One Can’t Judge by Appearance #100

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Chapter 100

It’s another spring, everything is recovering, and Hengtai is already a well-known big company in China. Many people are envious of Yuan Yasen. Both sons are competitive and motivated. Now, whoever mentions them is always full of praise.

There is also his second daughter-in-law, who is a well-known program host. The elderly and children in their family like to watch the programs she hosts. A month ago, she won the highest-level gold award for domestic hosts. This is really enviable. Some media joked that Yuan Yasen saved the entire galaxy in his previous life, which is why he has such capable two sons.

A few years ago, the rumors that Yuan Yasen didn’t like his second daughter-in-law had long since disappeared into smoke as Yuan Yi’s career became more and more successful and his infatuation with his wife remained unchanged.

The industry has only known Yuan Bo and Yuan Yi for just a few years, not Yuan Yasen. The company managed by the two brothers has almost no major industry conflicts, and they can often benefit from each other. When people mentioned them, they used “Yuan brothers” instead, and some small media deliberately gave them a nickname to please the two brothers.

The two heroes of the Yuan family.

“The two heroes of the Yuan family…” Yan Xi was lying on the sofa with a local magazine in her hands and laughed. Yuan Yi took out the magazine in her hand, glanced at it, and looked at Yan Xi, who was smiling so imagelessly, “It’s almost done. You can also read this kind of nonsense article.”

“Don’t look down on other people’s street stall literature. The plot control ability of these editors is still very strong. If the plot has a plot, and they have the dog blood essential. Anyway, the characters are mixed but not chaotic, and the dog blood is also very emotional. For example, you and your brothers had a dispute when you were young. You went to a nightclub and got drunk. Your brother carried you home. The misunderstanding between you was resolved. Both of you hugged each other and wept…”

(In a modern context, 狗血 (dog blood) means something unbelievably cliche/ embarrassing/maladroit/exaggerating that needs to be neutralized with dog blood.)

“Hahahaha.” Yan Xi wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, stood up, and said, “I’m going to change my clothes, and I’ll go to the kindergarten to pick up Xiao Chang after school.”

(Xiao Chang means small pond. I love how Yan Xi consistently gives her child a nickname, like her family. Her dad is an ocean, she is a stream, and now her child is a pond. Should be thanks the writer actually. She freaky genius)

Outside the kindergarten, although it’s not time for the children to leave school, luxury cars are already parked outside. The security guards have long been accustomed to such grand occasions and don’t even bother to squint their eyes.

When it was time for school to end, parents with pick-up cards began to enter the school. A new security guard found that a man did not bring a pick-up card. He followed a group of parents and seemed to be about to get in. He didn’t look like a father who had the patience to pick up his children from school. The security guard didn’t dare to be careless and stopped hurriedly: “I’m sorry, sir, where is your pick-up card?”

Yuan Yi touched his body. It seemed that he really didn’t have a pick-up card.

“You can’t enter the park without a pick-up card…” The security guard spoke halfway and suddenly saw Yan Xi behind Yuan Yi. With a bright smile on his face, he says, “Miss Yan, I’m the new security guard.”

“Hello.” Yan Xi swiped the pick-up card, took Yuan Yi’s hand, and said, “This is my husband, and I will pick up the child with him.”

“Sorry, sorry, this is all a misunderstanding.” The security captain came over and smiled, “Mr. Yuan and Ms. Yan, these are new security guards at our school, and they are unfamiliar with the job.”

“It’s okay. He is serious and responsible.” Yan Xi smiled and pulled Yuan Yi’s hand, pulling him away.

After the two left, the security captain knocked on the head of his new colleague and said, “You know Yan Xi, right?”

“Yan Xi is very famous in our place. Our whole family likes the show hosted by her.” The new security guard scratched his head, and this 1.8-meter-tall one smiled shyly. “I didn’t expect such a famous host to pick up her children from school in person.”

“Do you know who her husband is?” Seeing that the new colleague only remembered Yan Xi in his mind, the security captain couldn’t help mentioning to him, “Her husband is the boss of Hengtai Group.”

“Big boss like this, doesn’t he bring bodyguards with him everywhere? Why did he come to pick up the children himself?” During the time when the new security guard worked in the kindergarten, he found that many children in this kindergarten were not picked up by their parents in person. It’s bodyguards and babysitters. If it’s a little busier, the teacher will accompany the children home on the school bus.

“Who knows.” The security captain shrugged, “Mr. Yuan often comes to pick up his child from school.”

In Doudou Class, the teacher gave the children small red flowers and asked them to wait in line for their parents to pick them up. The children who did not have parents to pick them up sat obediently and waited for the teacher to take them home by school bus.

(DouDou Class- Chinese language classes for children aged 3.5 onwards.)

Yuan Chi obediently lined up behind the children, looking out the door on tiptoes. His mother said this morning that she would come with his father to pick him up. He doesn’t know if her mother has come.

Soon, the teacher’s door opened, and Yuan Chi saw his mother at a glance. He ran into Yan Xi’s arms: “Mom!”

“Xiao Chang!”

The mother and son embraced each other affectionately as if they hadn’t seen each other for ten or eight years.

Yuan Yi looked expressionlessly at the pair of playwrights, mother and son. The two of them had just staged a farewell scene this morning. When the mother and son finally got bored enough, Yuan Yi knelt down and looked at Yuan Chi, “Let’s go, handsome boy, let’s go home.”

Yuan Chi turned his head to look at his mother on the left and then at his father on the right. He turned to the teacher and said, “Teacher, my parents are here to pick me up. Goodbye, teacher.”

“Goodbye, Chi Chi.” The teachers bent down to say goodbye to Yuan Chi, stood up, and smiled at Yan Xi and Yuan Yi, “Chi Chi father, Chi Chi mother.”

“Goodbye, teacher. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Mom.” When going down the steps, Xiao Chang said solemnly, “You hold my hand and don’t fall.”

Yuan Yi, who was thrown away by his son: “…”

“Okay, thank you, Xiao Chang.” Yan Xi smiled and let her son “protect” her down the steps, dedicatedly playing the delicate and beautiful girl.

“You’re welcome.” Yuan Chi straightened his chest, looking like a little Superman. Although this action was childish, Yan Xi didn’t laugh at it. Instead, she played a game with her son where Superman protects the beautiful girl and fights against the big monsters.

After entering the house, Yuan Yi sat on the sofa, watching his wife and son fighting bravely with a “golden light sword” against a big potted monster, and suddenly had the illusion that he had raised a pair of twins.

What’s even more frightening is that he felt that Yan Xi was having a good time, as if she regarded herself as a three-year-old child.

Why didn’t he realize back then that Yan Xiaoxi still had a drama princess living in her heart?

“Mom, behind you is a super big monster that doesn’t wash its feet.”

“Where is it? I’m so scared, Xiao Chang. Come and protect mom!”

“Don’t be afraid, Superman Xiao Chang is here, transform!”

Yuan Yi covered his face and turned his head. He didn’t want to see the show Mother and Son anymore. He got up and went to the kitchen and brought out the fruit plate prepared by the aunt.

When the mother and son have had enough quarrels, they will come to eat by themselves.

He really doesn’t understand how Yan Xi can never get tired of such a childish game.

“Superman Dad, Xiao Chang’s energy is low. Come and save us.” Yuan Chi half-kneeled on the ground, facing Yuan Yi’s direction, struggling hard.

“Little Superman is waiting. Superman’s Dad is here!”

Yuan Yi was not in the slightest embarrassed and immediately made a superhuman gesture and ran towards the mother and son.

Once you get used to face slapping, you won’t be afraid anymore.

End of the novel

Love Letter from the translator

Oh gosh, I can’t believe it’s ended. My first project. The funny thing is I got my 2-year notification from NU yesterday. Hehehe.. It’s been a whole 2-year experience.

This website is still not paying back my money yet. LOL, but it’s okaaaay. As long as I can enjoy it.

I think my English writing skills are still bad. I use grammarly as the final touch. English is not a language I use every day, and Chinese is also not a language I use at all. So far, I have learned a lot about Chinese slang and idioms, but learning the alphabet seems to be very difficult.

Thank you guys, for your nice, kind, amazing, affectionate words toward me. It makes me warm reading and re-reading it repeatedly.

– Love 🙂

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