Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #67

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Chapter 67

Everyone knew that Shi Zhi was a master of fishing. Shi Zhi didn’t want to show her hands at first. She even praised the old man, saying that the fish were so beautiful and he caught a lot.

Assistant: Fish is beautiful, warning!

So… does the braised meat leave a complete body?

But the fishing man was really enthusiastic, “Come on, give it a try, give it a try.”

“Do you want me to teach you?”

It’s already this time, Shi Zhi doesn’t want to tell lies; there is a cameraman shouting next to her.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, can I have an extra meal today?”

Everyone lives in a local house, and the crew pays them rent, and the food is cooked by local residents. In fact, the food is not bad, but everyone is still happy to add some vegetables or something.

Shi Zhi: Come on.

She took the fishing rod and told the uncle, “Actually, I know a little bit.”

100 million points.

At this time, the uncle was completely unaware of what he was about to face. He was still simple and cheerful. He felt that this pretty girl would definitely not be able to catch any fish.

The fish in their mountains are each better than others, and they are not the stupid city fish.

The cameraman focused his lens on Shi Zhi, and the team took out their equipment.

They felt that if they could add text to Shi Zhi, it would probably be——

It’s time to show off the real skill!


Shi Zhi lived up to expectations and used the most leisurely attitude to seduce the coolest fish. The fish offered their heads one after another. Their swaying bodies seemed to be saying.

Let me come first. Let me come first.

The uncle was completely stunned. He looked at the several fish that Shi Zhi had harvested in a short time and murmured, “Today’s fish…why are they so stupid?”

It’s too disappointing!

Cameraman: Uncle, you are still too young.

Shi Zhi borrowed the uncle’s fishing rod to catch a few fish. She thought it was almost enough to eat, so she didn’t continue. Catching too much would be a waste.

She thanked the uncle for his fishing rod and temporarily borrowed his bucket.

The uncle brought two buckets.

“I’ll return it to you when I’m done with it. Where do you live?”

Shi Zhi asked where the uncle’s home was. Even if he didn’t know, he could find it quickly by asking around.

The assistant next to her was already helping Shi Zhi carry the bucket, “Sister Shi, please rest.”

When Sister Shi goes fishing, they contribute, which is fair.

When Zhi left, the uncle was still studying fishing there. He felt something was wrong, so he would take advantage of the fact that the fish were stupid today and catch more.

Then it’s still the same as before.

Uncle: ??? Is his fishing posture wrong? Or should he say…

The uncle thought about what Shi Zhi was wearing.

“Because he is not wearing a sparkly dress?”


When Shi Zhi went out to take a photo, she unexpectedly caught a few fat fish. She didn’t let her cooking aunty do it and cooked the food herself.

There was a big pot and a gas stove where she lived. Shi Zhi chose to cook in a big pot this time. The firewood was readily available. Cooking in a big pot was a different feeling. Shi Zhi not only stewed the fish but also put pancakes around it.

Not only were the team members waiting eagerly, but the crew was also waiting aside, wanting to ask Shi Zhi if she could do it faster.

Really fragrant!

The big pot was big enough, and Shi Zhi felt that the amount was enough, but in the end, there was not a bit left, and everyone still felt they were not full.

Shi Zhi spread her hands and said, “You are not full, but I’ll have nothing left.”

She was tired, and the raw materials were used up.

Shi Zhi originally wanted to return the bucket to the fishing uncle. Still, she didn’t expect the fishing uncle to actually come to the door.

Shi Zhi said, “Sir, I am planning to send you a bucket.”

The uncle waved his hand and said with a smile, “No need to return it, the bucket is given to you… just treat it as an apprenticeship ceremony for the old man.”

Crew member: ???

Shi Zhi: ???

The uncle used a bucket and wanted to take Shi Zhi as his teacher. In fact, he just wanted to learn fishing techniques from Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi relied on her fishing skills to defeat the uncle successfully.

He thinks Master Shi Zhi can’t succeed, so he wants to compete with her? Haha

When it comes to fishing tips or something, Shi Zhi is still willing. The uncle not only learns by himself but also takes friends and a few uncles to learn together.

When Shi Zhi was fishing, she still showed off next to him.

“I didn’t lie to you, did I?”

After Shi Zhi taught him fishing tips, he wanted to return the bucket to him, but the uncle refused to accept it. Not only did he not accept the bucket, but he would also send fish and other fruits and vegetables to Shi Zhi when the harvest was better.

After using Shi Zhi’s fishing skills, his fishing level improved, and he caught more fish than usual.

Shi Zhi didn’t want the uncle’s fish, but the uncle was impatient.

“Take it, take it!”

“The vegetables are grown by my family. They are not valuable… don’t you look down on them?”

Of course, you won’t look down on it; this is a real organic vegetable, natural and pollution-free.

Shi Zhi thanked the uncle.

It’s pretty good if there’s some coming and going, and the assistant also thinks it’s more humane here.

“That’s great.” She whispered.


When Shi Zhi came to the mountainous area to shoot a movie, many people knew about it even though there was no vigorous publicity.

Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi expressed their concern one after another.

Bai Wu, “Shi Zhi, how are you doing there? Isn’t it very inconvenient?”

Ning Jiachi said, “Sister Shi, do you need anything? I’ll send you some!”

In fact, it is not as difficult as they imagined.

Although Shi Zhi was in the mountains, it was not isolated from the world. It had everything it needed. The director came early, and the arrangements were quite good, but the signal was a little weak.

Shi Zhi first told Bai Wu, which was quite convenient.

Then she told Ning Jiachi, “Don’t send me anything.”

Express delivery here is more troublesome. She has to go down the Mountain to get it. Shi Zhi thought about how to go up the Mountain and go down again, and she felt dizzy.

She lacked nothing and didn’t want to go down the Mountain to get it.

The butler called Shi Zhi when she first came over. He wanted to airdrop supplies and other things to Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi strongly refused.

No need, really, no need.

She lived quite happily.

But no one seemed to believe it, and Bai Wu felt that Shi Zhi was holding back to prevent her from worrying. In order to verify her statement, Shi Zhi directly sent photos to Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi.

Baiwu, Ning Jiachi: !!!

Can they apply to play?!

Shi Zhi not only received greetings from acquaintances, but also strangers added her on WeChat. There was no reason to add a stranger’s application and no name note, but Shi Zhi added it after looking at it.

As soon as she added the other person, she couldn’t wait to share a few photos.

The feasting of city life.

There are big meals, high-end restaurants, and KTV.

It was as if she was deliberately showing off.

Not only that, she also shared a few videos.

The mountain delicacies she made herself, the scenery of the fields, there are flowers beside the meal, the stream at her feet, and the KTV is open-air.

The entertainment activities for people in the mountains are no less interesting than those in the city, and there are also beautiful girls singing folk songs.

The other party typed a series of ellipses.

Originally, she wanted to make Shi Zhi angry, but she didn’t expect that she was actually angered. Watching the video, she felt that Shi Zhi was living a somewhat magical life…

After Shi Zhi sent a message to the stranger, she went to communicate with the director. It took a while before she saw the other party send another message.

“Aren’t you curious who I am?”

Shi Zhi never asked about the other party’s identity. Not only did she add her, but she also communicated with her normally. This actually made the person there start to be unpredictable about Shi Zhi.

What? Shi Zhi didn’t have any curiosity at all?

Her circle of friends is all hidden from Shi Zhi.

Or should she say that Shi Zhi is so big-hearted in the first place, why is she completely unaware of being a female star!

Shi Zhi could actually tell that the other party probably didn’t want her to know her identity (?), so she never exposed it, but now that the other party has asked.

Shi Zhi asked, “Tang Yunling, do you want to change your avatar?” This was a particularly sincere suggestion.

Although the other party has hidden her circle of friends, her name is just a string of English letters, and there are no clues at all. She does not appear in the photo, and her gender cannot even be determined.

But the avatar is a photo of Tang Yunling, and it looks very homely.


As soon as Shi Zhi said this, there was no movement over there.

The person who sent the message to Shi Zhi was Tang Yunling. She was now lying on the sofa, kicking her legs and mouthing a series of “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

After a long time, she actually forgot to change her avatar!

Tang Yunling knew that Shi Zhi had gone to the Mountain from Shi Zhi’s little fan girl Zhong Jiaxin. In fact, even if it hadn’t been for Zhong Jiaxin, Tang Yunling would have known.

She couldn’t tell why, but she suddenly wanted to use WeChat over time to show her the happy life in a big city and make her angry.

Then she was angered by Shi Zhi, and it turned out that she was in a state of falling off her horse the whole time.

Tang Yunling felt that Shi Zhi was almost leaving, so she should let her be alone and embarrassed. The key was that she recovered a little and saw another message from the other side.

Shi Zhi, “Do you need me to pretend that I didn’t recognize you?”

“If necessary, let’s do it again?”

Very considerate.

Tang Yunling;…

She doesn’t need this kind of thoughtfulness.

Sure enough, there is an aura between people, and the one she hates most in the entire entertainment industry is Shi Zhi.

Tang Yunling felt she had lost face with Shi Zhi, which was no less than experiencing a social death.

Shi Zhi was chatting with the director about the script.

“Weeds in the Distant Mountains” takes place in a remote mountainous area, and the heroine is also played by Shi Zhi, named Yang Zhaodi.

From this name, it can be seen that Yang Zhaodi lives in a family that values boys over girls. Zhaodi Zhaodi, even her parents, are looking forward to letting her recruit a younger brother.

Not only Yang Zhaodi herself but also the entire movie carries this tone. The distant mountains in the story are silent and tall, standing in the middle of the night as if weighing on people’s hearts. There are many remaining regulations here, and women are not allowed to eat at the table, be polite, be virtuous,  and be good wives and mothers.

A good wife and mother are probably reflected in her being hard-working and capable. One person is responsible for three people, and she has to cook, work, and have children. The key is to have sons.

Director Ding Yi is a very meticulous person. Although he is not famous, he has been able to polish a script for so many years. His script is all densely packed with notes. Shi Zhi borrowed it from the director after seeing it, and she did get it. Got some deeper experiences.

When he talked about the plot, there was a special light in his eyes.

Ding Yi knew his devotion and love for this movie, but he didn’t expect that he and Shi Zhi would become increasingly in tune with each other the more they chatted.

“Actually, it’s quite heavy, isn’t it?” He said to Shi Zhi.

Looks like he’s in awe.

“Shi Zhi, thank you. I really didn’t expect you to agree to play her.”

He thanked Shi Zhi. If Shi Zhi could act in his film, it would slightly increase its popularity. He also knows that Shi Zhi will give up many opportunities to make money by making this film.

Especially since he is not a famous director and has no background. Even if Shi Zhi wants to win awards, it would be more advantageous to work with director Wang Mingchun.

Shi Zhi: “I want to thank you for wanting to make a movie like this.”

Women would like to bring such a story to the big screen. Ding Yi is still a man but can empathize with it.

The assistant director sighed on the side.

“Fortunately, there aren’t many things like this anymore, right?”

Shi Zhi shook her head.

No, there are not many more.

Yang Zhaodi and Zhang Mingxia are actually not much different in essence. They are both women who are suppressed by the “mountain”.


Shi Zhi’s usual style definitely couldn’t be used in the movie, and the director even specifically discussed it with Shi Zhi.

“Maybe it won’t look good.”

Shi Zhi’s face is actually not ugly; it even looks artificial, but it has to be consistent with Yang Zhaodi in the story.

Ding Yi felt that getting Shi Zhi to come over was already a great success. If Shi Zhi didn’t want to lose her beauty, she could just bite the bullet and compromise.

Nowadays, actors are all required to be extremely beautiful. Even if they are filming a war movie, they still need to wear exquisite makeup, semi-permanent eyebrows, and Abao-colored lipstick.

Shi Zhi said, “Just come as you want.”

Don’t care what she thinks.

Now that she has decided to film, Shi Zhi has been prepared. She must be consistent with the character, otherwise she will have to fake her own death?

The stylist started to make excuses confidently and boldly.

She has thick braids, her skin color is especially earthy and dark, and her lips are not only unable to wear lipstick or lipstick but even some makeup is added on them, making them dry and cracked…

Shi Zhi was still wearing dusty clothes, and everyone on the team was shocked when she came out.

Who are you?

Are you still Sister Shi?!

Anyway, it’s really a good idea for Shi Zhi. It’s not very good-looking, but it does meet the needs of the character.

Brother Quan really couldn’t laugh or cry. It was absolutely amazing. Shi Zhi offered such a good condition that many fairy tale dramas or costume dramas offered her the role of the most beautiful woman in the world. Shi Zhi didn’t even take the role, but now she is directly going in another direction.

Shi Zhi picked up a bench and held pancakes with green onions in her hands, looking more presentable.

Brother Quan remembered that when Shi Zhi ate the pancakes given to her by a young model, she shouted to add green onions. At that time, Brother Quan said that it was not in line with the image of a female star.

He can now reasonably suspect that Shi Zhi accepted this drama, so wearing such clothes would be more suitable for eating pancakes and green onions!


The filming went smoothly, and Shi Zhi perfectly integrated into life in the mountains without any discomfort.

Initially, the team members were still a little uncomfortable. Sometimes Shi Zhi took the lead, and they quickly experienced the fun of being in the mountains.

The consumption here is really low, and the scenery is good. You still need to spend money to go to the villa to experience the original ecology. Isn’t this free?

Of course, Shi Zhi would cook some food occasionally and feed it to everyone.

The team staff originally thought coming here would make them acclimate, so they treated it like losing weight. Unexpectedly, everyone gained weight, and their bellies had an extra layer of fat. The great cause of losing weight should be suspended.

What’s even more amazing is that many local people around are familiar with Shi Zhi.

Needless to say, Mr. Fishing, when Zhi Zhi was walking on the road, there were people saying hello to her. It was either the kind of greeting that fans would say when they saw their idols or the kind of people Shi Zhi knew at the time.

There was an old lady selling their own things on the roadside, “Would you like to buy some?”

“Bodhisattva, bless you and be safe.” She couldn’t speak Mandarin; she just had a local accent, but Shi Zhi had been here for a while and could almost understand it.

Shi Zhi squatted down and took a look. It looked very clear, but it was actually made of plastic. The meaning was very good, and the old lady still had a lot on hand.

Shi Zhi chatted with the old lady. She pointed out that she was already eighty-three, considered a long life at this age. Although she had retired long ago, she was still selling outside, trying to earn some money to supplement the family income.

There are many grandmas like this.

Shi Zhi was at home in the mountainous area, and the team staff even saw Shi Zhi unlock the skills of riding a big bicycle and driving a tractor.

Shi Zhi was jutting on the tractor.

Brother Quan: ???

He didn’t know how many surprises Shi Zhi had in store.

“When did you learn to drive a tractor?”

Shi Zhi: “I always know how to do it.” Brother Quan just didn’t know, and there was no place where she could drive a tractor.

The only thing she regretted was that she didn’t bring the fishing rod. She didn’t want to go fishing in the mountains at that time, so she could only borrow the uncle’s, but he also wanted to use it, and the quality of the fishing rod was very average, which actually limited her performance.

Brother Quan was not idle either. Shi Zhi was filming a movie. He thought it would be fun for Shi Zhi in the mountains, so he recorded a vlog for Shi Zhi.

The vlog includes scenes of Shi Zhi shooting with the sea of flowers in the background and Shi Zhi competing in fishing with the village uncle and making fish cakes in a big pot…

Brother Quan had done a vlog for Shi Zhi before, but it was to create Shi Zhi, and the whole process was edited.

Of course, very quickly, Shi Zhi used her strength to solidify her character as a great man, and Little Shi Zhi immediately planned to go bankrupt as soon as she started playing.

This time, Brother Quan no longer deceived anyone. Shi Zhi was filming a blockbuster in a sea of flowers. When the camera turned, she was still wearing pants and water shoes, and she directly pinned her skirt into her pants… These episodes were actually quite fun and more real.

Gardenia was previously worried about whether Shi Zhi would have a hard time going to the mountains. Moreover, Shi Zhi’s business view was not very active in the first place, and now it is even more ruined. There is nothing left to see.

They didn’t expect that the vlog would be released at this time.

Different from the bitterness in everyone’s impression, Shi Zhi’s mountain vlog is so interesting!

The painting style is relaxed and cheerful, with a kind of vitality.

The blue sky, white clouds, and sunshine are as fresh as a picture scroll.

“It feels like fun.”

“Where is this? Damn, it’s so beautiful.”

“Princess Shi Zhi is in hiding, and Uncle Shi Zhi is released again. Is it okay to drive a tractor?”

“I’m rather greedy for the food made by Shi Zhi. I really want to eat it. I can feel the deliciousness through the screen. If I send myself there now, can I eat the delicious food made by Shi Zhi?”

Received responses from others quickly.

No, you are thinking too much.

Shi Zhi’s first mountain vlog received a lot of discussion. Brother Quan thought, Huh? It works!

So, the rest of the vlogs are also being released.

Shi Zhi also looked through the messages and felt it could promote local tourism.

It’s really nice here, the scenery is good, the people are nice, but it’s a little isolated. If we can get publicity through her, that would be an unexpected surprise.

Shi Zhi has already asked the butler to buy land here, giving her another place to retire.


Shi Zhi also grows vegetables and flowers in her spare time while filming.

There isn’t much else here, just a lot of land.

There is a large yard in front of the house where Shi Zhi lives. There is a place where fruits and vegetables are grown, and Shi Zhi can pick them.

Moreover, with the homeowner’s consent, Shi Zhi also planted some plants that could mature quickly.

Cucumbers, green beans, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, peppers…

These are harvested relatively quickly and have already begun to bear fruit.

There are also new varieties on Shi Zhi’s menu, which are all grown by herself.

This also appears in her new vlog. Gardenia said she could spend a whole day just watching Gardenia grow and pick vegetables.

They watched almost helplessly as the cherry tomatoes sprouted, then grew bigger and bigger, and small fruits appeared, changing from green to red.

Shi Zhi also said to the camera in the vlog, “Isn’t it particularly interesting? It feels like you are watching your own child?”

Netizen: Yes, yes, that’s the feeling. It’s a great sense of accomplishment.

Then Shi Zhi picked it off, washed it, and ate it.

“…” It would be okay if Shi Zhi didn’t mention the child before, but she still ate the child when she mentioned it…

Isn’t it a bit subtle?

Shi Zhi also commented, “It’s so sweet.” Sure enough, the fruit she watched growing up was also particularly sweet.


Shi Zhi’s vlog not only features her but also other people’s, including a local girl who sings particularly well and a cowherd boy who works very smoothly.

There are also children.

The children invited Shi Zhi to play in the mud with them. Generally speaking, adults don’t play with children, but Shi Zhi readily agreed.

She is not an ordinary person.

When netizens saw this vlog, they felt warm and healing.

Under the sunset, Shi Zhi squatted and played in the mud with the children. They chatted and communicated without any sense of violation.

It was indeed warm and healing until Shi Zhi won first place in the mud-playing competition.

Shi Zhi didn’t give in to the child at all. She won.

Netizen: ???

Shi Zhi, what’s the matter with you?

Shi Zhi even crowned herself, “I won.”

On one side is the champion who won the mud-playing contest, and on the other is the stunned child.

One of them burst into tears.

Shi Zhi told him, “We have to have some Olympic spirit, we have to be able to lose, and we have to withstand the setbacks in life. This is nothing… there are still many setbacks on the road of life!”

Netizen: So, this is the reason why you make children frustrated?

And there was a mouthful of poisonous chicken soup at the end.

The child didn’t care about the Olympic spirit; he cried very energetically.

While crying, he complained, “She… bullied me.”

Shi Zhi finally managed to stop his tears by taking the child to the canteen. The child, holding a lollipop in his hand, then smiled after the tears. After Shi Zhi’s guidance, he said to the screen.

“Sister Shi Zhi is a good person. I love her.”

No principles.

Netizen: Kid, how could you be bribed by a lollipop? Shi Zhi is rich. You should give her two lollipops!

Gardenia Summary: Another day of caring for a Nursing Home and tamed bear child Kindergarten.

Everyone moans about Modo Modo every day. We can do more vlogs like this. Shi Zhi formed a new variety show, “Our Village,” by herself. This little life is so comfortable and beautiful.

It abruptly captured the feeling of watching a variety show.

Many people are really thinking about traveling.


Celebrity groups in the industry originally saw Shi Zhi going to Mountain for several months and felt that Shi Zhi was about to die.

“Yin Yang Snack Bar” hasn’t aired yet, and Shi Zhi has no dramas. She went to the mountains. It’s obvious that she doesn’t have a program, and variety shows will be on air later. It’s quite a hassle to come out from Mountain. Is Shi Zhi crazy?

When she was this popular, she actually went to squat in the mountains.

Then Shi Zhi’s vlog came out.

They were dumbfounded.

This is all okay.

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