One Can’t Judge by Appearance #30

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Chapter 30

Because Yuan Yi awakened her in the middle of the night, Yan Xi rushed to the station, yawning the next morning.

“Sister Yan, weren’t you on vacation yesterday? Why did you look so tired? Is there any breaking news?” Xiao Yang helped Yan Xi pour a cup of coffee and put it on her table.

The noon news broadcast on the station is from Monday to Saturday at noon, and the satellite station program is broadcast on Sunday.

The broadcast time of “Those Things Around Us” is Monday to Friday night. The program is replayed every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, so after taking over the hosting of “Noon News,” she can only take one day off every week. The premise is that no emergency situation requires her to work overtime.

“I filmed the material with Brother Zhao yesterday, and the vacation was ruined.” Yan Xi was lying on the table. Her eyes were dull, “I almost couldn’t get up this morning.”

Xiao Yang looked at her sympathetically. When she was free in the station, she was free. When she was busy, she treated men as cattle and horses rather than women as men. For her, it’s okay to be late. It is said that reporters lie in bed all winter and go running the news when they receive it in the middle of the night.

“It’s not bad for me,” Yan Xi took a sip of coffee to refresh herself. “A classmate of mine used to be an entertainment reporter. He squatted in a broken building for three days on a hot day to get useful information.”

At that time, she was still in graduate school, and when she heard this classmate complaining in the WeChat group, it was both funny and sympathetic. Later, he probably couldn’t stand this suffering, and now he has opened a hot pot restaurant, and his life is quite nourishing.

Xiao Yang couldn’t stand thinking about it without taking a bath for three days on a hot day and staying in a room full of mosquitoes. She was in awe of the profession of entertainment reporter. Completely forgot that not long ago, she also scolded entertainment reporters for filming her idol.

“Xiao Yan,” Chen Pei pushed the door in and saw that Xiao Yang was also in Yan Xi’s office, “You two get ready. There will be an emergency meeting at the TV station.”

After Chen Pei left, Xiao Yang whispered, “Director Chen’s face is so ugly, is something wrong?”

Yan Xi shook her head. Although Chen Pei’s face was serious, she didn’t see anger. Something might have happened, but it didn’t have much to do with them.

Yan Xi saw other colleagues sitting lazily when she arrived in the conference room. Director Jin and several leaders hadn’t arrived yet. She and Xiao Yang sat down next to Chen Pei.

In front of Chen Pei was a meeting record book, but Yan Xi clearly remembered that in the last meeting, Chen Pei also placed the record book like this, holding a pen. I didn’t see a few words written.

“Sister Chen,” Yan Xi approached Chen Pei, “what happened?”

“The host in the station privately accepted an endorsement contract and actor contract. She fell out with the main station,” Chen Pei replied in a low voice, “In this meeting, eight out of ten and nine out of ten are about this matter.”

” Who” Yan Xi suddenly became energetic. Those brothers and sisters in the station are all babies in the station. They can make the station angry without saving any face. It seems that they will tear their faces with the TV station.

“Li Jiayu,” Chen Pei has heard a little about high-level affairs. “Since the New Year’s Eve party, there have been rumors that Li Jiayu and Shen Xingyan are not in harmony. They also said that they fought for the position of the first sister.”

Regardless of whether the rumors are true, Li Jiayu is destined to quit when this matter comes out. Shen Xingyan is the well-deserved sister in the station, and the other female hosts can’t compete with her at all. In terms of wrist scheming, Li Jiayu’s smooth sailing is still no match for Shen Xingyan, who climbed up from the bottom.

“The higher the position, the more intense the competition. “Chen Pei saw that Yan Xi was only interested in gossip and was not touched. She felt that they still lacked a plate of melon seeds in their hands at this moment. Which is the correct posture for gossip, “but the scenery is also better.”

Yan Xi nodded and sighed: “That’s not true. They make more money than us.”

“As a rich second generation, why do you only think of making money in your mind,” Chen Pei said bitterly. “Is it okay to be a little ideal?”

“What’s wrong with such a lofty ideal of making money?” Yan Xi casually drew a round golden ingot on the record book. “Even if I am a rich second generation, it doesn’t mean I can’t be too rich.”

“If you really love money, there are many ways to gain more,” Chen Pei looked at Yan Xi with a half-smile, “Why don’t you do it?”

“Those Things Around Us” has gradually gained a reputation locally. If Yan Xi values money over anything, as long as she is careful when doing the show, there will be no shortage of channels for cash.

“Isn’t there a saying that a gentleman loves money and has a way of taking it in the right way?” Yan Xi says. The last ingot turned into a pile of ingots, “It can be seen that I am a rich second generation with integrity and ideals.”

Chen Pei was moved by Yan Xi’s shameless audacity and almost laughed out loud. Fortunately, she resisted her laughter when she thought today’s meeting atmosphere should be solemn.

In the end, after Director Jin and several leaders in charge came, they began to convey the newly issued documents to everyone. Sure enough, the host was prohibited from accepting commercial contracts and other matters in private. The wording of the papers was very strict, but everyone was very calm.

Even if the station allows them to accept commercial contracts and advertising endorsements privately, no brand can find them. How much does this have to do with them? If it wasn’t for the presence of someone from the main station, they wouldn’t even be polite and serious.

At the end of the meeting, as soon as the people arranged by the main station left, about what everyone should do, they turned their heads and forgot about it.

In the dressing room, the makeup artist jokingly said while applying base makeup to Yan Xi: “Xiao Yan, did you date a handsome guy last night? The dark circles under your eyes are a bit deep.”

“No handsome guy, but there is one of the buddies who called me in the middle of the night,” Yan Xi opened her eyes nervously, “Does it look obvious?”

“Don’t worry, with me here, even if you have panda eyes, I can make you beautiful in front of the camera,” the makeup artist said with a smile. “You are also good-tempered. If anyone wakes me up in the middle of the night, I will beat him to death the next day.”

“You think I don’t want to beat him up?” Yan Xi’s face was full of bitterness, “That person is abroad. You can’t find him even if you want to beat them.”

After saying this, the mobile phone rang, and Yan Xi looked at the call display and pressed the answer button.

When Yan Xi finished the call, the makeup artist smiled ambiguously: “It seems you have an appointment with a handsome guy tomorrow.”

“It’s not an appointment with the handsome guy, but it’s the one who needs to be cleaned up and sent to the door,” Yan Xi stuffed the phone into her handbag fiercely, thinking a little bit. In fact, even if Yuan Yi came to the door, she didn’t dare to clean him up.

Holding the press release, she thought hopelessly. This is a cruel reality.

Walking into the studio, Zhang Hao was already sitting in front of the host stage, and the lighting engineer and cameraman were still preparing. Yan Xi greeted Zhang Hao before taking a seat.

There is nothing new in the news content. One-third says international news, one-third says national news, and the remaining one-third says what happened in the Imperial Capital.

Other stations have broadcasted the first two parts. Most of the Imperial Capital news is also a leader who has expressed condolences. There is a new development project in a certain place. She would not be interested in this kind of news if she were an ordinary audience.

However, the nature of “Noon News” is different from that of “Those Things Around us.” She, the host, only needs to do a good job of hosting; the others are not something she should worry about.

 Instead of thinking about this. It is better to think about how to avoid slips of the tongue because her payout will be deducted for every wrong word.

At the end of the live broadcast of “Noon News.” Yan Xi could calmly pack up the materials and manuscripts on the table, say a few jokes with Zhang Hao, then say hello to her colleagues, and go home with her bag to sleep.

However, just as she was lying on the bed and was about to fall asleep. The phone rang, and the caller was Yuan Yi again.

“Young master, eldest master, former eldest young master,” Yan Xi was about to cry while holding the phone, “what else do you want to say?” Didn’t you just call in the morning?

“I…” Yuan Yi sat in the airport waiting room, looking at the lights in the airport, “I just saw your moments at the circle of friends, congratulations.”

“Hmm?” Yan Xi’s brain was almost like mush, and she answered a few times vaguely and said in a hoarse voice, “Then I’m asleep?”

“Okay.” Yuan Yi hung up the phone, his heart was empty, and he didn’t know how it felt.

Even a woman like Yan Xi has fallen in love?

Looking down at the phone contact name note, Yuan Yi was stunned for a long time, changed “Yan Single Dog” to “Yan Xi,” locked the phone screen, closed his eyes, and started to rest.

He doesn’t like crooked men and women, hates trying his best to please women, and is not interested in love.

Love can make a man ignore or even treat his family coldly. Such feelings are terrible. He doesn’t understand why many people want to look for this kind of thing.

“Boss, you don’t look good. Do you feel unwell?” The assistant noticed Yuan Yi’s pale face and thought he was suffering from a stomach problem. “I brought stomach medicine. You should take two pills first.”

“It’s okay,” Yuan Yi opened his eyes and said calmly, “I’m fine.”

Everything is normal except for a little discomfort in his heart and a little chill on the body.

The conditions in the first-class cabin were very comfortable, but Yuan Yi didn’t sleep soundly and woke up several times in just a few hours. Even he didn’t know what was happening with this feeling of suffocation and having nowhere to vent.

Could it be that… he is not interested in love, nor does he want Yan Xi to be in love?

Yuan Yi realized that his mind was unreasonable and disrespectful to others. He frowned. Is he mentally unhealthy?

Yan Xi slept comfortably. When she got up from the bed, she felt the whole world was beautiful. She opened the door and smelled the aroma of food in the house. She lay on the corridor fence and asked downstairs loudly: “Dad, did you come back so early today?”

“Awake?” Song Hai came out of the kitchen and untied the apron around his waist. “I think you have been working hard recently, so I made you some soup to taste.”

“Thank you, Dad,” Yan Xi walked downstairs, drinking Dad’s brand love soup. While casually opening the circle of friends, she suddenly remembered the call Yuan Yi gave her in the afternoon.

What did he want to congratulate her? Congratulations to her for being the host of “Noon News.” This was many days ago. Can’t he wait until now to say it?

Looking at the circle of friends again, why are there so many likes and messages? She was taken aback. She was a little confused when looking at the congratulations on the screen and who the man was. Is there any misunderstanding that she doesn’t know?

Dahe, I am Xiaoxi: This is love [Photo]

Yan Xi stared at this circle of friends for a long time. This post actually misled so many people? She watched her friends jump up and down in the comment area and calmly posted a new moment to her circle of friends.

Dahe, I am Xiaoxi: Today, I am still a beautiful and lovely single dog with gold and diamonds. The last circle of friends post is to feel the love of others, and my man doesn’t know if he has lost his way or made a mistake. Stupid, he hasn’t come to me yet.

Yuan Yi got off the plane. When he passed the customs because a set of lipstick was too obvious, he also paid a customs duty before he successfully took this set of lipstick away.

“Boss…” The assistant stared at this large set of lipstick, feeling it was not a lipstick but bright and fragrant banknotes.

“You help me send this over,” Yuan Yi stopped and handed the lipstick to the assistant, “just say it was my apology for making her angry.”

“This… is it appropriate for you to send it in person?” The assistant was a little embarrassed, “After all, you chose it yourself. You went to several counters to buy a complete set of products.”

Boss, with your attitude, the other party can only be ordinary friends of the opposite sex.

“It’s not appropriate for me to go alone. She has a boyfriend. I’m afraid that others will misunderstand. Yuan Yi couldn’t help but shove the lipstick into the assistant’s hand, “You can send it now.” He is not very comfortable and will be even more uncomfortable when he sees the lipstick.

Intuition told him that his current state of mind was not suitable for seeing Yan Xi.

“Boss, I am also a man,” the assistant felt that he still had to insist on this issue, “Others will misunderstand when they see it.”

Yuan Yi glanced at his face: “Don’t worry, if you send it over, others will only doubt you at most, not her”

assistant: ……

Friendly communication is not enough. Why do you engage in personal attacks?

Yuan Yi returned home and saw his parents talking intimately on the sofa. He walked in front of them calmly. “Mom and Dad, I’m going to move out and live for a while. The house has been tidied up.”

Xu Ya frowned: “Why do you want to go out and live?”

Yuan Yasen glanced at his wife and then at his second son: “You just came back, go up to rest first, and talk about other things later.”

“Little Er, there’s no one else in the house. The family can live together, so it can be more lively,” Xu Ya stretched out her well-kept hand and poured a cup of tea for Yuan Yi, “You want to move out. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Yuan Yi didn’t tell Xu Ya that he couldn’t drink tea two hours before bed. He took a sip from the teacup and put it on the table: “No, I just don’t want to disturb the world of the two of you. It’s fine to move out.”

“You kid, what nonsense are you talking about?” Xu Ya looked at the tall young man in front of her. Back then, the child who cried and asked her to hug, hugged a small pillow and said he wanted to sleep with them, seemed to have grown so big when she didn’t know it.”

Yuan Yasen glanced at the teacup that Yuan Yi had placed on the table. The tea remained almost unchanged. He frowned slightly, “Aya, the child has his own ideas, so let him go.”


“Mom and Dad, I’m going to take a bath first,” Yuan Yi rubbed his temples and interrupted the conversation between the couple. “These days, I’m jet-lagged and haven’t slept well.”

“Ah, good. Xu Ya nodded slightly, unable to say a word of objection.

After taking a shower and lying on the bed, Yuan Yi picked up the mobile phone at the bedside and skillfully opened the circle of friends.

Suddenly he sat up straight and dialed the assistant’s number.

“Meng Zhu, have you been there? If you haven’t, go home and rest. I’ll just take the lipstick off by myself. I’m sorry to bother you so much.”

Holding a mobile phone in his left hand and lipstick in his right hand, Assistant Meng stood at the gate of Song’s house, facing Mr Song Hai’s face.:……

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