Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #17

Chapter 17 (part 1/2) I Don’t Want to Be Popular on the day seventeenth.

Shi Zhi’s hand was squeezed quietly by Bai Wu next to her.

Bai Wu looked at Shi Zhi with comforting eyes, and pinching Shi Zhi’s hand meant that she supported her and was there for her.

Bai Wu’s affection for Shi Zhi originated from Shi Zhi’s previous rainbow fart recording.

In Bai Wu’s original imagination, Shi Zhi should be a particularly aloof and powerful person. This is not only because of her strong-looking appearance. Shi Zhi was also a loner in the circle before. Bai Wu didn’t think that she and Shi Zhi would have any intersection. They did have occasional activities that overlapped, but they never interacted.

It wasn’t until Pineapple Entertainment released Shi Zhi’s private evaluation of the artists on the same stage.

Shi Zhi praised Bai Wu solemnly, saying that the moles in the folds of her eyelids were very beautiful.

Bai Wu mole on the folds of the eyelids has always been removed by Bai Wu team. After all, what they are pursuing now is the image of flawless skin beauty, to the stage that the skin is preferable without pores. 

Bai Wu once had low self-esteem because of the mole and even considered whether to remove it, but she kept stranded because it was too close to her eyes.

She didn’t expect that Shi Zhi would discover the mole, and the fans also shouted that it was beautiful, and now it has become a feature of Bai Wu.

Later, in “Our Village”, they ran into each other again. Bai Wu couldn’t be happier when Shi Zhi fed her, and the relationship naturally got along well.

“Sister Shi.”

Ning Jiachi also silently stood beside Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi had a lot of trouble with Chen Baichuan. Although he didn’t pay attention to the gossip in the entertainment industry, he also listened to the discussions of the people around him for a while.

Ning Jiachi didn’t believe that Shi Zhi liked Chen Baichuan at all.

This Chen Baichuan, Does he dare to hype that Sister Shi likes him after giving him a face? What nonsense it is that someone chooses to like Chen Baichuan than like him.

Facing her companions’ silent care and comfort, Shi Zhi was a little confused.

She’s really fine.

Of course, neither the friends nor the audience in the live broadcast room believed it, and they all agreed that Shi Zhi must be in a very complicated mood now.


Chen Baichuan, who Ning Jiachi diss madly in his heart, actually looks good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have so many fans.

He was wearing a suit and had a handsome face, but from the scene, the foundation on his face was too white and too thick, and the perfume he sprayed was a little thick.

Chen Baichuan greeted the camera and then greeted the original members in the hut.

Chen Baichuan’s fans have swiped the live broadcast room.

[Ah ah ah, so handsome, so handsome, I’m about to faint]

[Oh, my god, my brother is handsome again, this is the ceiling of the internal entertainment face value, right?]

[Shi bitch, don’t look at Chen Baichuan, stay away from Chen Baichuan, ok?]

[Hmmm… A little embarrassed. Why do I think Ning Jiachi is more handsome? I don’t appreciate this style very much.

[Also, even Shi Zhi didn’t get close to Chen Baichuan. It’s impossible not to look at it. To be honest, monkeys.. everyone will take a look when they come in.]

[Hahaha, knock it, monkey.. sister you are so awesome] 

(The last sentence actually used 牛批; it can be translated with ox/cow. Twelve symbolic animals are associated with a 12-year circle. The comment above used the double meaning. The word can be translated as slang to ‘awesome’)

[Fuck, what do you mean, you are the monkey.]

[I didn’t say that Chen Baichuan is a monkey, why did you arrange it for your brother.]

Chen Baichuan was brought to the room on the second floor by Tian Hong. Ning Jiachi completely classified himself as part of Shi Zhi’s team. He just maintained perfunctory superficial socialization. During this period, Shi Zhi and Chen Baichuan basically had no interaction.

Chen Baichuan sent away Tian Hong, who took him to the room, sat on the bed, and found an angle that the camera could not capture his activity, so he could text his agent.

“She is here, she is here, but Shi Zhi is avoiding me.”

Unlike fans shouting to keep Shi Zhi away from his brother, one of Chen Baichuan’s tasks on the show this time is to try to be more in the same frame with Shi Zhi for his team to use the hype.

Chen Baichuan debuted in a talent show idol. The talent show has been very popular in the past two years, which means that there are many idols like Chen Baichuan. His personal ability is not outstanding, and he cannot meet the conditions for debuting in a group. He relied on his face and constantly rubbed the next popular celebrity, only to gain a little bit of heat.

However, this kind of popularity will disappear soon after the show ends. He will make a few online dramas at most. Since then, there has been no such person. Chen Baichuan didn’t want his career to end.

The opportunity to make his popularity skyrocket is to seize the line with Shi Zhi.

It was just an ordinary event, Chen Baichuan was still a background board, and his team put the plan on Shi Zhi’s head.

Shi Zhi is well-known. Because of various scandals, her career was on the black and red stage. Chen Baichuan’s team took some plausible photos and marketed them. After a while, Chen Baichuan got popular by stepping on Shi Zhi. Now he has become a traffic rising.

It’s just that the traffic doesn’t flow or something. If you don’t have any work and don’t have a sense of existence in front of the public, you’ll be out of the entertainment circle. Chen Baichuan’s TV drama that he took as the lead some time ago was a flop, and the capital side is very dissatisfied with him. Chen Baichuan needs some more eye-catching news.

It just so happened that the topic of Shi Zhi came up, and it was searched several times as if it was specially prepared for Chen Baichuan.

Chen Baichuan’s agent quickly replied to him.

“After the last time, she will definitely avoid you, but it’s useless to hide. You should be clever and get together with her. Don’t be too obvious. We can make up tricks by making up.”

Chen Baichuan’s heart settled down when he saw the agent’s reply.

Filming a show together, are you still afraid there is no same frame?

But what Chen Baichuan didn’t expect was that it was not that easy to be in the same frame. He couldn’t see Shi Zhi at all, and Shi Zhi disappeared as if both were not in the same location.

In the end, Chen Baichuan was helpless. He seemed to inadvertently ask the staff. The staff also knew the grievances of the two people. With subtle expressions, they still told Chen Baichuan.

“Shi Zhi went fishing.”

Chen Baichuan: ? ? ? what fish?

Chen Baichuan didn’t watch the show.

Shi Zhi’s time was perfectly staggered from Chen Baichuan. The two of them were obviously on the same show, but they didn’t seem to exist in the same space. Even if they had to stay, the other guests would naturally separate the two of them.

Not only Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi but Wu Luo have also joined the Shi Zhi team.

This is what Ning Jiachi called their trio. Tian Hong is older, and he is the moderator who does things smoothly, so he was not called to be part of the team. Three people are enough.

“Let me help with the dishes.”

When Chen Baichuan saw that Shi Zhi was cooking in the kitchen, he had long been eager to try it, and he could also serve the dishes in the same frame with her.

Before he moved, Wu Luo had already rushed to the kitchen, “You are a guest, I will do it.”

Ning Jiachi had already brought the rest over and smiled at Chen Baichuan, whose expression was slightly stiff, “Let’s eat.”

Chen Baichuan, “…”

The more keen viewers in the live broadcast room have already noticed something wrong.

[Why do I feel that Chen Baichuan is weird? His eyes have been following Shi Zhi, as if he specifically wants to lean towards her.]

[Right! Someone finally said what I wanted to say, Chen Baichuan’s fans are crazy. I dare not say it before, but isn’t it the rumor that Chen Baichuan hates Uncle Shi Zhi. I can’t see any sign that Uncle Shi Zhi is interested in Chen Baichuan. On the contrary, something was wrong with Chen Baichuan. It didn’t seem like he was disgusted.]

[Chen Baichuan also took the initiative to ask where Zhi went during the filming…]

[What do you mean, my brother is just more polite, what is wrong with helping to serve the dish?]

[My brother has a good upbringing, and he won’t be too obvious to the nasty bitch.]

Chen Baichuan’s fans firmly believe that those people are catching the wind and catching the shadows. How could his brother go to Shi Zhi’s side?


It’s not that simple for Chen Baichuan to meet Shi Zhi, but he has already remembered Shi Zhi’s fishing time. After knowing that Ning Jiachi had something to do and won’t follow Shi Zhi this time, he also got up early and went out. Making up a reason for a “random encounter” with Shi Zhi by the pond.

There were indeed no other guests around Shi Zhi, which made Chen Baichuan breathe a sigh of relief. He didn’t expect Shi Zhi’s popularity on this show to be so good, which also caused his plans to be constantly disrupted.

In Shi Zhi’s live broadcast room, there are still those viewers who watch her fishing every day. Everyone is brushing. “That fish is also very beautiful. I suggest making sweet and sour fish.” Are there no noodles in the fish soup?” “Fish soup Anyway, cut the fish, just use the ugly ones, you don’t need to keep the whole ones.”

All of her sentences are so beautiful. It’s a pity that it’s not popular. It’s already out of the circle, and the audience in the live broadcast room is also very happy.

At this time, Chen Baichuan packed up his handsome smile and said hello to Shi Zhi, who was fishing under the slope.

“Shi Zhi, what a coincidence.”

This sentence Chen Baichuan has also been specially designed in multiple ways.

Polite and alienated, he hasn’t forgotten that the information he revealed to his fans is the entanglement of jealousy and disgust.

As for saying hello or something, that’s polite standart. There’s no way to explain it.

Chen Baichuan felt that he was a little far away from Shi Zhi now and was not suitable to play, so he took a step forward and planned to go down the slope, but he also paid attention to being handsome and refused to bend down and pick rocks.

So as soon as his feet slipped, he hissed.――


Shi Zhi heard someone calling her, turned her head, and glanced up the slope.

There are only two cameramen above.

Shi Zhi asked, “You call me?”

“Come out for a walk, it’s very early today.”

The barrage was marked with [Nothing happened].

The two cameramen on the slope glanced at each other but panicked.

“Come on, Chen Baichuan!”

One of them pointed to the water.

“Chen Baichuan fell into the pond!”

Just now, Chen Baichuan slid into the pond, like putting dumplings into a pot. He also made a sound similar to that. He is already thumping in the water, and his whole person is panicked.

Chen Baichuan, “Help… I can’t swim!”

The cameraman had already taken off his shirt and jumped off the pond to save the person.

The pond is not very deep, and the cameramen’s swimming skills are also good. The program team had special medical staff and prepared a lifeboat to prevent accidents, so Chen Baichuan was rescued without a problem.

At that time, the program team felt that the probability of Shi Zhi falling into the pond was relatively high. After all, she was the one who had the most contact with the pond, but they didn’t expect that Chen Baichuan would need it in the end.

In Shi Zhi’s opinion, Chen Baichuan should change the set of base makeup. Judging from his appearance after coming out of the pond, the waterproof effect is not very strong.

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