Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #53

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Chapter 53

Shi Zhi: She doesn’t even know the name of the character she played in her first movie, but she still has the nerve to say she’s a big fan?

Fake pink stone hammer.

She felt that the previous anti-fans in her group were more professional than Tang Yunling.

You are going to pretend to be a fan, so why don’t you do your homework? Teacher Shi Zhi said that Tang Yunling was really not a good student. She had told her many times that she had to be well prepared, preview, and review so she wouldn’t panic before going into battle!

In short, Teacher Shi was very disappointed with Tang Yunling.

Tang Yunling: “…”

She also didn’t expect that Shi Zhi would be so perverted as to ask her what the name of her first character was!


Similar to what Brother Quan thought, Tang Yunling really planned to come over to rub the heat.

(rub the heat: piggyback Shi Zhi popularity)

If we say the female artist who left the deepest mark on Tang Yunling’s life, it must be Shi Zhi.

Before Tang Yunling became famous, she increased her popularity by posting press releases that she looked like Shi Zhi and then stepped on it to take herself one step further.

Tang Yunling never expected to have a good relationship with Shi Zhi. The two of them were supposed to fight to the death. The financial sponsor behind her made it clear that he liked Shi Zhi more, which left a thorn in her heart.

But nothing can be too absolute.

Shi Zhi has been so popular recently! It has been on trending searches all day long. What makes Tang Yunling find it incredible is that Shi Zhi can actually have CPs with many people of the same gender.

Needless to say, the white paper CP between her and Bai Wu is very popular. It is rare to see such CP fans without dramas. It is the CP fans of two female artists who are so capable.

Zhong Jiaxin and Shi Zhi have filmed a drama about being close friends, and the two often interact on Weibo. And they also have some CP fans. What is most difficult for Tang Yunling to understand is that Shi Zhi can be with Annie?

In Tang Yunling’s opinion, Annie’s little tricks against Shi Zhi were too immature. Still, the enemy of her enemy is her family. Who knew that Annie and Shi Zhi would be on a new variety show and turn into licking dogs? This pair had both CP fans, too.

When Tang Yunling went to find out more, she also saw that both of them were playing Green Tea Essence x Lazy Queen persona.

“…” : ???

Tang Yunling felt that she could do something with Shi Zhi. She had unique conditions. Shi Zhi had just helped her. Let’s make a rumor that it was a beauty saving a beauty. As for her previous disagreement with Shi Zhi, she would be questioned if she did not have any intimacy, but it’s easy to resolve and can even be more story-telling.

She, Tang Yunling, entered the entertainment industry because of her idol, Shi Zhi. Still, Shi Zhi began to accept a large number of bad movies and had no plan for her acting career, which made her angry. Now, the truth is revealed; she knows that Shi Zhi did it to save her relatives. Accidentally, Shi Zhi even helped her, so she wanted to resolve her knot with Shi Zhi…

The story is bloody and sour, and the logic is perfect.

Until Shi Zhi’s quick questions and answers.

Tang Yunling: Damn it, it collapsed…

Shi Zhi was not an actor who became famous immediately. She had gradually accumulated her acting skills from small roles before. Tang Yunling only had an impression of Shi Zhi’s relatively popular dramas.

Tang Yunling refused to give up and decided to struggle.

She quickly changed her expression and smiled at Shi Zhi, “I was just confused by the question. Of course, I know…” I know!

“Xiaoxiao in “Love Call”?”


“Officer Su from “Emergency Contact?


Anyway, it’s wrong to ask for more. Tang Yunling is coming again, “Lu Chun in “Can’t Be Together.”

Shi Zhi, “Congratulations!”

Tang Yunling was ecstatic. She saw the dawn of victory. Did she get the answer right?

Shi Zhi shook her head, “Successfully avoided all the correct answers.”

Surprised or not, unexpected or not, happy or unhappy.

Tang Yunling’s expression said everything.


Until now, the crew still can’t figure out what’s happening.

Tang Yunling didn’t really like Shi Zhi. She had some agenda.

Since Tang Yunling’s performance was not bad, they almost believed it.

Brother Quan feels that being real is sometimes good, and fighting fake people on the spot is so comfortable.

Get rid of this fake fan, Tang Yunling!

Tang Yunling’s face turned white and red in turns. She wanted to find a hole in the ground. Now, if she wanted to make a famous CP according to the plan, she would definitely not be able to do it. She was interrupted as soon as she got up.

What to do.

Already lost.

“So… what is the role of the first drama?” Tang Yunling decided to die, but she had to die clearly.

The staff team has been watching from the sidelines for a long time. They are not needed in these small scenes.

“Yes, what is Sister Shi’s role in her first drama?”

She has no idea.

Immediately despised, heh, that’s it, and she said she was a loyal fan of Sister Shi?

Get a counterattack immediately, do you know?

Do not know either……

Everyone doesn’t know, but they think Brother Quan, as the manager, must know about it, right?

Brother Quan silently turned on his phone and started searching.

He didn’t know either. He didn’t take Shi Zhi with him from the beginning.

When Shi Zhi faced Tang Yunling’s question, she answered it smoothly.

“It’s the White-Bone Demon spirit.”

“Sun Wukong Fights against the White-Bone Demon.”

Tang Yunling: “…”

What’s the matter? You still made your debut playing the role of the White Bone Demon spirit.

Tang Yunling left with a look of disbelief.


Tang Yunling failed to pretend to be a Shi Zhi fan. She would definitely not send out the recording. However, many people were coming and going at the scene, as well as various crew members. There is no airtight wall in the world. A small number of people knew about it.

First of all, they sighed. Tang Yunling is really willing to use any tricks to become famous.

The following focus is on Shi Zhi’s Sun Wukong’s Fights against the White-Bone Demon:” Is this really her first drama?

Not really.

Everyone also discovered that Shi Zhi was interviewed some time ago, and she also mentioned her first drama. At that time, she said, “Ao Bing in Nezha Making Trouble in the Sea.”


Speaking of emotions, you actually don’t know what your first drama role will be, right?!

Later, Tang Yunling also saw the interview with Shi Zhi on the Internet. She felt that she had been tricked. At the critical moment, Shi Zhi was talking serious nonsense. She almost believed it. Tang Yun Ling was laughed out of anger by Shi Zhi.

“You don’t play according to the routine, this pure devil.”

Facing the other people’s inquiries, Shi Zhi was very calm.

“How can I remember so many things? It’s normal for my memory to deviate by hundreds of millions of points.” She said confidently.

Maybe the original person will remember this and will not embarrass the enemy.

It’s really a hundred million points of deviation.

Brother Quan: That’s not what you said when you embarrassed Tang Yunling.

That sentence about fake fans is so resonant.

But Double Standard Shi Zhi did a great job, and that’s how you should treat your enemies. What did Tang Yunling do? After helping her, she still wanted to continue rubbing Shi Zhi’s popularity.

Shi Zhi had nothing to say to Tang Yunling. She just saw it, so she couldn’t turn a blind eye.

The powder is fake, but the kidneys are real!

A kidney in every sense of the word.

When roasting the kidneys, she finally got her wish and ate it. It was delicious.

The assistant was also curious about why Shi Zhi was the White Bone Demon spirit and Ao Bing’s again.

Shi Zhi felt that the people around her had a million reasons, giving her a new idea of ​​making money. If she charges a fee every time she answers a question…

Shi Zhi shook her head, thinking that it was better to forget it because people around her would stop exploiting her.

“Because they are all beautiful and strong?”


Some Gardenias who have heard this rumor have begun to study each of Shi Zhi’s characters, even down to the episode and second in which they appear, and strive not to bump into Shi Zhi one day and be stamped as a fake fan by her.

Very hard work.

Shi Zhi continued to film on the set. When she needed to shoot her part, she would film a drama; when nothing happened, she would sit on the recliner and slump.

She also saw Ning Jiachi’s post on Moments. During the previous recording of the variety show, the cousin he mentioned as the prototype finally regained consciousness, and Shi Zhi even commented congratulations.

Happy things, happy things.

Director Wang Mingchun and Shi Zhi have a lot to talk about. Not only when they are filming, the two of them can also chat a few words on a daily basis.

From diet and health to treating hair loss, Shi Zhi’s tone is almost the same as that of director Wang Mingchun, and there is no sense of incompatibility at all. Shi Zhi not only gets along well with the director, but many people have become close to her since she joined the crew. She is a seasoned actor. Child actors who filmed movies all liked to hang out with Shi Zhi.

The assistant said that Shi Zhi was very popular and sober. She felt that the barbecue was also functioning.

“Everyone, please be careful when you go out. A person is playing the erhu, pretending to be disabled outside. I even saw him stand up. He was still holding my legs and not letting me go…”

It was lunchtime at noon. Shi Zhi was resting directly at the shooting site with his eyes squinted when he suddenly heard a noise.

Shi Zhi took off the script covering her face.

The assistant noticed Shi Zhi’s situation and said, “Sister Shi, have you been woken up?”

“Give you earplugs?”

As he said that, he was about to hand the earplugs to Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi waved his hand.

The actress, who was still looking angry and talking loudly just now, also noticed Shi Zhi and showed an apologetic expression to Shi Zhi.

“I’m sorry, Sister Shi Zhi. Did I disturb your rest?”

“You continue to sleep.”

Shi Zhi, “I’m awake. You continue talking.”

What’s going on?


In fact, someone is pretending to be a disabled person and doing business nearby. As long as you pass by him and get caught by him, he will kidnap you morally and pester you until you give him money.

Actress: “I am not unsympathetic. If you are really disabled, I am willing to help.”

“But that one was just pretending to be disabled. After pretending to be disabled, he also kidnapped me morally. I felt aggrieved.”

Not only the actress but also other staff and actors echoed.

They were also forced to ask for money by holding their legs and would not let them go if they did not give money. The erhu player had been there for several days. In the end, everyone had no choice but to spend money to eliminate the disaster.

Moreover, it’s not enough to give too little money.

Shi Zhi has heard about this, and the news has also exposed it. These people have hands, feet, and sound limbs but don’t want to do anything serious. However, they can even earn more than ordinary people by relying on half-cheats. There are even more white-collar workers, and in the end, the hearts of those who devote themselves to love are so cold.

The actress said it was one way to complain and the other way to get the crew to pay attention. If she could, she would take a detour. After she finished complaining, everyone would disperse.

Assistant: “This is really annoying.”

“But there’s nothing we can do about it.”

There is nothing you can do about them.

Anyway, if you remember it, you can avoid that road in the future.

Shi Zhi stood up and walked outside.

Assistant: “Sister Shi, where are you going?”

Shi Zhi said, “I’ll go take a look.”

Assistant: ???

At first, she was talking about taking a detour. Still, unexpectedly, Shi Zhi actually walked up to him and took the initiative to walk to his door.

The assistant knew that they couldn’t persuade Shi Zhi, so they simply called Brother Quan, and the team members followed Shi Zhi.

Sister Shi, are you going to join in the fun?


Shi Zhi followed the landmark mentioned by the actress and successfully found the location of the street performer.

In fact, even if you don’t actively look for it, you can almost determine the location. After all, there is the sound of playing the erhu.

In Shi Zhi’s opinion, since he is a performer, he should be pretty good at it. Good guy, even sawing wood is better than him.

This place is not very far from the crew, so people from the crew were recruited one after another.

When she arrived, the sign said the busker who lost his legs due to an accident happily walked. His legs and feet were flexible, and he pretended to be disabled.

Not many people approached him, probably because they were afraid of being tricked, so Shi Zhi looked over there with her hands behind her back.

The people in Shi Zhi’s team thought that Shi Zhi was just out for a look and would go back soon. Then they saw Shi Zhi moving, and she walked towards the busker.

After the busker noticed someone coming, he immediately sat down, put his legs back and forth, played his erhu perfunctorily a few times, and then reached out to hug Shi Zhi’s legs.

Female, alone, and still young.

That will definitely not tear his face. Single young women like this are the easiest to deceive.

The busker was ecstatic, but he didn’t hold on.


Shi Zhi was prepared and had already lifted her legs.

Busker: ???

He can still hug her.

Still failed.


Although he didn’t hug her, the young woman in front of him didn’t leave. Shi Zhi lowered her head and asked, “What are you doing?”

Busker: I’m lying to you!

The busker picked up the bowl with change on one side and shook it, “Give me some money.”

“Starting at fifty yuan supports WeChat and Alipay.” The opening price was fifty yuan.

Shi Zhi, “But why should I give you money?”

The busker has heard this question many times and answered it skillfully.

“I just played the erhu for you. You don’t have to pay more than this to go out to a concert, right?” His tone was very arrogant.

Although Shi Zhi’s team was far away from Shi Zhi, they could still hear the conversation between Shi Zhi and the busker.

The assistant couldn’t help but complain to the people around him, “Can this be the same? What is he pulling?”

The concert is more expensive than fifty yuan, it’s not much more expensive, but this kind of enjoyment. What the hell is this?

Shi Zhi, “I have no money.”

Busker: “How could you have no money?”

The hard one didn’t come, so he decided to go with something soft. Anyway, he wouldn’t let the fat sheep in front of him go, so the busker’s expression changed, and he started wailing.

Shi Zhi felt that Tang Yunling should learn from the other party. At least the other party didn’t pay attention to the beauty of the shots, and the performance was more natural and brutal.

“You young girl, you have hands and feet. I am old and have no legs. I am older, and you are younger. If you drink less milk tea, you can give me a good meal…”

Direct moral kidnapping.

Shi Zhi: No one can kidnap her.

Shi Zhi also looked sad, “I am a young girl. I have hands and feet, but my health is not good.”

“If it’s serious, I may even lose my life.” Anyone who stays up all night to cultivate immortality is not at risk of sudden death.

“I have no father or mother.”

“Uncle, who do you think is worse among us?”

No one can kidnap her, because she can have no morals when necessary.

Of course, every word is true. She didn’t lie.


Has he met a master?

Shi Zhi sighed, “Actually, before I met uncle, I was desperate. You gave me a good idea. Can you lend me your erhu?”

As she said that, she imitated the other party’s behavior and sat down on the ground. The busker was shocked by Shi Zhi’s coquettish behavior, so when Zhi borrowed the erhu, he couldn’t help but hand it over.

Shi Zhi came directly to the scene to perform a piece of “The Moon Reflected by Two Springs.”

Unlike a busker who plays like sawing wood, Shi Zhi plays the erhu very well and speaks it eloquently, which makes people feel sad.

Brother Quan was shocked.

Shi Zhi can actually play the erhu?

There are so many talents that he doesn’t know about!


After Shi Zhi finished, he asked the other party, “Uncle, do you think I can make a living with this skill?”

“If possible, I will stay here permanently from now on.”

Shi Zhi had even told him her plan. She wanted to make the same brand as the other party. Didn’t he pretend to be disabled? She said she was in poor health and had no father or mother.

Busker, “…”

You stay here forever, where should I go? Also, did I inspire you?

At first, the busker just thought that Shi Zhi was not going to give him money, but now he was in big trouble. This young woman wanted to steal his job.

“Let’s go, take this fifty yuan. Can I pay you the performance fee?”

The busker found fifty yuan from the money bowl and tried to send away the “god” Shi Zhi.

The people in the team were really laughing. Not only did the scammer not get the money from the scam, but he also had to give money to Sister Shi.

Everyone thought it was over here, but Shi Zhi was not done yet.

She truly demonstrated to the busker what it means to invite gods, but to send them away is difficult.

“Uncle, I think my performance is worth more than fifty yuan.”

Of course, this is not the point. The point is.

“I’ve fallen in love with this place. I think it’s great here. I don’t want to leave. From now on, we will perform on the street together.”

The busker was so frightened that his throat split open.

“Who’s with you?”

With the other party here, can he still get money?

“You’re not leaving, are you?”

The busker still doesn’t give up and wants to ask.

Shi Zhi squinted her eyes to bask in the sun and even found a better sitting position.

“I’m not leaving.”

Busker: “If you don’t leave, I’ll leave!”

He picked up the erhu on one side, packed up his things quickly, and fled in a hurry, still cursing on his lips.

When Shi Zhi confronted a busker who was trying to cheat money, she forced him to leave.


“There are fifty dollars left.”

When Shi Zhi stretched out his hand, it was not without gain.

They even chase people away and take money.

There was a charity box nearby for donating money to stray animals. Shi Zhi stuffed the fifty yuan into it.

Take the team back home.

Brother Quan is already getting excited.

“I didn’t know you could play the erhu.”

“This skill is good.”

Although other artists can play violin, piano, and harp, she can play erhu, but there seems to be something wrong with their style of painting…

But it’s not a big problem.

Shi Zhi’s erhu playing is really good. He can’t play it, but he can listen, and it feels like he’s at a relatively good level.

Brother Quan is thinking about what program he can put Shi Zhi into.

In the eyes of the crew, the liar and entertainer had finally disappeared. They could never have guessed in their wildest dreams that Shi Zhi scared him away.


Later, Brother Quan really stuffed Shi Zhi into a show.

In order to successfully film “Yin Yang Snack Shop,” Shi Zhi has not taken on any other work during this period. However, Shi Zhi can still participate if the local filming period does not require a long shooting time.

Brother Quan is looking for a dance and singing competition show for Shi Zhi. It is different from the last “Youth My Type” audition where Shi Zhi was a judge. This show is more competitive; the dancers are dance groups from various provincial capitals. The chief singer has also won serious awards.

It can be called a fight between gods.

The ratings were also very good, so Brother Quan won Shi Zhi qualified to be a supporting guest.

Assisting guests have appeared several times. They are usually either masters of musical instruments or powerful singers. When the dance group dances, talented singers will sing next to them.

When Shi Zhi came to the backstage at the program, many people greeted Shi Zhi. As staff members or contestants, they already knew that Shi Zhi would be here in this episode, but they were still unavoidably surprised.

Shi Zhi’s guest for the dance group.

A pair of ballet dancers.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, I particularly liked your last drama.”

The female dancer expressed that she was a fan of Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi thanked her, “You don’t need to call me teacher, just call me Shi Zhi.”

“Do you know the music we will perform this time?”

The female dancer was actually a little nervous.

It’s one thing to like Shi Zhi, but in this kind of competition, having a strong assistant will still give you a big bonus.

When it came time to share the song with Zhi Zhi, they were actually very confused. They didn’t ask for bonuses. They just hoped that the song would not be ruined.

I heard that Shi Zhi is still filming. She is an actress by profession. Can we cooperate?

Shi Zhi, “Why don’t you try it directly?”

Let’s put it together first.

When Zhi Zhi finished singing with them, the two of them felt calm instantly, and they were even surprised.


Gods and gods appeared on the stage one after another, and there were audio-visual feasts. The audience was enthusiastic.

Then, it was the turn of Shi Zhi and the ballet dancers.

When the host mentioned that the supporting guest was Shi Zhi, the audience had a momentary commotion.

Shi Zhi, why is Shi Zhi here?

Is she here to sing?

Shi Zhi seemed a bit out of place in the guest list of supporting actors, and she was even suspected of just coming for a formality.

This pair of ballet dancers performed very well in the previous performances, and their ability is considered to be top-notch among the contestants. There were many fans of them at the scene, and they were a little worried that the stage would be flawed because of Shi Zhi, the assistant performer.

Shi Zhi wore a white fairy dress and looked fairy-like on the stage.

Not singing, because she didn’t take the microphone, but sat down on the chair in the corner next to her and took it out——



The ballet dancer danced “Jiu Er.” Shi Zhi started to play with concentration. The sound of erhu sounded along with the dance. The dance was beautiful, and the music was beautiful. When the mood was high, the erhu seemed to enter the audience’s ears, and the notes went directly to the sky. 

(Jiu Er is a Chinese folk song. Set against the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression background, the song “Jiu’er” tells a story about how 19-year-old girl Jiu’er in Gaomi, East China’s Shandong Province, uses her bravery and wisdom to overcome various life difficulties.)

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