let’s go abroad. It can always be cured. Don’t worry, I’ll come to you right now.”

“What are you doing here with me?” Yuan Yi didn’t know what Zhang Wang was thinking about. He flipped through the “Little Monsters” comic book in his hand and said with a smile, “I will make an appointment tomorrow and talk to you in detail.”

“Can you stop being so scary next time you talk?” When Zhang Wang heard Yuan Yi’s tone of voice, he knew he was overthinking, “Yuan Xiaoer, you can’t speak clearly. I was almost scared to death by you.””

In the comic book, the little monster with three eyes fell into the puddle, and the little rabbit and the little hedgehog pulled the rope upside down and did not drag the fat little monster out. Yuan Yi couldn’t help laughing when he saw this scene.

Zhang Wang was so scared by his laughter that his hair was all up. It seemed that Yuan Xiaoer’s brain was really wrong. Before, he called himself Lao Zi in front of Yuan Xiaoer. He had been scolded by Yuan Xiaoer as his grandson, but he didn’t expect him to be able to laugh today…

(Lao Zi means Old Master)

After hanging up the phone, he looked around and felt the hair on his arm. It seemed that the disease was not serious.

Yan Xi returned home, opened the gift box, looked at the whole set of lipsticks, and put them in the large wardrobe. Turning on the computer, the editor’s avatar jumped on the communication software. After she clicked on it, she knew that the publishing house wanted to cooperate with her to produce another comic book.

Xiaoxi Liu: The manuscript fee for this book has not been completed yet, so there is no appointment.

(Xiaoxi Liu = Little stream)

Mingming: Your manuscript finance is already being accounted for. We are a regular publishing house and will never corrupt the authors. Beautiful young lady, think about it, come on, make an appointment.

Yan Xi knows that her book is selling well and is in the top 20 best-selling books, but she doesn’t have much time to draw drafts now. Recently, because of the decrease in comic strips on Weibo, many fans protested on Weibo.

Xiaoxi Liu: Let me think about it. I have been a little busy at work recently and I don’t have much time for sketches.

Mingming: Draw slowly, as long as you are willing to sign a contract, we are not in a hurry.

Yan Xi didn’t agree to sign the contract. She found a digital tablet, drew the beginning of a warm little story, and posted it on Weibo. Her drawing skills are not superb, but she is very good at catching cute points, and she draws the protagonist so lovingly that people can’t help but have the urge to take a bite when they see it.

Soon this Weibo attracted countless fans to retweet and like.

[So cute that his legs are soft, this chrysanthemum demon is simply stupid and cute]

[Bloggers are so dirty, what kind of monster is the protagonist? It’s not good, but it’s the chrysanthemum demon, hahaha]

[Hehe, this blogger can only rely on selling cute circle fans, and the drawing level can only fool the layman. But, there is still a group of stupid fans applauding below. This world is really interesting. No one pays attention to serious painters, but amateur ones have millions of fans and make money by publishing books.]

Yan Xi saw this comment and replied directly: I am an amateur painter who lives by selling cuteness, which makes you laugh. I don’t paint for dreams, not for the future, just to paint if I want to. This is a good world. It allows non-professional painters to have a platform to display their paintings. Thank the country, thank the society, thank the fans, and wish the world peace.

Yan Xi’s self-blackened and straightforward answer, in the eyes of black fans, is a lot of drama. In the eyes of true love fans, that is, how cute and direct my painter is, but if someone comes out and says that her painting skills are unprofessional, they will seem to be a little out of the way.

Across the Internet, no one knows whether people or dogs are under the vest. Yan Xi didn’t bother to pay attention to these black fans. She didn’t kill people and set fire to them. She has a clear conscience. Suppose these people feel that they can find a little psychological satisfaction in the survival of the fittest. In that case, Yan Xi will let them go.

Just think of it as doing a good thing. Some people feel bitter in their hearts. They will probably be more bitter if they don’t find a place to vent.

“Tsk, why do I feel so sacred that I glow?” Yan Xi took out the mirror, took a picture of her face, put away the tablet, and picked out a few comments and replies in the message area. Suddenly, she remembered the Weibo account of her host. When she logged in, her fans had already passed 50,000.

The comments below praise her for her temperament, beauty, or the good show she hosts. She roughly flipped through it, and after reposting a Weibo on the official blog of “Those Things Around Us,” she turned it off quickly.

“Yan Yan,” Song Hai knocked on the door outside, Yan Xi got up to open the door, “Dad, are you still up so late?”

“I see that the lights in your room are still on, so I’ll come over and have a look,” Song Hai glanced at the computer that wasn’t turned off. “Go to bed early, don’t play with the computer. It was reported in the news a few days ago that there are young people who stay up all night every day, and finally Sudden death.”

“The news you mentioned was broadcast by our station,” Yan Xi smiled at Song Hai, “I’ll go to sleep right away.”

“It’s good to know,” Song Hai couldn’t say a heavy word when he saw his daughter smiling at him, “Then I’ll go back to the room.”

“Good night, Dad.” Yan Xi watched Song Hai return to the room, then gently closed the door, turned off the computer, and lay down on the bed. The mobile phone chat application suddenly rang, and the group of university classmates who had not moved for a long time lit up.

[Is Yanxi online? Does anyone in the class have Yanxi’s contact information?]

The female classmate who asked the question used to have a bad relationship with her. It can only be regarded as the most ordinary classmate relationship. Still, the relationship between this classmate and Wei Xiaoman seems good.

No one in the group paid attention to her, and the girl knocked on her alone. Yan Xi closed the chat box and pretended that she hadn’t received any text messages at all.

It would never be good for someone who has never been contacted to suddenly come to the door. How can it be her turn if there is a good thing?

In case she is asked to join a brand or invest in a promising project, she will have to make excuses to refuse, which will hurt her feelings. Yan Xi turned off the phone without psychological pressure and put the phone on the bedside table.

Since being harassed by Yuan Yi’s phone calls in the middle of the night, she has developed the habit of turning off her private phone when she sleeps. As for the work phone, she is the station’s host, and even if there is an emergency at night, she doesn’t need to deal with it.

There is a saying that one can’t be too stubborn. Yan Xi didn’t expect her work phone to ring in the middle of the night.

Director Jin’s voice was a little anxious on the other end of the phone. It seemed that many people were still talking as if they were discussing something over there.

“Director Jin, what happened?” Yan Xi noticed something was wrong, and her dazed mind slowly came to her senses.

“Xiaoyan, something has happened on the Internet. Don’t speak casually,” Chief Jin said in a low voice. “You are the pillar of our channel. Don’t get involved.”

Yan Xi was confused, but listening to Director Jin’s tone, she knew that things were definitely not small, “Okay, I rarely speak on the Internet.”

Director Jin didn’t have time to explain what had happened to her, so he hurriedly hung up the phone.

Awakened by this call, Yan Xi also lost her drowsiness. She took out her mobile phone and searched the Internet. It turned out that something really happened.

Li Jiayu committed suicide by jumping off the building.

Seeing this news, Yan Xi was a little shocked. Li Jiayu is now developing well. It is said that after the contract with the station is terminated, she has found a better platform, so how could he?……

Aside from the contradictions between Li Jiayu and the station, Yan Xi felt that the other party was a good host. Her death was a major loss to the hosting industry.

The police have not yet found the cause of her suicide. But netizens have already determined that the TV station forced her to death. The TV station’s official Weibo and Shen Xingyan’s Weibo were full of verbal abuse.

Even on the Weibo of other TV station staff, there were” righteous passers-by” crusading and condemning. A male host on the station couldn’t help but reply, and now he has been scolded tens of thousands of times on Weibo.

Although it’s midnight now, many people still use Weibo, which shows how many single dogs can’t sleep at night at this moment.

Yan Xi carefully observed the trend of public opinion on the Internet. She found that someone in it was guiding public opinion, deliberately trying to make netizens think that Li Jiayu was forced to death by the TV station. In addition to competitors, who else would pay the navy to do this kind of thing?

Some small artists also took this opportunity to the hype and didn’t forget to post a beautiful selfie on Weibo. It was really terrible to see.

This is a carnival of eating steamed buns with human blood.

Yan Xi lay on the bed, changing her sleeping position repeatedly without falling asleep. In the end, she could only turn on the computer and play the game account to abuse the people of the rival gang.

Yan Xi was inexplicably moved because there were still many players online at three or four o’clock in the morning. The world of single dogs is not lonely. After all, there are still so many single dogs playing games in loneliness.

Playing games was refreshing for a while, and Yan Xi almost crawled into the office the next morning when she woke up in the morning crying.

“Did you watch the gossip last night? Xiao Yang yawned and walked into the office, with some regret in her tone, “It’s a pity that everything can be said on the Internet.” Small staff like them can’t worry about too many things, so they feel that Li Jiayu finally got into this position, but chose such a result. Anyway, it’s a pity.

“Last night when I was playing a game, I encountered a madman. I chased him and killed him for an hour.” Yan Xi took a gulp of coffee. “Don’t mention this in the station, so as not to get into trouble.”

“I dare to say it here, and I dare to mention it when I go out.” Xiao Yang sat down on the chair, “I read Shen Xingyan’s Weibo in the morning, and she was scolded for nearly 100,000 comments. If I were her, I would already be pissed off.”

Before, there was news on the Internet that Shen Xingyan and Li Jiayu were fighting for the first sister of satellite TV, and they disagreed privately. Now that Li Jiayu committed suicide, Shen Xingyan has become one of the pushers for Li Jiayu’s death.

“Teacher Yan,” a staff member knocked on the door of her office, “someone brought you flowers.”

Yan Xi walked out the door suspiciously, glanced at the young man who sent the flowers, and wrote down her name on the receipt.

“Such a big bouquet of blue enchantress,\” Xiao Yang looked at the bouquet of flowers in Yan Xi’s arms in surprise, “Which handsome guy gave it to you?”

Yan Xi shook her head and took out the card from the bouquet.

[See you again after years of farewell, you are still as beautiful as the dawn – Song Dynasty]

Song Dynasty?

Yan Xi put the flowers aside, feeling that the content of this card was bizarre. See you again? Have they met before?

Song Dynasty… Song Dynasty…

Yan Xi suddenly remembered the incident when she first returned to the imperial capital. The love letter written to her by the school grass was secretly thrown away by another girl. That school grass seemed to be called Song Dynasty?

At that time, she also joked that the name was really easy to remember, but she didn’t expect to turn her head and forget about it. Perhaps she didn’t have many memories of the Imperial Capital, and even such trivial things were insignificant to her.

She had met with the Song Dynasty twice before, and the Song Dynasty had never explicitly mentioned this matter. Why did he start to recall the past with her now?

However, she had no impression of this past, but she learned it from others.

She was thinking so; the phone used for work rang, and the caller was Song Dynasty. She hesitated for a while and connected to the phone.

“Mr. Song.” Yan Xi herself doesn’t like the blue enchantress. Although the color is beautiful, she thinks that this kind of flower may be dyed with high-grade paint. She is afraid that the paint will exceed the standard of harmful objects and will affect her respiratory tract.

At a young age, she still cherishes her life.

“Does Miss Yan like the flowers I gave you?” Song Dynasty’s voice was gentle enough to make a woman drown in his voice.

“Thank you.” Yan Xi said politely, “It cost you money.”

“Flowers for beauties, Miss Yan is matching it.”

Does this mean that she, like the blue enchantress, was dyed to be fake and beautiful? Yan Xi, who was praised, didn’t seem to be so happy, “Thank you for the praise, but I don’t understand why Mr. Song gave me flowers.”

“Back then, I pursued Miss Yan, but Miss Yan didn’t agree. Now…” Song Dynasty played with a pen expressionlessly, but his tone was extremely gentle, “Are you still unwilling to give me a chance to pursue?”

The pen’s nib slid over the white paper, piercingly.

“Is Mr. Song joking? Yan Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Did you pursue me back then?”

If it was just a love letter that was destroyed before it was delivered to her. Even if she was pursued, it would show that the secret love of her youth was really not even worth a hundred dollars.

“A beautiful woman has the right to be forgetful,” Song Dynasty put down the pen and rubbed the paper on the table tightly into a ball. “Miss Yan doesn’t have to care about the little things in the past. I just hope you have me in the future.”

What’s been going on these past few days? The men she met, each with a talent for performing dog-blood romance dramas, took the wrong medicine?

“Mr. Song, there is a rule in our hometown.” Facing the wealthy and noble son of the Song Dynasty, Yan Xi felt that she had to refuse more gently. “That is to not marry with the same surname, as I am, I still respect traditional customs.”

Song Chao chuckled softly on the other end of the phone, “But your surname is Yan now, and there doesn’t seem to be this problem between us.”

“But in the hearts of my relatives, my surname is still Song,” Yan Xi said with a dry smile. “Mr. Song, thank you for your favor, but I may not be worthy of you. You should let me get out of your future.”

Song Dynasty listened to the busy sound on the phone, chuckled, and suddenly slammed the phone against the wall.

In the restaurant, Zhang Wang thought something was wrong with his ears, so he stared at Yuan Yi: “Are you going to move out?”

Yuan Yi behaved very calmly: “Why, it’s weird?”

“Moving out… it’s pretty good,” Zhang Wang paused, “Uncle Yuan and Aunt Xu have no problem?”

Yuan Yi shook his head and said nothing.

Seeing him like this, Zhang Wang stopped asking, and turned to last night’s incident: “Did you date a girl last night?”

“Date? Yuan Yi shook his head confidently, “Just have dinner with a friend.”

“Come out with a woman alone, what’s it called a date?” Zhang Wang teased, “It’s rare that you’re interested in girls, so when will you bring her out for your buddies to take a look at.”

“Do you think I’m just like you, just want to fuck a woman after dinner?” Yuan Yi frowned, “Go, go, don’t make trouble.”

“Actually, I don’t think it’s okay to fall in love, anyway…” Zhang Wang saw Yuan Yi’s face was not good-looking and said helplessly, “Okay, I won’t mention this, let’s talk about your physical problems. In what state do you experience chest tightness, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath?”

“When bickering with people…?” Yuan Yi hesitated, “Or when others make me unhappy?”

“Who has such a great ability to make you so angry,” Zhang Wangshun said, “You didn’t even clean him up?”

Yuan Xiaoer has such a good temper?

“What can I care about with a woman, do I beat her up?”

“Women can make you so angry that your chest is tight and your breath is short, and she is really capable,” Zhang Wang suddenly paused, looking at Yuan Yi strangely, “You mean women?!”

Seeing how Zhang Wang reacted, Yuan Yi was a little uncomfortable on his face: “What’s wrong with women, women are not irritating anymore?”

When a woman is angry, it is worse than a man.

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