[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 41. (1/2)

When they were two meters apart, No. 8 stopped and asked in a familiar tone, “What’s written on the prompt card? Tell us so we can discuss it together.”

“Which planet are you from?” No. 9 was secretly on guard.

No. 8 was silent immediately. This was a fatal question, and if he didn’t answer it well, he would be finished.

“Since you don’t want to speak, there’s nothing to talk about.” No. 9 prepared to retreat strategically.

No. 8 wanted to see the prompt card, but it was inconvenient to tell the camp, so he immediately looked bitter.

At this moment, two people ran over from a distance.

What’s going on? No. 9 frowned and pressed against the wall.

Xu Jia thought carefully. In the case of 1vs11, the streets were full of Mars. She couldn’t make a move until the late game. Because once she eliminated the Mars players, she would become a suspicious element in the eyes of everyone, and everyone could kill her.

So she simply took the lead, taking No. 12 with her like a pet and never forgetting to look for targets along the way, trying to kill someone with a borrowed knife.

After finally finding two new players, she immediately approached them, pretending to be exhausted, and sat on the ground tired.

“Which planet are you from?” No. 9 saw that one was chasing and the other was fleeing and guessed that they belonged to different camps.

“I’m Mars.” Xu Jia ran out of breath and simply sat against the wall in the corner. Then she looked at No. 8 and No. 9 with hope, as if asking for support.

Teammates? No. 9’s face was slightly relieved, and continued to ask, “Where is the one chasing you?”

Xu Jia had an indescribable expression on her face, panting and said, “That guy tore two Mars players apart in front of me, but he insisted that he was a Mars. I wanted to escape, but he chased me closely, as if he wanted to kill me.”

No. 8 had a strange expression, and there was an indescribable weird feeling in his heart. How could girl No. 2 be so innocent? The person standing in front of her may not be a Mars teammate, so how can she dare to ask for help?

With her eyes flashing, No. 9 raised a sly smile and said slowly, “What a pity, I am from Mercury and can’t save you.”

Xu Jia was stunned as if she were frightened. But in fact, she was complaining in her heart. Girl, stop it. Mercury has sent a representative to participate in the competition. You are a Mercury person, then what am I?

No. 8 slapped his thigh and said in great surprise, “You are from Mercury? You said it earlier! Actually, I am too! Let’s share the cue card, anyway, we are teammates.”

Xu Jia stood up expressionlessly and stepped back step by step, obviously hostile.

No. 12 arrived later, heard the confession of the two Mercury people, and immediately said, “I am really a Mars! I will tear the Mercury guys to prove my innocence now.”

At this time, No. 9 smiled. She said casually, “You’ve been fooled. I’m a Mars player. I just said I was a Mercury player just to test the players present.”

“When No. 2 heard that I was a Mercury player, she immediately retreated, which shows that she is indeed from the Mars camp and doesn’t like Mercury players.”

“And you,” No. 9 glanced at No. 8 with a half-smile, “When you heard that your teammates were there, you couldn’t wait to confess your identity.”

No. 8’s eyelids twitched. He just wanted to see the hint card, so he deliberately said that he was in the same group as No. 9. Who knew that No. 9 would backhand him and trick him!!

Damn, you can’t play like this! No. 8 was very depressed.

“I wanted to see the hint card, so I deliberately said that I was in the same Mercury camp with you, but I wasn’t.” He tried to explain.

“You changed your words now, do you think I will believe it?” No. 9 said coldly.

No. 12 took the initiative to step out and tore No. 8 cleanly.

No. 8 said angrily, “Look for yourself, what’s written in the name tag?”

No. 12 opened the name tag to check, and the word “Mars” came into view.

No. 12 tried to eliminate the Mercury player and prove his innocence, “…”

No. 9 thought she had caught her opponent and was secretly pleased, “…”

Only Xu Jia was secretly happy, but she tried her best to remain calm on the surface.

No. 8 cursed, “A bunch of pigs! The four eliminated are all Mars players. The Mercury players can win without any effort!”

No. 12 turned around and began to investigate the responsibility, “What about the Mercury players?”

Unintentionally, he eliminated another player from the same camp. How can he clear his name?

“No. 8 is a partner in the same camp; I am also surprised.” No. 9 looked a little unnatural. It is too embarrassing to identify the opponent confidently, but it turns out to be a teammate.

“Where is the hint card that No. 8 mentioned? Can I see it?” Xu Jia asked for advice.

No. 9 handed the hint card to No. 2 naturally and explained, “This card may not be real. I just found the card, and No. 8 appeared in front of me, suspected of faking it. Because of this, I suspected that he had bad intentions from the beginning.”

Xu Jia stared at the hint card for three seconds, and her mind was confused. She thought, what on earth is this? It’s too abstract!

“You don’t understand it, right?” No. 9 shrugged, “I don’t understand it either, so I think the hint is not given by the system.”

“Let me take a look.” No. 12 tried to get closer.

Xu Jia turned the hint card over, refused to show it, and said seriously, “The hint card is not convenient for people with suspicious identities to look at it.”

“Didn’t I explain it? I eliminate my companions on Mars, purely out of helplessness and coincidence.” No. 12 was very crazy.

“It happened three times by coincidence?” No. 9 didn’t believe it. “Will the innocent souls who died in your hands believe in helplessness and coincidence?”

No. 12 counted on his fingers, “The first one, that person tore off the Mars player with his own hands. Of course, I thought he was a Mercury player, so I sent him out.”

“The second one, no matter how I explained, he didn’t believe it and insisted on attacking me. In order to survive, of course I had to choose to fight back.”

“The third one was No. 8 just now. No. 9 said he was a Mercury player, so I took action!”

After explaining his difficulties again, No. 12 said confidently, “You see, there are reasons for everything.”

Xu Jia asked, “The murder victim? Weak, pitiful and helpless?”

No. 12, “…”

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