Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #76

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Chapter 76

Internet audience: …not friendly forces.

What a data monster!

Too rigorous. People have experienced a process of hope and disappointment, which can be called the ups and downs of life.

He was poisoned.


“Weeds in the Distant Mountains” was a hit at the box office and attracted a lot of attention. Not only did Shi Zhi receive praise, but she also received gifts.

It is better to pay a large sum of money to express greetings and to give some specialties to celebrate. (?)

Basically, friends in the industry who are familiar with Shi Zhi know that Shi Zhi loves local specialties. In the past two days, Shi Zhi’s hands have become soft by unpacking the express delivery.

Although the team members don’t understand why Sister Shi Zhi is such a hit at the box office, it’s someone else who sends things to her and not her to others.

They didn’t dare to say or ask; they even wanted to make the souvenirs come more intensely so they could eat and drink with them.

Among them, the most timely and thoughtful gift came from Cheng Yu.

Chu Batian also sent something, and the packaging was quite good. Shi Zhi was looking forward to it, but after opening it and looking at the glass ball, Shi Zhi was speechless.

“Bought by a certain treasure?”

“The kind that makes your friends cry when you give it to them?” This boss, he can’t do it.

The secretary still knew the goods and told Shi Zhi, “This is quite expensive. It’s a high-end brand.”

Shi Zhi took her hand back, and the secretary felt that if she read it correctly… Boss Shi seemed to be planning to throw it into the place where the debris was stored.


Shi Zhi made this evaluation.

She doesn’t like this thing at all. The ornaments feel like they are piled with dust, which lowers her aesthetic level. If she had received this thing when she was still in elementary school, she might have looked at it twice.

She still likes what Cheng Yu gave her.

This time, Cheng Yu did not give gold cakes but some snacks. They were all delicious if you opened them casually. A banner was also printed on it: “Congratulations to Ms. Shi Zhi for starring in the movie Weeds in the Distant Mountains and breaking the 200 million mark.”

And a fishing rod.

Shi Zhi told the secretary, “This can be hung up.”

Brother Quan didn’t know, but Shi Zhi asked him to invest in this movie, which means she invested in it. It didn’t cost much, but the return rate was very high.

Shi Zhi was happy, and she was also happy about making money, which made her twice as happy.

Shi Zhi asked her secretary to call Lu Zeming up.

Lu Zeming looked at the packages on the floor with a clear expression, “Mr. Shi, are you asking me for souvenirs?”

“Already bought it, on the way.”

“You want specialty products, but don’t want specialty products? This time he arranged it for Master Shi, and he was so skillful and sensible that it made people feel sad.”

Shi Zhi told Lu Zeming, “… That’s not it.”

Lu Zeming:?

Shi Zhi, “But since you have bought it, it will be troublesome to quit. I am not a leader willing to dampen the enthusiasm of employees… When the time comes, just hand it over to Xiao Yi.”

Xiao Yi is the company secretary. She was originally Mr. Xu’s secretary. After Mr. Xu stepped down, she became Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi thought Xiao Yi was okay. Apart from sometimes looking at her strangely and not knowing what she was thinking about, her working ability was quite strong, so Shi Zhi did not replace her.

Xiao Yi nodded and handed it to her.

Lu Zeming, “…” Why did he think Shi Zhi was doing it for the specialty?! What you say is what it is.

Shi Zhi asked Lu Zeming to sit and chat, “Did you know that Youzi TV wants to hold a talent show?”

Lu Zeming had already heard the news and nodded to show his understanding, “The men’s team draft is quite promising.”

“If our studio also wants to participate, Ye Ziwen, Tang You… These people are quite suitable.”

As Lu Zeming was talking, he thought of something, “Mr. Shi, you don’t want me to participate.”

Shi Zhi did not answer clearly but asked Lu Zeming, “Can’t you?”

Lu Zeming, “I can.”

He is still very confident in his own abilities. He has no problem dancing. He can’t compare to those pure vocals in singing, but he doesn’t stretch his hips.

He shook his head again.

“It’s just…I always feel it’s not appropriate…”

Lu Zeming tried his best to speak euphemistically.

Shi Zhi has hit the nail on the head, “Do you feel that you are a bit shameless, bullying others, demoting and suppressing?”

Lu Zeming smiled bitterly, “…Yes.” Mr. Shi was still as sharp as ever.

It is indeed a bully. Lu Zeming won the “My Type of Youth” championship and later participated in many shows. This kind of talent show is actually a platform for trainees. Lu Zeming even danced in front of Ziwen and the others, but he will be on the same stage with them soon.

Is it appropriate?

Lu Zeming also knew that many companies did this. If Shi Zhi had asked him to join, he would have felt inappropriate, but he would not have refused.

After all, this represents the interests of the company.

Shi Zhi applauded Lu Zeming and smiled at him.

“Relax, I didn’t say I had to let you be a player.”

“I guess you don’t want to. Our studio is also involved in investing in this show. I’ll give you a backdoor. Can you become a dance instructor in the show?”

Lu Zeming: !!!

He was completely confused.

“Go through the back door?” Did you say it so carelessly?

Lu Zeming couldn’t stand this stimulation. In his eyes, Teacher Shi Zhi symbolized fairness and justice. When he was most helpless in participating in the competition, and his life was the gloomiest, Shi Zhi shone like a beam of light, letting him know there was not only darkness in this world.

Although this beam of light doesn’t seem to smell like meat, it doesn’t matter.

It’s still light, and lasers are also light.

But now Shi Zhi is going through the back door.

Shi Zhi: “Don’t get me wrong.”

“Actually, it was me who was approached by the instructor at the beginning. I recommended you over there, and the director said yes.” It was such a back door.

Lu Zeming: That’s it.

He breathed a sigh of relief but was still frightened, “Master Shi, you should just say it.”

Shi Zhi: “Isn’t it too late?”

“You don’t seem very happy either.” She clicked her tongue. This was different from what she expected.

Shi Zhi was still waiting for Lu Zeming to bounce up happily. It would be best to do a few 360 rotations. She had seen Lu Zeming’s movements, which were quite beautiful and powerful.

Lu Zeming was mainly wary. He was afraid of being cheated by Shi Zhi. He had been a dance teacher for a while, and Mr. Shi wanted him to become a dance teacher in the show again.

Shi Zhi, “It’s the mentor!”

A serious mentor, a mentor with many cameras.

Lu Zeming was beeping in his heart. Wasn’t he afraid of being tricked by Shi Zhi?

But this is indeed a piece of cake, like a pie falling from the sky. It is expected to become a popular show. He has jumped from being a contestant to becoming a mentor.

“Why don’t you come up?”

Lu Zeming asked from his soul.

He hurriedly explained, “I’m not doubting you.” Before, I was worried that it was a trap, but now it’s not.

“I just think this is too good an opportunity…”

Shi Zhi raised his eyebrows and said earnestly, “Isn’t this for your better development?”

“I value the development of studio artists more than my own development.”

“Although this opportunity is very good, if I miss it, I will miss it. I can still take on the rest and make movies and TV series, but you are different…”

“You can shine in the field you are good at and comment on the dance of the contestants… You need this opportunity more than I do, and it is more suitable.”

The righteousness is awe-inspiring, and it is moved by emotion and reason.

Needless to say, there were already tears in Lu Zeming’s eyes, and even Brother Quan next to him wanted to cry.

If you don’t know Shi Zhi’s true thoughts.

Brother Quan decided to be good and let Lu Zeming know the truth.

“Actually, it’s because she doesn’t want to sit at the instructor’s seat for too long, and she’s afraid that their singing will be too ugly and their dancing will make her eyes irritated…”

Boy, this is the truth!

The last time Shi Zhi was a judge, she wanted to die. She was best positioned to watch the singing and dancing with the handsome men and beauties she had imagined performing on stage. There were some good ones, but few.

As for the mental attack caused by one soul singer, ten heavenly singers cannot make up for the pain caused by the former.

Lu Zeming, “…” Is that so?

Shi Zhi said to Brother Quan, “Can you be kinder!” What nonsense.

Brother Quan felt that Shi Zhi was unkind but didn’t expect to be beaten up.

Lu Zeming opened his mouth and called Shi Zhi’s manager, “Brother Quan.”

Brother Quan: No need to thank him.

Lu Zeming hesitated momentarily but said, “Brother Quan, you’d better not destroy the relationship between our superiors and subordinates.”

“I believe Sister Shi.”

Sister Shi was doing this for his own good. After all, she had given up her mentorship to him.

Fanboy is not saved. The filter is thicker than the wall.

Brother Quan: “…” In fact, from a practical point of view, this program’s mentor is an improvement on Lu Zeming’s resources.

Shi Zhi nodded happily, “You don’t have to listen to what Brother Quan says, go get ready, come on.”

Lu Zeming left the president’s office with joy.


Shi Zhi based on the comments of several teachers in the studio on the trainees’ learning status and comprehensively considered everyone’s registration. After determining the initial number of people, she let everyone engage in a fierce and cruel fight——

Rock paper scissors.

Determine the final candidates to participate in the talent show “The Strongest Idol”.

Trainees from various companies gathered on the Youzi Channel. Shi Zhi invested in this program. Youzi Channel was also the TV station where Shi Zhi asked debt collectors for money on the spot. The TV station and Shi Zhi achieved a win-win situation at that time.

Everything is going smoothly. Reuters photos began to appear on the Internet. Various types, whether handsome and fresh, cool or cute, have left an impression on netizens.

The program played the pilot film, introducing the contestants and providing exciting highlights.

Shi Zhi felt that everyone in the studio acted quite confident, thinking there was nothing wrong with her. Still, she didn’t expect someone to act like a monster again.

The program team called on all companies participating in the investment to hold an urgent meeting.

While walking, the program staff told Shi Zhi, “Teacher Shi Zhi is Huo Xing. His fans made a fuss on Weibo, saying that we gave too few shots…”

Shi Zhi and Lu Zeming didn’t want to be demoted and suppress the young newcomers, but that didn’t mean the others wouldn’t.

Shi Zhi thought for a moment: I don’t know.

But she can check.

Huo Xing has been debuting for many years and has overseas debut experience. He has never been a big hit, but he has gathered a group of fans.

Shi Zhi: After all, after so many years of selling ramen, you have accumulated a group of loyal diners!

There is a huge uproar on Weibo right now, targeting this pilot film.

Huo Xing fans——

“It’s a rubbish show. Why are there so few cameras? Are you trying to bully my star to talk to me?”

“Ah, ah, I feel sorry for Xingxing. Xingxing has obviously brought topics and traffic to the show, but now he turns his back on him?”

“Program team, come out and give me an explanation. First of all, we will solve the camera problem. Secondly, I heard that Xingxing still lives in the dormitory. He trains too hard and doesn’t sleep well. We ask for a single room, but it’s not too much…”

Shi Zhi: “I understand.”

She understood that Huo Xing’s fans were not making trouble but Huo Xing. Could she really believe that Huo Xing’s fans even had to control their accommodation environment?

When Shi Zhi entered, many people were already there, and everyone was worried. A middle-aged man like Huo Xing’s agent was putting pressure there.

“We don’t want to end up in this situation, but the fans all feel wronged…”

When the program director was in a dilemma, he saw Shi Zhi and said, “Master Shi, what do you think?”

In fact, he didn’t expect to get a clear explanation from Shi Zhi. After all, everyone is an old fox, playing football one by one. This matter must be shouldered by their TV station.

Shi Zhi pondered, “I also feel that Huo Xing has been wronged.”

Other companies: ???

Speaking of feelings, is Shi Zhi still a fan of Huo Xing?

Huo Xing is so wrong! It’s not like they didn’t look at the scenes. Huo Xing had many scenes, several times more than the other trainees, but they were unsatisfied.

Huo Xing, whose head lowered as if he were an outsider, letting everyone quarrel and who had nothing to do with him, looked at Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi: “He shouldn’t live in a dormitory. As a top-notch guy who has made such a big contribution to the ratings, he should live in a five-star hotel!”

Huo Xing is a top-notch guy who cooks just twice-cooked pork.

Five-star hotels are even more ridiculous; some people have already heard a bit of it.

Shi Zhi: “Ah, there is no five-star hotel?”

“Trash show.”

“A program without a five-star hotel is just rubbish. It’s really inappropriate for Huo Xing to stay here. How about… quit?”

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