One Can’t Judge by Appearance #28

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Chapter 28

“Uncle, what kind of uncle? You can call me whatever you want, but you can’t call it indiscriminately. I don’t have a niece your age.” Yan Xi was shocked by Yuan Yi’s half-joking and half-rejecting words. She glances at Yuan Yi. “I’ll just talk about it casually. If you don’t want to go, forget it.”

It was as if she really wanted to go with him.

Is it possible to make an appointment to watch a movie casually? Yan Xi glanced at Yuan Yi from the corner of her eyes, and the other party’s disdainful look didn’t seem to have any other meaning.

She turned her head to watch the promotional video on the big screen again. The heroine of this movie is Zhao Feifei, a sexy goddess who once had a scandal with Yuan Yi.

“Oh,” Yan Xi said for a long time, “I just said, why did you suddenly become so interested in watching a movie? It turned out to be like this.”

He told her last time that it was a random report by Entertainment. Today, as soon as he saw the movie starring the person, he revealed his true face.

“What’s the matter?” Yuan Yi has inexplicably seen Yan Xi’s expression of” I understand.” He was just silent for a while. What did this woman think of?

“I blamed you badly last time, in fact, you are an honest person.”

Even if you have a crush on a female artist, you don’t force her with power and money but silently support her and love her. This kind of man is even rarer than pandas in the circle of wealthy people.

“No one needs to say this, I know it very well,” Yuan Yi put his hands around his chest and squinted at Yan Xi, “But if you praise me so much, I’m a little curious. Where did you find my good qualities?”

He had already seen that this woman definitely had two faces. He usually saw her smiling on the surface, but he didn’t know what she thought in her heart.

Yan Xi suddenly felt that Yuan Yi seemed to be getting harder and harder to deal with. She stretched out her hand, pointed to the big screen, and stopped talking.

“Who is this?” Yuan Yi stared at the screen for a long time, “Who designed this costume? The costume is not like the ancient costume, and the modern one is not like this. The female protagonist cried for a long time and didn’t use any makeup. Why does the male protagonist’s makeup look better when dead?”

“Puff! “Yan Xi couldn’t help being amused by Yuan Yi’s words, “Art imitates life, but it is higher than life. Do you understand?”

Yuan Yi wanted to ridicule a few more words, but when he saw the movie’s name, he swallowed the words again. It turned out that this movie was actually the one he invested in. 

When he saw Yan Xi’s smile, his brows and eyes were crooked, and the feeling of palpitations and dizziness came again. He looked away unnaturally, “Forget it. Nothing is interesting about this movie. I’ll take you back.”

Even Yan Xi couldn’t remember to ask why he said he was honest.

Seeing that Yuan Yi had no impression of Zhao Feifei, Yan Xi knew that she had guessed wrong just now and blamed herself for watching gossip and making jokes when she had nothing to do, making her mind stupid. 

Fortunately, Yuan Yi didn’t continue to ask questions. She got into the car obediently, and by the way, under Yuan Yi’s solemn eyes, she fastened her seat belt. She always felt that if she didn’t fasten it, Yuan Yi would not be able to stand it.

The car was moving slowly on the road, and Yan Xi noticed that Yuan Yi seemed to look at herself several times. She raised her head to look at him, “What do you think I’m doing?”

“Nothing.” Yuan Yi turned his face away. How would she know I was looking at her if she didn’t look at me?

After waiting for a while, seeing that Yan Xi didn’t ask any more questions, Yuan Yi felt a little uncomfortable again, “I just met Song Dynasty downstairs. He seems to know you?”

“Last time I went to the party with my dad, I met him and said a few words.” 

Yan Xi doesn’t understand the business world. Still, he also knows that with the status of the Yuan and Song families, there will definitely be competition in business. 

“Not very familiar.”

Yuan Yi carefully observed Yan Xi’s expression and then said after a while: “I don’t like to gossip about others, but this Song Dynasty… I don’t think very well of him.” 

Back then, he had seen the Song Dynasty smash a bird to the ground with his own eyes and turned his head to be a polite and good student. Since then, he has felt that this person’s personality is a bit paranoid.

Yan Xi believes that Yuan Yi is not good at saying bad things about others behind their backs. How can he say bad things about others without saying what others have done, but just a dry look and feel inadequate?

“You know him well?” Yan Xi asked curiously.

“The two of us have business contacts,” Yuan Yi said flatly. “I was a classmate of the Song Dynasty in junior high school and high school.” But the two of them are not even friends. They have different personalities, make different friends, and even look at each other, not pleasing to the eye.

“You are still high school classmates?” Yan Xi said casually, “I also went to high school in the Imperial Capital for half a year. Which school are you from? Maybe we are alumni.”

“Imperial Capital One High.”

“It’s a coincidence, and so do I,” Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi with a smile, “Nine years ago, I studied in Imperial Capital One High for half a year, but at that time, I didn’t put my mind on the school. I didn’t remember any students in the class. I just remembered. There are lush woods in the school. Oh, yes, those students with non-mainstream dyed their hair in various colors. They have killer dyed hair.”

Probably human beings have a strong memory for bright colors. Yan Xi doesn’t remember what most of the classmates in the class looked like and what their names were, but she still remembers that a few boys in the school dyed their hair yellow, purple, green, red, and all colors. Walking in the school is gangster-like, and most classmates will timidly avoid them when they see them.

Yuan Yi’s expression was uncomfortable for a moment when he heard the words “Killer dyed hair.”

“There was something that made me feel guilty that year. One day I wanted to leave the school during class time, but I didn’t have a phone call or signature from my parents, and the teacher wouldn’t permit me to leave.” 

“Later, I couldn’t help it, so I wanted to climb the wall. As a result, the wall didn’t climb over, and I met a boy with dyed red and green hair.” 

At that time, she learned that her parents were already in the Civil Affairs Bureau and were going to file for divorce. Kind of fearful thoughts. 

“I didn’t expect that the teacher from the school patrol team would come. He insisted that he bullied me. I explained to the teacher, but the teacher didn’t believe what I said and told me not to be afraid of retribution and leave these things to them. To deal with.”

After Yan Xi said these words, he found Yuan Yi staring at her with burning eyes. His eyes were frighteningly bright.

“What, what’s the matter?” Yan Xi’s heart trembled, and she felt a little guilty inexplicably, “Do you know this classmate?”

“I don’t know.” Yuan Yi was flat-faced, and his tone was extremely stiff. These three words were squeezed out of his teeth.

“It would be great if you knew him, and I still want to apologize to him,” Yan Xi pursed his lips. “Although his aesthetic of hairstyle is a bit strange, he is still quite innocent because I was the one wrong there.”

Doesn’t she know if the young man back then is now cutting off his strange hair and starting to study and work step by step, or has he become a social gangster?

Yuan Yi lowered his head and looked at the exquisite wristwatch, which reflected the light shining into the car.

“Time has passed for so long. Maybe the other party forgot it a long time ago. What’s more, he was originally a bad student and used to being criticized by the teacher. Thinking about it, one more time is not much, and one less time is not a lot.”

“You can’t say that,” Yan Xi shook her head. “You can’t wrong him because he looks like a bad student. I’m sorry for him.”

“You women are more thoughtful with your delicate minds,” Yuan Yi chuckled and turned to look at Yan Xi, “Maybe he doesn’t care anymore.”

“Why is this related to gender?” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, “Isn’t it good to be delicate? We do things seriously and it is not easy to make mistakes. Why don’t you men just praise it?”

Seeing how she raised her eyebrows and stared at him, Yuan Yi seemed to hear his heartbeat.



The voice was so loud that he doubted that maybe Yan Xi had heard it.

He didn’t expect the little girl who was crying with a flushed face and scattered hair, pitiful like a stray cat, to turn out to be Yan Xi.

At that time, he saw that the girl was crying out of breath, and she didn’t even have the strength to walk and wanted to climb the wall. He originally wanted to kindly go up and ask what happened, but he didn’t know that things had taken a turn for the worse. He became a senior classmate who bullied girls. 

He didn’t care what the teacher said when he criticized him. He vaguely remembered that the little girl did help him explain while crying. In the end, she was taken away by a female teacher, and Yuan Yi continued to be criticized by the teacher.

What did he think at that time?

It seems to be-never be kind again!

“What’s wrong with you?” Yan Xi saw Yuan Yi covering his chest, “Uncomfortable?”

“A little stomach ache,” Yuan Yi said without changing his face, “I’m feeling sick, just go back and rest for a night.”

“Stomach pain, then why are you covering your heart then? Yan Xi pointed to the location of his stomach, “The stomach is here.”

“I just listened to you about your past. I was fascinated by it,” Yuan Yi put his hand on his stomach fluently.

Yan Xi: Do you still blame me?

When the car arrived at the community gate, Yan Xi handed the gate card to the driver: “Master, please drive-in.”

The driver turned his head to look at Yuan Yi. Seeing that he had no objection, he took the gate card, a temporary parking card. He drove the car into the community’s gate.

The car stopped outside Yan Xi’s house gate, and Yan Xi said to Yuan Yi, “Wait for me for a minute, and I will come right away.”

Watching Yan Xi jump out of the car, step on high heels and run into the villa gate without even tilting her body, Yuan Yi couldn’t help but think of the scene where Yan Xi secretly stepped on the driver’s side in her high heels.

At this moment, he inexplicably had a mysterious awe of Yan Xi.

Soon Yan Xi ran back out of breath. She put a thermos cup and two stomach medicines into his hands: “If you have a bad stomach, don’t eat spicy food. If you want to eat it, you have to hold back. The water is not too hot, The medicine is just fine.”

Yuan Yi looked at the girly-looking cartoon thermos cup in his hand and felt that Yan Xi’s breath seemed to be swept across his face. His cheeks were a little hot, and his brain was dizzy as if he had drunk wine, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Yan Xi waved to him, “Go back and rest early goodbye.”

Holding two stomach pills, he didn’t wake up from his dizzy state until ten minutes later. Putting the medicine in his mouth, he unscrewed the lid of the quilt and took a sip of water.

The water was neither cold nor hot. The temperature was just right.

Thinking that Yan Xi might have used this cup, he not only began to have palpitations and dizziness but even developed tinnitus symptoms.

Sure enough, there was something wrong with his body.

There is a saying that people can’t lie casually. What if it comes true?

In the middle of the night, Yuan Yi woke up from his sleep with a stomach ache and finally called the family doctor before slowly calming down.

“Mr.Yuan,” the family doctor said helplessly, looking at the pale-faced Yuan Yi, “Your stomach is an old problem. If you should avoid it, you must avoid it. Eat less spicy things, or you will feel uncomfortable next time.”

“I’m sorry I asked you to come here so late,” Yuan Bo wanted to say a few words to Yuan Yi. Still, thinking of where Yuan Yi’s stomach problem came from, he stopped and turned around to send the doctor away. 

He said to Yuan Yi, “Yuan Xiaoer, you are older enough. If you don’t take care seriously about your body, no one can control you.”

“Could it be that someone took care of me when I was young? Yuan Yi rubbed the bridge of his nose and said in a low voice, “This time, it was an accident. It’s so late. Go to sleep.”

“You…” Yuan Bo’s tone softened, “Don’t go to the company tomorrow, take a good rest at home.”

“I know,” Yuan Yi yawned, “don’t worry.”

Yuan Bo stood up from the sofa, saw that Yuan Yi had closed his eyes, and walked out of the room helplessly.

At seven o’clock in the morning, the door of the Yuan family opened. Sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, Yuan Bo looked up at his parents, who had been traveling outside for two or three months, and looked up upstairs: “Mom and Dad, you are back.”

Xu Ya held her husband’s hand. With proper maintenance, she was like a beautiful and elegant flower. Even old, she would not lose half of her charm. “Come and see the travel photos of your dad and me.”

“Mom, keep your voice down. The second brother didn’t rest well last night. Let him sleep more today.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Xu Ya took her husband Yuan Yasen to sit on the sofa and looked upstairs worriedly, “Is he feeling unwell?”

“He had a stomach problem. In the middle of the night, I called a doctor,” Yuan Bo glanced at the door. The bodyguards were still moving things to the house, and many things soon spread.

“He’s eating out again? Yuan Yasen frowned, turned his head, and said, “I’ll take your mother upstairs to rest first. Your mother didn’t sleep well on the plane last night.”

“Okay.” Yuan Bo said calmly, “Would you like to have breakfast?”

“Wait, I’ll go to see the second child before sleeping.” Xu Ya was a little worried about the child.

“He’s already big,” Yuan Yasen said, a little distressed, “You don’t think about your body anymore?”

Yuan Bo watched her mother get angry, and his father coaxed her again. Then the two stickily went back to the room. He shook the newspaper and continued to read.

“Master, do you want to prepare breakfast for Mr. and Mrs.?” Aunt Li asked slowly.

Swish! Yuan Bo turned the newspaper over.

“No need.”

“Yan Yan, where’s the thermos cup in the cupboard?” Song Hai stretched out his head in the kitchen and asked, “Did you use it and bring it to the TV station?”

This thermos cup was left over from the company’s welfare for employees during the holidays. Song Hai thought it was too wasteful to throw away, so he took it back home.

“A friend of mine had a bad stomach last night. I filled it with water and gave it to him,” Yan Xi got up and walked to the kitchen door. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s okay, just ask,” Song Hai usually cleans up the kitchen very cleanly. He knows precisely what is missing and what is more. He handed her the breakfast, “Eat the breakfast first.”

“Oh,” Yan Xi took the plate. The bread was golden brown, and the fragrant fried eggs and the fruits were neatly cut, “It’s delicious.”

“If you feel it smells good, just eat it. Look at your legs, which are as thin as a chicken’s neck.” Song Hai is already immune to her daughter’s old-fashioned patting horse method. “I can pick you up with one finger.”

(I don’t understand this sentence’ old-fashioned method of patting horses.’ Probably about Yan Xi’s habit of talking sweet about her father’s cooking skills)

Yan Xi rubbed in front of him: “Dad, try it.”

Song Hai: “Fool around, sit down and eat.”


Dishonest adults, when the lies are exposed, become angry and angry.

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