Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #15

Shuangwen Female Main Character
Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – I Don’t Want to Be Popular on the day fifteenth

Facing Xiong Baojie, who was crying sincerely, the people at the scene did not empathize with her. No one was trying to comfort her. All of them looked at each other with words written in their eyes.——

Is she okay?

Where does this Virgin white lotus flower come from, sister? Wake up, are you an ancient person? Have you fucked in the head too much?

(Lotus flower means: In Chinese culture, the lotus symbolizes the heart and mind’s ultimate purity because it rises untainted and beautiful from the mud.)

The audience in the live broadcast room was also confused.

-Oh, I agree with Xiong Baojie. Fish is so cute. I covered my mouth sadly, and tears still fell from the corners of my mouth. I have made a good decision. I will eat fish tonight.-

-Uh, I just ate boiled fish today. My close friend asked me if I did something wrong and didn’t respect life enough… But the boiled fish is too fragrant to eat.-

-I wondered, why didn’t you eat less when Shi Zhi made fish? Now you think the fish is pitiful. Does my sister’s tea taste a bit heavy? (Doghead)-

(The last sentence probably means- Xiong Baojie is a controversial person, her argument and action don’t match)

-It’s hard, my fist is hard.-

-Ahhhhhhh, I’m starting to get angry. Is Xiong Baojie playing too much like a lotus flower? If you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat it, you put everyone’s rations, the fish that Shi Zhi hardly catches will be released? What do you mean?-

-Has anyone paid attention to Shi Zhi’s expression? Her expression is my current expression.-

The audience in the live broadcast room was stunned by Xiong Baojie’s single-handed manipulation.

They watched the show from the beginning to now. Naturally, they knew how miserable the rest of the guests were before the fishing master Shi Zhi came to the show. It was not until Shi Zhi came that everyone had a good life for a few days. Shi Zhi got up early in the morning to catch the fish.

And now Xiong Baojie is eating Shi Zhi’s fish, and she still wants to release the fish? The audience in the live broadcast room was really angry.

When someone cued Shi Zhi’s expression during this kind of confrontation, the furious audience looked a little broken.

In the camera, Shi Zhi’s face was perplexed, which was not well taken care of. It could be made into an emoticon pack, which was indeed the same as the expression on the audience outside the screen.

Someone quickly took a screenshot and later made an emoticon pack [Pretty girl speechless jpg] [big eyes full of big doubts jpg].

“Sister, the fish is pitiful, then we are not pitiful?” Ning Jiachi is really going to be blown up. Is it a fish that fell? It was his life that fell!

Ning Jiachi wanted to scold her regardless of the camera.

Shi Zhi stopped him.

Wu Luo was young and didn’t know what to do, so he picked up the fish that had fallen on the ground, washed it with water, and put it back into the bucket.

“Xiong Baojie, What are you doing wrong? You emptied the fish. What shall we eat?”

Bai Wu was also defeated by Xiong Baojie’s suffocating manipulation. She originally wanted to avoid this confrontation, not for anything else, for fear of being affected and lowering her IQ. Still, if she was excluded from the six people, she was automatically on the same side as Xiong Baojie, so Bai Wu could only bite the bullet and speak up.

“If we don’t have fish, we can eat vegetables and rice.” Xiong Baojie is still immersed in how kind she is.

A kind-hearted girl will reap the favor of passers-by. Shi Zhi has been in the limelight for the past two days. She cannot be compared and then show her kindness.

Seeing the fish in the kitchen, Xiong Baojie had a release in her mind at that time.

Ning Jiachi said coldly, “The vegetables and rice are exchanged from the fish.”


Xiong Baojie choked for a moment and finally looked at Shi Zhi with tears in her eyes.

“Shi Zhi, you don’t want them to die either. The meeting is fate, and there are not many. All things have spirits…” She is doing morality manipulation.

Shi Zhi told her directly, “I’m willing.”

Xiong Baojie:? Why not play the cards according to the routine.

Shi Zhi asked Xiong Baojie sincerely, “Did you have a good lunch today?”

The subtext is that Xiong Baojie’s convulsions are purely sustained by a full meal.

The director of the program group was excited: fight, fight!

No one understood Xiong Baojie’s sudden “Lotus flower move”, but Xiong Baojie’s fans quickly began to comment in the live broadcast room.

-Speechless, everyone doesn’t need to be so malicious. Xiong Baojie didn’t do anything wrong. She is a simple girl. She didn’t think much about it when she saw the pitiful fish. The starting point is good, and the fish is not dumped, don’t mad at her.-

-Is there anything wrong with kindness? Don’t you sympathize when you see the chickens, ducks and fish being slaughtered?-

The rest of the audience in the live broadcast room quit.

-It was discovered, so the fish didn’t fall down, and she didn’t have time.-

-Yo, why do you have two faces? I feel a little bit distressed for Shi Zhi. Xiong Baojie released the fish that the guests had worked hard to catch. If I was in a Shi Zhi position, I wouldn’t have that much understanding. I guess I would have to be sprayed to death, right?-

-It’s right to be kind, but kind to yourself, don’t harm others to succeed in their labor. Be generous to others too. Thank you.

The program team originally wanted to use this confrontation to stir up and attract traffic. Still, it turns out Xiong Baojie’s popularity is not that good. It only caused a small range of discussions and did not go to hot searches.

Shi Zhi behaved very calmly as if this incident did not cause any disturbance to her. She rested and cooked as usual.

After Xiong Baojie contributed the classic quotation “How Can You Eat Fish”, she was just annoyed that the people around her were not on her side. She still showed up and ate as usual until dinner.

Because of her quotations at noon, many people stared at her. They then discovered that Xiong Baojie ate a lot of food and almost finished a whole fish.

Audience: ? ? ?

-Still crying at noon to release the fish, but at night ate it happily?-

-Who gave Xiong Baojie such a big face? If she says she won’t eat it, I still think she has a character right here? When she eats the fish, it’s not cute at this time?-

-Where did Xiong Baojie’s fans go, come and see. This is your kind girl, she is really kind! (Doghead)-

The expressions of the rest of the guests were also a bit subtle, and Xiong Baojie didn’t care too much about the weird atmosphere around her. Ning Jiachi squeezed his chopsticks tightly, and his fists became hard.

Before he said anything, a miserable choking sound suddenly sounded in the room.

“I am a fish, ah, I died so miserably, obviously I am so cute.”

“Ah, but I was eaten and all that was left was my fishbone.”

Xiong Baojie’s hand trembling as she pulled the fish, she stopped and raised her head dully. 


The person who choked was Shi Zhi. She played the sound of the fish on Xiong Baojie’s plate very well and also used the stem of the other people’s fish. When Xiong Baojie looked at her, Shi Zhi blinked at Xiong Baojie.

The live broadcast room boiled instantly after a few seconds of silence, and the comment column was swiping quickly.

Everyone didn’t expect that there would be this scene. When Xiong Baojie was eating fish, Shi Zhi dubbed the fish. This was too cheap.

Shi Zhi’s cheapness here is full of praise.

-Fuck, hahaha, is Shi Zhi actually so interesting? I love it!-

-Ah Ah Ah, too cool! I thought they would call out Xiong Baojie about their last confrontation after Xiong Baojie was full, but there is such a famous scene!-

-Too bad, but I like it.-

-When I see this, I have to say Shi Zhi is really talented, hahaha.-

-I was so pissed by Xiong Baojie, but now it’s so refreshing that I even want to open a can of ice cola to celebrate.-

The guests were taken aback, then Tian Hong said sorry and rushed to the kitchen with his shoulders shaking, and Wu Luo rushed to the bathroom with his shoulders shaking.

Bai Wu had nowhere to rush. She raised her face and wiped the tears from her laughter with her fingers. She explained, “Shi Zhi, you did a great job tonight. I am very touched. ”

To ask is to be moved. It is to be moved by tears.

Ning Jiachi also joined the army of emotion and took a few pieces of paper towels from the dining table to wipe away his tears. At the same time, he became more admired to Shi Zhi.

Last time, she forbade him to do something to Xiong Baojie, isn’t it because the time is not right, and sure enough. This is the world of the strong? He is willing to be her little brother!

The believer Ning Jiachi is willing to offer another three hundred lollipops to big sister Shi Zhi.

Of course, that has to be after the show is recorded.

Xiong Baojie, who was ridiculed, turned red and white for a while, and of course, the fish couldn’t eat anymore. At this moment, she even cast a shadow over the fish.

“Shi Zhi, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

Facing Xiong Baojie’s questioning, Shi Zhi stopped choking, with a smile on her face, in a very relaxed state.

“Oh, I’m practicing acting.”

“Acting shows have been very popular recently, so make preparations first. 

Ning Jiachi cooperated and said yes.

“The acting show is very popular now, and many colleagues in the same company have participated. When Sister Shi Zhi will participate, I will definitely watch it on time. ”

Bai Wu picked it up, “I’ll watch it too. ”

In the live broadcast room, a group of people opened their eyes and talked nonsense, laughing into a ball.

-Shi Zi is going to participate in an acting show soon. I really want to watch it. If you don’t act as a mentor in acting, I will be the first person to disagree.-

-Want to see +1.-

“Our Village” finally fulfilled the director’s wish this time and rushed into the hot search. Shi Zhi’s name was followed by #Fish Fish So Cute#

The director of the program team understands: Last time they bought the navy but did not go on the hot search, it was purely because they did not bring Shi Zhi’s name. The data proves everything. People do not want to pay much attention to Xiong Baojie.

When seeing Shi Zhi in hot search, the first reaction of netizens was.

-Shi Zhi became a demon again?

-Why is Shi Bitch on a variety show again? Why does anyone there invite her?-

-The fish is cute, XD.-

-But it was quickly interrupted by village show fans.-

-Don’t wrongly uncle Shi Zhi. It is Xiong Baojie who is the demon.-

-Sister Shi Zhi is awesome. Everyone is welcome to watch the show. I really will be laughed to death by her. It’s so interesting and hilarious.-

Netizens who haven’t watched the show yet: ???

How does Shi Zhi have a running water army now? Before, the whole network called her a bitch, but now she is an uncle and a sister. What’s the situation?

(Water army: refers to trolls who are paid to promote or criticize organizations, companies or individuals online)

Someone has already released the clips of Xiong Baojie and Shi Zhi. Under the premise that it is more difficult for everyone to eat, Xiong Baojie has to release the fish. Netizens were also very angry after watching it. They felt that Xiong Baojie was too suffocated. Is that even a kindness?

However, Shi Zhi was not disturbed by Xiong Baojie’s morality, later dubbed the fish, mocking Xiong Baojie with the original words, and said that practicing acting skills were undoubtedly refreshing.

It’s comfortable to watch

The Chinese people pay attention to harmony, and celebrities want a face for the sake of public opinion. It is not easy to put the contradictions on the bright side, so Bai Wu and the others face Xiong Baojie’s suffocation manipulation by ignoring her. This is normal.

However, the audience was blown away when someone opened up directly like Shi Zhi.

After watching the clip, many people couldn’t help laughing. They also thought, “Shi Zhi is so interesting?” after watching the clip, then supplemented the previous episode and watched the live broadcast.

“Our Village” traffic surged.

The hero who brought traffic still went fishing by the pond. The new audience was surprised by the proper uncle style and the level of the fishing master. As people who had come before them, the previous audience told them, “Sit down and do routine operations.”

It took Shi Zhi five minutes to catch a fat fish, close the line neatly, and hold it in her hand.

The fish was struggling in her hands, twisting gracefully in the air.

Shi Zhi squinted at the fish in her hand with emotion.

“It’s so beautiful.”

“One point more is too fat, and one point less is too thin. Look, the scales can reflect light in the sun. Nature is really amazing. It’s hard for the best painters to imagine… The eyes and the head are round. It’s really festive, like a New Year painting on the wall during the Chinese New Year.”

When Shi Zhi said this, the live broadcast comment began to be admired one after another.

Shi Zhi’s rainbow fart re-emerged in the arena, and she was able to boast about a fish.

However, some people are beginning to worry that Shi Zhi will be affected by Xiong Baojie and start to love fish, right?

Ning Jiachi had already known from Bai Wu before that Shi Zhi had used her rainbow fart skill on her, but it was the first time that he had experienced it up close.

He was completely illiterate and could only say something awesome, so Shi Zhi’s show of her rainbow fart skill was directly impressive.

This fish is indeed beautiful.

Ning Jiachi, “Since it is so beautiful, let’s raise it alone, and after the show is over, see if we can take it away…” Find another beautiful fish tank.

Shi Zhi glanced at Ning Jiachi in surprise.

“What to transport?”

“It’s so beautiful. If I leave a whole one, it’s a pity not to braise it.”

Ning Jiachi: ???

The live broadcast audience: ???

I just want to say to this beautiful female celebrity, Shi Zhi, are you the devil?

The author has something to say: Devil Zhizhi: The fish is so beautiful, leave a whole body (no)

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