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Chapter 21 – Part 1

If Duoqi can still write a diary now, they guess he will have to add a sentence.——

The door has to be locked, and only I have the key.

He can visit Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi still shouldn’t visit him often. In a non-mainstream sentence, it’s probably like, I can go in and out of your world, but you can’t go in and out of mine.

Duoqi once again fell into the fear of the woman in front of him breaking apples and hammering sandwiches. He wanted to be the wayward Duoqi who someone dressed.

“Sister Shi Zhi, go and get busy with work. I am a man. I will be fine alone. I will definitely not cry this time.”

Duoqi was still holding Shi Zhi’s clothes firmly in his hand. However, now he not only let go of his hand, but his little feet were still pedaling in the air, trying to get down, and he even made a promise.

He stopped crying. Sister Shi Zhi, let’s go quickly, 886.

(‘886’ means ’bye bye’ in QQ)

Change face in one second.

Shi Zhi put Duoqi down but did not leave immediately, as Duoqi had expected, but teasing him.

“Let’s not go.”

“No, let’s go.”

“Are you driving me away?”

Seeing Shi Zhi’s eyebrows raised, Duoqi panicked. He also felt that what he said might not be appropriate enough. He added cautiously, “I’m afraid of delaying Sister Shi Zhi’s work. Work is important and you have to earn money.” He also knows that he has to make money.

Shi Zhi still didn’t let it go, “It’s alright, sister is stubborn, I don’t have much work.”

The cameraman and the program director were already holding back their laughter. This big and small person’s conversation was so interesting. They heard Shi Zhi comment on herself like this.

She bluntly said she was not popular.

Although Shi Zhi has grown from a hot little flower, and others will think that she is expected to become a big flower quickly after a few years of development, marketing accounts often state she is just in floating progress. Still, she casually said that she was jobless.

Is it okay for sister Shi Zhi to be able to joke like this, poking her lungs directly?

Duoqi: “…”

He never thought of this stubble. When he was young, he saw that he was about to lose to the woman in front of him. He looked at the camera, aggrieved.

“Let’s give Sister Shi Zhi more work, let her be more popular, she is very good.” Woohoo, save poor Duoqi from the sea of suffering.

The cameraman and director didn’t expect Duoqi’s little brain seeds to turn in this direction, and he knew how to recruit Shi Zhi through the camera. They were about to vomit with laughter.

Shi Zhi: ???

Thank you, but it’s not necessary.

However, Duoqi’s performance in rushing people was already obvious. This time, he didn’t cry anymore when Shi Zhi left, grinning and waving his little hands quite diligently.

The child’s emotions came and went quickly, and Shi Zhi knew that he was okay now.

The director pulled her aside and told Shi Zhi the two sentences Duoqi had written in his diary. Shi Zhi could see that Duoqi was reluctant to part with her.

After seeing her team, Shi Zhi also shared some clips of parting with Duoqi with the people in his team. Brother Quan saw that Shi Zhi was in good spirits and breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s good to get along with children, isn’t it?”

Let me just say, don’t worry at all, be patient with the child. You cook well, and he will listen to you.”

“Children are still very easy to get along with.”

Brother Quan said a lot, and Shi Zhi always felt that what he imagined might not be the same as what she did.

The face is not red, and the heart is not beating, “Maybe.”

Brother Quan, “Huh?” I vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Before Brother Quan could delve too deeply, the rest of the people interjected, interrupting the topic of recording a variety show.

When Brother Quan told Shi Zhi, she was on the hot search again. An invisible rich man, Shi Zhi, was enjoying a luxurious bowl of snail noodles with eggs and intestines alone. 

Shi Zhi thought that the “Super North Nose” segment belonging to her was on the air, but the program team was quite willing to spend money to buy a hot search.

Brother Quan, “It hasn’t been broadcast yet!”

“Look, just this photo, the marketing account says you have children in a hidden marriage.”

The news of Shi Zhi’s hidden marriage and children was on the hot search.

Shi Zhi received the photo and wanted to laugh at first glance.

She was holding a child in the photo, and the child’s appearance was slightly vague. However, not long after recording “Super North Nose,” the two of them were still wearing the same painter’s hat, and Shi Zhi could see at a glance that it was a Duoqi.

Maybe when recording the program, she took Duoqi for a walk near the community and was photographed by the paparazzi.

“It’s not Duoqi.”

“Duoqi is six years old. I’m in my early twenties. Everyone knows it’s fake news at first glance. No one believes it.”

What kind of sand sculpture paparazzi marketing account is this, the performance of the sand sculpture at the end of the year?

(sand sculpture; neologism, Internet slang, humorous or offensive. Alternative form of 傻屌 (shǎdiǎo, “idiot; dickhead”).

The original body debuted relatively early, and now it is only in its early twenties. It is about the same age as a fresh graduate of an undergraduate degree. How can there be a six-year-old child? As long as you think about it logically, you will know it’s fake.

Brother Quan, “No, many people believe it.”

Shi Zhi, “???”

The fate of the original body is really too bad, and there is no way to completely reverse it for a while. As long as the slightly bad news is pressed on her head, it is easy to believe.

Open a Weibo, and you can see the eloquent comments below.

“I said before that Shi Zhi has a sugar daddy, otherwise, she was a student back then, how could the resources be so good, now it’s proven, the evidence is in front of us, and the photos have been taken.”

“This must be Shi Zhi’s child. The two of them are still wearing the same hats, parent-child hats, and the eyebrows of these two people are so similar that they can’t make sense if they are not biological!”

In these comments, someone had guessed that only an actress with a gold master could have good resources behind her. Now that her children have been photographed, it must be with the gold master’s children.

Suppose you want to ask why the resources behind Shi Zhi are poor and getting blurred. In that case, the passerby netizen can also explain this.

If the relationship with the gold owner is not good, the gold owner will not provide for her.

When recording the show, the painter’s hat that Shi Zhi happened to wear with Duoqi was one of the important pieces of evidence to testify that that child was her son.

Parent-child hat!

Shi Zhi felt that if the hat was a conscious being. It would have been stunned, and if the hat had seen such a scene in the show, she didn’t know if it would be happy.

As for those who are rigid and discerning. Saying that Shi Zhi looks like Duoqi.

Not to mention the degree of dissimilarity between the two of them. Neither is the similarity between Shi Zhi and the former richest man. The problem is that it is impossible to see Duoqi’s face in this photo. They didn’t see Duoqi’s face clearly in this photo. But they already make assumptions.

Some netizens also came out and said this question, “No, where did you see that Shi Zhi looks like that little boy? I didn’t see the little boy’s face at all…”

But that person just successfully ignored it.

Can’t see the child’s face clearly? Is that your problem, not theirs? Why can they see clearly? Only you can’t see clearly.

The discussions not only on the Internet about Shi Zhi secretly getting married and having children, but people around her also believed it.

For example, the noble from a wealthy second generation, but actually an iron-hearted Ning Jiechi.

After Brother Quan told Shi Zhi she was on the hot search, Ning Jiachi found her on WeChat.

Ning Jiachi, “Sister Shi, your child is so old.”

“Your child is my child… No, I mean don’t treat me as an outsider, aren’t you my sister, then I am the baby uncle!” Self-proclaimed uncle.

“I, as an uncle, didn’t prepare gifts for the baby before, so I will make up, and give all the previous gifts for the baby today.”


Shi Zhi first felt that even people in the industry believed it, and then her eyes fell on the baby gift word. Shi Zhi’s mind automatically turned.

“Can it be exchanged for cash?”

Ning Jiachi replied quickly, “Of course, you can.” He made a great move and sent several zeros in the transfer.

Shi Zhi seemed to have discovered a way to make a fortune.

The housekeeper heard Shi Zhi’s muttering, reminding her in a low voice.

“Miss, you have money.”

Shi Zhi thinks this sentence is really wonderful!

She has money and is so happy.

“But it’s two kinds of happiness to have money and taking the money from others.”

The front is very happy. The back is also pleased, double happiness, double experience.

Brother Quan was still chattering on the phone. He didn’t hear Shi Zhi’s voice for a long time and thought that Shi Zhi was pissed off by the black material of the hidden marriage and children.

“This news will not have much impact on us, just wait for the official announcement from “Super North Nose” to be clarified.” It’s not true.

Immediately, Brother Quan heard the theory of making a fortune that Shi Zhi told him.

Brother Quan: !!!

He almost had a cardiac arrest. Shi Zhi’s silence was not angry, but she considered using this to make a fortune. He should praise Shi Zhi as a business genius.

Of course, Shi Zhi just said it casually and did not do so, nor did she collect Ning Jiachi’s money. Even if this thing was assembled, she would have to pay it back when Ning Jiachi’s wife gave birth to a child in the future.

There was a lot of controversy on the Internet about Shi Zhi’s marriage and childbirth, and the happiest was the “Super North Nose” program crew. For them, this was the heat of empty gloves. The director sighed again——

Please, invite Shi Zhi really do the right thing!

Which staff came up with the plan, come out and get a kiss!

Two kisses have been clenched.

However, the program crew is conscientious and will close the issue when they see it. The popularity of watching is there. The program crew didn’t let Shi Zhi bear the reputation of being married and having children for too long, and they quickly issued an announcement.

Super North Nose V: In the last episode, the North Nose sends away the gentle and kind sister Yuxuan, and the next episode welcomes the new sister. What kind of wonderful collision did Shi Zhi have as the new sister?

Not only did the program crew post and tag Shi Zhi’s on Weibo, but they also posted several photos in a row.

Among them are photos of Shi Zhi and Duoqi wearing the same painter’s hat. The two are sitting on the sofa very close to each other. They even look like they have the same demeanor, which is so cute.

Shi Zhi Studio also quickly forwarded such a post.

Passerby still yells at Shi Zhi: She is married and has children?

Some netizens said,

“If I’m not mistaken, this dress is the same as when Shi Zhi was photographed giving birth to a child in a hidden marriage, and this… parent-child hat?”

“So Shi Zhi went to record “Super North Nose. “That kid is Duoqi, they have taken the photo, can the paparazzi be a bit more trustworthy. I’ve been chasing this show. Duoqi is a child with parents. He is very popular in it, but he’s a noisy child.”

“Hahaha, it made me laugh. The marketing account told everyone that it was true. Let’s slap them in the face. This is the kid on the show.”

The news that Shi Zhi was secretly married and had children instantly became a joke. Still, as soon as this announcement appeared, coupled with how difficult it is for fans of the show to learn more about the child’s attitude, it really aroused the curiosity of many people.

Part 2

Shi Zhi with bear children?

They don’t know what style it is.

At seven o’clock on Saturday night, the latest issue of “Super North Nose,” which is the one on which Shi Zhi was on the show, was broadcast on time.

Before Shi Zhi came out, netizens were speculating about how Shi Zhi would take care of the children.

“Just pretend to be gentle, be a good wife and a good mother. Who doesn’t pretend on the show, Shi Zhi is an actor, although the drama is bad, her acting skills are definitely better than ordinary people.”

This comment can be regarded as expressing the thoughts of many people.

Attending this kind of variety show with a baby will definitely make you show kindness and love. Shi Zhi is still an actor, and when she is on the cusp of a storm, she will guide herself in a good direction.

In addition to ordinary netizens who watched the show, a group of people came over after watching “Our Village.” They vaguely disapproved that Uncle Shi would really behave very routinely. Still, they couldn’t guess what she would do, so they could only stare at the small screen.

Shi Zhi will take care of Duoqi, the naughty and mischievous child, not a good child. Not only do the old show fans know it, but the new audience also understands his attributes from what the director told Shi Zhi.

But even so, a long-tongued ghost doll fell off at the beginning, which still surprised the audience.

At this moment, they heard the screaming from the cameramen on the screen.

Facing the critical attack, Shi Zhi’s expression did not change, and she caught the doll with her bare hands.

Audience: ???

The ghost doll is just an appetizer, Douqi’s prank continues to be staged, and a balloon attack is launched. Even adults will be frightened if they step on the balloon without any precaution.

Shi Zhi didn’t step on the balloon and avoided it easily.

The comment section started to brush up.

“I’m already getting angry. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t eat the star meal. I can’t be gentle in the face of such a bear child. I really want to beat him up.”

(I can’t eat the star meal, probably meaning having the same job as the celebrity)

“By the way, I suddenly felt that Shi Zhi was a bit handsome. The hand that picked up the doll just now was a bit handsome. I was surprised. I felt she was suitable for acting in martial arts dramas and the like.”

“Picking up objects with bare hands has appeared again. I still remember that she was besieged by Chen Baichuan’s fans before. Picking up eggs and mirrors with bare hands, I just called her the expert!”

Duoqi’s prank at the beginning had already given the audience a sense of substitution, and they couldn’t wait to rush across the screen to hit the bear child. Shi Zhi’s two hands are also eye-catching.

Then Shi Zhi said that Duoqi was cold and wrapped the doll’s red tongue around his neck. When she handed him the balloon, the balloon suddenly exploded in front of Duoqi, which was entirely unexpected for the audience.


Shi Zhi gets billions of points for coolness.

From here on, the audience keenly smelled something wrong. What Shi Zhi did was not like taking the route of a gentle wife and a good mother.

Obviously, Shi Zhi did not take this route after that.

From breaking apples with her bare hands to Duoqi not eating, Shi Zhi didn’t care if he ate or not after asking twice. Duoqi planned to continue to engage in pranks. Shi Zhi hammered the sandwich maker three times in the kitchen.

Each is a famous scene.

Coupled with Duoqi’s helpless and frightened expression, not only did the audience not show the slightest sympathy, they even couldn’t help but hahaha.

Bear children just need to clean up and get used to it. The little devil has surrendered, and they are also happy.

Who hasn’t been angry with a bear child yet?

(The word for mischievous or naughty child in Chinese is composed of “熊 xióng, which” means bear, and “孩子 háizi,” which implies kid or child. Put those together, and you get “熊孩子 xióng háizi”)

At the same time, a thought arises.

Absolutely. Is Shi Zhi so interesting? She didn’t match her appearance at all, and why could she be so strong and change her face so quickly.

Fans of the “Our Village” show have long known that Uncle Shi Zhi is different. Still, they didn’t expect that when Sister Shi was in a variety show with a baby, the devil character would not fall.

When Duoqi wrote in his diary that he hoped to go to hell after death so that he would not have to get along with Shi Zhi, the audience’s emotions reached their peak.

What makes the little devil willing to go to hell, and what makes the little devil obedient. He coaxes himself to sleep and evolve from a bear child to an angel?

It’s Shi Zhi.

“Super North Nose” was released for two consecutive episodes. In the first issue, the little devil gradually surrendered to Shi Zhi. In the second episode, the audience still clicked on the video with a smile. Still, they didn’t expect the picture to become warm and touching.

Shi Zhi found that Duoqi likes rabbits and communicated with Duoqi. It is normal for boys to like rabbits. There is no need to be shy. She also took him to make a rabbit doll. The scene of a big and small rabbit was stunning.

If Shi Zhi didn’t say spicy afterward.

The staff determined that Duoqi had started to bully his companions again. Shi Zhi went to ask Duoqi what had happened. Duoqi hugged Shi Zhi and cried aggrieved. Shi Zhi gave him trust and also found out the truth. It was also very touching to show Duoqi innocence.

If Shi Zhi hadn’t said Duoqi was stupid, nor did she wipe the tears on her hands with Duoqi’s clothes.

Everyone’s thoughts coincide with the director and the cameraman.

Shi Zhi is fine everywhere, but she has a long mouth. Can she close her mouth at a critical time?

Also, Shi Zhi, do you think you are a bit like a dog?

What does it mean to wipe your hands on a child? Have the ability to rub them on them!

Instantly locked by the audience: Little brother, I think your thoughts are hazardous. Do you want to be hammered by the devil’s sister three times?

The rest replied, “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t hold back, let me tell you, Shi Zhi is so beautiful.”

Okay, It’s a senior dog. Look before one’s eyes. Life can be dangerous.

The two episodes of “Super North Nose” were released and were hilarious and warm.

The program team did not avoid their mistakes and cut in the paragraph where they misunderstood Duoqi.

“I really didn’t expect a variety show with a baby to be so tearful. My tears are worthless.”

“Every time I’m about to cry, Shi Zhi can let me out of that scene, and I have to thank her, otherwise my eye makeup will be spent directly in the subway, the real atmosphere destruction master, manual dog head.”

“I didn’t have much affection for Shi Zhi, but after watching this show, let’s not talk about anything else. At least in the interaction with Duoqi, Shi Zhi did a really good job. Wearing a painter’s hat is to show that Duoqi is not strange, right?”

The latter comment instantly received countless likes, as well as exclamation marks.

Damn, there are such hidden easter eggs!

Because of the prank, Duoqi’s hair was stuck to the glue and forced to be cut off. He has been wearing a hat to cover it, and Shi Zhi also put on a hat.

They didn’t feel anything at first. At most, they felt seductive. Shi Zhi was also photographed by paparazzi because she was wearing the same hat as Duoqi, saying she was secretly married and had children.

It turns out… is Shi Zhi trying to take care of Duoqi’s thoughts?

Shi Zhi is a bit of a warm person.

In the face of the bear child not eating, Shi Zhi was able to be ruthless and wouldn’t let him eat. At the rabbit’s place, he also contributed a very reasonable dialogue.

She also contributed to various famous scenes.

As expected by the director of “Super North Nose,” the broadcast effect of the program was excellent, and the ratings were initially very high. There has been a significant increase in these two episodes. Shi Zhi has also been on several hot searches with the program.

But the ones on it are all [Shi Zhi Hand hammer sandwich maker] [Shi Zhi likes Spicy Rabbit Head] [Shi Zhi Duoqi Uncle Paralyzed] [Shi Zhi is a bit of a dog]……

Anyway, avoiding Shi Zhi’s touching clips, everyone found the funny one by coincidence.

The most popular topic is-

Can I ask Shi Zhi to help with the children?

Following [Abdominal Muscle Iron], Shi Zhi has a new name [Bear Child Nemesis].

There are too many bear children who don’t want to have a Shi Zhi, the king who can even subdue the little devil Duoqi.

Brother Quan was full of joy, thinking that Shi Zhi would rely on patience to cook a good dish and win everyone’s favor.

On variety shows with babies, female stars will invariably show their tenderness.

But he didn’t expect her to transform into a bear child nemesis.

Brother Quan: ???

The animated picture of the sandwich machine slamming three times has been widely circulated for a long time. Brother Quan has watched it over a hundred or eighty times without wanting to watch it again. After watching it, Brother Quan just wants to say that he may never know the artist he brought.

“Shi Zhi.”

He spoke to Shi Zhi with a serious expression on his face.

Shi Zhi, “Huh?” She intuitively knew that Brother Quan wanted to tell her something important, and he might have to train her.

Brother Quan instantly smiled when he met Shi Zhi’s gaze and said in a brisk tone.


“Have you had breakfast? If you haven’t eaten, I’ll buy you one. Skipping breakfast is not good for your health.”

The assistant beside him added in a low voice, “Brother, are you suffering from Alzheimer’s disease? Didn’t we all have breakfast together?”

Shi Zhi couldn’t help but say to Brother Quan, “If you are not feeling well, take a break and go to the hospital to have a look. Don’t hold on.”

She has a good impression of Brother Quan, and he is a good person.

“I’m fine.” Brother Quan waved his hand.

In fact, he originally wanted to scold Shi Zhi for a few words and ask her to restrain herself a little bit. Shi Zhi’s current path is a bit wild, to be precise, very rough.

However, when he met Shi Zhi’s gaze, an animated picture suddenly appeared in his mind.

Shi Zhi Anger Hammer Sandwich Machine jpg.

Brother Quan swallowed the scolding temporarily, and he was also a little afraid that the fist would fall on him.

And comfort himself, just be wild if you are wild. At least the audience seems to like the route of Shi Zhi. Although it is unorthodox, it is much stronger than the previous scolding.

Brother Quan was very dedicated and told Shi Zhi that it is impossible to rest, and he will not rest in this life. He loves his position until the last moment of his life.

Shi Zhi, “…” You don’t need to be so dedicated.

Brother Quan flipped through the memo and told Shi Zhi, “You have an audition for a beverage commercial next.”

“Look, you are actually not that bad yet, don’t be mean to yourself.”

Brother Quan’s voice was comforting.

He also saw Shi Zhi ridiculing herself on the show, saying she didn’t have a job.

Why is there no job? No, the job is still going well.

“At least you are the best-looking female star among the past female stars, and it’s cheap… No, it’s cost-effective.”

“If we can’t fight for fame, we can fight for price/performance ratio!” Small profits and quick turnover.

Shi Zhi, “……”

Don’t think she didn’t hear the cheap word, and she is the most beautiful among the obliterated female stars. Is it worthy of praise?

Worth it.

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