Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #56

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Chapter 56

Shi Zhi could clearly see Zhang Mingxia’s eyes brightening in front of her.

She has worked hard for her family for half her life. She is no longer young and has a sense of exhaustion all over her body, but she has a pair of beautiful eyes.

Zhang Mingxia stared at the person in front of her: It’s really Shi Zhi! Shi Zhi on TV came out.

When seeing her favorite star, Zhang Mingxia is just like a young girl chasing a star, ecstatic and nervous at the same time.

This was Shi Zhi’s first time meeting fans. When she saw Gardenia before, they all came to her spontaneously, but this time, it was she who came to see Zhang Mingxia.

She came alone, without Brother Quan and others. It’s like Shi Zhi greeting an old friend, “Isn’t that heavy, let me help you get it…”

Referring to the big and small bags in Zhang Mingxia’s hand, “Let’s go sit in the store.”

Standing outside is not a good thing.


“I brought you some food. I made it myself. I don’t know how to make anything else.”

Sitting in the room, Zhang Mingxia explained the big and small bags to Shi Zhi, but then she showed a little shyness and said, “Forget it if you don’t like it…” with caution.

She did think about when her husband scolded her. Can the famous star Shi Zhi appreciate the bad things she did?

Although she didn’t think it was a broken thing, it was specially made by Shi Zhi. As many people in the village had said, her skills were good, but when facing Shi Zhi, she still backed down and wanted to put away the big and small bags.

“Can I take it?”

Shi Zhi had already spoken before she took back her things.

Of course, it is possible.

“Is this the twist you said you were going to make for me?” Shi Zhi took a few bites and gave a thumbs up, “It’s delicious.”

“I’m not lying to make you happy, it’s really delicious.”

“At this level, we can open a small shop specializing in Mahua.”

Zhang Mingxia was still immersed in Shi Zhi, eating the twists she made! Shi Zhi saw the Weibo post she sent about making twists for Shi Zhi! Then, she heard Shi Zhi’s compliment unexpectedly.

She waved her hands in a hurry, she couldn’t do it.

Shi Zhi, “You don’t have to trust advertisers, but you can always trust Shi Zhi.”

Cue yourself.

Zhang Mingxia couldn’t let go at first, but after seeing Shi Zhi eat a few sticks, she finally relaxed. Shi Zhi also prepared a gift for Zhang Mingxia.

Biscuits she made by herself.

What comes and goes.

Shi Zhi also deliberately chose some lighter topics. Why do you like her?

Zhang Mingxia couldn’t think of any fancy sentences to praise Shi Zhi because she logged into Weibo and read other Gardenia’s super words. They all spoke nicely, and she didn’t even know some of the words in the sentences that praised Shi Zhi. Don’t know anything.


Zhang Mingxia finally concluded.

Shi Zhi, “Huh?” She didn’t hear.

But Zhang Mingxia didn’t repeat it anymore. She was still embarrassed.

She saw that Shi Zhi was very patient with the children in the variety show. She even accompanied them to pretend to be a princess in the fairy tale world. Now that she saw the real person, Zhang Mingxia felt she was right.

Shi Zhi’s body seemed to be emitting a soft light.


Shi Zhi asked Zhang Mingxia if she would accompany her to meet a friend.

Actually, that friend is a psychiatrist.

The assistant could feel that Zhang Mingxia might have problems with her mental state, and Shi Zhi also noticed it. She could come and see Zhang Mingxia like this, but to solve the problem from the root, she still had to rely on Zhang Mingxia herself. Only after Zhang Mingxia has adjusted it by herself can she follow it gradually.

Of course, taking someone to see a psychiatrist right away was inappropriate, so Shi Zhi chose a slightly roundabout approach.

Although she felt this was not a roundabout way, it was a more vigilant person’s turn. She had just met a stranger, and the stranger would take her to meet her friends. She would probably call her crazy.

Shi Zhi also had a headache. What if Zhang Mingxia didn’t want to do it?

But the other party agreed immediately.

“When are you going?”

“Is it appropriate for me to dress like this?” She wondered whether it would embarrass Shi Zhi’s face.

Shi Zhi asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I will abduct you and sell you?” She told her to go, and she really went.

Zhang Mingxia said firmly, “You won’t.”

Facing the fans needing comfort, Shi Zhi didn’t say something embarrassing at this time like, “I will.” She finally thought about it: This is probably the fan’s filter.

Because of this fan filter, Shi Zhi successfully took Zhang Mingxia to see a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist is also a woman and is quite famous in the local area. Shi Zhi has made an appointment with her in advance; the location is at her home, and she has also been assigned an identity.

Shi Zhi’s friend.

When the psychiatrist first received this business, her first reaction was that this was making things difficult for people.

She is a doctor, not an actress, so why is there a role-playing role? Also, the home is not just for people to enter. It is her own nest.

Then, Shi Zhi offered three times the price.

Psychologist: Please come in, sit down and eat as you please. I have specially prepared scented tea for you. Does it suit your taste? Although she is not an acting professional, she has always dreamed of acting and strongly desires to perform.

Shi Zhi had already told her “friend” her identity in advance to avoid revealing the truth. It’s not that the psychiatrist didn’t believe much until he saw Shi Zhi.

Open the door.

It’s really Shi Zhi.

The psychiatrist’s reputation matched her professional level. She quickly dispelled Zhang Mingxia’s wariness, and it was a pleasure to communicate with Zhang Mingxia.

Through communication, the psychiatrist can also preliminarily conclude that Zhang Mingxia does have depression.

“Perhaps her original family has already made her unhappy. After giving birth, no one cares and understands her, and she still has to do heavy labor…”

The original family was unfortunate; after marriage, she just jumped from one fire pit to another. She started doing farm work within a few days after giving birth. This was what Zhang Mingxia confided in the current communication with the psychiatrist. She said it in a very calm tone.

Shi Zhi and the psychiatrist communicated secretly behind Zhang Mingxia’s back.

After the two people left, Zhang Mingxia sat on the chair restrainedly, holding the cup tightly in her hand, not daring to glance around.

She was afraid of being inappropriate, causing unnecessary misunderstandings, and losing not only her people but also Shi Zhi’s people.

Shi Zhi looked at Zhang Mingxia’s back and said to the psychiatrist, “Continue to enlighten the treatment.”

She left this to a psychiatrist, who was a professional. This requires a process. The trauma is caused over many years and takes time to heal.


Shi Zhi paid for Zhang Mingxia, but how to make her see a psychiatrist with peace of mind was a problem.

Shi Zhi walked to Zhang Mingxia again and sighed first.

Zhang Mingxia asked hurriedly, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Zhi: Isn’t the topic just opened like this?

She told Zhang Mingxia, “This friend of mine is quite pitiful. She has no family here and no one she can talk to…”

Zhang Mingxia is a kind person, simple and kind, and she also has a fan filter. She believed in Shi Zhi without hesitation. Her friend does not have someone to talk to, which is really pitiful, just like her.

And it was just as Shi Zhi imagined.

“Then she can talk to me?”

She doesn’t know if Shi Zhi’s friend is willing.

Forced to be a pitiful fake friend psychiatrist:……

Not to mention anything else, it doesn’t matter, in front of three times the price, she can be a person with good and bad ears.

Of course, she is willing to chat with Zhang Mingxia.

Shi Zhi was actually a little embarrassed. Zhang Mingxia believed in everyone too much. Although she had suffered a lot, she still had a sincere heart.

Shi Zhi felt that if she had to do it all over again, she would do it again. If she made a mistake, let the law punish her!


Her steps were light when Zhang Mingxia followed Shi Zhi out of the community.

Shi Zhi noticed, “Very happy?”

Zhang Mingxia looked at Shi Zhi with some reluctance, and she told Shi Zhi.

“Today is the happiest day in my life.” Her tone was solemn.

The happiest day, like a dream.

After walking alone in the winter night for too long, giving her a little light is precious.

Shi Zhi said what she had wanted to say since seeing Zhang Mingxia’s Weibo, “Take care of yourself.”

As a person, first of all, she should be an independent individual. Zhang Mingxia thought of and took care of everyone around her, but she forgot about herself, the most important thing.

Zhang Mingxia glanced away and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

Shi Zhi smiled at her, “Would you like a hug?” She opened her arms.

Zhang Mingxia was still a little cautious, “Is it okay?”

Shi Zhi had already stepped forward, hugged her, and patted Zhang Mingxia on the shoulder.

Zhang Mingxia felt that Shi Zhi’s whole body was fragrant. Shi Zhi felt the moist and warm liquid fall on her arms and clothes. Shi Zhi did not avoid it and pretended not to notice.

Shi Zhi watched Zhang Mingxia leave. In addition to leaving tears on Shi Zhi’s clothes, Zhang Mingxia also left several large bags of twists for Shi Zhi.

“After eating it, come to me next time!” As long as she is with her for a day, Shi Zhi can always eat the twist.

Shi Zhi said, “Thank you.” She waved gracefully towards Zhang Mingxia. She could see that Zhang Mingxia was in good spirits now and should not be overwhelmed for the time being.

After she left, Shi Zhi began to worry. She didn’t have anyone with her team, which meant that she had to rush back carrying these big bags of twists.


Moreover, some people appear to be glamorous on the surface, but in fact, they are stuck on the set so as not to delay the filming process. They don’t even bother putting on their shoes when they leave the plane.

That’s right, I’m talking about Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi was dragging the child out of the car while wearing clothes, and she tripped when she got out of the car, causing the child to fly straight away.


Others said that Cinderella ran away and dropped her glass slippers. When Zhi Zhi arrived, she threw off her slippers in order to rush back to the set.

Shi Zhi was very calm about this, “I’ve been told that I am the stepmother of the princess.”

Then she jumped to find her other slipper.

Crew: These slippers are not the equipment that a queen should have. They must belong to the uncle!

Director Wang Mingchun was also happy, “Don’t be so anxious, it’s not your turn yet.”

Shi Zhi spent half a day traveling across several provinces to meet Zhang Mingxia, which did not delay the filming process. Except for the team members, the crew did not know about it at all.


Shi Zhi left Zhang Mingxia’s contact information, but Zhang Mingxia did not contact her because of Shi Zhi’s contact information.

Shi Zhi learned more about Zhang Mingxia from the psychiatrist who was in contact with her.

In order for Zhang Mingxia to accept the guidance of professionals without any scruples, Shi Zhi said that the psychiatrist was her friend. Zhang Mingxia believed it. Under the initiative of the psychiatrist, the two began to have frequent contact.

Psychologist: “Zhang Mingxia brought me Mahua.”

Shi Zhi could imagine her holding big and small bags. Shi Zhi had not yet finished the twists Zhang Mingxia gave her.

The psychiatrist said: “Zhang Mingxia said you were the first to praise her.”

The psychiatrist said: “Zhang Mingxia is really good, but also quite difficult. I feel that she sincerely regards me as a friend, and I also regard her as a friend.” 

There is a big age difference, but they are both women, and women naturally have more understanding of the suffering of the same sex.

Shi Zhi watched the psychiatrist report Zhang Mingxia’s condition to her. She was getting better day by day, getting better every time.

In fact, even if the psychiatrist did not report to Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi could still feel it through Zhang Mingxia’s Weibo.

The suffocating feeling of depression that seemed to sink into the deep sea gradually disappeared. Not only did she happily talk about Shi Zhi, but she also began to talk about herself.

Finally, her existence was found on her Weibo.

Shi Zhi witnessed the whole process, like grass that was about to die. Give her a few drops of rain and dew, and she climbed up tenaciously again.

Shi Zhi thought that it was great to be here. Zhang Mingxia began to awaken, and her mood became more and more optimistic and stable. As for family, Shi Zhi thought that she must get rid of it, but for many people, it is difficult to take that step, especially Zhang Mingxia, who has devoted half her life to her family.

Even though her dedication is taken for granted, she has to face a messed up husband.

But Zhang Mingxia once again exceeded Shi Zhi’s expectations.

The psychiatrist told Shi Zhi.

Zhang Mingxia said she wanted to get a divorce, so she set up a small stall selling twists outside, which was pretty good.”

Zhang Mingxia began to contact the outside world. She remembered Shi Zhi’s words to take care of herself, and she plucked up the courage to start selling mahua. Unexpectedly, she got a good harvest.

Not to mention that it was extremely popular, but compared to cooking for a big family every day and doing all kinds of heavy farm work without getting any feedback, selling mahua gave her a sense of accomplishment, and she also made money.

Being outside opened up a new world for her.

It turns out that if your marriage is unhappy, you can leave. There is nothing shameful about it.

Live your own life.

After leaving her husband, no one belittled her anymore. She felt so comfortable.

Her child is grown up and no longer needs her. She wants to do what Shi Zhi said… live for herself.

Shi Zhi said, “If Zhang Mingxia’s divorce doesn’t go smoothly and she continues to argue, I’ll help her find a lawyer!”

After all, the butler also said that they have the best team.


Shi Zhi’s fans, whom she traveled thousands of miles to meet, are doing well and getting better and better, and the team members are also happy.

Someone in the van’s car was talking about it.

Shi Zhi wondered, “How can liking a public figure have such a big impact on people?”

Shi Zhi could never forget Zhang Mingxia’s eyes, which were so bright when she looked at her.

She didn’t understand this feeling originally. It was hard to imagine.

There is a group of people you have never seen before who pay attention to you and like you. Because of your existence, they gain strength and can even become their spiritual support and the courage to live.

How could she have such great power?

But from countless private messages and letters, Shi Zhi gradually had a real feeling, and then to Zhang Mingxia…

Brother Quan sighed, “Yes.”

When he could see it, Zhi Zhi was also very emotional.

“Fans are still very good. Good fans and good artists make each other successful.”

“Don’t resist the normal pick-up and drop-off from your fans. They will be very happy to see you.”

As soon as the words changed, Brother Quan asked, “Then can you take on more work?” Variety shows, TV series, various endorsements, all of them.

Gardenia will definitely feel like celebrating the New Year.

Shi Zhi: “No, I decided to quit the entertainment industry.”

“The burden on my shoulders is even heavier. I have many shortcomings. If everyone imitates me, they will be ruined.”

Brother Quan: ??? Why don’t you follow the routine?

“You are bluffing me right?”

Shi Zhi was indeed joking.

She joined the circle purely to avoid lowering her wealth. Although she did not follow the original plot required by the system, she still didn’t have much of a life purpose. Anyway, she ended up happily, but she didn’t expect that she would actually become a beam of light in other people’s lives.

Shi Zhi took out her cell phone.

The assistant next to her leaned over and said, “Sister Shi, what do you want to do?”

Shi Zhi, “I feel like I didn’t interact enough with them…”

Brother Quan agrees with this.

Shi Zhi, “How about a lottery?”

Brother Quan started to get a headache, “Do you want to draw one person to endorse, or do you want to draw five or three of them?”

When Shi Zhi met children, she would give them complete learning gift packages, ranging from various tutoring books. Brother Quan was deeply impressed; endorsements were also done by Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi waved her hand.

She doesn’t like the too-repetitive approach. “This is a gift to make everyone sober up. In the end, it felt like everyone around me couldn’t lift their spirits. It’s very routine, very considerate, and very practical.”

Shi Zhi held a lottery on Weibo, a gift to cheer everyone up.

The gardenias were all excited.

Lift your spirits and sign a photo? Or, to think more joyfully, various autographed photos? Or specially customized peripherals?

Shi Zhi was very fast. She forwarded it on the same day and drew it on the same day, and the one she drew happened to be a gardenia.

Netizens were very curious about Shi Zhi’s gift and what it was. They squatted on Lucky One’s Weibo, waiting for her to show off the gift.

After receiving the gift, the lucky person immediately thanked Shi Zhi and showed off the gift.

So everyone saw it——

Toilet paper with words printed on it, an alarm clock that won’t turn off until you get up, and perfume that smells like essential oil…

Lucky person, “That alarm clock is really amazing. It has something that can fly on it. When it reaches a certain point, it will fly out automatically. I have to get up to find the flying parts and reinstall it on the alarm clock so that it can Stop shouting.”

When the lucky person finally finds it and installs it, she won’t need to sleep anymore and will be awake long ago.

“I used to have difficulty getting up, but since I got the alarm clock sent by Shi Zhi, I always get up immediately.” It’s no good if I don’t wake up. I can’t let the alarm clock keep ringing, and even though the alarm clock is small, the sound is quite loud.”

“Get up and spray on the perfume with the scent of essential oil, and you will feel like a refined and energetic person.”

“Toilet paper with words printed on it is also very practical. You can memorize words anytime and anywhere, no matter when you need to study.”



It’s so refreshing. I’ve sprayed it with essential oil-flavored perfume. How can I not be refreshing? It even lifts my spirits!

Netizen: Hahahaha.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Where on earth did Shi Zhi know these strange things? And can you say that Shi Zhi went off-topic? She was obviously frantically answering the questions, but she still thought it was practical.

Originally, people from the Shi Zhi team were also looking forward to this gift, but now everyone has expressed it.

“Sister Shi, today is another day full of energy.”

So Sister Shi doesn’t have to arrange an alarm clock for them that won’t stop until they get up and find the parts.

However, there are people who really benefited from Shi Zhi’s lottery. The devil is the devil, but it can improve the efficiency of study and work.


After sending out a refreshing gift pack, Shi Zhi received a call from Bai Wu after finishing work in the middle of the night.

Bai Wu’s voice was a bit muffled.

“Shi Zzhi, have you slept? Did I disturb your rest… If you are still sleeping, go to sleep quickly and ignore me.”

Bai Wu and Shi Zhi have a close relationship. Still, generally speaking, they communicate during the day and send more messages.

Shi Zhi glanced at the watch hanging on the wall in the hotel room and felt something was wrong, so she went straight to the point.

“I didn’t sleep, what happened to you?”

Bai Wu’s side also burst out crying instantly.

Lost in love, broke up.

Bai Wu had a boyfriend in the industry. Although she didn’t like to show affection, as a good friend, Shi Zhi still knew about it.

When recording “Super Challenge,” Bai Wu would hold her cell phone in a sweet daze during the gaps between recordings and also tell Shi Zhi the identity of the other person.

Shi Zhi: No impression.

Anyway, as long as he has no contact with her, she does not remember his name.

But Shi Zhi didn’t expect they would break up so soon, and Bai Wu looked sad.

“Their company found out and said that he can’t have a girlfriend and can’t make it public. According to what he meant, we dated secretly…”

“Am I so helpless?”

“I just said goodbye to him.”

Bai Wu is much more popular than the man. As an actress, she thinks it’s enough if the actor can act well. She doesn’t think about setting up a single character to gain fans. She also hopes that after the relationship between the two stabilizes, they can have a serious relationship. Talk about love and let your fans know.

What Bai Wu didn’t expect was that a man with a lower status than her would sneak up with her.

Bai Wu’s pride couldn’t stand this.

Shi Zhi also thought Bai Wu was beautiful.

Bai Wu choked up, “But I feel so uncomfortable. I finally understand why others describe their hearts as broken after falling out of love…”

She was truly invested and had been for a while. Her feelings were there, and she couldn’t get out of them for a while.

She couldn’t find anyone else. After all, she didn’t know what the other person’s character was like. Maybe she was crying, and then the other person would use the news of her broken love as a source of conversation.

But Shi Zhi trusted her 100%.

Bai Wu sobbed for a while, then realized that Shi Zhi hadn’t said much, and she was a little embarrassed.

“Shi Zhi, were you scared by me?” Where were you?

Shi Zhi said to Bai Wu, “Did you receive it?”


Shi Zhi, “Look at the text message.”

Bai Wu wiped her tears. Although she was puzzled, she obeyed what Shi Zhi said and opened the text message.

A few seconds ago, she received a message from the bank.

[Your account XXXX, income RMB 5000000.00…]

One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million.

Five million!

Shi Zhi asked her, “Are you happy now?” Are you still sad about losing love?

Bai Wu, “I’m fine.”

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