Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #58

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Chapter 58 

In the beginning, Shi Zhi and her team did not expect this to happen.


Shi Zhi has already distributed coupons as much as possible, but there are still very few people who can draw them. They came from Tianya and Haibei to see Uncle Shi. Some of them were in a hurry, with a contented smile on their faces.

Shi Zhi was already waiting at the scene very early. She came earlier than Gardenia.

Many people are more shy, but there are also bolder ones.

First, ask whether you can get Shi Zhi to sign, shake hands, and take a group photo.

Shi Zhi behaved very friendly, signing autographs and shaking hands, and they had already met. Of course, these have to be satisfied.

When someone asked if they could listen to the live version of Erhu, there were even people shouting.

“Uncle Shi, can I see you playing gyro?!”

Brother Quan: “…”

He is really desperate. It is too difficult to shape a Xiap Shi Zhi image, but why is Uncle Shi’s brand so stubborn?

The key is that Shi Zhi responded to him, saying, “I don’t have a gyro in my hand. If you can find me a gyro, I will play.”

Then the fans really took out the gyro from the backpack, and he brought himself.

Even Shi Zhi didn’t expect them to be so desperate; they were also ruthless.

Male fan: Fans follow the Idol. Everyone is the same devil.

Shi Zhi did fulfill her promise. Isn’t it just a play gyro on the spot? After taking over the gyro of the male fan, she played.

Today, she wore a white suit, and the stylist took a more conservative route. At this moment, when Gardenia saw Shi Zhi, they felt that she was attacked by her.

Then Shi Zhi plays the gyro.

This contrast is not ordinary.

While laughing and recording a video, they finally felt like recording a variety show cameraman for Shi Zhi, laughing so much that they couldn’t even hold the equipment.

“All right?” Shi Zhi felt it was almost time before asking the male fans, and the male fans expressed comfort.

The gardenias at the scene felt that they were already struggling. They had overcome all difficulties and risks to meet Shi Zhi. Of course, they were voluntary, but when someone appeared on the scene on a stretcher, they instantly felt that their little effort was nothing.

What is hard work? This is hard work!

He is carried by the stretcher and still comes to see Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi also noticed the young man being carried on a stretcher. He wore a dark suit, his skin was whiter than normal men, and he had a handsome face. Now, his eyes were falling on her.

The person who carried him on the stretcher was explaining to Brother Quan, “There was a bit of an accident before, and he has been in a coma for a while, but now he finally woke up, but it’s still not easy to move.”

It can only be carried by the stretcher.

“He can’t speak very well yet…”

“Cheng Yu.”

Accompanied by the stretcher-bearer’s explanation, it was the stretcher-bearer’s introduction with a straight face.


Brother Quan was still there in front of him, feeling that the experience of this handsome Gardenia was really bumpy. He was in a coma for a while and couldn’t speak very well. He understood, and then he heard the other party speak.

Brother Quan:? This is very smooth to speak.

The man lying on the stretcher continued to look at Shi Zhi and repeated, “My name is Cheng Yu.”

The words are still correct, and then he won’t say much.

Shi Zhi felt that it was not polite to stand. The stretcher had now been put down, equivalent to Cheng Yu being only one stretcher away from the ground, so Shi Zhi also squatted down and stretched her hand towards him.

She doesn’t know if he can move. Anyway, Shi Zhi can directly grab his hand and shake it.

The opponent’s hand is huge, just a little cold.

“Are you okay?”

Cheng Yu lowered his eyes, looked at Shi Zang’s hand, and looked up at Shi Zhi, who was close at hand. He could feel the temperature of her palm …

Initially, the whole person was still lying on the stretcher, and suddenly, like it was a carp, it bounced up.

Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Sitting up in shock in the dying illness.

Brother Quan: !!

Live Gardenia: !!

The escort who carried Cheng Yu over was also stunned.

Even Shi Zhi was so scared that her heart stopped for half a beat. Cheng Yu told Shi Zhi before he fell into a coma again, “I’m fine, thank you.”

Shi Zhi looked at the man who had fallen down again and felt that it didn’t seem very good either.

But this is already very exciting news for the escort, and this huge increase in getting up shows that the person is almost getting better.

There were many people at the scene. Many of them were holding their mobile phones to videos. They planned to record every minute of getting along with Uncle Shi Zhi. Still, they did not expect to record such an unexpected scene.

Is this … is the power of idols?!

After all, they witnessed with their own eyes that when the man was carried over on a stretcher just now, he was lying there without moving except for his head. Just now, his whole body bounced up.

Ma Ma, look at this video, chasing the stars and this wonderful effect!

Ma no longer has to worry about me chasing the stars.


Gardenia was still quite reliable when they uploaded the video, and they smiled at the stretcher brother intimately.

They follow the statement of the accompanying staff.

He has been in a coma for a while and is awake, but he is not able to speak or move. He is slowly recovering. He may be more excited because he sees his favorite stars, so he has a lot of movement.

But the rumors or something are just getting more and more ridiculous.

On the other side of the marketing numbers, not only were the plants awakened by Shi Zhi directly, but Shi Zhi also woke up the dead.

Shi Zhi saw that the Internet was full of fog: What kind of mysterious sacrifice is she?

“Everyone is talking about you as a god doctor.”

Shi Zhi told the assistant: “Don’t believe in the rumors, don’t pass the rumor.”

Brother Quan also said that he had opened his eyes. Shi Zhi was initially only touched by Zhang Mingxia and those letters, and he also wanted to give fans strength. He didn’t expect this strength to be a bit strong and a bit top.

Shi Zhi’s name is accompanied by a divine doctor, and they have all rushed to the top of the hot search.

Shi Zhi is hotly searched on the Internet, and even with the crazy rise of Weibo fans, many still want to be Gardenia, and the reasons for applying are also strange.

The rest of the artists are really dumbfounded.

After wearing a down jacket on the red carpet, the sugarcane on the side of the road can be searched, and there is a divine doctor.

Many of the other agent team’s teeth were itchy with anger, and who was behind Shi Zhi making advice. 

High, really high.

Of course, the female star who bumped into Shi Zhi again was the most uncomfortable. She cried so loudly. This time, she had a long memory, and she even wanted to get herself a tattoo, not engage in Shi Zhi.

In Brother Quan’s view, if you have such a positive reputation, you don’t earn it for nothing, and your influence will increase one day. Still, Shi Zhi has already begun to clarify it.

First, tell Brother Quan, “Let’s delete the more excessive marketing number.”

She also posted on Weibo herself. She is not a divine doctor. Don’t fan her because of this. If you are really unwell,

Go to the hospital! Look at a doctor!

That is a useful place.

In fact, most people tried to join the group. They were originally playing with the hype. They didn’t treat Shi Zhi as a doctor. They still had some brains, but they didn’t expect Shi Zhi to come out and reply. You can feel Shi Zhi’s solemnity across the screen.

Very good, Shi Zhi was really surrounded by fans.

Shi Yan: I’m telling you that if you are really uncomfortable, see a doctor. What do you mean by hahaha?


Brother Quan asked Shi Zhi, the fan who bounced up on the stretcher, to add her to WeChat to thank her. Can she add it?

Shi Zhi thought for a while, and it is estimated that the other party had something to tell her, but she still agreed. The other party quickly applied, and it was displayed as input after passing.

The first message was from Shi Zhi.

“Cheng Yu.”

She typed out his name if she remembered correctly.

The other party replied, “I didn’t expect you to remember me.”

Shi Zhi: It’s easy to say that she is very impressed with good-looking boys or girls, not to mention that Cheng Yu’s reaction is still so great, and the way of playing is too novel. It’s hard not to remember.

Brother Quan has always been in contact with Cheng Yu. Shi Zhi had previously learned that the other party’s body was not hindered, and it seemed to recover quickly. She did not forget to bring gifts to Cheng Yu.

Everyone who comes to the fans meet there is also tea in it and they bought a hundred pounds when they recorded “Super Challenge,” and they have not finished it.

But Shi Zhi still has to greet each other. Is it really fine today?

When Cheng Yu replied, it was fine.

“I and my family want to thank you …”

Although the guy who repaid his kindness arrived late, there was a Chu Batian before and a Cheng Yu after.

Cheng Yu, “I should have thanked you in person, but now the body is still not convenient … that can only wait.”

Shi Zhi wanted to refuse, forget it. She didn’t feel that she had helped much, and she was frightened by the earthy/stupid script sent by Chu Batian. She didn’t want to see any more earthy scripts, and then she heard a sentence coming from there.

“Can you tell me your bank account?”

Cheng Yu wants to give money.

And reported a string of numbers.

It can only be said that there were more when Shi Yan sent Bai Wu.

Shi Zhi was stunned for a while, simply testing human nature.

However, she still refused by virtue of her super control, and Shi Zhi was moved by herself. If it weren’t for her being rich enough, she might really be morally corrupt.

“What about local products? If the money is not accepted, local products should be okay, right?” But he didn’t give up over there. He changed his rhetoric.

“I have no other to repay, I want to send you a little local specialty.”

Shi Zhi could not see people sad, and there was nothing to do with the local products, so she accepted it, and this one could be collected.

Cheng Yu did not disturb Shi Zhi anymore and ended the chat politely. Shi Zhi seriously doubted that he had prepared the local specialty before.

Not long after she answered the call, Brother Quan signed for her.

Many gardenias know the address of the company. After all, they will send a letter.

The assistant told Shi Zhi, “quite heavy.”

Just put it on the table.

Shi Zhi was relatively busy, and after she got busy, she didn’t have time to take care of anything else. Two days later, she opened the local products sent by the other party. Then, after seeing the whole picture of the local products, the team fell into contemplation.

The staff squatted beside the table, and the sight objects were flat.

“This … Can you touch it?”

“Is it true or fake?”

Shi Zhi judged through experience, “it should be true.”

She did not expect the local products Cheng Yu sent to be gold!

A few pieces of solid gold look like iron cakes.

What is the tin made of gold, gold cake?

Assistant and Team:!!

They have allowed these big pieces of golden cakes to be placed on the table in the past two days?

Shi Zhi went on to Cheng Yu again. Is this a local product?

If this is local, you have to add pride later.

Cheng Yu told Shi Zhi that his hometown is rich in gold, a local product of his side.

As for why he sent the iron cakes to Shi Zhi, it was also because Shi Zhi had previously participated in the discus throwing at the Star Games.

When this kind of local product was given, and it was indeed a bit above, she was really not easy to accept, and it was not suitable.

She just sighed, looking at the gifts given by others. This is the one who can give gifts. It is simply a gift to the heart and then look at the gifts given by Chu Batian.

At that time, she said that she was an artist who smelled of copper, and Chu Batian didn’t give her a penny.


Cheng Yu, who was recognized by Shi Zhi as having a high emotional intelligence, is in the ward. There is no one in the ward except him. Cheng Yu looks like a noble son, and his temperament is also the same. If he doesn’t have a firm and serious voice in his mouth, ‘AOE’ Words.

During the fan meeting, it was not that he didn’t want to communicate with Shi Zhi but that he had been lying down for a long time. His words were not so neat, and his well-written name was quietly practiced countless times.

He wants to appear in front of Shi Zhi in the best condition.

Not only did he practice pronunciation, but Cheng Yu was also on crutches, holding a picture of Shi Zhi in his hand, and slowly moved to reconnect.

The principle is similar to tying your favorite food to a donkey’s head to motivate it to work.

He has to work hard quietly… and then try to stand up in front of Shi Zhi next time.


Cheng Yu was working hard quietly, and his cousin Ning Jiachi had almost revealed his old bottom.

What to tell Shi Zhi, his cousin is her superfan brother, and he used his eyes to call when he couldn’t speak or move in the ward before.

He tried his best to express his thoughts and let his family help him draw.

“In fact, I originally wanted to go through the back door, and just let Sister Shi meet my cousin or something… I was spurned by my cousin.”

Ning Jiachi felt that he had a good relationship with Sister Shi. If he really asked Sister Shi to take time to see his cousin, Sister Shi would not refuse, but his cousin reacted very strongly.

No need.

His cousin went to the fan meeting through the draw, became a “medical miracle,” and sent Sister Shi to a hot search.

Ning Jiachi was puzzled. He had never chased a star and didn’t know that his elite cousin was so good at chasing stars. He was no less passionate than a teenager or even more passionate.

He didn’t go to the scene at the time, but after watching the video, he felt that the scene was a bit like Sleeping Beauty and the Prince, but the settings were changed.

Moreover, the prince kissed the sleeping beauty anyway, and the sleeping beauty woke up. His cousin shook hands with Sister Shi and got up directly.

Shi Zhi already had a sense of the picture in Ning Jiachi’s energetic voice, and it seemed that Cheng Yu was her iron fan.

“See you later.”

They also have to continue to record the latest issue of “Super Challenge.”

Shi Zhi was looking at the script in her hand.

These were selected by Brother Quan for her. “Yin Yang Snack Bar” is still being recorded. Still, better scripts are handed over, and Brother Quan will also pay attention to let Shi Zhi see if there is any interest.

It was probably Director Wang Mingchun who took the initiative to invite Shi Zhi to star in his new TV series, which gave many producers who were still waiting and watching a chance to make up their minds. Already, a good crew extended an olive branch to Shi Zhi.

Which one Shi Zhi will pick, Brother Quan introduced Shi Zhi.

“This investment is a lot of money, and the proposed actor traffic is also good. Even if a configuration like this relies on fan ratings, it will not be very bad.”

Shi Zhi glanced at it briefly and turned it over.

“This current sweet pet drama, sweet pet drama has always been popular, and it has become popular with many people.”

Before he finished speaking, Shi Zhi turned it off.

She asked Brother Quan, “Is there any villain?”

The quality of these scripts has increased significantly, and they are not that earthy. Brother Quan is still reliable in choosing scripts. That is, Shi Zhi noticed that they are basically all female protagonists, so there is no villain?

Shi Zhi’s villain’s heart is burning fiercely.

Brother Quan was helpless, “What do you want to act as villains, others are still tearing up for the fan position outside.” Shi Zhi was so good that she was eager to try the villain.

Shi Zhi felt that there was no difference between the heroine and the antagonist as long as it was interesting. She could see that Brother Quan didn’t think so.

“Or…is there a villain heroine?” If there is, you can take care of it, the best of both worlds.

Brother Quan: “… No.”

Shi Zhi continued to look down. One of the scripts aroused Shi Zhi’s interest, but Brother Quan wanted to reach out and take the script away.

“Hey? Why am I confused? I remember I got this show out of the choice.”

Shi Zhi stopped Brother Quan, “What’s wrong with it?” She only glanced at it a few times and wanted to continue seeing it. It was a story about the survival of women in the mountains.

Brother Quan: “Actually, this script is no problem, it’s suitable for winning awards… But where is it so easy to win awards? The director has no reputation, and this one doesn’t even have the team together…”

The risk is too great. Consider comprehensive consideration. Brother Quan does not consider it.

Shi Zhi: “Let’s put it here first.”

Brother Quan: “You are just like Gardenia, rebellious.” When he carefully introduced the promising script, she was uninterested. When he was not optimistic about the script, she had to stay first.


This topic didn’t talk much; it was also a matter of the latter.

Shi Zhi received a lot of attention. After all, the medical miracle was ahead, and the heat hadn’t dissipated yet. Shi Zhi greeted them and then didn’t dare to stay much. It was a bit late today, and the assistant kept reminding Shi Zhi on the side.

Shi Zhi accelerated her pace, and the girl with the camera was distressed on the side, “It’s a mess.”

When she got up close and personal with Shi Zhi, she knew why everyone who had seen Shi Zhi herself said that she was better than the photos and videos. This was too beautiful. I can’t wait to take a few more photos.

But Shi Yan walked fast and accidentally filmed, a little sad.

In fact, she just complained to her companions around her, wanting comfort, but she didn’t expect Shi Zhi to slow down when she was on her way.

“What’s wrong?”

The girl with the camera explained while immersed in the ecstasy of Shi Zhi actually talking to her.

Shi Zhi looked at the time but was not so anxious that she couldn’t stay at all. She stood still in front of the girl, “Is this okay?”

As if slowing down, Shi Zhi moved like a koala. Seeing the girl was still in a daze, she reminded her, “Shoot.”

Why is the child a little dull? Isn’t it still sad just now?


Under Shi Zhi’s reminder, the girl took more than a dozen photos in a row, and they all looked good. Shi Zhi knew that she hadn’t taken any pictures anymore, so she continued on her way.

The girl with the camera looked at Shi Zhi’s back, and she was so happy that she wanted to cry. Why did Uncle Shi Zhi talk so nicely? She just beeped, and she automatically slowed down after being heard.

I have been spoiled, and why is there such a contrast?

The girl sent what she saw and heard to Shi Zhi’s words, and the Gardenia, who did not arrive at the scene, also followed the topic.

Is it okay to automatically reduce the speed?

But in fact, Princess Shi Zhi has always been very caring when they think about it. Although she didn’t let everyone pick up and help before, she didn’t say anything if she couldn’t stop it later. Still, she never received gifts and only received letters. When everyone went to see her, she often accompanied people with snacks. If someone went to see Shi Zhi with a big bag. The big bag was not sent out, and she returned a new big bag.

Last time at the fan meeting, everyone’s attention was a medical miracle, but the gifts for Gardenia at the scene were also eye-catching.

To be fans of Shi Zhi is right!

Someone asked for a photo of the girl who took it, and the girl also sent it out.

The raw picture without p is enough to be able to hit, and the modeling face is not called for nothing.


This time, “Super Challenge” changed its recording city, which was still beautiful. Shi Zhi saw a lot of silk fabrics in the car. The editor and director said that the silk fabrics in this city are indeed tourist postcards.

Before the guests met, they were the first to be arranged by the director for cross-dressing. Shi Zhi was wearing a graceful and luxurious dress. The clothes were ancient costumes with phoenix peonies embroidered on them. Bai Wu was dressed in a beautiful appearance. Annie was wearing a pink palace robe. When she came up, she kissed and called Shi Zhi enthusiastically and came to hold Shi Zhi’s arm.

The remaining three male guests are more superficial than the female guests.

Tian Hong asked the program team, “Why is this show still heavy on women and young men?”

Lu Dajun: “Shi Zhi is like the queen today.”

The story of Shi Zhi’s transformation from a princess to a vicious stepmother is still circulating in the circle, and it has been cut into a collection of famous scenes in many variety shows. She is indeed the most solemn one on the scene today, and the program team also followed Lu Dajun to play.

At this time, Shi Zhi had traveled and become the queen of a certain dynasty. What would Shi Zhi do?

The show team also watched what Shi Zhi would do.

There was an ancient building next to it, and Shi Zhi walked up to the high-rise building, saying that she wanted to pair up and look for relatives.

She was wearing a costume and performed like a queen, dignified and elegant, and then spoke, “Strange change and I will not change. Pick Up.”

Director:? Is this a pair?

Ning Jiachi said that he could answer this question.

“Sign quadrant!”

“A loved ones.”

Ning Jiachi is also an actor. After the answer, he was about to rush to the small building immediately, and he came to Shi Zhi to confess his relatives.

Shi Zhi said with a smile, “The answer is correct.”

But no reward.

Her face changed the next second, and she shouted at the remaining guests, “Drag this person out and cut it for me!”

Ning Jiachi, who was rushing upstairs and still immersed in his relatives’ plots, smiled stiffly on his face.

What happened?

The rest laughed and went up to control Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi: He doesn’t understand why, no!

The director of the program group actually didn’t understand. Why did Shi Zhi have to decapitate him when she found out that her fellow traveler was passing through at the same time.

Shi Zhi raised her chin slightly and put her hand on the railing in a very full posture, “Then let you understand.”

Because “there can only be a genius like me in this era.”

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