One Can’t Judge by Appearance #94

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Chapter 94

When Xu Qiaosheng went upstairs to call Yuan Yi and Yan Xi, he found that Yan Xi’s face was a little red. His cousin was smiling like a bright sunflower, so he couldn’t help asking: “What are you two hiding in the room?”

“Being quiet will make people appear more inscrutable.” Yuan Yi pushed Xu Qiaosheng aside, looked at him, and said, “It will be good for you to learn.”

Xu Qiaosheng: “…”

Yan Xi touched her hot face. She really didn’t expect Yuan Yi’s kissing skills to improve so quickly. She almost lost control. Fortunately, the two of them still remembered that this was the Xu family house, so they were very restrained.

When the two went downstairs, Yuan Yi saw Xu Ya sitting on the sofa, holding Yan Xi’s hand and saying hello. His posture was very casual, but there was little intimacy between mother and child.

But what surprised Yan Xi was that Xu Ya’s attitude towards her was unexpectedly kind as if she was a different person. She couldn’t help but look at Yuan Yi. He didn’t seem to notice Xu Ya’s change at all. He picked a big red strawberry from the fruit plate and stuffed it for her.

“You can only eat five, and You will have lunch after eating. Yuan Yi took out a piece and stuffed it into Yan Xi’s hand, “Eat it.”

“Xiao Yi can really hurt people.” The senior lady who spoke was chubby and very kind. Yan Xi remembered that she seemed to be Yuan Yi’s cousin.

“That’s right, how could he do this before?” Another relative glanced at Xu Ya and began to praise Yan Xi, “Miss Yan is beautiful and talented. I heard from others that Xiao Yi’s current company is doing well. It seems that he has a girlfriend and is motivated by his girlfriend. He knows he should make progress.”

Other relatives started to praise Yan Xi together, and several of them even shared the content of the show hosted by Yan Xi and asked her how the parties in it were doing.

“The sponsorship foundation has been established, and the government, sponsors, and TV stations supervise each other, so there is no need to doubt the fairness.” Yan Xi saw that the orphans or abused children were the most concern for everyone, “I am just a Tv show host, so I can only try my best to report some social status quo, but it is those enthusiastic viewers who really change their lives and destiny.”

“You can’t say that. It’s not easy for you to make the show.” Aunt Xu’s cousin said with emotion, “Without your show team, everyone wouldn’t be able to know so many things, right?”

Xu Ya looked at her relatives sitting with Yan Xi, talking about topics she didn’t understand, and she felt mixed feelings in her heart, which she couldn’t describe. At first, she couldn’t understand a girl with a family in good condition. She was pretty, why she had to toss around in the wind and rain, but seeing the smile on Yan Xi’s face, she seemed to understand a little bit.

Turning to look at her youngest son, he looked at his girlfriend with a hint of pride in his gentle eyes.

Xu Ya looked down at her well-maintained hands and suddenly felt relieved.

Men in the world are different, and women in the world are also different. She should not ask her children to choose according to her husband and her hobbies. Many mothers in the world understand the truth, but she doesn’t understand it.

She owed these two children a debt all her life, and she was ashamed to ask them anymore.

“Xiaoer…” She couldn’t help but call out to her youngest son, wondering whether he blamed or hated her.

“Huh?” Yuan Yi turned his head to look at her. His eyes were extraordinarily calm as if he was looking at a very ordinary person without hatred or resentment.

At this moment, Xu Ya saw herself in her son’s pupils, full of fear, selfishness, and irreparable remorse.

She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t cry out. Her heart felt like a knife was twisted, but she couldn’t say a word of pain.

“Abo…” Yuan Yasen hurried to the gate of Xu’s house. Seeing his father-in-law sitting on top of the sofa, he paused and stepped forward to say hello.

(A in Southern dialects to form terms of endearment before a pet name, monosyllabic surnames, or numbers denoting the order of seniority in a family)

“It seems that today is a good day. The whole family is here.” Grandpa Xu pointed to Xu Ya’s side and said to Yuan Yasen, “Go and sit down.”

Yuan Yasen was worried that the cold air on his body would reach Xu Ya, so he took off his coat before sitting down and said to Yuan Bo: “Abo, what happened to that project in Taoxiang City?” His friend’s Company suddenly had a big problem. He didn’t expect it to be related to their Changfeng. No wonder that friend would make such a call to him during the New Year.

“Taoxiang City?” Yuan Bo thought about it carefully. “That Company has some minor problems, so I asked the branch to suspend cooperation with them. Is there any problem?”

“You don’t know who the boss of their company is?” Yuan Yasen seldom took care of the Company’s affairs in recent years, so he couldn’t tell whether what Yuan Bo said was true or not.

“These are all matters of the branch office. I don’t know much about it.” Yuan Bo took out his mobile phone, “I’ll ask the secretary to look into this right away.”

“No need.” Yuan Yasen looked a little uncomfortable, “You usually work hard in managing the company, so you should take a good rest during the Chinese New Year.”

Yuan Bo nodded politely and didn’t say anything more.

Perhaps it was because the Xu family’s lively and joyful atmosphere affected the four Yuan family members. They all had smiles on their faces when they were eating. Even Yuan Yasen, who was unsatisfied with Yan Xi, didn’t dare to say a word in front of his father-in-law.

After a meal, the host and guest enjoyed themselves. Xu Ya took out a big red envelope and handed it to Yan Xi: “Happy New Year.”

Yan Xi turned to look at Yuan Yi, Yuan Yi picked it up for her: “Thank you, Mom.”

“It should.” Xu Ya forced a smile.

“Grandpa, it’s rare that Xiaoer and Xiaoxi don’t have to go to work. I think we’ll let the two of them play by themselves today.” Yuan Bo unbuttoned his shirt cuff buttons, “I’ll play a few laps with everyone today.”

“Da Yuanzi is right, you young people should go shopping if you want to buy things. Don’t join us.” Grandpa Xu understood, took out two red envelopes from his pocket, and gave them to Yuan Yi and Yan Xi. “Go, go.”

Yuan Yi and Yan Xi were kicked out with a bunch of red envelopes in their hands. After getting into the car, Yan Xi opened all the red envelopes and found that some of these red envelopes contained bank cards, jewelry, and directly stuffed checks.

“I finally understand why so many people want to marry into a wealthy family.” Yan Xi looked at the things that filled the entire seat, “The sum of these has already exceeded seven figures.”

“Don’t worry, when the two of us get married, they will give away a house and a shop.” Seeing Yan Xi smilingly counting how many gifts she had received, Yuan Yi tried to brainwash Yan Xi, “It’s more profitable to get married early.”

Yan Xi raised her eyebrows and asked Yuan Yi: “Am I a woman who married for money?”

Yuan Yi immediately shook his head: “No!” If she can marry for money, he doesn’t have to rack his brains to propose.

“I used to go shopping and buy clothes with my mother when Chinese New Year was approaching.” Yan Xi talked about some past events and said to Yuan Yi, “Wait, you will send me to my dad’s Company. They hold the annual meeting there, and my dad asked me to show up and meet with the Company’s top management.”

Yuan Yi wanted to go with Yan Xi, but he knew it was not suitable for him now, so he could only reluctantly agree.

Passing by a women’s clothing store, Yuan Yi took her into the store and bought her a new suit from head to toe.

The two walked out of the shop. Yuan Yi smiled and said, “Happy New Year.”

Yan Xi blinked, looked at the smiling man in front of her, and plunged into his arms: “Yuan Xiaoer, why are you so nice!”

Although there were people coming and going on, and some people looked their way from time to time, Yuan Yi still held Yan Xi in his arms under the watchful eyes of everyone. His woman loves to act like a baby, so a man should be more tolerant.

Men, you have to do what you have to do and tolerate what you have to do. Otherwise, what kind of men are you?

Sending Yan Xi downstairs to her father’s company, Yuan Yi grabbed Yan Xi, who was about to get out of the car: “I’ll come to you the night after tomorrow.”

New Year’s Eve night?

“Why did you come to see me on the night of New Year’s Eve?”

“I want to ask you to spend the New Year with me.” Yuan Yi was afraid that Yan Xi would not agree, so he said directly: “That’s the deal.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi remembered the somewhat indifferent parent-child relationship in the Yuan family, nodded, and said, “Come over early the night after tomorrow, and we will have New Year’s Eve dinner together.”

“Really?” Yuan Yi looked at Yan Xi with burning eyes. His eyes were shining.

“When did I lie to you?”

Yuan Yi shook his head: “Then I’ll come over after lunch the day after tomorrow.”

Yan Xi laughed: “Okay.”

The two chatted for a while longer before Yuan Yi was willing to let Yan Xi get off the car. It wasn’t until Yan Xi’s figure disappeared behind the office building door that Yuan Yi said to the driver: “Gao Gang, go to the bookstore.”

“Mr. Yuan, it may not be easy to park near the bookstore at this time.”

“It’s okay, after I get out of the car, you drive around and pick me up again.” Yuan Yi was very insistent on going to the bookstore. There is no delay in buying recipes, and he can still practice at home for a day.

The last time he went to his father-in-law’s house, he didn’t even know how to handle green onions and garlic. This time, he must avenge his shame.

As soon as Yan Xi appeared in the Company, it aroused the curiosity of countless employees. This is a legendary figure. To be able to host a show on the same stage as a famous host like Shen Xingyan and to be able to train a rich and handsome boyfriend to the ground, this kind of life winner is simply a model among women.

Those who were bold enough went up to say hello to Yan Xi and even asked to take a photo with her. Yan Xi agreed.

Seeing that Yan Xi was so talkative, everyone crowded over and took a group photo together. Whether they watch the show by Yan Xi or not, it is a famous host that can only be seen on TV. It would be nice to take a photo with her and put it on the circle of friends to show off.

When Song Hai left the office, he heard noises coming from outside. He thought the end of the year was approaching and everyone was not in the mood to work, so he didn’t take it to heart. He turned to a department manager and said, “Although they are still in the company, the heart is gone. If I knew it earlier, it would be better to give them a holiday one day earlier.”

The department manager thought that Song Hai would be unhappy, but after hearing what he said, he breathed a sigh of relief. After the group walked out, they saw quite a few staff members forming a circle, chattering without knowing what they were talking about.

“Boss, it seems that the little boss has arrived.” The assistant stood on tiptoe and took a few glances, “These employees are all taking pictures with the little boss.”

“Young people like to be lively, let them have fun.” Song Hai thought for a while, then said to his assistant, “See if Yanyan has anything in her hand, and help her take it to my office.”

The assistant squeezed into the crowd, feeling that the boss’s guess was quite accurate, and the little boss carried many things in her hand.

“Little boss.” The assistant squeezed to Yan Xi’s side with difficulty and was dragged out by a female staff member before he could speak, “You old man, don’t jump in the queue, go behind the queue.”

Assistant: “……”

These women in the Company are too cruel. He… can’t afford to mess with them.

After standing helplessly by the side for nearly half an hour, the assistant squeezed past again after these female staff members were satisfied with holding their mobile phones in their hands: “Little boss, the boss asked me to help you bring your things into the office. Now the annual meeting begins. I will arrange for a few people to accompany you around the Company in a while.”

“These things are a bit heavy, so I’ll take them myself.” Yan Xi said goodbye to these enthusiastic female staff, then turned and walked towards Song Hai’s office.

The thing is a bit heavy, so take it by yourself?

Isn’t this logic wrong? Shouldn’t it mean that things are not heavy and don’t need help from others?

The young and strong assistant felt that there might be something wrong with his ears.

The annual meeting of the Company is more down-to-earth than the annual meeting of the TV station. Song Hai directly booked a hotel on the first floor, and the delicious food was put on the table first. Let’s talk about advanced employees, those who should get red envelopes get red envelopes, those who should sing than sing, and those who should dance should dance. Although the singing was out of tune, and the dancing was just stretching the arms and thighs, the atmosphere was extremely lively.

Even Yan Xi, because of everyone’s cheer, came to the stage and told two jokes, which made the audience laugh continuously.

“I’ve always thought that I should be a humorous host, but it’s a pity that the director said that the audience won’t be able to laugh when they see my face, so you better not smash our jobs.” Yan Xi said, “I’m very desperate.” Her expression caused everyone to laugh again and again.

Yan Xi’s face is indeed not compatible with humor, but being able to tease herself with her appearance is still very easy to attract people’s favor. So before the meal was finished, the old and young employees had already yelled “Little Boss” one by one.

The company executives joked with Song Hai: “Boss, fortunately you are not the emperor, otherwise, with the status of the little boss in everyone’s mind, tomorrow your power will be passed on to the empress dowager.”

“I have the intention to be the emperor, but it’s a pity that the empress Dowager’s ambition is not here. “Song Hai drank a few glasses of wine, her face flushed at this time, “But as a parent, isn’t it just to make her child happy? She can do whatever she likes.”

The higher-ups knew that the boss was most proud of this daughter, so they were all happy to flatter the boss. After a meal, Song Hai’s mouth almost turned into a hippopotamus. Fortunately, he remembered Yan Xi’s words, so he didn’t dare to drink too much wine all night.

After the annual meeting was over, the father and daughter got into the car. Yan Xi told Song Hai that he was going to invite Yuan Yi over for a New Year’s Eve dinner on New Year’s Eve.

“This matter…” Song Hai frowned, “Have you ever thought about the opinions of Yuan’s parents?”

Yan Xi hesitated for a moment and told Song Hai all the things about the Yuan family.

“How can there be such parents? I heard the few things you said before, I thought their family was just not very caring for their children. How could I know that this is not careless, it just doesn’t have this heart at all!” Song Hai was drunk and patted the seat of the chair heavily, “It’s also bad luck to be a child to meet such parents. You go and call Xiao Yuan, and you will call right away! Their family doesn’t care about their children, so I’ll help them feel better!”

Even if the Yuan boy was a pig who wanted to take his jade cabbage, in his eyes, he was also a good pig. Who would be willing to wrong such a good child?!

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