One Can’t Judge by Appearance #29

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Chapter 29

Yan Xi took Song Hai’s car to the TV station in the morning. She got out of the car to see a lot of fans holding light signs and banners outside the TV station. These fans wore uniform support T-shirts, most of whom were men.

When big-name artists come to accept visits or participate in programs, such grand occasions will occur. It is no surprise that they have already seen this kind of phenomenon. Yan Xi didn’t look much. When she entered the door, she met Xiao Yang. The two were chatting and waiting for the elevator.

“I heard that a crew is coming to promote the movie today. The male and female protagonists are all A-line big names. They didn’t start recording until two o’clock in the afternoon. Fans came to the door early in the morning to guard,” Xiao Yang felt a little distressed. “From the morning to afternoon, those artists don’t necessarily pass them through the gate. What are they going to do?”

“It makes them happy,” Yan Xi straightened out her scattered hair. “This is probably a kind of spiritual need. They enjoy the feeling of pursuing idols and the satisfaction of watching artists grow up slowly. As long as it doesn’t affect their lives, it can be considered good spiritual entertainment.”

“What you said seems to make sense,” Xiao Yang noticed that other people came over and stopped talking about the topic of artist fans. She smiled at Yan Xi and stopped talking.

The elevator door opened, and before Yan Xi and Xiao Yang entered, several people stepped forward and guarded the elevator door. Letting the woman wearing sunglasses go in first.

Several assistant bodyguards surrounded the woman, dividing the woman and others into two worlds. She was high above, while the others were inconspicuous ordinary people. Xiao Yang was a little frightened in her heart and didn’t dare to walk in.

“Teacher Shen, hello.” Yan Xi recognized that this woman was Shen Xingyan, the first sister in the station, and took the initiative to say hello to her, pulling Xiao Yang into the elevator.

Shen Xingyan took off her sunglasses and smiled at her: “Hello, are you the host of Channel 8, Yan Xi?” She remembers this girl she met at the elevator door a few months ago.

“Yes,” Yan Xi noticed that Shen Xingyan’s bodyguard had pressed an extra number. Which was exactly the floor where the eight stations were located. “I was a little surprised that Mr. Shen knew me.”

“I have watched two episodes of the show, and the host is very good,” Shen Xingyan looked at the young female host. She was also at this age more than ten years ago, and she was still doing the job of handing the microphone as host.

Now, seeing the tender younger generation, there is a feeling that time is a butcher’s knife. No matter how well maintained,  the skin of a nearly forty-year-old is not as fresh and tender as a young person. “If you work hard, there will be more opportunities in the future.””

“Thank you, Teacher Shen.” Yan Xi was taken aback for a moment, and she bowed slightly to Shen Xingyan

Just as the elevator arrived, she respectfully said to Shen Xingyan: “Teacher Shen, the eighth station is here, goodbye.”

“Hmm.” Shen Xingyan nodded, and after Yan Xi and Xiao Yang walked out of the elevator, she put her sunglasses back on.

“Sister Shen,” the assistant whispered, “Isn’t she just the host of a small show?” That’s become popular on the Internet for a few days? The current Internet celebrity is not as good as a meteor. When the heat passes, who remembers? With Sister Shen’s status, a famous host that even the national TV station wants to poach, why is she so kind to a newcomer?

“The host is regardless of size,” Shen Xingyan said lightly. “Those who persist and have ideals are worthy of my respect.”

She has been struggling for so many years and has long given up many principles, but seeing a host like Yan Xi who wants to do something, she has a bit of respect in her heart. Although she doesn’t know how long Yan Xi’s original heart can last, she insists on a certain principle, at least now.

The assistant understood the unfinished meaning of Shen Xingyan’s words and did not dare to say more.

“Ah, ah, I should have taken a photo with Teacher Shen for such a good opportunity,” Xiao Yang’s heart ached as if she had lost millions. Why was she so weak just now? She didn’t dare to say a word at all. “Xiao Yan, you are so amazing. Even Teacher Shen knows you.” No wonder she can only be behind the scenes, and Xiao Yan can be the host. With her courage, even though she really wants to appear in front of the camera without stuttering, it will be hard.

“What’s amazing,” Yan Xi squeezed Xiao Yang’s hand, “My palms are all sweaty.”

Xiao Yang took the opportunity to squeeze her hand, “I didn’t feel the sweat, but your hands are so soft. You don’t do housework at home?”

“Occasionally, I still have to wash the dishes and mop the floor,” Yan Xi patted her hand away, “Female pervert!”

“Do you occasionally do it once in five days or once in half a month?”

Yan Xi was speechless. Does she look so lazy?

“What female pervert?” Chen Pei handed a report to Yan Xi, “This is the news report topic for the past two days. You can choose it yourself.” Since the child abuse and the great success of the firefighter episode, Yan Xi has become more vocal in the program team. The program team has more and more rights to speak. Even Chen Pei does not force her to do any specific subject but plans several ideas for Yan Xi to choose by herself.

Yan Xi looked through the information and found that a cheating man had disappeared for ten years and returned from a serious illness. His ex-wife cared for him carefully, Helping her husband raise an illegitimate child. How does the illegitimate child make a living now? He went to a certain university. To make up for his tuition, the ex-wife let her child give up their studies and fully supported the illegitimate child’s studies.

“What kind of touching deeds are these?” Yan Xi removed these from the information and said to Chen Pei. “If we report these now, some old audiences may like them, but if they are put on the Internet, we will be scolded by a more young audience.”

“The audience positioning of our show is originally the elderly group,” Chen Pei persuaded. “Young generation audiences don’t watch this kind of program?”

Yan Xi shook his head: “Sister Chen, which one of the people in these news materials lives for themself? I am exhausted looking at them.” She does not force others to have the same values ​​as hers but asks her to praise this kind of behavior and even makes a show to move more people’s hearts. With her current temperament, she really couldn’t do it.

“Let me take a look again. Maybe there is a more suitable one.” Yan Xi rummaged through a pile of information and found news material about the food delivery man saving the child. This material is very inconspicuous in a pile of materials, but Yan Xi has an idea.

“Sister Chen, why don’t we contact this food deliveryman and follow him for a day?” Yan Xi tried her best to convince Chen Pei. “The audience of the program group is too old, and they must be very appreciative of these diligent young people. We can try to do a phase one trial. If it succeeds, we can shoot the cleaners, waiters, or teachers in the future. What do you think?”

Chen Pei doesn’t agree with this point of view very much. Most of the people who order takeaway now are young people. The elderly prefer to eat their own meals. They haven’t had much contact with this kind of work. How can they be interested in this kind of topic?

But seeing Yan Xi’s eager expression, she nodded and agreed. Anyway, the food deliveryman is not a sensitive subject. They have even done the firefighter subject, so the food deliveryman is not a problem.

The big deal is that the ratings are not a priority. It’s not a big problem.

Other stations racked their brains for ratings. Only such small local stations can be mysteriously calm when facing ratings.

The program team quickly contacted the food delivery man and agreed on the weekend because Yan Xi didn’t need to host “Noon News” that day.

After a preliminary understanding, Yan Xi learned that the food deliveryman had to get up before six in the morning and grab orders with his peers, not waiting for the store to distribute them.

In the morning, she got up with difficulty. When she put on makeup, she almost used the liquid foundation as a barrier cream. Fortunately, she was very strict with her image in front of the camera, so she could barely cheer up.

The sky is not beautiful, it is raining today, and the rain is not a small one. When Yan Xi met with the food deliveryman named Zhou Qiang, it was still dark.

Zhou Qiang looks ordinary, with two dimples looming when he smiles and is very shy. He seems a little thin in a raincoat. It is difficult to associate him with the hero who saved the child.

“Don’t be nervous. What do you usually do? You still do it today,” Yan Xi saw that Zhou Qiang was a little nervous. She smiled and comforted me, “It’s raining a little bit today, so you should pay attention to safety when you ride your bike.”

“Okay.” Zhou Qiang wiped his hands, grabbed a business order, and rode an electric bike into the rain.

Yan Xi and Zhao Peng quickly got in the car and followed him.

Sometimes Zhou Qiang would deliver several meals at the same time. To prevent the rain from wetting the food, he packed the food box in a large leather bag and delivered the food from home according to the route.

This kind of work is boring. Zhao Peng followed up for a few hours. Zhou Qiang’s battery box was changed twice, and Zhao Peng thought they didn’t get any interesting material. He took a sip of water and turned to look at Yan Xi, “Do you still want to shoot in the afternoon?”

“shoot.” She didn’t originally want to take pictures of conflicts but to take pictures of the daily life of a food deliveryman.

“Okay,” Zhao Peng shook his head and said, “I really don’t understand the thoughts of your young people.” As a showrunner, it is interesting to expect conflicts. For example, if you encounter unruly customers or the store has a bad attitude.

Those who do the show are looking forward to the conflict to be interesting. For example, encountering unruly guests or the store having a bad attitude. Who knew that they followed all the way down, the store was polite to the courier, and the buyers who ordered takeaway were also happy.

Sometimes even if Zhou Qiang was a few minutes late, they didn’t complain. Instead, they said it was raining today, and they had worked hard.

If there is no conflict, there is no topic. What show do you present if there is no topic?

At noon, Zhou Qiang invited them to eat at home. It was his newlywed wife who cooked. The couple’s house was old and small but very clean. Zhou Qiang’s wife took a two-hour leave at noon to entertain Yan Xi and Zhao Peng and cooked several dishes for them.

These dishes are not rare for Yan Xi, but they can feel their enthusiasm.

“There’s nothing good. I’ll fry one of my specialty dishes for you,” Zhou Qiang washed his hands, went to fry another dish and put it on the table, and greeted them to take a seat, “Come, sit down.”

The table is a bit old and clean.

Yan Xi noticed that his wife liked Zhou Qiang’s specialty dish very much. Perhaps this speciality dish was originally fried for his wife. While eating, Zhao Peng took some shots of the couple.

After eating, Zhou Qiang didn’t have time to rest, wiped his mouth clean, and continued to grab orders to deliver. He was like a tireless spinning top. When he grabbed an order, he would be extremely satisfied.

After ten o’clock at night, although many people were ordering, Zhou Qiang did not grab the order again. Instead, he rode his bike home and bought a bag of fruits in the fruit shop.

“After ten o’clock at night, many people like to order a late-night snack. Why don’t you grab the order?”

“You can’t drive tired. In case something happens, my family will be worried,” Zhou Qiang put the fruit in a leather bag and smiled, a little embarrassed. “My wife is going to get off work at this time. It’s just right for me to pick her up. She will be worried if it’s too late.”

Yan Xi smiled: “I can see that you love her very much.”

“What love or not.” Zhou Qiang was a little uncomfortable with this kind of numb adjective. “She’s already endured hardship with me, and I can’t let her worry anymore. We’ll return to our hometown to start a small business when we have enough money.”

Yan Xi didn’t ask him anything more. They followed Zhou Qiang to pick up his wife from getting off work until they got home and said goodbye to them at the door.

When the door was closed, Yan Xi saw that Zhao Peng had turned off the camera, “Brother Zhao, take a close-up of the door.”

This is an unpainted door, and the surrounding wall skin has also fallen off. Still, there is a piece of brush blessing in the middle, and the background color of the blessing is red and bright.

She took out her mobile phone and took a picture of the door, and when she got back in the car, she sent it to her circle of friends.

Yan Single Dog: This is love. 【Picture】

When he woke from the hotel bed in the morning, he turned to such a message. Yuan Yi’s heart thumped as if he had swallowed a large block of ice, and it was as cold as the wind was blowing. He touched his face, only to find that his fingertips were surprisingly cold.

Opening the address book, he dialed Yan Xi’s phone without thinking about it.

It took a long time for the phone to ring before someone answered it, but Yan Xi’s roar came over before he could speak.

“Yuan Xiaoer, how much hatred do you have for me?! Calling in the middle of the night?!”

Yuan Yi stared blankly at the sun outside the window and suddenly realized he was still on a business trip abroad, not in the country.

She didn’t sleep well the first day and was woken up in the middle of the night the next day. Yan Xi didn’t care who the caller was. She was so angry that she could set off a cannon, “Big Brother, Young Master, if you have something to say, just wait for me to call you back. Gosh!”

Yuan Yi covered his ears, which were almost deaf, and thought blankly, yes, why did he suddenly call?

“I…I…” He suddenly thought, “I’m going back to China the day after tomorrow. I want to ask, “Do you have anything you want me to bring?” Yesterday he heard his assistant complain that relatives at home asked him to purchase things. Such as lipsticks and skin care products, and all kinds of color shades can drive people crazy.

“Brother, you called in the middle of the night for this?” Yan Xi felt she wanted to kneel for Yuan Yi. After rolling on the bed several times, she suppressed the depression in her heart, “I don’t want anything, I just want to sleep.”

Yuan Yi: ….

“Then you go to sleep.” As soon as Yuan Yi finished saying this, he heard the other end of the phone can’t wait to hang up.

His chest is so stuffy.

In the middle of the night, Zhang Wang vaguely remembered that he seemed to have received a call from someone, but he didn’t remember what he said.

Open the call log and take a look. The bastard, Yuan Xiaoer, is abroad right now. He definitely doesn’t treat the domestic night as midnight! But what did he say last night?

Yuan Yi stood in front of a beauty counter with a stiff expression and said, “Give me a set of lipstick.”

“One set?” the shopping guide repeated in a foreign language.

“Yes, in all shades.”

Zhang Wang said to make women happy by giving brand-name bags and jewelry. Still, he felt it was not very reliable, so he searched the Internet again and found that the answer with the most likes was lipstick.

The respondent said that to make a woman happy, there is nothing that lipstick can’t solve. If one doesn’t work, there will be a whole set. There is always a color she likes.

He doesn’t know if Yan Xi can look at the lipstick’s sake and ignore his behavior of waking her up last night. He always felt that she would be able to run over his feet with high heels if he didn’t buy something to apologize.

Obviously, he hadn’t done any excessive behavior in front of her. Why was he so afraid? Could it be that the image of her smashing the gangster with high heels was too deep in his heart?

“Boss, does Ling Tang like this brand of lipstick?” The assistant looked at this set of lipsticks and secretly calculated the price in his heart.

“Not for her, but for a friend of mine.” Yuan Yi remembered many female relatives in the assistant’s family, “Do many young women like this lipstick?”

The assistant nodded: “Is it for…girlfriend?”

“What, girlfriend?” Yuan Yi put the lipstick on the car’s seat, lowered his eyelids, and said. “I don’t have that much thought about coaxing women, just ordinary friends of the opposite sex.”

Send lipstick to ordinary friends of the opposite sex? The assistant looked at the boss and stopped talking with interest.

Those ordinary friends of the opposite sex are treated so well in front of the boss. What else can he say as an assistant?

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