Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 58 (2/2)

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Chapter 58 (2/2)

Lu Qiming put on his down jacket, his body temperature slowly recovered, and he said thank you to him.

He glanced at his watch, estimated the time in his mind, relaxed, and took out a cigarette from his pocket.

Before he lit it, a passing nurse scolded me: “Smoking is not allowed in the hospital!”

Gu Changzhou took it back in embarrassment and raised his head to meet Lu Qiming’s helpless eyes. It was obvious that the same thing had happened to him.

 It was such a narrow corridor, such cold weather, no smoking allowed, and nothing else to do.

The most important person experiences such a great danger in the delivery room, which really makes people anxious.

Lu Qiming said casually:

“If you want to do a paternity test, now is a good time.”

Gu Changzhou sneered, “I won’t do it. You can never get rid of me in this life.”

“Okay.” He shrugged, “Be a cheap father, and then be a cheap grandfather.”

“Grandfather? I’m grandpa.”

Gu Changzhou solemnly stated.

Lu Qiming: “…you still want to be my dad?”

“I only have this one child, why can’t her child call me grandpa?”

Grandfather is one word that makes people feel uncomfortable.

He has even saved his children’s New Year’s money for the next ten years, so how can he be an outsider?

Thinking of this, Gu Changzhou remembered another very important thing.

“What’s the child’s name?”

Lu Qiming: “…”

Seeing that the other party was silent for a long time and his eyes flickered, he asked in shock:

“You haven’t picked a name up yet?”

Lu Qiming scratched his hair and looked around at him.

“Why hasn’t she come out yet?”

Gu Changzhou walked around in front of him, “Are you a father? Do you think it was a kitten or a puppy that was born? No name yet?”

He was a little angry, “You have no idea how busy we are during this period!”

“All I know is that my child’s name was already chosen before she was born.”

“Yes, but you won’t be able to use it after you have it, so what’s there to be proud of?”


The two of them were so angry with each other that they didn’t even notice that the delivery room door opened.

Jiang Miao Miao was pushed out, and the nurse next to her was holding the child in her arms.

“Hey, who is the father? Hello!”

The nurse shouted twice, but no one answered her. Jiang Miao Miao had to say weakly:

“Stop arguing and shut up.”

Only then did they notice this place and run over in surprise.

“Have you given birth? Does it hurt?”

The nurse asked angrily:

“Who is the father? She gave birth to a boy, weighing five pounds and three ounces. He is very healthy.”

Lu Qiming raised his hands like a primary school student, pushed past Gu Changzhou, and came closer.

“I am I am.”

The nurse asked him to look at the child, and he thought he could tell who it looked like, but after looking at it for a long time, he only thought it looked like a mouse, the ugliest kind with red skin and no hair.

Gu Changzhou did not show weakness and asked Jiang Miao Miao:

“Have you decided on whose surname the child will be named after? He was born ten months after you were pregnant. It was so hard, so the surname must be yours and someone can’t take advantage of others.”

Jiang Miao Miao: “…”

Lu Qiming leaned over, “He can have anyone’s surname, anyway, if he doesn’t have your surname, don’t get involved.”

Gu Changzhou pointed at him, “Did you see it? How do you say this? A pure straight male cancer. You must not show weakness. I will support you, so don’t be afraid.”

Jiang Miao Miao had just given birth, and her head was buzzing. She almost collapsed due to the quarrel between the two. She covered her ears and begged the nurse:

“Push me away quickly.”

She is so difficult.

The medical staff couldn’t help but send her and the child to the ward.

Jiang Miao Miao’s delivery went smoothly, with no side incision. She was ready to go home after two days in the hospital.

On the day she was discharged from the hospital, they had already reached a consensus on whose surname the child should be – he was in charge of his own life. He would draw lots on the day he turned 100 and have whatever surname he got.

Before that, Jiang Miao Miao gave him a nickname for the convenience of calling him.

Because he had very little hair, he was very worried about his future hair volume, so he named him Mao Mao.

Gu Changzhou bought a new car and insisted on using his car to take them back.

The group of people drove into the mountains, and when they were almost two miles away from the farm, a long-awaited white figure appeared on the road ahead.

It’s Meimu.

What’s it doing here? Where’s Dahei?

Lu Qiming opened the car door to go down, but who knew that Meimu turned its head and ran away.

They had no choice but to keep up.

Back at the farm, Jiang Miao Miao was wrapped like a bear and hugged Mao Mao down.

Meimu bit her pants and took her to its kennel.

They saw that in the small nest that was padded with thick cotton wool, the three puppies, whose eyes had not been opened, were curled up and sleeping soundly in Dahei’s arms.

One is white, one is black, and one is floral.

Gu Changzhou came over, took a look, and said with a smile, “This is a double happiness for us, haha.”

Lu Qiming glanced sideways, “Us?”

“…you guys, okay?”

Gu Changzhou covered his mouth and quietly told Jiang Miao Miao, “Don’t let him take care of your children in the future, otherwise they will be petty when they grow up.”

Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t help laughing and almost couldn’t hold her child in her arms.

When a child is born, it’s time to invite friends to your home for a meal.

But Jiang Miao Miao has recently given birth, her body has not fully recovered, and she is an inexperienced novice mother with no time to take care of herself, so the two decided not to invite anyone. They don’t even plan to do a big deal for the child’s hundred celebration days. Just eat something good for a family of three.

However, the news could not be concealed. Soon after Jiang Miao Miao returned home, she received gifts one after another.

There are longevity locks brought by Yuan Mubing, free vaccines given by Chen Hong, and small clothes given by former colleagues.

Gu Changzhou naturally refused to miss the excitement and sent them two experienced confinement sisters, greatly easing the pressure on the couple.

Everyone was so enthusiastic. They were embarrassed to be too lazy, so they carefully prepared Mao Mao’s 100-day banquet and sent out invitations a month in advance.

Lu Qiming prepared the ingredients while Jiang Miao Miao and the Farmworkers studied the dishes.

On the day of the official banquet, cars were parked outside the farm.

Yuan Mubing specially asked for leave, flew over from Europe overnight, and was the last to arrive.

She parked the car, entered the living room carrying the gifts, and saw many old acquaintances.

The small living room was so crowded with guests that there was no room for a table.

Lu Qiming led someone to carry a large round table and placed it next to the fish pond.

Someone suddenly jokes, “There are so many people here. If a zombie pops out, no one can escape.”

The person next to him covered his mouth with his backhand.

“Bah, bah, bah, what are you talking about? Besides, Professor Chen Hong is here. As soon as the zombie shows up, he will inject ten vaccines into it. How can it jump around?”

Everyone burst into laughter. Yuan Mubing was still not used to this noisy atmosphere, so she went to Lu Qiming and asked:

“What about her?”

The latter was lighting a fire, and his face was gray from the smoke. Unable to block his handsome features, he raised his chin and said:

“Upstairs, keep your voice down, Mao Mao is sleeping.”

Yuan Mubing nodded and went upstairs alone, walking very lightly.

When she came to the wooden door, she was about to open it when she heard a gentle female voice telling a story and couldn’t help but stop.

“Once upon a time, there was a little salted fish who had no shortage of food or drink, but she felt that life was boring. She could see the end at a glance and had no interest in doing anything.

One night, she read a book and was deeply attracted by its stories…”

She looked in through the crack in the door and saw Jiang Miao Miao wearing a loose and soft white sweater, sitting next to the crib under the warm sunshine.

The face was rosy, the skin was smooth, and the hands as white as onions gently patted the child’s chest.

She laughed while telling the story, and the picture was as beautiful as the illustrations in a fairy tale book.

“…The little salted fish followed the big fish back to the city, waited  in the small house, kept waiting, and finally the big salted fish came back. They didn’t want to work, they still wanted to lie down as before, so they went to the city, found a small nest outside and stayed there…”

Having said that, Jiang Miao Miao frowned, put her hand into the child’s pants, and touched it. Her face changed drastically in an instant.

“You’re a little naughty, you don’t poop when I’m told you. You have to change into new clothes before you poop. It stinks so bad, how can you go out to meet people?”

She turned and shouted out the window: “Lu Qiming!”

From downstairs came Lu Qiming’s response amid his busy schedule.

“Do what?”

“Come and change your son’s pants, he pooped again! This is the third one today!”

The dreamy fairy tale turned into a whirlwind. Yuan Mubing held back her laughter, put the gift outside the door, and left quietly.

She had to catch her flight in an hour and drove the car very fast.

When she drove two miles away, she looked back and saw several beautiful small buildings standing among the lush mountains and fields.

There are fish ponds, vegetable fields, rice fields, and orchards next to the building.

Cattle and sheep grazed on the slopes, and big black and white dogs galloped in the orchard with half-grown milk dogs.

A hen laid an egg, and the clattering sound could be heard far away.

Children who grow up here will definitely be happy, right?

Yuan Mubing looked away. Her usually tense body became much more relaxed. She turned on the stereo, smiled, and hummed a song.

The End

Translator Notes :

Miao Miao and Lu Qimingf finally get their Happy, ideal life

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