Brain Disease

“Because of work, I have very few holidays. I am afraid that I will not have many opportunities to invite you to dinner in the future,“ Yan Xi took a sip of the sour plum soup in the goblet. “What’s more, I am worried that your girlfriend will misunderstand our relationship.”

“Misunderstand us?” Yuan Yi said without raising his head, “Don’t worry, you are safe with me, no one will misunderstand.”

“That’s true,” Yan Xi nodded. “I prefer gentle and delicate men. It is unlikely that my friends will misunderstand. The main reason is that I am worried that your friends will misunderstand you and affect your future love life.”

“Didn’t I tell you that I like big breasts and slender legs?” Yuan Yi glanced at Yan Xi meaningfully: “You…”

What’s wrong with small breasts? I save fabric for the country. Do you understand how to save energy?

Yan Xi smiled but didn’t smile: “I understand, you like Zhao Feifei kind.” Some time ago, there were rumors about his affair with that female artist, but let’s not mention that Zhao Feifei’s breasts are indeed quite big. She is the sexy goddess in the minds of many otakus.

“Who is Zhao Feifei?” Yuan Yi looked at Yan Xi inexplicably. Why did she suddenly mention someone else?

“It’s the sexy goddess with big breasts and long legs,” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows. “You accompanied her to choose a house a few months ago and made entertainment headlines.”

“How can I accompany a woman to see the house,” Yuan Yi retorted at the moment, “I’m not that free” He looked at Yan Xi suspiciously, “You just entered the TV station not long ago?”

“What’s wrong?”

“No wonder you believe this messy entertainment news.”

“Yes, I am not as knowledgeable as Mr.Yuan.” Yan Xi rolled her eyes heartfully.

Realizing that Yan Xi seemed a little unhappy, Yuan Yi was a little helpless. This woman was so strange that she was angry at every turn. He was a big man, and it was hard to care about her. After waiting for a long time, the steaks were almost eaten up, and Yan Xi was not seen to speak again. Yuan Yi said, “I will invite you next time.”

Yan Xi looked up at him: “How can I make you spend money? I have already made an appointment with my friends to go out on vacation next time, so I can’t accept your kindness.”

“It doesn’t matter, it will be the same when you are free next time,” Yuan Yi felt that he was still very generous. “If you have anything you want to eat, you can tell me.”

Seeing Yuan Yi’s serious expression, Yan Xi felt that the other party probably didn’t understand that this kind of rhetoric was called “rejection.” She blinked, “Mr. Yuan, when a man insists on inviting a single woman to dinner, if he doesn’t ask for something, he is interested in her.”

Yuan Yi: …

“Don’t think about it, I’m…”

“Yes, yes, you like beauties with big breasts and long legs,” Yan Xi stood up from the chair, “Sit down for a while, and I’ll pay the bill.”

Yuan Yi watched her walk toward the cashier’s counter with elegant steps. His gaze unconsciously fell on her fair and well-proportioned calves. In fact, this woman’s legs…are also quite long and beautiful.

Yan Xi turned her head after paying the bill. Yuan Yi quickly retracted his gaze and stared at the empty plate in front of him.

The air conditioner in this restaurant is not fully turned on, and it is a bit hot.

When the two walked out of the restaurant, Yuan Yi watched Yan Xi step on her high heels and walk gracefully on the floor tiles with sunken patterns. He couldn’t help but say, “With such a high heel, are you not afraid of twisting your feet?”

“Mr. Yuan must have never been in love with a woman in your life.” Yan Xi stopped and looked at Yuan Yi with a half-smile.

Yuan Yi inexplicably felt that this smile seemed to be mocking him. He raised his tone: “I just don’t have the patience to deal with women. What do you mean by that?”

“Because men who have been in love will never say this to a woman. They will only praise her for her beautiful feet or graceful walking,” Yan Xi raised her chin slightly. “This is also the reason why you are single so far.”

“Joke,” Yuan Yi sneered coldly, “If I want to find a woman, do I still need to waste my mind?”

“This also makes sense. As long as you have money and status, don’t say that you are an individual. Even if you are not a human being, there will be people willing to accompany you,” Yan Xi suddenly smiled innocently, her apricot-like eyes gleaming and watery, “My vision is too narrow. Don’t take it to heart, Mr. Yuan.”

Yuan Yi knew that he was being ridiculed. Still, looking at Yan Xi’s watery eyes, he couldn’t do anything to start the fire. He held back for a long time before saying, “You understand the relationship between men and women so well. Aren’t you still a single dog?”

Yan Xi: “…”

I really want to roll up my sleeves and hit someone.

“This gentleman,” a middle-aged man walked over. He stood in front of Yuan Yi and separated Yan Xi from Yuan Yi. “If there are any contradictions between lovers, you can slowly explain them. Don’t do it.”

After speaking, to ease the atmosphere, he stretched out his hand. He patted Yuan Yi on the shoulder: “Masters, it’s not a disadvantage to be generous with your women.”

What the hell? Yuan Yi looked at the man who suddenly appeared, but he couldn’t react for a while. Soon two more aunts surrounded him, bitterly persuading him, saying that men should take care of the people around them, girls should be taken care of, and his girlfriends are so gentle. It is his blessing to have such a girlfriend.

Wait, his girlfriend? Who?

Yuan Yi’s face is indeed not handsome and decent. Usually, people think he is not easy to get along with, but they don’t think he is a violent person who can attack at any time. But when he stood with Yan Xi, who seemed to be easy to bully, it was easy to give people the illusion that he was bullying her.

The passers-by saw that his face was not good, and they thought he would hit someone, so they mustered up the courage to persuade him.

After carrying such a big black pot that fell from the sky, Yuan Yi gritted his teeth and looked at the culprit. As a result, the other party just looked at him innocently with her eyes wide open, with the words, “What happened? I can’t understand it at all.” meaning.

“Yan Xi!” These two words were squeezed out of Yuan Yi’s teeth.

Seeing that Yuan Yi was furious, Yan Xi stepped forward and smiled to persuade the enthusiastic people. From time to time, she criticized Yuan Yi. Seeing that Yuan Yi wanted to fight back, she immediately pointed to her mouth and motioned Yuan Yi not to speak.

Yuan Yi looked at her pink lips, his anger seemed to be thrown into the Arctic, and it disappeared.

“That’s right,” the enthusiastic aunt said to Yan Xi with a smile when she saw Yuan Yi obediently listening to the advice, “Girl, we can’t be obedient to men as women, and men who hit people can’t ask for it.”

Yan Xi repeatedly responded, sending off the enthusiastic aunt and uncle before running into the parking lot with Yuan Yi quickly.

“Hahahaha.” After Yan Xi got into the car, she couldn’t help laughing out loud anymore.

“Knock, knock, knock.” Yuan Yi looked blankly at the woman who was laughing in the car and knocked on her door, but the other party ignored him. He didn’t give up and continued to knock, showing the posture that he kept knocking when the opponent didn’t open the door.

Yan Xi, who had laughed enough, finally discovered Yuan Yi. She took a deep breath and looked at Yuan Yi seriously: “Mr. Yuan, do you have anything else?”

This woman thought that he didn’t notice that she was laughing just now?

“It’s okay, I just want to remind you not to lie on the steering wheel next time you laugh, the horn will sound.” Yuan Yi’s face was full of indifference, “Is it funny?”

“It’s not funny,” Yan Xi shook her head repeatedly, trying her best to correct her attitude and make her words look more credible, “Really!”

The other party was the second-youngest member of the Yuan family, and she couldn’t afford to offend him. However, she felt that she had already offended the other party after today.

“Just laugh if you want,” Yuan Yi looked at the other party’s blushing cheeks and turned his head away from looking at Yan Xi, “I won’t care about you.”

“Cough,” Yan Xi pinched her throat, “it’s a little bit… just a little bit funny,” she saw Yuan Yi twisting his face, obviously a little depressed, “It’s not your fault, it’s all my fault. My delicate appearance made you misunderstood by others.”

Hearing Yan Xi’s words, Yuan Yi frowned.

This reminded him of an incident nine years ago, which was the first time in his life that he was at fault. From then on, he knew that women were very troublesome creatures.

After a lapse of nine years, Yuan Yi once again experienced being wronged by others, and Yuan Yi felt that he didn’t miss it.

“Forget it, you go back early,” Yuan Yi said with a stern face when he saw Yan Xi looking at him, “since we have made an appointment for dinner next week, I will call you then.”

Looking at the back of the other party striding away, Yan Xi was speechless.

When did they make an appointment for dinner next week?

When Yuan Yi returned home, Yuan Bo was already sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

“You’re back?” Yuan Bo glanced at him, “Uncle Zeng Shi asked about you during lunch.”

“What did he ask me,” Yuan Yi took off his suit jacket and handed it to Aunt Li, turned around, and sat down on the sofa next to Yuan Bo, “Do you really want to marry his daughter to me?”

“If you want to, you have to be willing,” Yuan Bo smiled angrily at his indifferent attitude, “Then tell me, what kind of woman do you like?”

Yan Xi’s innocent face hiding behind the enthusiastic uncle and aunt appeared inexplicably in his mind. Yuan Yi’s back became cold. This woman was really a harmful spirit, making him think of her as soon as he heard the word woman.

If all women were like her, it would be unfortunate for men in the world. He would rather be single for a lifetime.

When he returned to the study and pulled out the “Little Monster” that he hadn’t finished reading last time, Yuan Yi discovered that the name of the author of the book was Xiaoliu.



Upset, he stuffed the picture book back into the bookshelf. He must have been fooled by the woman named Yan Xi, how he could automatically think of her when he saw this Xiaoliu.

When he went downstairs to turn on the TV, an old singer was singing in front of him.

“A big river is wide and wavy, and the wind blows rice flowers…”

Yan Xi’s WeChat name seems to be “Dahe, I am Xiaoxi”?

“Boom!” He threw the remote control back on the coffee table. Why did he promise that woman to go to dinner, and why did he invite her to dinner next week?”

Is he mentally ill?!

“What are you doing?” Yuan Bo looked up and watched TV. Where did this song, which has been sung for many years, offend him?

“I ate too much at noon.” Yuan Yi turned his head and went back upstairs.

Yuan Bo looked at the empty stairs, so he broke his brain?

With this logic, the stomach will protest.